Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1179
Machine suddenly clouds over, this is all people are unexpected, many Clan including Zhang Family will shortly extinguish the flying smoke to extinguish, Divine Palace and earth Divine Palace of fire carried on some have shuffled greatly. although machine here lived these many matters, but the time needed are not much, from all sides is about two months, these days Zhao Hai did not have appears , not only in fact Zhao Hai, other people in Ten Great Experts do not have appears , they also the insufficient material participate in this matter now. However this time matter, actually the two people in Ten Great Experts, advanced on the crest of wave crest, one is beyond the day meteor Zhu Chen, Zhu Chen originally is the person of Divine Palace of key trained earth, moreover this time he on Yellow Sand-Star, slaughters, makes the seething discontent among the people, but now the fact has clarified, this was a Cloudy Sun Sect yin stratagem, Zhu Chencheng Cloudy Sun Sect in hand one blade, at the same time he was also a victim. But another is the hot Saint causes Sun Fei, he is the Zhang Family person, is Zhang Family key training, his situation is the same with Zhu Chen, he also has become a blade. However machine regarding them, actually showed the entirely different manner, machine regarding Zhang Family such Great Clan, adopted was the way of extermination of the clan, in, was only the Zhang Family core member, but like Sun Fei, but was the Outer Sect member, machine has actually had the different manner to them, has plenty Great Clan must gather Sun Fei and Zhu Chen unexpectedly. This point has not stemmed from the Zhao Hai intent to be coarse, after all looks like in the machine here person, Sun Fei and Zhu Chen, are some easy-to-use tools, looks like a blade, if a person killed people, you can the blade punish to that he uses? Is impossible, the blade is only the merit has, what is guilty is with the person of blade. Sun Fei and Zhu Chen are this situation, they have killed many people, however their strengths in that pendulum, these Great Clan are wanting to incur to arrive at the subordinates them, making two people strive for them. So long as join of two, almost can determine that locked a quota of invitational meet hundred People lists, in this case, who gave up to put them to walk. However the issue came, because there are too many people to want in obtaining them, instead to was everyone does not have the means to obtain, their matters one turned into a machine focal point, Ashley Clan participated to their competitions during. although said that Sun Fei has killed Ashley Clan many people, Outer Sect talent that but regarding Ashley Clan such Great Clan, several died, their simply will not care, if with several talents of dying, traded a true talent, they such will do without hesitation. Zhao Hai knows to these matters, but he not any expression, because he is still closing up, but his practice has come to the end now, fixed time arrives at yellow sand boundary there to carry on the practice of body tempering technique besides everyday, he already not in desirably went to condense Berserk Qi, because his Berserk Qi has achieved saturated degree. Now his body by Berserk Qi condense again, in Qi Strength also all has been Gang vigor, spiritual force is the same, in this case, Zhao Hai in desirably practices, did not have the means to practice into Berserk Qi to the body, but his equal to was constantly not practicing, therefore everyday he will go to yellow sand boundary there, turns into Gang vigor ordinary Qi Strength that the same day practiced. Zhao Hai has also tried Gang vigor Might, this tries cannot help but to make Zhao Hai have a scare, now he no matter uses Magic Formation, uses Qi Strength, its Might, compared with original minimum big five to about ten times, if adding on Liquid Silver, that was more serious. Zhao Hai has not thought most from the beginning, Berserk Qi unexpectedly such, moreover he presently, besides the first time, later he practices Gang vigor time, first time will be quicker, this makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled.

