Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1185
Laura they are listening earnestly, Zhao Hai look at their appearances, deep voice said : these days, you should also confront the law of demon to have certainly understood, law of the demon is very formidable, after special level high, achieves ten thousand overlay law of the demon, was formidable to can resist with the battleship fully, if such show has gotten down, machine Magician and Warrior had no reason are not the matches of these Cultivator, in the high level level was not the match, in low, in a medium grade this level, both sides can also fight to a draw, but now you. Look, Magician and Warrior, have been pressed hitting by the enemy, simply not any ability of hitting back, doesn't this suit very much?” Bang! Maggie makes an effort pounds on the table, clenches teeth said : shameless, these shameless fellows, they will handle such matter unexpectedly, damn, they damn!” The Zhao Hai look at Maggie appearance, has gawked slightly, he has not thought really that the response of Maggie so will be big, Zhao Hai puzzled look at Maggie said : Maggie, your such does ji move does do? My this ascend person does not have your ji to move.” Maggie grew two tones, calm, look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, I am also half ascend person, my mother am also Ascender, said it, my these many years, have worked in Ascend Academy, I am look at each and every one ascend am having the hope of being filled with enter machine with own eyes, finally is actually such fate, but what is most hateful, some behind people of this matter promote, was too hateful.” The Zhao Hai look at Maggie appearance, shows a faint smile said : to consider as finished, this matter is not you can control, has a look, if later has opportunity, I will come to take care this matter, but now, I am also helpless.” Maggie smiles said : I not to make you manage well now, I am angry, machine these years have been pressed hitting by Cultivation World, are not because we in low, the person in medium grade this level, not having the means to compare with Cultivation World, but we have the ability obviously, may actually be suppressed by them.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Ok, now thinks that these is useless, we prepare, this time 6 Realms new person big game is opportunity, lets us and 5 Realms contact other opportunity.” Maggie several people nodded, Laura turns the head said : Elder Brother Hai, our these time goes, can be recognized by Lu Wei?” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : to recognize to be what kind of? I do not fear him, feel relieved, now Lu Wei and Spirit Moon Wind Emperor are not our matches, our matches have one, Millions Treasure pavilions, compares Lu biography and Spirit Moon Wind Emperor comes, Millions Treasure pavilions is most dangerous, what Millions Treasure pavilions has not seen our long, I believe that they presently we, will not have the matter.” Laura their several people also nodded, they also agree with the Zhao Hai words, now no matter Lu Wei or Spirit Moon Wind Emperor, are not the Zhao Hai matches, their matches only then that Millions Treasure pavilions. Time day-by-day past, the quick invitational meet was near the end, the machine here 100,000 participants, now only remaining 1000 people. But at this time, 20 seed also need to participate to compete, this these 20 seed players, 19 people of everyone/Great Clan think that does not have what issue, has a person exception, this person is Zhao Hai. The people suspected that Zhao Hai strength, key is nobody has seen Zhao Hai make a move, although Xiong Li and Sun Fei to the Zhao Hai esteem, because Zhao Hai is over Sun Fei, he with Xiong Li, Dong Fangyu, the matter that Sun Fei together drinks naturally also publicity, therefore the people think Xiong Li and Sun Fei stemming from helping friend busy such will do. Originally after Xiong Li has shown that reputation, this sound was very small, but don’t know, nearest/recent this sound was also why loud.

