Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1189

Today has the matter, exited, came back late, please excuse me! Zhao Hai looked at Iron Spear one, turns the head to smile said : to see to Xiong Li not to have, this fellow provokes I, what a pity, the tournament cannot kill people, if can kill people are good.” Xiong Li coldly snorted said : just wait, has opportunity, isn't not the match of family 6 Realms new person competition? Depending on their skills, they cannot pass elimination series that pass/test, we also hang.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that arrives at the elimination series the time was saying that to be honest, I also really want to take a look, these Cultivation World strengths strong, bear Eldest Child, to you.” The Second Stage competition, Xiong Li goes to battle, with him to war is not the seed player, but is hundred strong Warrior. Xiong Li read a list of competition, two eyes cannot help but bright said : his mother, finally can get one, Brother, Off I go. said that stood on Arena, Zhao Hai has shown a faint smile has not made noise. very fast that also the fight of Xiong Li finished, his match although strength is not weak, but actually is still not the Xiong Li match, the following several competitions, do not have the Zhao Hai anything matter, very fast that but these competitions ended, dogfight situation few appears . Zhao Hai very clear, is Expert, their fights ended is often quicker, because your feared that is flaw a little, by match capture, the fight can finish. Expert contests, life and death only in one, this is an all person understand truth, like that war several hundred rounds, fights several days several nights of matters, basically little lives, rapidness that the true fight often finished. A day of fight had ended quickly, on this day altogether has carried on 30 competitions, Zhao Hai in their four people, only then Xiong Li pulled out, other three people had not pulled out. Zhao Hai they to also not necessarily have how disappointedly, but several people to somewhat were worried, because has not pulled out today, tomorrow their several people pulled out one group of opportunity in a big way increases this is not Zhao Hai wants to see. Next day, Zhao Hai they arrived at the sports arena, but compares the relaxedness of first day, today Zhao Hai they somewhat are somewhat anxious, because Zhao Hai they will pull out with Dong Fangyu in the worry to one group. After all people arrive in full, at exactly 8 : 00 am, the draw official start, the list of first group of competitions was hit, sees this list, from person cannot help but in an uproar.

To did not say that this list has any strange place, is not the people the desired four brothers four wars, the opposite list looks like usually is only the name on list somewhat is very remarkable, first is Zhao Hai, but his match is actually is in the Mecha armed forces of Herd swordsman Zheng Yu five big seed players. Zheng Yu, has three days of ascend to machine, since two years ago starts, uses his in hand that Herd Rapier, Sword Technique extremely fast, is considered as now in the machine here new person first quick sword. Returns is the Zheng Yu sword is quick, therefore he is considered as Magician nemesis, because the Zheng Yu sword was too quick, therefore he shoots Sword Qi also very fast, as the matter stands he can break Magician to use the Magic process, making Magician not have the means to use Magic, defeats Magician from. Because of his characteristics, most from the beginning the méng flowering fern that therefore the person under stage although these average person and don’t know Zhao Hai and matter between Mecha armed forces in an uproar, receives the Mecha armed forces thinks that Zhao Hai becomes the seed player by relationship, but after undergoing the fight of this several times, they did not have such idea, Zhao Hai to look like them to show with their strength that they have the strength become a seed player. These people also from most suspicion from the beginning the present support, after all the first 20 seed players, are the machine here very famous characters, but only then Zhao Hai does not have the fame, it can be said that very thorough black horse and human always hope to see black Ma Wei, selects to turn these established Expert. Now looked that the Zhao Hai match really has Zheng Yu of name of Mage nemesis, the people cannot help but somewhat were worried that clamored at once. Zhao Hai had not actually been affected, he has arrived on Arena slowly, but Zheng Yu also got up Arena at this time, his coldly look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai comes to power, protective shield immediately rose, Zhao Hai bows to Zheng Yu, Zheng Yu has not actually returned a courtesy, but is coldly look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : do not think that defeated in bo to be great, in bo was a rough skin and thick flesh stupid ox, if you early ran into me, you already died, said that on new rule that this feeling preparation committee left.” Zhao Hai look at Zheng Yu shows a faint smile said : present is hundred strong matches, you do not dare to be what kind of me, such words will only make you also foul out.” look at Zhao Hai said : that Zheng Yu disdains your relying on this method arrives today? I told you, at your big hundred strong tournaments also can only be existence of setting the base, was forever impossible to obtain any good achievements, will only lose face to the seed player.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : under the hand/subordinate to see true facts.” In this time, ting that the competition started is transmitting, Zheng Yu moved, the Herd sword appears in his hand, his sword has wielded toward Zhao Hai, together Sword Qi conveniently. He shoots Sword Qi very fast, Sword Qi shoots also very fast, was almost pupil eye time, Sword Qi arrived at the Zhao Hai front.