However changes mind thinks he also on understand what's the matter, his first time practiced Gang vigor the time, because must maintain sober, must guide Berserk Qi with own spiritual force, but he was also practicing at that time Tempering Stars Body Technique, his institute Cheng Shou pain was the average man is unable to imagine, in this case, his body stemming from protecting oneself to realize, reduced stars Body Refining Technique and difficulty of Berserk Qi that practice intended, therefore Zhao Hai first time congealed Gang although to succeed, Berserk Qi that but obtained were not many. After Zhao Hai uses Consciousness and Body has separated, the situation is different, his present body can still be exercised, however his spiritual actually did not need received that painfully to suffer, naturally can maximum limit absorb and condense Berserk Qi, therefore wanted to be quicker. Zhao Hai had estimated that oneself present attack strength, feared did not miss compared with Expert of Cultivation World there Core Formation time, if used oneself all methods, even can with Expert of Infant Stage time one high under. Naturally this is only Zhao Hai own estimate, he did not have truely begins with that Cultivator, all are also only an unknown. Regarding the wind and cloud transformation of machine here, Zhao Hai in has not cared, now he does not have the strength to go to tube these matters, therefore he can only work as an observer, is gazing at the show of matter oak in Space silently. The time that a machine this time accident continues is not long, in machine here these Clan family Patriarch is not a fool, their very clear, machine here cannot be chaotic, one, but machine here was chaotic, that matter has troubled, Cultivation World they may be able seize the opportunity make a move. Reason that machine here such quickly solves the matter, because except that feared that Cultivation World seize the opportunity handle extends beside, but also because of 6 Realms new person competition. If their not quick point solves the matter, that will possibly harm this time 6 Realms new competition, their losses meet even bigger. although these year of machine here each year of 6 Realms new person competitions, have not obtained any good achievements, so long as you participated, will always have some harvests, moreover in this time new person, many Expert, may is recent years result best one time, machine here naturally does not want to miss this time 6 Realms new person competition, therefore so will be quick this matter on the solution was good. Because has destroyed completely some Great Clan, therefore these small Clan, obtained many advantage every year, this wanted their anger naturally also to subside. But Zhu Chen and Sun Fei belonged to also to decide finally, Zhu Chen still turned over to the god of tube local land god, Sun Fei actually to turn over to Divine Palace of fire, they have become Divine Palace subordinate Outer Sect staff, did not turn over to that Clan tube. Regarding the decision of machine High level, Zhao Hai to is the agreement, this time matter, was affected in a big way is Divine Palace and earth Divine Palace of fire, machine High level such does, wants to let Sun Fei and Zhu Chen obviously, gains some benefits for these two Divine Palace, making two Divine Palace restore strength/Origin Qi. This decision, may have relationship with the Magic alliance very much, a machine three big influence, Magic unites the friend, the Mecha armed forces and dojo association,

These three influences are balanced, no one wants to break. However Divine Palace and fire Divine Palace of this subsoil lose seriously, but these two Divine Palace are the important components of Magic alliance , if not let their quick regain one's strength, the balance of that machine here might be broken very much, therefore machine High level made such one to decide that finally this was indisputable. However another makes Zhao Hai be that the surprised matter lived, these small influences possibly got to know the benefits at this matter, they presently, so long as their alliance gets up, completely has with opportunity that these big influences speak the last words. Therefore person alliance of these small influences suddenly, they have composed one[ from] by the alliance, the small influence that participates in knows how things stand thousand ideas, but the person who these participate in also selects some[ from] by the leadership of alliance, the intention are treated equally with three big influences. However their this alliances also belong to starting Stage, does not have the progress of no substance xing, moreover three big influences will not make them such with ease successful, now therefore these small influences although jumps happy, but still has not obtained thing that they want. In the situation that this is noisy, the date of 6 Realms new person competition invitational meet was set finally, because of relationship of time, therefore the competition way of this invitational meet in a secondary change, what was more different than the several other Realms invitational meet, in this time invitational meet appears seed player, but these seed players, did not have one are the characters of talent, moreover their strengths, minimum have also reached the 4th