Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1187
Zhao Hai look at that referee, he knows that referee in feeling embarrassed him, dregs that also because like the competition, has plenty Expert, can make their matches does not remain, in that case, does referee also being probable make their matches come out to revolt to decide the victory and defeat? If other people are been like this awkward by the referee, feared that is under person already did not do, what because now on stage was Zhao Hai, therefore under nobody made noise unexpectedly, because they want to know, Zhao Hai Iron Tower how. Zhao Hai look at that referee, showed a faint smile said : in bo to vanish, should that be his issue? He disappeared, should I on stage, according to the rule of competition, I be a winner? Why don’t know referee doesn't mister make to assign a penalty?” That referee by being dumbfounded that Zhao Hai asked that finally according to regulation of big game, stood on the stage is the victor, even if were Iron Tower is killed by Zhao Hai, he on Arena, he was not loses. The referee was somewhat angry, his look at Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : I am the referee, I said is.” Zhao Hai look at that referee, laughing said : suddenly good, you are the referee, calculation that you said that but do not forget, you also turn over to the preparation committee tube, won't you forget the fates of beforehand preparation committee these people? You calculate really said calculation that you said?” That referee one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then face changes, before he truly wants to feel embarrassed Zhao Hai, but a Zhao Hai such saying, how his actually don’t know must reach an agreement, good, looks like such that Zhao Hai said that he is the referee, but he turns over to the preparation committee tube, before these fellows of preparation committee, because to the suppression of participant, finally all people remove, heard that these people died now, died by these small Clan retaliations. But he is a small referee, if dares to stir up trouble at this time, he also died, thought of here, this referee somewhat cannot help but afraid, why he will hate himself to collect the money of Mecha armed forces, now troubled to come. That referee really somewhat is unable to back down now, must know that in all Arena, the Arena that Zhao Hai is most is paid attention, for other, because of these days to the Zhao Hai rumor, has not caused the curiosity of all people, how they want to take a look at Zhao Hai fighting strength. Because of this, therefore that referee does not dare to speak at a venture now, if he feels embarrassed Zhao Hai obviously extremely , this referee also worked as to the end. In this time, sound of suddenly in the crowd is transmitting said : Zhao Hai, you were short in there speak the idle talk, I thought you cheating Iron Tower with any method, you had any qualifications become the seed player, Iron Tower was entitled.” That person of voice falls, in the crowd several attach to drink, at once, suspected the Zhao Hai sound does greatly, Zhao Hai looked at one in that direction, then Laura their immediately has given his answer, these people of speech, mostly is the people of Mecha armed forces, their this together roar, caused person who all around is perplexed, creates a disturbance, will therefore turn into this appearance.

Zhao Hai does not have the accident, he looked at these person of one, shows a faint smile said : everybody to see in Iron Tower bo really?” Below is one creates a disturbance, Zhao Hai not cares a whoop, shows a faint smile said :well, my this makes everybody see under Iron Tower b all person look at Zhao Hai, how wants to have a look at Zhao Hai to do, puts out ash, took up a piece Stone...... they Zhao Hai bo to fire the ash. Zhao Hai has not cared, he shows a faint smile, the hand moves, his side on appears a person, skin of this person of body green , in hand was taking the tower shield and Executioner Blade, stands is motionless in the Zhao Hai side. Then all people stare, they have not thought, in bo unexpectedly appears , moreover evidently complete complete appears . Then that referee don’t know must handle, in that referee look at Iron Tower bo said : in bo, did you just go to there? Did you admit defeat really?” in bo has not made noise, still moves also motionless standing in there, Zhao Hai actually suddenly laughs, not smiles the person under stage to be bright marvelously. Appearance said : of Zhao Hai look at that referee referee mister, you should practice the eyesight, your such level, why comes to work as the referee, if appears the miscarriage of justice has been possible to be serious.” That referee one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, then he puzzled looked in Iron Tower bo, this is staring in Iron Tower bo, he on present the issue, in bo has not breathed quickly. At this time that referee in idiot, knew what's the matter, he was also burnt simultaneously by the Zhao Hai suspect shocking, he has killed Iron Tower unexpectedly, and has made Undead Creature Iron Tower, was really ruthless enough. The appearance of Zhao Hai look at referee, shows a faint smile, to referee said : referee mister, you should announce the result now?” That referee sees the Zhao Hai smiling face, felt that from at heart cool outward, he now present, this Zhao Hai is really a ruthless person, with like this artificial enemy, is really some non- wisdom, said it, now in bo died, he thinks that does not sentence Zhao Hai to win is not good, therefore his immediately/on horseback long vented anger said : „the Zhao Hai victory!”

