Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1183
Is unfair to everyone/Great Clan, today cuts power, evening, have please forgiven! horse Fenglei after Tao Ke spoke, does not wait for him to reply that turns the head look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : Zhao Hai, you are very good, is very good, my horse Fenglei must today well thank you.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : horse Bishop to be polite, I and Sun Fei were the friend, Sun Fei are the Divine Palace of fire people, therefore we over, hope that horse Bishop do not think we were mind others'business are good.” horse Fenglei laughs said : Zhao Hai Zhao Hai, your this fellow also is really very interesting, how I will blame you, this machine unrest, some people think that the strength of our Magic alliance was weak, any the cat and the dog can run up to the head of our Magic alliance to defecate to urinate, he he, a more laughable person, an ant actually also thinks one are representing the Mecha armed forces, HaHaHa, let alone he could not represent the Mecha armed forces, how even if were he to represent, but here Divine Palace of my fire domain, was the domain of my Magic alliance, dares. here, first asks that I did agree.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, without speech, but at this time, Tao Ke had soon fainted, if others spoke this saying he not only possibly, but this saying horse Fenglei said that he actually has to believe that because of the horse Fenglei also nickname, called the horse Lunatic, did not have the matter that he did not dare to do. horse Fenglei looked that Zhao Hai did not speak, changed to the eye Tao Ke, he looked at Tao Ke one eyes, what sneering said : suddenly „was this? Is to our probe? Also good, that this ceramic Captain? I in head taking advantage of your use.” Said that horse Fenglei waved, some immediately people come, Tao Keya, Tao Ke the paralysis to the ground, has not dared rebel. After Tao Ke bring down goes, horse Fenglei then told that said : today here these people, looks up to me, then gives the Mecha armed forces to write a letter, lets their tubes well own under the hand/subordinate, if they cannot control, my horse Fenglei manages for them!” His under the hand/subordinate person immediately/on horseback has complied with one, turned the head to manage. After handling these matters, horse Fenglei turns the head look at Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : Zhao Hai, you are very good, but this time matter, will bring not the small trouble to you, how do you plan to process?” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : processing? Just like horse Bishop processing method, at this time invitational meet, so long as lets a Mecha armed forces Outer Sect people who I run into, does not remain.” Zhao Hai said this saying time, has been smiling, in the look one killing aura does not have, the expression is natural peaceful, probably was telling the person that today has eaten several steamed stuffed bun same ordinary. horse Fenglei one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes shrinks, then laughs said : good, great Zhao Hai, what kind of? Has interest join our fire temple? I give you Outer Sect Camp Lord dāng dāng.” One hear of horse Fenglei said that Xiong Li they held breath a cold air, machine here did not have Ascenders to become Outer Sect camp Camp Lord, horse Fenglei unexpectedly such appreciation Zhao Hai, opened the mouth is Camp Lord, this was the extraordinary important matter. The Zhao Hai look at horse Fenglei appearance, showed a faint smile said : horse Bishop to chat, your not don’t know I with Maggie relationship, Divine Palace of my how possible join fire?”

horse Fenglei look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile said : no reason why not, is not the woman, so long as you agree with join fire temple, several women I can look to you?” The Zhao Hai look at horse Fenglei appearance, laughing said : suddenly horse Bishop, you think that my Zhao Hai hasn't seen the person of woman? If you think, you also did look down upon my Zhao Hai?” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, Xiong Li they are Zhao Hai worry, the horse Fenglei temperament is very famous in machine here, but Zhao Hai for these years, first dares with the person of horse Fenglei such speech. horse Fenglei look at Zhao Hai, laughing said : suddenly good, good Zhao Hai, I not to have misread you, you are great.” The hand turned, puts out same thing to lose to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai caught, looked is actually the block small badge. Zhao Hai puzzled look at horse Fenglei, horse Fenglei shows a faint smile said : this is Divine Palace of our fire Guest Official badge, but Divine Palace of our fire Guest Official has plenty, you are not considered as that join Divine Palace of our fire, accepts.” Zhao Hai one hear of horse Fenglei said that cannot help but shows a faint smile said : well, my impolite, Zhao Hai in here apologizing horse Bishop.” horse Fenglei laughs, beckoned with the hand, turn around walked. When horse Fenglei walks, Zhao Hai turns the head look at Xiong Li their several people, shows a faint smile „is really not quiet, but after wants to come, will not look to harass us in some people that said : today's this food we eat, walks, our today's not going back without getting drunk.” The Xiong Li look at Zhao Hai appearance, laughing said : suddenly Little Hai, I to admire your this youngster really very much, you know don’t know, dares such to speak with horse Fenglei, entire machine cannot look for several, but from Lower Realm Ascenders, you are sole one, your courage may not be really small.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, without the speech, he believes that horse Fenglei will not be what kind of him, now gets angry the Divine Palace weakest time, if horse Fenglei dares to cope with him at this time, he did not match for Divine Palace of fire Bishop. Reason that horse Fenglei dares to speak the last words with the Mecha armed forces visibly, is mainly because he behind is standing, not only Divine Palace of fire, Magic alliance. This machine unrest, the Divine Palace of fire earth god show is damaged seriously, it can be said that strength/Origin Qi damages severely, but these two Divine Palace are the important members of Magic alliance, can say that these two Divine Palace strengths are damaged, indirect also has created the reality and damage of Magic alliance, therefore this time, the Magic alliance beyond example will be uniting, no matter dojo association or Mecha armed forces, so long as dares to annoy their, certainly will welcome the most intense counter-attack.

