Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1184
After Zhao Hai boarded, immediately has put out one bottle of Spatial Water, has drunk. Then the feeling good, before long vehicle to stop in office here. Zhao Hai gets on and off from the car(riage), went upstairs directly, immediately had a robot to receive Card room to the building in Zhao Hai. To Card room outside, the robot has tapped two gates, then said : General Manager, Mr. Zhao Hai.” Card immediately/on horseback said : comes.” Zhao Hai then pushed the door to walk, one looked to inside, Card, Desbarres and Rook, Zhao Hai to three people of gave a salute, Card actually has not cared, immediately/on horseback said : 1 Little Hai, I just received the communication of horse Fenglei, he appreciated you probably, you made you fire temple Guest Official, what's all this about?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, said to three people the Durling Roast meat shop there matter, Card they continuously static is listening, when Zhao Hai said that Card nodded said : originally is this, good, good that you make, although said that you offended the person of Mecha armed forces, but has actually turned in fire temple, moreover received our same camp Wu Clan and flame, this to us, only then the advantage does not have the fault, after all we are the influence of Magic alliance . Moreover the Magic alliance is good with relationship of dojo association, but does not calculate with relationship of Mecha armed forces well, offended the Mecha armed forces not. Anything, they do not dare to make us what kind.” Desbarres nodded said : I to think that today's matter possibly is not an accident, may is the Mecha armed forces to our probe, otherwise has that Mecha soldier to dare not to enlarge ones vision, in machine star here public causing trouble, they should know that will cause trouble in machine star here will not have the good result.” Rook nodded said :Durling Roast meat shop there is very famous in a machine star, almost all people know that there is the industry of fire temple, but these Mecha soldiers also dare to cause trouble in there, this matter is not simple, Card, I thinks that we should report Patriarch to make Patriarch have a preparation this matter. Card nodded said : „to report Patriarch, simultaneously we also want me and fire temple or Wu Clan and flame in here relate, best is also contacts with other Divine Palace people, is completely safe by the plan.”

Rook nodded said : „should this Mecha armed forces there also five people to attend the competition, to competition time, they will possibly begin to Little Hai, Little Hai, you must have the preparation to be good.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, nodded, Card look at Zhao Hai appearance said : „, if the people of Mecha armed forces do are not quite excessive, put their horse us not well to offend after all the Mecha armed forces, if under they dared the extreme methods, you did not need to kill politely!” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, General Manager feel relieved, I know how should do.” Card nodded said : to be good, you rest, now Mecha here although superficially already calm, but in fact the undercurrent surges, later you are more careful.” Zhao Hai nodded, bowed turn around to walk to several people. look at Zhao Hai leave, Card shows a faint smile said : well, has not thought that this machine armor unrest, has actually given us Ashley Clan opportunity, if we can have fire temple with Wu Clan Huo Clan really become the ally, regarding us, absolutely is the good deed.” Desbarres smiles said : „to say that these time must be lucky Little Hai, his words, we impossible to draw in relationship horse Fenglei that fellow with fire temple are not the people who is good to deal with, this time he makes Little Hai fire temple Guest Official unexpectedly, it seems like he is really appreciation Little Hai.” Card showed a faint smile said : actually just some Little Hai matters just he not saying that horse Fenglei has won over Little Hai, moreover opened the mouth is Outer Sect camp Camp Lord Little Hai does not have the abundant agreement.” Desbarres smiles said : horse Fenglei that fellow too not to know about Little Hai that 1 Little Hai is not that type for money and status, person who anything is a willing worker, when he regarding sentiment also very settles on, now he had the sentiment to Bones Symbol Camp, so long as Clan has not made to his disadvantageous matter, believes him unable leave.” Rook sighed said : 1 Little Hai strength formidable, feared that was our Ashley Clan temple is small, for this Great Buddha, his sooner or later met leave.” Card deep voice said : leave on leave, so long as he also has Ashley Clan, can, when Ashley Clan has difficultly, extends handle, we were gain.” Desbarres nodded said : well, I also think.”

