Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1182
Xiong Li has also gawked, then frowns said : what's the matter? How will some people run up to here to cause trouble? I have inquired, heard that Durling barbecue here, has the Divine Palace of fire back probably, do not fly, you are Divine Palace of fire, knows don’t know this matter?” Do not fly to shake the head said : don’t know, I just Divine Palace of didn't have long time join fire, but also don’t know this matter, but bear Big Brother said should be good, major Divine Palace have the business in machine star here.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to have possibility very much, here battlefield area is not small, and has only constructed four layers, uses is also the original forests, is only these , if no background unable to do, walks, we have a look, no matter what, do not fly is also the Divine Palace of fire person, if can help, we to can add on one.” Xiong Li several people are not the lord of good spleen, several people nodded, stand got up to walk outward, to outside one hear, this sound has transmitted from second floor, several people went downstairs, looked that second floor there sits puts on the person of military uniform, these bodies do not have no imposing manner, but a person personal appearance also calculates Jiao Jian, understands some wrestle skills evidently. Zhao Hai looks at these people, face is the single layer, deep voice said : is the Mecha soldier, they how in here cause disturbance ?” Xiong Li their several people also looked, several people looked that these Mecha soldiers feared the appearance, has gawked, in machine here, the average person will not offend the Mecha soldier, the status of Mecha soldier was higher than Warrior and Magician. Zhao Hai their static standing listened to a while in there, this listens to understand, originally these Mecha soldiers come here to eat meal, but eats meal, actually raises a rumpus to here female customer service personnel, that female customer service personnel is also irritable xing, had given at that time a that Mecha soldier palm of the hand, that Mecha soldier has hit that female customer service personnel, then has made. Saw that here Zhao Hai face cannot help but sinks, coldly snorted. This initially sounds is not very big, but passes to the ear of person, is the same like the thunderclap, lets the person vitality tuck dive. Even if the person who looks like Xiong Li this fence practice, felt that this hum different place, several people of face have shown a faint smile, they have not thought that Zhao Hai so will be unexpectedly strong. These Mecha soldiers these were shaken heavily, at once peacefully, lead turns the head look at Zhao Hai, this Mecha soldier stature very tall and strong, short, a military uniform puts in the body. To also appears formidable might is uncommon, just on the face of his dark had a Palestine to be in charge, harmed his image. This Mecha soldier looked at Zhao Hai one, sneering said : suddenly youngster, you snort|hum what, eats what thing indigestion? How? Do you want to mind others'business?” Zhao Hai look at that Mecha soldier, shows a faint smile said : not anything, but eats meal above, suddenly hears several brazen dogs in there inconsiderately shout, harasses interest that I have eaten meal, therefore gets down to have a look, this looks knows, that originally called not only brazen dog, extended the claw randomly, had no sense of shame, only knows the brazen dog that bullied the woman, yeah, it seems like now the quality of Mecha soldier was really getting lower and lower.” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, Xiong Li their several people Ha Ha has laughed wildly, that Mecha soldier is face is red, will say anything, a suddenly his behind person has arrived at his side, said near his ear in a low voice several words, face of that Mecha soldier changes, look at Zhao Hai that decides.

