Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1188

This wind bo in most people don’t know situation, was eliminated in invisible, Besides several bad luck referees, even does not have who to receive bo. This did not have the matter of means that machine just to pass through huge unrest, could not be withstanding to toss about, no matter Mecha armed forces or Magic alliance or dojo association, nobody hope machine in chaotic, therefore everyone/Great Clan has carried on some concessions, the Mecha armed forces have put out some thing as the compensation, but the person of Magic alliance and dojo association, is not noisy this matter table. But this loss biggest was the Mecha armed forces, they the quota of protect that five seed players, anything have not been fishing, but also lost many thing, now High level of Mecha armed forces mentioned that Zhao Hai hated to clench jaws, because of their failure of this twice motion, was Zhao Hai creates. No matter Zhao Hai these, the Mecha armed forces do not dare to move him now, not only does not dare to move him, feared that looks for few that he troubles, if the Mecha armed forces are having an accident noisily, that Magic alliance and dojo association will not let off their. No matter Magic alliance or dojo Manager, if one-on-one, the Mecha armed forces will fear anyone not necessarily, but if simultaneously offends two clans, their troubles may be big, they do not dare to do. Zhao Hai to this matter is knows that an entire machine star, all places, were received by him to the Space map, he wants to monitor there, surveillance there, moreover any equipment and Magic Formation do not have the means to prevent, how therefore these people decided that he is very clear. Zhao Hai not disappointed, this originally in his expected, if a machine person such does not do, that called fishily, after all these fellows were not the idiots, before machine here unrest, too suddenly, had stemmed from unexpected of Cultivation World completely, when the Cultivation World there person has not responded unrest had finished, if they were having an accident noisily, the Cultivation World person definitely met handle to extend, to big time together was bad luck, therefore they will use this relative peaceful way to solve. However this will not have anything to affect regarding Zhao Hai, if letting the person who he runs into the Mecha armed forces, he same will be impolite, should kill will kill. The Mecha armed forces hated him now, he does not need to curry favor with the Mecha armed forces, must offend to select ruthlessly, but a little makes the Zhao Hai disappointed, after new rule that offends execute, he did not have the means before that five seed players who hundred strong matches ran into the Mecha armed forces, this disappointed him a little. However changes mind one to want also to be good deed, if before hundred strong matches, he can run into these seed players, when perhaps they will pull out with Dong Fangyu or Xiong Li to together goes, such will be more troublesome. One after another after three days of competition, hundred finally have produced, without exception, 20 big seed players, are selected in hundred completely, suspected the Zhao Hai strength to the present in also nobody. Hundred strong matches came out the later below are the tournaments, the tournament was a hundred strong rank competes, at this tournament, did not permit the appears casualties, if you caused the casualties of other people been clear in hundred, then from people beyond hundred, selected in join hundred. regulation that this wants enters the protection hundred strong people maximum limit, lets them before other new person carries on the official battle, appears anything will not damage, but influence fighting strength.

