Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1181
Sitting of Zhao Hai calm on the stand of technique field, in the following technique fields unexpectedly, is setting up huge Arena unexpectedly, the Arena length and width crossed 200 meters, the ground is spread by bulk Cyan Stone, this Cyan Stone is not ordinary Cyan Stone, these Cyan Stone known as green corundums, very hard, heavy exceptionally. This competition technique field, normally is used to hold some sports, although said that machine here many people will practice Magic or Battle Qi, but will have some sports compared with the nose, just ratio is not general thing, but is the technique of Battle Formation, or some wrestle competitions, besides normal the competition of Warrior or beyond Magician, here will also carry on some Mecha wrestle matches, but the Mecha wrestle match is also the machine here most popular competition. Because must hold Mecha wrestle match, therefore here location very big, this time invitational meet places here to be held. But Zhao Hai their these seed players, because does not need to attend the first several rounds competitions, therefore these people of preparation committee gave them to arrange some seats on the stand, these seats at competition period was to belong their, they can come here to watch the competition, understood the strength of match. Zhao Hai sits in here, his side is Xiong Li, Xiong Li these days has looked for Zhao Hai good several times, but every time looks for Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is closing up, since this has been Zhao Hai goes out their first meeting. Looked that Zhao Hai stares at Arena to look, Xiong Li curled the lip said :brothers, this has anything to be attractive, these people, my hand can defeat them, you is a province strength. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : truly not to have what attractively, Big Brother, walks, I drinks with the brothers.” Xiong Li one hear of Zhao Hai must ask him to drink, cannot help but two eyes bright said : good, drinks, a while, I am finding a person, today him also introduced that knew to you.” Zhao Hai nodded, Xiong Li walked, before long led a person to come, Zhao Hai looked at this person, cannot help but has gawked, because this he knew. Fire Dragon Divine Sword Dong Fangyu! One of Ten Great Experts, is world-famous by Fire Dragon Divine Sword and Fire Dragon Sword Technique, but hears this person is destroys crazily, each time duty, finally unbearable that there destroys, the money of often making was unable to compensate others. Zhao Hai looks is Dong Fangyu, has stood hastily, bows to Dong Fangyu said : originally is the Eastern brother, was courteous below Zhao Hai.”

This Dong Fangyu figure is slim, a Warrior robe, person long to cannot pass, but face is very black, probably underwent the insolation of long time to be the same. He also saluted to Zhao Hai said : HaHaHa, these days I listens to Xiong Li Big Brother to say your many words of praise, Xiong Li Big Brother few quart people, it seems like you were also one have the real skill person, later we were intimate.” His sound very loud and clear, the air/Qi is full, is adding on the manner to be straight, making the person see has the favorable impression. Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : bear Big Brother to overpraise, walked, we drank.” Said that Zhao Hai pulling their leave sports arena, but Zhao Hai their appearances, naturally are hide the truth from other people, other people in Ten Great Experts look at three people of appearances, envies has, the person of envy, disdains also has, but side is not these people of seed player, the look at three people that each and every one envies. In this time, a suddenly sound is conveying said : Mr. Zhao Hai, please wait.” Zhao Hai stares, turns the head to look that is the hot Saint causes Sun Fei unexpectedly, he does not have what friendship with Sun Fei, before was not hostile relationship, but now not at matter, moreover Ashley Clan did not prepare report enmity, because Sun Fei now is the Divine Palace of fire person, Divine Palace of fire was also counting on Sun Fei achieved the result, lets them restore some strength, if they were coping with Sun Fei, that did not give the Divine Palace of fire face, did not do well also to be able the conflict. Therefore Card told Zhao Hai, if to on Sun Fei, so long as can not under the extreme methods, forgives his life, not only Sun Fei, 20 seed players should better are this, you must kill an ordinary player, these Clan not certainly what kind, but if you have killed a seed player, these Clan may not do, these seed may be the guarantee of result, has killed them, broke these Clan source of income on equal to, these Clan has certainly not done. However if these people must to Zhao Hai begin, Zhao Hai does not use politely. Zhao Hai to does not have anything, Sun Fei also does not have what enmity with him, but has a grudge with Ashley Clan, then does not have with his 10 cents relationship. Therefore Zhao Hai sees Sun Fei, is said : originally Sun the brother, what the don’t know Sun brother asks me to have slightly?” Sun Fei bows to Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, previous time in Yellow Sand-Star, many offends, please excuse me.” Zhao Hai one hear of Sun Fei said that cannot help but laughed said : grandson brother to be too polite, at that time you and I was various is his lord, did said it, in the person like our these Outer Sect, have the authority that cannot order? Sun the brother does not need with I apologize, this nothing.” Sun Fei one hear of Zhao Hai said that also to Zhao Hai good a big ritual, Xiong Li and Dong Fangyu at heart sighed, because Zhao Hai said that their aspiration, like their these Outer Sect people, in Clan, that had does not listen to the authority of order, they were in a Clan blade, blade that one momentarily can be discarded.