Therefore at this time, horse Fenglei dares to offend the Mecha armed forces, but he will not offend Zhao Hai, because of the Zhao Hai status, Zhao Hai is very special in the Ashley Clan status, he received information, Zhao Hai was the hope of Ashley Clan this 6 Realms competition, Ashley Clan has made other players withdraw, only made Zhao Hai attend the competition, in this case, if moved Zhao Hai, that Ashley Clan will certainly go all out with him. To be honest, fire temple now the strength greatly damages, will not fear Ashley Clan, but Ashley Clan but the important component of Darkness God palace, if they make war with Ashley Clan, on equal to with the Darkness God palace mutual hatred, such matter fire temple will not do. Because has thought of these, therefore Zhao Hai determined that horse Fenglei will not be what kind of him, moreover horse Fenglei seems like not such person. Several people arrived in the building, after sitting down, serves staff immediately gives them newly from has come up the meat, brought the liquor, moreover liquor and meat that these time brings, is the quality is best, the matter that obviously Zhao Hai they just handled, making these serve staff grateful. After waiting for customer service personnel to exit, Dong Fangyu look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you prepare really at this time 6 Realms new competition, gave to extinguish the people of Mecha armed forces?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to have this plan, but must look that finally the situation decides, after all my present representative is not I, but is Ashley Clan, I do not fear the Mecha armed forces, but I do not want to annoy troublesome to Ashley Clan, if the people of Mecha armed forces really being concerned about face, I will be impolite.” Dong Fangyu look at Zhao Hai, laughing said : suddenly good, Little Hai, great, HaHaHa, come, we did, have remembered, if these people of Mecha armed forces really being concerned about face, you informed my one, if when the time comes let the person who I ran into the Mecha armed forces, I will also extinguish him.” Xiong Li laughed said : how this matter possibly little to result in me, was counted my one!” I!” Sun Fei has also held up wine glass, several people laughed, have bumped under the cup, several people tossed down. very happy that this meal several people of eating, the liquor has also drunk much, waits for several people to exit wants to pay up the time, the person in dining room told them, today exempted the list. Zhao Hai to is not polite, expressed gratitude, outward walks with three people, just arrived at outside, Zhao Hai that driver walked, bows to Zhao Hai said : mister, General Manager makes me meet you, said that has the matter to discuss with you.”

Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Xiong Li their said : bear Big Brother, Eastern Big Brother, Brother Sun, I first walked one step, had the time to ask me to drink.” Xiong Li several people also hold the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai then boarded. The look at Zhao Hai speeding car distant place, Xiong Li sighed said : Little Hai is really not an average person, watched such thoroughly the matter, my can't compare with he.” Dong Fangyu smiles bitterly next step: Not only you, even if these old fox, few can compare favorably with Little Hai, laughable, I also think most from the beginning he is one only knows the fellow who Dao Cultivator practices, now looks like, he is not certainly common in the Lower Realm status.” Sun Fei nodded said : „, the Elder Brother Hai strength is very strong, but he will not kill people easily, but if really became his enemy, feared that will be will not feel better, this time I came out with you fortunately, will otherwise compete time, there is my suffering to eat.” Xiong Li and Dong Fangyu one hear of Sun Fei said that laughs, they also know certainly what Sun Fei said is right, if Sun Fei this time has not come out with them, if that really has met Zhao Hai, definitely will suffer some hardships, after all before them, is hostile relationship. But three people presently, when don’t know has not started, they actually believe that they are not the Zhao Hai match, Zhao Hai defeat them are the natural matter, this thought unknowingly had probably, moreover in their lived the root sprouts at heart. Three people also chatted a few words, this mutually said goodbye leave, they need to find a place, a digestion next today's matter well, moreover must tell the influence that each one was at this matter, making them make a preparation ahead of time, the person who after all this matter involved were too many, the influence that involved were also many, they did not report definitely are incorrect, moreover they believe that just Ashley Clan urgently was calling to go back Zhao Hai, was because this matter. ro!.