Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1186
Xiong Li and Sun Fei one hear of Dong Fangyu said that cannot help but stares, Xiong Li deep voice said : East, you said that what meaning this saying is? To draw lots can also make trouble inadequately?” Dong Fangyu coldly snorted said : what degree these fellows of present Mecha armed forces, you have to see rampantly, control ballot result, what also there is not to dare, but this matter we must quick respond, if makes the Mecha armed forces do, we also with bad luck, if these bastards of Mecha armed forces, go to with the Zhao Hai minute to one group us, what to do that can?” Xiong Li and Sun Fei one hear of Dong Fangyu said that cannot help but stares, then they are the face big changes, they too clear, if lives such matter that Sun Fei said that the consequence will have was serious, can affirm, if their several meet Zhao Hai, that guarantee will not have opportunity to walk in the future. Xiong Li immediately/on horseback said : I go now.” Dong Fangyu holds on his said : anxious meeting, in any case today on a competition, compared with after must wait for tomorrow, after waiting for Little Hai to compare, we go back in together and that's the end.” Xiong Li then nodded, turns the head look at Arena. Zhao Hai stands in bo that in there look at he faces, in bo he knew that in Mecha armed forces Outer Sect camp person, nickname Iron Tower \; first, to say his height \; second, that giant tower shield that to say his in hand used, Cultivation Method very special that Cultivation Method that three in other words he practiced, he practiced, was one type of practices the method of body, method very formidable of this practicing body, practiced the deep place, body flood pale , the sword and spear was difficult to enter, defense capability formidable to letting be startled. Moreover Zhao Hai also knows that in this bo had opportunity becomes the seed player, what a pity Zhao Hai came up, he went against. In Zhao Hai look at bo shows a faint smile said : interestingly, First Stage unexpectedly is our two to, HaHaHa, the Mecha armed forces arrange may really be good.” Iron Tower look at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted said : „can you also smile? Today I make you know that who has the qualifications becomes the seed player.” The Zhao Hai look at Iron Tower appearance, shows a faint smile said : becomes the seed player also not necessarily good to go to that ok, says these uselessly, our under the hand/subordinate sees the true facts.” Iron Tower coldly snorted said : what my intent!” Said that in hand tower shield at one fell swoop, keeps off before the body, furiously roar, flushes away toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, meets to begin to wield, Magic Formation appears of five overlay, Iron Tower previous keeps off toward own body the tower shield hastily, on Magic Formation Set of that five overlay, with a bang sound has actually blasted out, then all around Dark mist fills the air, covered their personal appearance in inside, in making outside person simply unable to see to live anything. However Iron Tower felt what is strange, around although was covered by Dark mist, however the Arena middle does not have, here can still see thing, that Dark mist looked like protective shield covers them equally in the middle.

Iron Tower don’t know Zhao Hai is up to mischief, his puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : you to think that I do not have the material to become the seed player, I make you have a look, I have the qualifications become the seed player.” Said that Zhao Hai moves, in his hand appears a giant tower shield, but in another hand actually appears a giant sledgehammer. Iron Tower dull look at Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai look at Iron Tower appearance, shows a faint smile said : to come, making me have a look at you to have any skill.” Iron Tower one recovers, his look at did Zhao Hai, hold breath cold air said : „you are Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation?” Zhao Hai laughs said :well, you said right, I was Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation, HaHaHa, come, said that the personal appearance moved, flushed away toward Iron Tower. Iron Tower also recovered at this time, he gives a loud shout also flushes away toward Zhao Hai, they set upright the tower shield before the body, if a tank same flushes away toward the opposite party. Boom! a loud sound, their collisions maliciously in together, entire Arena because of their this hits, but fierce is shivering. This hit, Zhao Hai they must withstand with Iron Tower instead shakes the strength that greatly the hit transmits, but Zhao Hai, when instead shakes the strength transmits, his body is similar to the water bo mark is the same, very fierce bo moved several, received among his green corundums however ka to split, but he did not have retreat. But Iron Tower does not have Zhao Hai such ability, his was instead shaken the strength shaking fierce toward retreat several steps, every step has trod out a footprint on his green corundum. At the same time drew back eight this Iron Tower then to come to a stop, he just came to a stop, Zhao Hai flushed on the work tower shield, was similar to Giant Elephant is ordinary. Iron Tower looks at this situation, knows if one were being hit, that really ended, his fierce giving a loud shout, the tower shield holds up high, then numerous inserts toward the ground. But Iron Tower the tower shield is specially-made, the below of tower shield is a point, moreover this point also very sharp, in adding on his great strength, the tower heavy under has about one third fully, one was inserted in the green corundum by Iron Tower, Iron Tower wants to alleviate dashing of Zhao Hai with this method. However Iron Tower or underestimated Zhao Hai strength of the collision, just Zhao Hai with his first dashing, had not used, probably only has used fully four force components.