At this time Zhao Hai proceeded to extend Magic Formation appears in the Zhao Hai front, before Sword Qi shot the Zhao Hai body, has blocked Sword Qi, Zheng Yu that seemed aggressive Sword Qi, has not defended Magic Formation to be what kind of Zhao Hai this unexpectedly. Arrogance that Zheng Yu although said that probably completely not the appearance that Zhao Hai cares, actually he to Zhao Hai is very careful, the strength in his clear Iron Tower bo, in bo he has not said collapses at the first blow, just this together Sword Qi was only a probe, how having a look at the Zhao Hai strength, he to know finally, was very strong. Zheng Yu also knows one cannot keep the hand, the in hand Herd sword wields again and again, Sword Qi, are similar to the bullet of machine gun same strikes toward Zhao Hai. These to lets the person under stage[ is popular] has exerted, reason that some these many people like watching the competition of Zhao Hai, one is because he is the dark horse same character, two because of his mysterious, Zhao Hai before and person to the war, almost will coat Arena with the Dark mist technique, making person anything under stage unable to see, when Dark mist diverges, Zhao Hai has won, how people simply cannot see him is the attack enemy, therefore to Zhao Hai very curious. Now looked that Zhao Hai has not gotten up Arena bi with Dark mist unexpectedly, how the people can see Zhao Hai finally are with the person to the war, this lets them[ is popular] exerts not to be good. Why Zhao Hai looks Zheng Yu shoots Sword Qi such as quickly, the look also cannot help but shrinks, the right hand still lifted is defending Magic Formation, the left hand actually fast makes several hand signals then to proceed to extend, ten overlay Magic Formation one on appears in his front. Sees Zhao Hai such method, following person and in an uproar, not only these watch the person of competition to feel to be startled, even if a machine hundred strong player is also very startled. Both hands simultaneously use two different Magic Formation Set, this is not an easy matter, this must achieve to divert attention two to use . Moreover the ratio diverts attention two to use difficulty, because Magic Formation is spiritual force comes control after all, you divert attention, that Magic Formation might collapse, may create the backlash effect, therefore general Magician, nobody simultaneous use two Magic Formation Set, that will fear that like Zhao Hai, hand only will an Magic Formation, in addition hand will an Magic Formation Set, few individuals can achieve. After Zhao Hai the Magic Formation forms, immediately has large quantities of hot feather arrows to project from Magic Formation, this is Zhao Hai becoming famous Magic Formation, hot feather ten thousand arrows, these hot feather arrows project not for attack Zheng Yu, these Sword Qi that but to block Zheng Yu shoots. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!loud noise. Entire strikes on strongly puts the smoke light same splendor probably, making below look that the person of competition applauds again and again, but person actually calm face that these know the business, because no matter Zhao Hai or Zheng Yu, their strengths sufficiently brought to the attention of hundred strong all people. When on Arena is also filling smoke light same Spark, the Zhao Hai sound conveys said : behead! along with his words. The people saw that Giant Sword cuts in the Zheng Yu direction.

Then sees the position that Zhao Hai is, raised hundred Giant Shield, afterward Giant Shield trembled lightly two, transmitted a metal to hand over the sound of cry. At this time the flame on Arena already vanish from sight, the people can see the situation on Arena finally, when saw transported the Zhao Hai front to set up Giant Shield, has blocked Zheng Yu attack, but just, Just the Zhao Hai gang looked like Zheng Yu that sword, already by the Zheng Yu shunt. Not only Zheng Yu sword very fast, his Body-maneuvering Technique also very fast, gathers round the rotation that Zhao Hai keeps, Sword Qi strike toward Zhao Hai, time is careful the counter-attack of Zhao Hai. But Zhao Hai command(er) Giant Shield, is keeping off before own body now, simultaneously his hand another hand paddling gently, is being is preparing new Magic Formation obviously. Zheng Yu felt finally threat of Zhao Hai, he most adept is quick sword, breaks Magic use Magic with quick sword, this he can defeat Magician, but the Zhao Hai situation actually has stemmed from beyond his imagination now, Zhao Hai can fight with him with two hands, this resembles him to simultaneously deal with two Magician to be the same, Magician defends, Magician attacks, he cannot certainly take any advantage. Now looked that Zhao Hai is preparing other Magic, a he cannot help but anxiety, carefully is paying attention to Zhao Hai, simultaneously slowly met the distance with Zhao Hai. At this time the hand of Zhao Hai proceeded to wield finally, was formed by Magic Formation of 50 overlay finally, this Magic Formation forming, immediately turned was being red, then each and every one fully had one meter high gigantic shape flame ball to project from Magic, shot toward Zheng Yu, but shooting of this Fireball was not very fast. Zheng Yu contemptuous smiling , the personal appearance moves on Fireball that the shunt Zhao Hai these Magic Formation have shot, simultaneously wields a sword to attack toward Zhao Hai Giant Shield, in his opinion, shoots that slow Fireball, simply cannot constitute anything to threaten to him. However the Zheng Yu personal appearance moves, Zhao Hai Magic Formation also moves with him, that gigantic shape Fireball Spell is still shooting to Zheng Yu, that gigantic shape Fireball Spell has shot more than ten Fireball at the same time, with ease had been evaded by Zheng Yu, this lets the person under stage very puzzled, why their understand Zhao Hai do not have what threat Fireball Spell to cope with Zheng Yu with this type to Zheng Yu obviously?!.