Regarding such regulation Zhao Hai to had not opposed that after all he now is also a machine person, but hundred can be said as the elites in Mecha nearly five years of Outer Sect, each damage is the one type of loss. However Zhao Hai did not oppose that did not express he has supports this procedure in fact Zhao Hai very cannot have a liking for this procedure by, because Zhao Hai, the machine here person, completely is not only wants to work as the whore, and wants to set up the memorial arch, if they fear the loss , the entire competition should not the appears that brutal elimination series. Compares these hundred, that 100,000 participant, should pay attention, 100 people, also impossible change machine here and relative strength of Cultivation World there, but if this hundred thousand person, unfolds, perhaps machine to on Cultivation World, was not strength of the rebel does not have. Naturally, Zhao Hai will not say these now, he said that some people will not listen, instead attended the meeting to bring to the attention of entire machine all people, because Zhao Hai already present, in machine here, Mecha and battleship advocates the Battle Soldier type, the benefit that the here surface involves was really too big, simply cannot change in a short time. During the undercurrent surges, hundred strong tournaments finally started, on this day sports arena here, is liveliest, because since hundred strong tournaments have been representing machine here five years, the contention of new person highest strength, a reason ranks. In the bone of people are probably inborn has competition day xing, especially looks like this rank, is the matter that the people crave, therefore the first hundred strong tournaments are very lively competitions, the population of watching are most. What most important is, hundred strong tournaments can carry on live broadcast, because hundred strong tournament too many bloody thing, cannot make the people watch. But hundred strong people were arranged the seat, their seats are not far from Arena, Zhao Hai and Xiong Li they sit in there, Xiong Li look at Zhao Hai said : 1 Little Hai, can this time with present Terry to, be interested very much?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „the feeling anything interest, does not have any meaning, I want to fight with Cultivation World these people now, like Terry they, really not too big meaning.” Xiong Li white Zhao Hai said : rolled the distant point, you said that didn't take us? However your youngster method is extraordinary, if later with the Cultivation World person to, your youngster has been possible to help us.” Zhao Hai puzzled look at Xiong Li, puzzled said : bear Eldest Child, we compete with Cultivation World these people, on this Arena, how have I helped you?” Xiong Li looked at Zhao Hai said : ill-humoredly your this fellow also is really, intelligent time, compared with monkey fine, stupid time, compared with pig also many, go away, spoke to you, reduces my intelligence quotient.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, turns the head east look at, Eastern look at Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „ the competition schedule of 6 Realms new person competition with our machine here this holding the competition schedule of invitational meet to be similar, first carries on the elimination series, is the match, but the scale wants to be smaller, after all 6 Realms every can only leave 100 people of this elimination series, generally is held in a specific place, on everyone will take the numberplate, each other snatched to rush were many, you who the numberplate snatched on can become the seed player, snatched were few, on was the common player, only. Takes numberplate most 100 people to carry on the match, the top ten known as seed player, the seed player can exempt the first two rounds matches, from third round starts to participate, pre-game two rounds are the elimination series, third round starts is the points match, finally whose points are most, who is first.

Zhao Hai nodded said : „the people beyond that 100, will also rank?” Dong Fangyu nodded said :meeting, will place to 600 th from first, from 500 to 600, can only obtain some comfort prizes, has compared to weapon, is the a piece precious ore, one type of precious herbal medicine and so on, from 400 to 500 will obtain ten, 300 th to 400, divide to obtain 50, 200 th to 300, will obtain some small mine and so on thing, Play or top 100, the divisions of all benefits in watching hundred within competitions, first is to obtain most, has the rewards of possibility several minerals stars, naturally, this reward is actually only part, must say that the 6 Realms new competition, the biggest profit is not these rewards, but is the gambling stake of surrounding! ” Zhao Hai has gawked next step: Gambling stake?” Dong Fangyu nodded said : right, in the surrounding of 6 Realms new person competition, has the gambling plate, these gambling plates have some are individual can participate, that buys the player, you looked that player can struggle first, you buy that the odds are different, you gain is different, in one is the major influences to betting, if you represent machine a participation, you are Ashley Clan, Ashley Clan the person of influence carries in can put out a Clan time resources star or other's thing and don't to betting, if you win. That Ashley Clan greatly will have gained has gained especially, actually currently our hundred strong tournaments, the surrounding also has the gambling plate.” Zhao Hai nodded said : originally is this, interesting, it seems like that this Cultivation World there person must prepare a blood.” The meaning of Dong Fangyu understand Zhao Hai, he looked certainly at Zhao Hai one, shaking the head of gently, his real don’t know Zhao Hai is such big confidence that there comes, although he knows that Zhao Hai almost does not have the rival in machine here, when to the match of 6 Realms new person competition, they must face, but several other Realms Expert, then completely is different from machine here, other 5 Realms Expert, with machine the here person, simply have nothing compared with xing. At this time computer has made... The list of field competition person, Zhao Hai looked at one, one is the seed player of Mecha armed forces, but another is the seed player, but also is 4th level Expert, in fact can become hundred strong people, is almost 4th level Expert. Also because saw these many 4th level Expert, Zhao Hai believes that Magician and Warrior, have with Cultivation World the strength of person war, they have only practiced for about four years, has the 4th level strength, if makes them practice relieved, who knew they will achieve any degree. What a pity, Ascender of near hundred thousand person, these time almost died certainly, even if were these has not died, has plenty was seriously injured of a lifetime not being able to restore, in hope that has not promoted. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai is angry at heart, this completely is machine here native place person's suppression to the Ascender, what a pity, Ascender after is the minority groups, they do not have rebel opportunity. At this time the fight on Arena started, the seed players of Mecha armed forces are Warrior, his in hand weapon will be long spear, nickname Iron Spear! Reason that he called this name, was because he was rare Cavalry!