Zhao Hai knows certainly that this feared that is the people of Mecha armed forces promotes in the back, the people of Mecha armed forces these time in horse Fenglei in hand, had definitely suffered a loss, they do not dare to move horse Fenglei now, does not dare to get angry Divine Palace, but they wanted his Zhao Hai, looked like in the Mecha armed forces there person, his Zhao Hai was a Ashley Clan Outer Sect people, how even if with Miss Ashley Clan same can, was the Ashley Clan core juniors, in competition like this, was killed one by them, what Ashley Clan has dared to say? These time questioned that his qualifications, is only a start, it seems like that the people of Mecha armed forces did not prepare to give up, thought of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but sneering, good the Mecha armed forces, we played. Thousand strong competitions were still decided by ballot that is still the computer automatic ballot, but machine star here has prepared ten Arena, ten Arena also start, their this does not have the means that the day of 6 Realms new person competition match, getting closer and closer, they did not have the time to tow. First time draws lots in 20 people, does not have Zhao Hai, does not have Xiong Li, Sun Fei and Dong Fangyu to pulled out, they have not gone to watch their competitions, their matches are not strong, go not to look do not have what meaning. Zhao Hai sits with Xiong Li in chats to position there that they arrange, all around person often pays attention to their one eyes, naturally, most people's vision fell the body of Zhao Hai, in their looks was bringing of suspicion. Xiong Li looked at these person of one, deep voice said : these bastards, they suspected unexpectedly your strength, 1 Little Hai, this time must be is meeting the who words, you're welcome, direct kill considers as finished.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to worry, my here has prepared a list, so long as is makes me run into the person on list, I ensure does not let off.” Xiong Li said : list? What is?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : when the time comes you to know, good, Eastern Big Brother may be really quick enough, such quickly came back.” Zhao Hai and Xiong Li speech time, Dong Fangyu came back. Zhao Hai sees Dong Fangyu on said loudly: Eastern Big Brother, was your this too also quick? Did you admit defeat?” Dong Fangyu ridicules said : get lost, your this smelly youngster is the dog mouth cannot put out the ivory, was others look at me to come to power, gave me the face, admitted defeat directly.” Zhao Hai laughed said : you to is relaxed, sat, today competed, you must treat.” Dong Fangyu laughs said : your this fellow, this small advantage you also occupy, ok, please, when slightly flies back comes to see him to be what kind, yo, came back, slightly flies, your ting is also quick.”

Sun Fei shows a faint smile said : fortunately, these time was in luck, has met 3rd level, this so was quick, must say that fellow also sufficed to be in luck, 3rd level can rush in thousand, was not easy.” Is entering in this, the broadcast sound conveys said : Xiong Li to prepare, No. 5 Arena.” Zhao Hai turns the head said : bear Big Brother, to you. „ Xiong Li laughed, has stood, the stride went, Dong Fangyu turned the head to say to Zhao Hai!” Little Hai, you said that bear Eldest Child how long can come back? Zhao Hai their several exchanged the age in the understanding, Xiong Li was oldest, Dong Fangyu second, Zhao Hai third, Sun Fei fourth, therefore Dong Fangyu called Xiong Li to call the bear Eldest Child. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, steadily, bear Eldest Child, but ominous outside, he goes on stage, the person who so long as has not grasped will not begin with him, feared that was given to extinguish by him.” Sun Fei nodded said : „, several of us said fortunately that the key is Elder Brother Hai you, these days may be many to your disadvantageous rumor, feared that is meets your metropolis to with your at risk of life war, you must add are careful that.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to is the hope challenges my person many, this time I polite happen to my undead army now the population are not many, added them.” How many did Sun Fei show a faint smile said : I to say Elder Brother Hai your some undead army? Waited for also release to make brothers I have a look on that day.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to consider as finished, good that do not see, all sees my undead army person, almost changed, turned into undead army one, do you also want to look?” The Sun Fei forced smile shook the head said : to consider as finished, I have not sufficed exactly, bear Eldest Child came back, looks at his appearance, feared that was his match admits defeat.