Zhao Hai look at that Mecha soldier. Sneered said : what? to know our status? In the report the status, looked that our elder brother several do stir up, if our elder brother several can stir up, that good very much, this matter our elder brother several also really want to manage on one, if our elder brother several cannot stir up, that, our elder brother several reported this matter, then our elder brother several said that this machine on-board public security was not quite really good, we participated in the competition really not security guarantees in here, on withdrawing from, please several have replaced us to participate, must wish several to obtain first well below in here. Result.” That Mecha soldier more was listens to Zhao Hai saying that the perspiration on face was many, they were the Mecha soldier are not fake, the Mecha soldier compared with ordinary Warrior and Magician, the status was on high some, but Zhao Hai were they who? Mecha with the great expectations seed player, they must represent the Mecha soldier, goes to hit to live with other 5 Realms people to kill, now these 20 people are very high in the machine here call, do not say four, even if they cannot offend, if Zhao Hai said, they may die. Thinks of here, the Mecha soldier of that lead, the perspiration on face were more, but he calmed down, look at Zhao Hai said : originally is Mr. Zhao Hai, Xiong Li mister, Dong Fangyu mister is also able to discriminate flies mister, third spins 46 groups of fourth battalion of ninth successive company commanders in the below Mecha armed forces fifth armed forces second division, ten thousand and have seen several mister.” How many people this person to Zhao Hai a ritual, then sent out own status first first, Zhao Hai selected eyebrow said : originally is the person of Mecha armed forces, no wonder such horizontal, how? Thought that nearest/recent our Magic alliance received some losses, became collapsed at the first blow, where knew don’t know this is? Knows shop that who don’t know this is opens? Causes trouble in the Divine Palace of fire domain, don't you want to live?” Whose shop that several Mecha soldier also real don’t know this are, they are also in the Mecha armed forces ordinary one, that many background, one hear of Zhao Hai said now that this knows the fear, that person of lead is the surface such as earth , quickly said: Asked mister to excuse me, who our real don’t know this shop was opens, we are willing to compensate.” Zhao Hai looked at the appearances of these people, knows that they are not intentionally, if they know really here is Divine Palace of fire opens, feared that to them several courage, they do not dare to act unreasonably. Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : you to know well, that this matter we do not manage, you to shop explained that how must solve, looked your.” That person of quickly said: Yes, disturbed mister, asking mister certainly to excuse me.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, turn around with Xiong Li several people returned to in building. Several people after new sitting down, Xiong Li smiles said : Little Hai, is really good, serious of these Mecha soldier normally each and every one cows, but this time actually your such saying, each and every one honest with grandson, HaHaHa, satisfying!” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : they not to fear me, they are feared that the reputation of several of us, we now are the machine here seed players. Machine uses my time, at this time, a he young company commander, the under the hand/subordinate more than hundred Mecha soldiers, how dares to offend us, I am the ha-ha they.” Do not fly is actually knit the brows said : Elder Brother Hai, this matter to presses you, but you offended them, feared that is somewhat will be also troublesome, after all the status of Mecha soldier in that pendulum.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : he is the Mecha soldier is not false, but he is the Mecha soldier of Mecha armed forces, I am Ashley Clan person, he cannot manage my head.”

Dong Fangyu deep voice said : these Mecha soldiers are less than to fear, but Little Hai you have swept their face today, if that several fellows go back to tell tales, feared that will be the people of Mecha armed forces will look for your trouble, this 6 Realms new competition, in 20 seed players, 15 will be the person of our dojo association and Magic alliance, five will be the people of Mecha armed forces, the strengths of these five people will not be weak, feared that will be they at the competition, will look for your trouble.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said :they not to look for my trouble, after all everyone/Great Clan was a machine person, if they asked me to trouble, he he, that lecture , a Mecha armed forces Outer Sect people who so long as fought with me, a person do not want to live. What Zhao Hai this saying said is killing aura is steaming, Dong Fangyu they stare, then a feeling fine body hair fierce upward vertical stroke, they are the people of murder . Moreover the people who everyone kills are not infrequent, therefore they regarding killing aura very sensitive, Zhao Hai just killing aura in these words, they were actually felt clear. The Zhao Hai these words strength of killing aura, is their entire life has not seen, to be honest, left, Flies with Dong Fangyu, regarding some strength suspicions of Zhao Hai, when Zhao Hai normally and person are together Chu pill is imposing manner does not have, if not he puts on Magic Robe, moreover truly make a move and person have fought, almost nobody believes that he can be Magician, in adding on Zhao Hai to a machine this time, majority of time is closing up, in their opinion, Zhao Hai is Magician, that is also one only knows ascetic Magician, how many actual combat experience should not. However just a Zhao Hai these words exit / to speak, Dong Fangyu and Sun Fei they know one have made a mistake, Zhao Hai there has not killed people, has killed too many people obviously, has been used to hide killing aura, such enemy is most fearful. Xiong Li to does not have too many accidents, although he not to see Zhao Hai make a move, however his actual combat experience compared with Sun Fei and in Dong Fangyu many, he can feel the Zhao Hai danger clearly. The Zhao Hai words just a speech, heard one to call out said : on hearing outside Zhao Hai is that Come out here!” Zhao Hai stares, then turned the head to look at Xiong Li several people of one, showed a faint smile said : interestingly, has walked, walked, went to have a look.” Said that Zhao Hai stands up beyond the communication to walk. Went downstairs following the staircase, Zhao Hai is standing on the present person in the first floor hall, this stature very tall and big, looks like also very tall and strong, but actually puts on Magic Robe, looks like over 40 years old, is having the strong beard, ugly and ferocious-looking of face, is standing in first floor hall now shouts. Zhao Hai looked at that person of one, deep voice is said : „below Zhao Hai, don’t know that looks for me?” That big Magician look at Zhao Hai said : „are you Zhao Hai? youngster, you are very rampant, don't our Mecha armed forces pay attention to?” Zhao Hai look at this Magician said : I have not paid attention to the Mecha armed forces, you had not said that who you are, has the qualifications to shout to me in here.”