After Sun Fei gave a salute, has stood, look at Zhao Hai they, suddenly smiles said : three, if nothing son, plays the host by the little brother, everyone/Great Clan does exit to drink two cups to be good?” Xiong Li one hear of Sun Fei said that cannot help but laughs said : your youngster not to have Little Hai to pass in a moment quickly, his little while said that anything drinks two cups, he will only say, walks, drinks, your youngster is also, the words that being all right, walk, drinks with the guyses!” One hear of Xiong Li said that several people laugh, walks toward the sports arena outside, in the field other people look at four people of appearances, relatively cannot help but speechless. Zhao Hai with Xiong Li relationship, these people are knows that Zhao Hai also knows with Sun Fei relationship these people, they said strictly does not have what friendship, but Sun Fei is actually Zhao Hai becomes one of the seed player candidates, but Zhao Hai was closing up at that time, simply don’t know this matter, therefore both sides can speak of now till does not have what friendship. But on such a while, their unexpectedly together exited to drink? On this that said that the ritual goes. Zhao Hai several people of leave the sports arena, walked outward, to outside had a car(riage) to wait for Zhao Hai, this speeding car is Card to the car(riage) that Zhao Hai matches, he momentarily can use. After Zhao Hai invited how many people boarded, turns the head to Xiong Li said : bear Big Brother, you may know that here that liquor was best? I to these months, have been closing up, knows to this matter are not many.” Xiong Li laughs said : this matter you to ask that I was am asking, walked, goes to Durling Roast meat shop, the there barbecue and Liquor absolutely were one certainly.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, listens to bear Big Brother, goes to Durling Roast meat shop.” Zhao Hai this saying may, not only to the speeding car was saying that Zhao Hai this speeding car, but also has a driver, but said is the driver, actually follows as servant in the Zhao Hai side. That person complied with one, control the speeding car was flying toward Durling Roast meat shop, Dong Fangyu look at that driver, sighed said : to Zhao Hai looks like several of us, on Little Hai most comfortable, had a look, now not only gave to match the car(riage), the drivers had, envy the deceased person.” Dong Fangyu this saying not wrong, must know in general Clan, only then the core member will have such allowance, the Outer Sect member is, also will not have such allowance that you do, wants such allowance, only if you have become Outer Sect camp one battalion of hosts, Outer Sect camp Camp Lord, is almost has Clan old person or the core member holds the post, the Outer Sect camp person, wants to become Outer Sect camp Camp Lord, is almost impossible. Zhao Hai one hear of Dong Fangyu said that Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : my this also to borrow up, ok, did not say this, to? Is here?” Construction outside Zhao Hai look at car(riage), this is wooden small building, is made by the original woods all over the body, probably is the log cabin in forest, but is very big, has four layers Lou tall fully.

Xiong Li nodded said : well, is here, the here barbecue, is roasts by the high grade charcoal fire, flavor with other was absolutely different, is delicious.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, walks, we taste.” Said that got out with several people, walks toward wooden building, enters wooden building, shi should immediately walk, what making Zhao Hai somewhat accidental is, here shi should unexpectedly not be a robot, but is the genuine person, this arrived is makes boss of Zhao Hai to this shop more curious. Xiong Li obviously is not the first time, he looked at that shi should said : to prepare a passenger compartment to us, greatly.” That person has complied with one, leading Xiong Li they to walk toward the building. This wooden building first floor is hall, second floor is also, to third floor is the passenger compartment, the third floor passenger compartment is not very big, Zhao Hai they altogether four people, does not need the big passenger compartment, therefore directly wanted a small passenger compartment. After entering the passenger compartment ordered food, wants the liquor, Xiong Li to turn the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, I heard, you just ascend did not have how long, with a Ashley Clan young lady on good, perhaps later becomes the Ashley Clan uncle, don’t know is true or false?” Zhao Hai smiles said : real, my girlfriend is Ashley Clan Maggie, he is the Ashley Patriarch six daughters, but she is not quite good with Patriarch relationship, therefore does not depend on the Clan life, oneself in the ascend school, when teacher, I just ascend came up time, she is my teacher, now became the girlfriend.” Xiong Li sighing said : good youngster, your youngster has the means that HaHaHa, but must say that your youngster also is really a talent, unexpectedly in such a short time became 4th level Magician, great.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :not anything, is only I to some Magic Formation innate skill, when adds on my ascend to come up, spiritual force is very strong, rapidness that such can therefore promote. Was saying, outside suddenly heard one to proclaim whish the sound, this cannot help but made Zhao Hai they stare. Must know here, but a machine star, dares to cause trouble in here may few, is the who such big courage?!.