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, if fights one with the person, he certainly is the in high spirit appearance, look at him now the dejected appearance, definitely has not made into.” Dong Fangyu laughs said : bear Eldest Child, has defeated? Puts on a long face to do?” Xiong Li stares said :get lost, you defeated, I came to power that grandson to admit defeat, did not have the meaning, mother, but also thinks that can get one, finally this, was really. Zhao Hai they, as soon as listened to Xiong Li saying that was one laughs, at this time listened to broadcast said : Zhao Hai to prepare, No. 3 Arena.” Zhao Hai stretched oneself said : my goodness, finally arrived at me, I to have a look, who my match was, if my match were the people of Mecha armed forces with, that tonight guest I invited.” Said that Zhao Hai stood turn around to walk. Looked at Zhao Hai to walk, Xiong Li then turn around to Dong Fangyu said : East, you said that what meaning Little Hai a moment ago those words were? Did the Mecha armed forces offend him?” Dong Fangyu two eyes twinkling brightly said :bear Eldest Child, you do not think the rumor of nearest/recent about Little Hai a little too suddenly? After you have shown the statement, many people are not small in the suspicion Sea strength, but nearest/recent suspected that the Little Hai strength the sound is actually getting bigger and bigger, isn't this very strange? ”

Xiong Li and Sun Fei one hear of Dong Fangyu said that they stare, but they responded afterward, do they turn the head look at Dong Fangyu said : your meaning are the Mecha armed forces?” Dong Fangyu nodded said : well, the Mecha armed forces, previous Little Hai the Mecha armed forces offending, heard the person who painstakingly nearest/recent horse Fenglei little has not tidied up the Mecha armed forces, the people of Mecha armed forces does not dare to move horse Fenglei now, they can only instead this tone leave on Little Hai, therefore they caused such a rumor, I estimated that this is only their first step, they have certainly the subsequent party.” Xiong Li face did change said : that is not troublesome? Visibly what to do if they do cope with Zhao Hai?” Dong Fangyu shook the head said : feel relieved, they do not dare, at this time, if they dare to cope with Little Hai outside Arena, machine aspect one beyond redemption, therefore they can only cope with Little Hai in Arena, but evidently these idiots of Mecha armed forces, too underestimated that the Little Hai strength, did cope with Little Hai on Arena? He He, even if they asks Terry to act not to be impossible.” A Xiong Li face loosen, but he is coldly snorted said : „the bastard of Mecha armed forces, they also really dare to begin, good, they begin, we also begin, so long as later the person who wants on Arena to run into the Mecha armed forces, I one rate extinguished them.” Dong Fangyu has smiled bitterly next step: „ Feared that feared they to our such opportunity, I do not look in the seed player except for that five Mecha armed forces, if the people of other person Mecha armed forces run into us, feared that will be immediately will admit defeat. Xiong Li face ugly, his coldly snorted said : sooner or later will meet, so long as this 6 Realms new person competition had finished up, I well carry them in receiving.” Dong Fangyu has smiled bitterly next step: How thinks to receive work at this time 6 Realms new person competition, this time 6 Realms new person competition, heard that other 5 Realms also had many talent characters, compared with other 5 Realms, our superiority does not have, in this case, we want to live to be very difficult.” Xiong Li coldly snorted said : mother, goes all out at the worst, has anything to be great, the person who father kills were also many, dies dies.” At this time don’t know who shouted said : Zhao Hai must compete with the person, everyone/Great Clan had a look at that quickly.” Then a troop person runs toward three nose Arena on. Xiong Li looked that this situation has cannot help but gawked, then did three people also shake the head, smile bitterly, Xiong Li mutter the rumor that said : that idiot release comes? Has regarded Old Mouse old tiger, then possible looked, walks, we have a look, what having a look at Little Hai to meet is, must really be the person of Mecha armed forces, that today's East you can save one.” Dong Fangyu laughs said : well, although I do not want to save this money, but I hope that Little Hai treats.” Said three people of laughing has stood, strikes there to walk toward 3rd. One to No. 3 Arena there, three people stare, because there is the sea of people, competes with compared with them, is more magnificent. Three people take a broad view to look, on Arena is standing two people, Zhao Hai, stands in his opposite is actually Warrior, this Warrior is very high, about two meters, a skin is fully superficial pale , is greatly bald, his in hand weapon also very special, one is a giant tower shield, in another hand is taking is actually one thick back Ghost Head Broadsword! Saw this, Xiong Li has cannot help but gawked, then forced smile said : mother, but also was really the person of Mecha armed forces, wasn't this in Iron Tower bo in Mecha armed forces? Hard to deal with that this fellow became famous, almost becomes the people of 20 seed players, heard that original 20 seed choose in hand to have his, finally because of me with the proposition of Sun Fei, turned into Little Hai, has not thought that this First Stage made them meet together unexpectedly, his mother was also too skillful?” Dong Fangyu frowns said : „, was too skillful, skillful was a little excessive, you said that this can be the Mecha armed forces arranges? They are think that First Stage makes Little Hai meet with bo, quite makes other people have a look, who has the qualifications becomes the seed player.”!.