As soon as that person listened to Zhao Hai saying that on the face killing aura flashes, then coldly snorted said :youngster, you listened to me clearly, I was the Mecha armed forces fifth armed forces second division third brigade Outer Sect spear|gun character camp third squad am young Captain, Tao Ke, youngster, you said that I do have the qualifications to shout to you. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : originally is ceramic Captain, why don’t know you thinks that you do have the qualifications to shout to me? Am I the person of Mecha armed forces? Am I your ceramic Captain under the hand/subordinate? If not, what qualifications you also do have to shouting?” Tao Ke listened to Zhao Hai saying that a face been mad paleness, he thinks one lifted the status to come, Zhao Hai will fear him, that thinks that Zhao Hai said such words to come, this was gives Tao Ke angrily. The Zhao Hai look at Tao Ke appearance, sneers said : ceramic Captain, you said that I don't pay attention to the Mecha armed forces? don’t know this saying is who said? The person of your Mecha armed forces, eats meal in the restaurant, actually raises a rumpus to customer service personnel, female customer service personnel hitting, good, your Mecha armed forces is really good, compared with the interspace pirate must excessively, soon terrorize men and take their women, hasn't what? permitted the I want to say few words just words? Didn't my say a few words just words, pay attention to your Mecha armed forces? Also, ceramic Captain, did my don’t know these people have with you said that background of this shop, you for the people of Mecha armed forces over, I admired your loyalty, but being used as a tool, you can not know that something, were not you small Captain can shoulder.” Tao Ke look at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted said : said is also what kind of? Isn't here an industry of Divine Palace of fire? Greatly what has, my Mecha armed forces had also feared Divine Palace of fire is inadequate?” Zhao Hai one hear of Tao Ke said that cannot help but has gawked, Tao Ke looked at Zhao Hai to be shocked, cannot help but laughed said : what? you to think that lifted to be on fire Divine Palace this flag, did my Mecha armed forces fear? I told you, let alone your Zhao Hai was not the Divine Palace of fire person, even if the name were the Divine Palace of fire person, I did not fear!” Doesn't fear really?” A calm sound conveys, Zhao Hai looked at the past following this sound, several wear fiery red Magic Robe people walked from outside, the light previous person was old Magician, looked like the qibashi-year-old appearance, was white, but this old person has a hawk same eye, sharp. That old person arrives in front of Tao Ke, look at Tao Ke, sneers said : small Outer Sect Captain, dares to go into Divine Palace of our fire domain to remove wildly? Who gives your courage? Do you open the mouth the Mecha armed forces, the silent Mecha armed forces? what? are you Mecha armed forces commander-in-chief? Can you representative Mecha armed forces? You did not fear that Divine Palace of my fire, Divine Palace of my fire does fear you?” Tao Ke one stayed in there, his look at that old Magician, the cold sweat one has gotten down, because this old person he knew that this old person was Divine Palace of fire Bishop, known as roaring flame condor horse Fenglei, this Sir Bishop was not the friendly stubble, all offended his person dead, moreover he did not fear any, heard he has was in front of Mecha armed forces commander-in-chief, crack cursed the time, was everyone headache character, person like this, can it be that he small Captain can offend. Tao Ke felt that own throat does, cold sweat directing current, is black at present, he has not thought that but causes trouble in the Divine Palace of fire shop such minor matter, will annoy this master to come unexpectedly, it seems like today's matter did not have the means to be friendly.!.