Zhao Hai then shows a faint smile, gets down toward the stage, this Arena although has designed for the stair that the person leaves office, the person but who competes generally will be nobody will walk, they respectively will unfold generally Divine Ability or the jumping up stage, or will fly the stage, has not gone to the person to walk the stair, now Zhao Hai one downward walks from the stair, will immediately annoy to come to Taiwan the next laughters. Zhao Hai simply has not cared, still gradually is walking toward the stage, but Iron Tower he has not received, still brings in the side, Iron Tower also follows in Zhao Hai, slowly is walking. Under this leaves office the people of that this Mecha armed forces not to do, they to the Zhao Hai distance, could not have seen clearly the Iron Tower appearance, therefore person immediately/on horseback of Mecha armed forces creates a disturbance, said loudly: Comments anything to revolt he to win, Iron Tower also on stage.” That referee is not a fool, he knows certainly under creates a disturbance is some who, but he does not prepare to offend Zhao Hai now, in the person who hidden weapon Mecha armed forces there sends is the idiot, creates a disturbance to the present, was not useful. Referee coldly looked at following person said : you to be blind? Could not look that Iron Tower did turn into Undead Creature? What in this frightens to shout? Are you referee are I are referees?” As soon as these people listened to the referee saying that gawked, then turned the head look at to follow in Zhao Hai behind Iron Tower, really presently Iron Tower has not breathed. Then nobody spoke, all person look at Iron Tower, look at Zhao Hai, floor one peaceful, even there are much to Zhao Hai near person, saw Zhao Hai to want, could not on own initiative in the future will hide. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, laughing suddenly, the stride goes, the people of these look at Zhao Hai backs, look at each other with amazement, especially the people of these Mecha armed forces, they felt that just the Zhao Hai look probably stayed on their bodies has been same, this lets their hearts startled, each and every one immediately/on horseback dingy running. Zhao Hai they met with Xiong Li quickly, Xiong Li sees Zhao Hai, on effort has patted the shoulder of Zhao Hai, laughs said : great Little Hai, the dry attractiveness, walks, drinks.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, walks, drinks.” Several people laugh, accompanying goes, brings in the people innumerable vision all the way, Zhao Hai actually all does not care. When boarded the speeding car Zhao Hai also to receive Iron Tower, people together was going to the dining room, this handed over them not in Durling there, but has changed a dining room, after several people ordered food sat down, Sun Fei first open the mouth and said: Elder Brother Hai, the Eastern Second Brother said that your this ballot, possibly some people operate in the back, he wants to respond to above, in order to avoid the person dirty trick of Mecha armed forces, arranges together several of us, do you look?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : definitely is this, now not suitable makes with the Mecha armed forces too stiffly, otherwise Iron Tower is a witness, I think that he definitely will know what's the matter, when the time comes acts the command(er) Mecha armed forces, will make that they are in an extremely difficult situation, but not suitable such does now, therefore presses the office that the Eastern Second Brother said that making Clan protest to above official statement how I to have a look at these from do finally.” Xiong Li face ugly said : „, this time do not make me run into the Mecha armed forces, so long as makes me meet, sees me to kill one.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to consider as finished, these struggles of High level, are not we can control, drinks, tomorrow also has the competition.” At this time the dish and liquor have also delivered. When Zhao Hai returned to office there time, Card they already to above official proposed protested, but Card has not proposed the matter about ballot, but said that Zhao Hai received the unfair chief umpire the matter, this same was only unbearable, believes sufficing made the Mecha armed forces honest. But these time lodged the protest may, not only Ashley Clan, Wu Clan, flame, fire temple lodged the protest, the protest that they lodged was not the referee, but mentioned matter of ballot, these may be serious, their three proposed that such protest, one has provoked the chain-reaction, did not have that influence, in the competition that wants in operated carried on the competition, therefore another investigation started. Mecha armed forces suddenly has presently played a move of dizzy chess, now machine here is the sensitive time, they at this time, but also dares to do these many matters, this is really looking for trouble for oneself, their immediately makes the measure that has made up seeks, but the effect is not good, final check group present some clues, moreover target points to the Mecha armed forces. The however three big influences also know that this matter is not suitable to announce, if made these small influences also know this matter, that machine feared must fall into unrest. Because of this, therefore Mecha armed forces after paying not small price, finally makes this matter successful was pressed, but this also made the Mecha armed forces hate Zhao Hai. Then preparatory group there announced new regulation, that these time participates in 6 Realms new person competition staff fighting strength for a better guarantee, the seed player is competed to one group by the minute, this regulation maintains till first hundred has produced. This regulation has caused many causing a sensation, but by three big Big Shot pressing, Zhao Hai they were also thorough feel relieved. ro!.