However, this Iron Spear is Cavalry, but his Mount, is one Magic Beast that brings from Lower Realm, this Magic Beast is a heterogeneous warhorse, strength very formidable, Iron Spear with cross will only discontinue, the palm is hit, obtained the illustrious prestige in Mecha armed forces there, this is selected as the seed player. Before Iron Spear competition Zhao Hai also looked like, truly was very strong, Magic Beast that especially he sat down, was very formidable, did not compare the machine here Monster Beast difference, moreover fighting strength that good that very coordinated with this person, a person and a beast can wield, was not First Grade in two so is absolutely simple. But Iron Spear the match is Magician, this Magician puts on black Magic Robe, it seems like it is Dark Magician, thin, skeleton that can move evidently probably, but this Black Magic most adept Magic is Darkness summons Magic, his beforehand fight Zhao Hai has also seen, he can use his hundred overlay Magic Formation, summons Darkness life form to fight for him, strength also very formidable. Now sports arena here Arena area, now has been also 500 meters, 200 meters width, for can to wield their strengths heartily. Now Iron Spear with that Dark Magician, the great distance about 300 meters, the distant opposition, Iron Spear will have ridden in his immediately/on horseback, his horse very special, the head is also rising single horn, the body is jet black, grows the scale, on the tail the belt hook, in the mouth is having the canine, does not seem like the horse, to is one looks like the wolf of horse likely. The signal sound that the competition starts transmits, Iron Spear will have held up oneself in hand Iron Spear slowly, is pointing at Dark Magician, then double tui clamps horse belly, flushes away toward that Dark Magician. That Dark Magician both hands gearing, Magic Formation appears of Magic overlay has in his surface, immediately, before him, immediately appears next huge black Giant Wolf, this fight of Giant Wolf evidently the horse will not be then smaller than Iron Spear, Giant Wolf furiously roar, will throw toward Iron Spear. After release Giant Wolf, the Dark Magician personal appearance will draw in the future back, simultaneously in hand hastily, in the mouth mumbled, was Magic Formation Set appears in his front, this time Magic Formation Set became by 30 Magic Formation Set, put on black from Magic Formation the rhinocero that this rhinocero does not have immediately/on horseback to carry on attack to Iron Spear, but stood before the body of Dark Magician, formed at the same time Giant Shield. Then Dark Magician in one time read Incantation, but at this time Iron Spear will have solved Giant Wolf, in hand Iron Spear has wielded continually, Sword Qi flushed toward the rhinocero of black , the rhinocero of that black lowered has roared, his appears the light cover of one layer black , has covered him, simultaneously he also lowered the head, will overrun toward Iron Spear. However at this moment, Iron Spear will clamp horse belly, he cross below that Demon Horse make a long neigh, fierce leaps, one has leapt the hit of that rhinocero, appears before the body of that Dark Magician, when that Dark Magician has not responded, his lance point has gone against in the Dark Magician throat place, Dark Magician has defeated. After defeating Dark Magician, Iron Spear will receive own long spear, turned the head to look at one toward the stage, did not know intends, his vision and Zhao Hai vision to together, in that was bringing of thick provocation.!.