Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1180
Zhao Hai comes out from Space finally, Maggie although likes staying in Space, but also has to come out with Zhao Hai together, because invitational meet was matching immediately to start. However because Zhao Hai is the reason of seed player, therefore competes he not to need to participate most from the beginning, the person who now machine here many competes also had twenty thousand many, although some people withdrew from the competition these days, was not participating, but was this, more than 10,000 people must attend the competition. This more than 10,000 people, what competes is only that 100 quotas, can imagine the competition is ji how is fierce, but Zhao Hai their these seed players have actually taken very big advantage, most several rounds competitions from the beginning they do not need to participate, to also the remaining person of times, Zhao Hai they will start the first round competition. Regarding seed player method, machine to is nobody opposed that these seed players who because they elect, is some strength very formidable Expert, wins great reputation in machine here, moreover this did not exist to make a shortcoming saying, because you were the seed player, finally must carry on the competition . Moreover the enemy who you ran into often was the enemy who was difficult to deal with. Reason that will have the seed player, this view, fears some Expert premature meeting, if no seed player, more than 10,000 people compete with, perhaps first round Xiong Li met with present Terry, the two will certainly be eliminated one, but some luck good 3rd level Expert, may defeat the match to enter to the second round very much, naturally these strength not strong people will not rush in first 100, but Terry Expert like Xiong Li, if early on was eliminated, that is also machine a big loss. Because of stemming from this consideration, therefore machine today has selected 20 seed players, wants to try, how has a look at the fruit, if such makes the effect to be very good, after that each new person competition, they will select the seed player. Heard that Zhao Hai went out, Card was leading Desbarres and Rook immediately arrived at the Zhao Hai room, when Zhao Hai closed up, only then Rook in here, Card and Desbarres returned to in Clan, they are Clan old person, moreover in the past machine here situation unrest was restless, needed their time. Ashley Clan in this machine unrest, not only has not received point implication, conversely, they also obtained many advantage, because they participated in many fact-finding team comprised of medium grade Clan and small Clan alliance, compelling these big influences to lower the head to them, their family also obtained some advantage comfortably. Regarding Ashley Clan, what this time unrest comes is really the time, they and Zhang Family do not cope, but Zhang Family in wish of deliberately planning to them, Zhang Family directly has exterminated the clan now, they not only obtained some staff in Zhang Family Outer Sect camp, meanwhile obtained Zhang Family several factories, regarding Ashley Clan, absolutely is the good deed. Then Zhao Hai is selected as the seed player, this is one happy, can say that nearest/recent Ashley Clan is the happy matter, now heard that Zhao Hai went out, Card and Desbarres also had Rook immediately to the Zhao Hai room. Zhao Hai looked that three people came, please three people sit down hastily, Maggie was three people have carried the tea personally, this sat the Zhao Hai side.

Card they looks at Maggie and Zhao Hai intimate appearance, to has not thought that these months, Maggie has cultivated Zhao Hai to stay in this in the room, their relationship have almost publicized, moreover Patriarch Houcke had not opposed that their matters, has tacitly consented, they naturally will not oppose. Card look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what these does time close up has to harvest?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : harvest not to be small, reason that this time I close up , because when Yellow Sand-Star there, has contaminated Berserk Qi, at that time did not have what feeling, after coming back, present, therefore I must close up, that Berserk Qi refining, fortunately, has succeeded finally.” One hear of straight Milky Way were said that Card cannot help but gawked, then three people were face change, Card immediately/on horseback said : Little Hai, your really that Berserk Qi refining? It is not cracked a joke?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this matter my to crack a joke, do not forget, I am Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, if not Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, these time possibly really did not have means refining that Berserk Qi, because I am Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, therefore the standing grain can smooth refining that Berserk Qi.” Laughing said : of Card Jordan and Tunis good, fantastic, is really the day estimates our Ashley Clan, Little Hai, is your present attack strength what kind of? I heard, so long as after congealing Gang enters body, the attack strength will obtain outstanding.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, so long as after congealing Gang enters the body, the attack strength will obtain outstanding, I am also, my attack strength also obtained outstanding, present Magic Formation Might wanted in the pair compared with before many, Magic Formation with level, my certainly compared with other people in many.” Card great happiness said : fantastic, first of this invitational meet could not it seems like be inescapable, perhaps also really can win a good position at the 6 Realms new competition, our Ashley Clan praised on world.” Desbarres also nodded, a face[ is popular] look at Zhao Hai said : that exerts Little Hai, this time you must try hard, making Cultivation World these fellows also know that our machine is not who can move.” These days machine here had these many matters, because of Cloudy Sun Sect relationship, has wanted since the final analysis and Cultivation World is well water not interfering with river water, everyone/Great Clan although is somewhat contradictory, some sometimes also small conflicts, but the scale is not big, moreover when both sides also has the cooperation. The matter that however this Cloudy Sun Sect handles was actually too excessive, Cloudy Sun Sect this was clarifies must let machine chaos, this matter although was don’t know the meanings of Cultivation World there all Sect, but machine actually also has to guard.