Must say that the Zhao Hai present strength is very big, before his strength so is not big, even if has Battle Qi blessing/additional support not to be impossible to have such big strength, but do not forget, now Zhao Hai underwent the exercise of Tempering Stars Body Technique, his body, no matter the strength responded, compared with before many. Zhao Hai also saw beginning of Iron Tower, but he has not cared, these time dashed him to use the 80% strength air/Qi, light with a bang sound, the Iron Tower personal appearance one is flown, but his tower shield that Zhao Hai hit, has broken, broke from the following one third place, fracture very neat, obviously the Zhao Hai this strength of collision big. Was calling Iron Tower flies not to have the means stable personal appearance time, Zhao Hai sharply clashes several steps, the personal appearance rises with a spring, the in hand sledgehammer such as withstands great pressure general, pounds toward Iron Tower. Good Iron Tower, worthily is the soldier of having fought many battles, arrived at this time , is not on the point of death chaotic, he held the left hand of shield completely to pass out, cannot move the person, but he has raised on the right hand huge Executioner Blade, welcomed toward the Zhao Hai sledgehammer on. Clang!, the Iron Tower personal appearance such as abandoned the iron ball from aircraft is the same, gets down to fall toward Arena on, but his in hand Executioner Blade, by Zhao Hai one pounding distortion. Bang! Iron Tower numerous falling on Arena, simultaneously a mouth blood have spurted, although said that Iron Tower Body Refining skill is very good, but he after is ** every embryo, this falls, not only throw down, but must add on the strength of Zhao Hai that hammer, naturally does not feel better, one shook internal organs injures. At this time Zhao Hai also fell the ground, then half step flushed away toward Iron Tower, Iron Tower knows that Zhao Hai this was must to him in the deathtrap, he has not shouted the surrender, his very clear, even if shouted was also useless. Zhao Hai is Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation this matter, Intelligence Department of Mecha armed forces has not collected this situation, obviously the secret of Zhao Hai is done good, now Zhao Hai made him know own secret, that met kill he, not kill his Zhao Hai secret expose, therefore he must certainly die today. Nobody wants dead, Iron Tower is also same, he get lost, then with this strength of get lost one has stood, because he stands was too fierce, was a blood has spurted. Zhao Hai turns the head look at Iron Tower, shows a faint smile said : Iron Tower, you think that now I do have the qualifications become the seed player?” Iron Tower coldly snorted, without speech, when he sees Zhao Hai is Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation Warrior, he knows that he could not win Zhao Hai, not only Zhao Hai had the qualifications becomes the seed player, if by the strength, he feared was only in this Realm all participants strongest one. Zhao Hai look at Iron Tower, showed a faint smile said : I saying that if the Mecha armed forces coped with me, Mecha armed forces people who so long as ran into by me, my did not let off, the present was the time to limiting me, suffered to death!” Said that his personal appearance moves, such as cheetah same passing through, but his in hand tower shield simultaneously vanished with the sledgehammer unexpectedly, in in his hand, appears one like shutter same large Glaive! Iron Tower two eyes shrinks, he had not noticed how Zhao Hai trades weapon, the weapon that his also don’t know Zhao Hai uses is anything, but his very clear, Zhao Hai weapon certainly is uncommon, when looked that weapon appearance knows very suitable chops to divide.

Thought of here, Iron Tower has held up the tower shield hastily, although his tower shield only remaining two-thirds, because of the tower shield giant shield body, considered this two-thirds also compared with the general tower shield on big many, although his hand just regained the consciousness, but holds up the tower shield not to be a problem. His tower shield just lifted, Zhao Hai Great Blade also arrived, hears ka one, then Zhao Hai fell the ground, his in hand leaned on large Glaive to stand in there, but Iron Tower still stood in his front, in hand is lifting the tower shield, some little time, listened to one that worked as, the tall and husky person shield to fall the ground, on this tower shield was also linking the half arm of Iron Tower, then Iron Tower personal appearance one crooked, but actually on the ground. At this time together red line appears on his body, from left shoulder to right lower abdomen, huge wound appears on his body, Zhao Hai this blade, unexpectedly his body splitting two halves. Zhao Hai looked at Iron Tower one, then stamps the feet, was inserted that tall and husky person shield in Arena to fly from Arena by Iron Tower, then Zhao Hai waved, Iron Tower bo took in with his weapon in Space, then bo turned into Undead Creature , was also good the tower shield and ghost's head blade culivator. After processing these, Zhao Hai then withdrew Dark mist, waited for Dark mist to vanish, Zhao Hai saw outside public sentiment ji indignant people, but he has not cared, but turned the head to look at one to stand that referee under Arena. That referee also look at Zhao Hai, simultaneously two eyes keeps sweeping back and forth on Arena, obviously he is looking for Iron Tower. Zhao Hai looked that referee had not announced that cannot help but deep voice said : referee, could announce?” That referee has gawked, then said : Zhao Hai, your match? Why doesn't your match have appears ? If he, me does not have means Xuan Pan.” Zhao Hai faint smile looked at that referee one, this referee is been comfortable by some that Zhao Hai looks, he received the advantage of Mecha armed forces, wants at the competition, to help Iron Tower, but Zhao Hai actually Arena covering, having made him want to help unable to help, therefore he naturally must feel embarrassed Zhao Hai now. ro!.