Zhao Hai now already returned to own room , he as soon as enters the room, Zhao Hai immediately returned to enter in Space, Maggie they now in Space. Looked at Zhao Hai to come, Maggie their immediately welcomed, especially Maggie, her look at Zhao Hai of face worry, some little time said : Elder Brother Hai, you today too have take risked, you may probably know that horse Fenglei was not affable, if he wanted to cope with you, that troubled.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, I know how things stand, he will not cope my, don't worry, goes.” Laura they also know Zhao Hai to be all right, but Zhao Hai, when talked with horse Fenglei, they have pinched for Zhao Hai really the perspiration, because of horse Fenglei in the machine here reputation, was really too loud. Laura they most from the beginning and don’t know horse Fenglei matter, but Maggie knows that Maggie saw Zhao Hai that spoke with horse Fenglei, was face changes, then immediately they said to Laura horse Fenglei matter, Laura they were also anxious. The good matter completely has finally been solved, several people then relaxed. After several people enter room has sat down, Zhao Hai turns the head to Maggie said : actually my these time such to do, considers for Ashley Clan, wants to be Ashley Clan Dora several allies, I am impossible in machine here dull too long time, perhaps this big game time, my leave, Maggie, you cannot follow me, can you not give up?” Maggie shook the head said : not, feel relieved, actually I regarding Ashley Clan not too many sentiments, but does not have the means that I always am the Ashley Clan person, Elder Brother Hai, I will walk with you, after if, Ashley Clan met anything to trouble, you wanted make a move to help them, even if did not help other people, must help Camp Lord they.” Zhao Hai smiles said :feel relieved, if later has any matter, I will certainly help their, you do not need to be worried...., Day of time in the blink of an eye on the past, Zhao Hai in Arena there, he had not sat in Space next day can look to compete, simply does not use Arena there.

However the two days competition to was does not have really attractively what, the levels of these people high were less than that go, simply could not pose any threat to Zhao Hai. The Zhao Hai book thinks after passing through the Yellow Sand-Star there matter, competed cannot in be extremely bloody, but he has not thought that also competed compared with wants bloody many that he imagined, person who eliminated, the body was wounded that to be light, some people were killed directly on Arena, but some people actually had the disability, the has plenty person final result on was mutually wounded. Saw that this situation Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, then his face becomes very difficult looked that Maggie looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but somewhat strange said : Elder Brother Hai? What wrong? has Zhao Hai deep voice said : looks like the machine here person, but also has not worked as the adult Ascenders , do you have to think, after this preelection surpasses, will die many people few? Near hundred thousand person, but also the has plenty person had the disability, no wonder machine here Magician and Warrior, are not the Cultivation World matches, must know these people who loss, may be various Great Clan elites, if training well, they can become a region's Expert in the future, even can vie with each other with Cultivation World there cultivator, now they actually also when has not grown, died on this Arena, in this case, Warrior and can Magician, what leave Expert? They possibly cultivator resistance with Cultivation World there? It seems like is some machine here people does not hope that Ascenders becomes Expert.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura they stare, then face changes, said : that a Maggie face cannot believe Elder Brother Hai, is this impossible?” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : is impossible, what machine here has to have the control status is what? Is the battleship and Mecha, if lets machine here Magician and Warrior unfolds, that battleship and Mecha status will be attacked, do you have to think, these battleships and will Mecha, the benefits of how many people affect? These people are impossible to let Magician and Warrior for the benefit unfold, do not say that the machine here locally born person, has the one type of inborn discrimination regarding Ascender, they naturally will suppress Magician and Warrior, but this suppression was unable to come visibly, they must put on the one layer coat to this suppression, but what ratio such competition better suppression way had? This competition, has almost caught the whole lot in a dragnet the talent character who these five years ascend came up, even if were finally the remaining some talents, Cultivation World there helped to suppress, a 6 Realms new competition, let in Magician and Warrior has the person of nose strength, did not die not only wound, even if lived finally several, that can be useful, several people cannot cloud over by machine here.” Laura they unconscious nod, they also think Zhao Hai said is reasonable, if this matter said like Zhao Hai, then on was too scary, machine this is getting rid of one's capable subordinates. Zhao Hai let out a long breath said : Cultivation World there copes with the Cultivation World manner not to be different from machine here, because these Great Sect will absorb Sect Cultivation World, so long as Cultivator really becomes becomes a region's Expert, they will obtain with other person of same status, because of Cultivation World there all by strength speech, they not for this and that reason will suppress Ascender, because they practice oneself, Ascender strength, will have the advantage to them, the ascend person will not threaten their benefits, conversely, the ascend person strength will be stronger, will be favorable for their Sect, because like this., Therefore quick of Cultivation World there show, but machine here Magician and Warrior, although has law of the demon, actually still cannot unfold.”!.