although said that a machine person wants to retaliate Cloudy Sun Sect very much, but the situation compared with person, the machine here individual gang fights the ability, is really not much, if machine if arrives at Cultivation World there to cope with Cloudy Sun Sect the battleship, that Cultivation World these big gate will send definitely not to agree that therefore this tone Cultivation World person also can only hidden under. Because of this, therefore in Desbarres their these will of the people are suppressing all at once, they is a locally born machine person, has the sense of belonging by Yu Jizhen very much, but machine here has been pressed a head by Cultivation World, the Cultivation World person is seeing them, each and every one is also nostril appearance upwards, now had such matter, Desbarres their will be resigned. Happen, this time 6 Realms new person competition has given them opportunity, if Zhao Hai has not broken through, Desbarres will not have such big confidence not, now Zhao Hai achieves to congeal Gang to enter the situation of body unexpectedly, Desbarres their immediately confidence increases. Zhao Hai regarding the understanding of machine here, mostly comes up from computer now, but computer after is a dying thing, some thing have very my endless unreality, therefore Zhao Hai did not understand that really Berserk Qi enters the body to mean anything regarding a machine person. Machine did not have Berserk Qi to enter the method of body, this also greatly restricted the machine here individual to do to fight the ability. To be honest, machine here law of the demon also and weak goes, practices to Ten Thousand Formations Unites the time compared with the Cultivation World there ordinary attack method to that not necessarily, can vie with each other with machine there general Gold Core Expert fully. However machine there has to congeal Gang technique or congealing ghost technique such method, can enters the body Berserk Qi or Evil Qi condense, to increase their attack intensities. Naturally, these many years passed by, machine here is impossible unable to obtain a point to congeal practice method of Gang technique or congealing ghost technique, but machine here is actually the unusual person can practice successfully, this has big relationship with machine here practice method. Machine here practice method, many by Battle Qi and Magic give priority to, but to be honest, no matter Battle Qi or Magic, the not suitable person concentrates Gang to enter the body actually. The Battle Qi specialize body, wants Body Refining first, then by outside, but, practices the whole body Blood Qi tuck dive, then produces the air/Qi, but is Battle Qi. Magic specialize spiritual force, instead to does not settle on regarding the body, but spiritual force wants to introduce Berserk Qi is difficult. Battle Qi practices moral culture because of give priority to, the Battle Qi method also with the body tight union in together, some looks like Cultivation World there practicing Body Technique, but this method must achieve to make Gang enter the words of body, that was too difficult, like the Tempering Stars body fist of Zhao Hai use, that is also one type of practices the method of body, to be honest, if Zhao Hai Consciousness and Body will not separate, he is impossible to achieve to make Gang enter the body quickly.

Moreover the practice of Tempering Stars Body Technique, is in itself very painful, the body of Zhao Hai gradually adapted to that pain, therefore he can make Gang enter the body, completes to quenching of own body, if machine there ordinary Warrior, they are impossible to achieve, is that pain they do not have the means to withstand. But Magician say nothing, Magician specialize is spiritual force, spiritual force is closely linked with the brain, Magician when practices spiritual force to be able very careful, because of possessed by the Devil, so the injury to the brain will be very incautiously big, does not do well does not turn into the idiot turns into vegetative state. Also for this reason, wish makes Magician achieve Berserk Qi and spiritual force unifies, that was more difficult, almost does not have that Magician to achieve. Reason that Zhao Hai can unifies Berserk Qi and spiritual force in together, one because of the technique of Consciousness and Body separation, actually the technique of this Consciousness and Body separation, is really ingenious, intent and body separate, the meaning is intent, The body is the body, intends to outside the body, if observer same control of own body, as the matter stands, even if intent is certainly attacked, the body will not have the matter, cannot say that a person practices martial arts in there, nearby person look at, but side look at that person was hit, was that person of practicing martial arts also injured? The Consciousness and Body separation can achieve this point, intent is attacked, but the body will not receive any wound, is adding on Zhao Hai body incomparable formidable, wants to be also difficult to him in the wound. Second is because Zhao Hai condense Berserk Qi, but Berserk Qi in Space, thing in Space will not injure Zhao Hai , because of this, congealing Gang who therefore Zhao Hai and can succeed enters the body!!.