level level. seed player altogether 20 first ten are wins certainly great reputation Ten Great Experts, this point not any opposition, then the surface ten points seed player, is actually is adding on the candidates of preparation committee to come out by the top ten seed player, is listed at 11 th is Zhao Hai! First nominates Zhao Hai becomes the seed player is Xiong Li, but second is Sun Fei, Sun Fei was needless saying that these days he was at the crest of wave crest, although said that this regarding him not necessarily was the good deed, but most minimum present machine here many people knew him, in adding on his strength truly was also good, therefore many people very much favored his, but he proposed that Zhao Hai became seed player matter, lets some people of some accidents, because before , he with Zhao Hai, but enemy, moreover heard him, when Yellow Sand-Star there, and Zhao Hai toward., although they have not begun finally, but they meet are not meet the happy scene, Sun Fei can propose Zhao Hai, stems from unexpected of many person. But Xiong Li proposed Zhao Hai, let have to be surprised, but some quick people passed 1 u, Xiong Li and Zhao Hai actually already had the friendship, Xiong Li proposed that Zhao Hai was not strange, he was helping busy of Zhao Hai. This rumor is most from the beginning few, however slowly were many, this makes the preparation committee there person receive very tremendous pressure, after all before preparation committee there, matter that handles, directs is not that persuasive, therefore has caused an entire machine turmoil, now person although in preparation committee has all traded, mood that but that type does not trust also. However at this time, Xiong Li suddenly has stood, he separates to state that he and Zhao Hai have the friendship, their friendship are forged on Yellow Sand-Star, moreover Xiong Li openly indicated that assurance that if he with Zhao Hai to, cannot win. A Xiong Li this saying exit / to speak, but has caused Xuan Ran ** o, Zhao Hai in the machine here make a move number of times is the limited, many people have not really seen Zhao Hai make a move, moreover Zhao Hai ascend to present also less than one year of time, within such short time, can attend this competition to make many people feel to be startled, do not say that he made Xiong Li say unexpectedly lurking had confidence the words that defeated to come, people regarding the Zhao Hai interest one under on raising. But when the people trace Zhao Hai, presently Zhao Hai is really a very low-key person, his ascend to machine here already several months, but these months, his majority of time is closing up, almost nobody sees him to come out, his picture few, this made the people deepen one layer to his curiosity.

However the Zhao Hai 11 th seed player matter, has actually decided that because Xiong Li and Sun Fei is not low depending on the price, is adding on some preparation committee there acquired materials, therefore the Zhao Hai this 11 th status was determined quickly. Zhao Hai regarding these matters, is regards certainly not to see, his everyday stays in the Space city, is gazing at the change of machine here with Maggie mothers together, looks like watches the movie to be the same, simultaneous working the matters in some Space. Karen their Laboratory there, have yielded some remarkable result, because of learn Magic Formation Rune, therefore they also got up right track regarding Magic Formation research, can say that they in not like before, can only carry on some simple research, now these research did not have the means to satisfy them, they must carry on new Magic Formation research. Regarding Karen their procedures, Zhao Hai has not said anything, has done well along with them, perhaps Karen of that day they will give him a pleasant surprise. Other races in Space, show very smooth of , moreover does not have too many changes, this cannot say that these race exhibitions slow of too, they enter Space to the present after all, didn't have long time, wants within the short time, to obtain any big change, that is almost impossible. But Maggie these days is busier than Zhao Hai, before Maggie had a general impression regarding Space, but these days Maggie had the further understanding regarding Space, more is knew about Space that she more is felt the mystery of Space, Maggie likes staying in Space now, but outside does not think. But Zhao Hai this time closing up, Ashley Clan has also done, nobody disturbs Zhao Hai, what matter no matter outside has looked unfamiliar, Ashley Clan ensure Zhao Hai here was not disturbed, to be honest, regarding their such procedures, Zhao Hai is very grateful. Ashley Clan also has to such do, because Zhao Hai is their hopes, their Clan benefit must strive by Zhao Hai, therefore Zhao Hai no matter now makes anything, Clan fully will support. Moreover the Ashley Clan person also really hopes that Zhao Hai closes up some time, because these days machine here was really too chaotic, this matter do not make Zhao Hai participate to well. Therefore Clan closes up regarding Zhao Hai, what adopts is the manner of one type of support. After the seed player elects, the date of competition finally has also been determined, grouping has also been completed, waited for the competition formally to start.!.