Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1190

Zheng Yu although somewhat is also strange, but he now after is with Zhao Hai to the war, had not had any improper place, he hides Fireball that Zhao Hai is shooting, while is carrying on attack to Zhao Hai, he Zhao Hai Giant Shield more and more was not presently steady, this regarding him absolutely is a good deed. Thinks that here Zheng Yu attack was quicker, but he did not have presently, at this time, under stage person face surprised look at his. Zheng Yu has not noted, these Zhao Hai shoot out Fireball, after him behind, has not vanished, moreover turned into combustion Pyro Man slowly, this Pyro Man is fire element composes all over the body, is one type of Fire element summoned creatures. Magic of any department, summons Magic, life form that summon Magic of various departments summoned was different, these Pyro Man Fire element summoned life form that Magic summoned, Flame Demon. Actually in Lower Realm, Fire element Magician can use Fire element summon Magic to summon Flame Demon, just in Flame Demon that Lower Realm there summoned, was some lowest level Flame Demon, the strength is very bad, but in machine here, has used law of the demon, was adding on Spiritual Qi to be rich, Flame Demon that therefore summoned, fighting strength was very strong. But Zhao Hai shoot out more than ten big Fireball, these big Fireball turn into his Flame Demon now, until now, person also understand under stage, why Zhao Hai that Fireball Spell shoots that fierce, its reason is this Fireball Spell simply summons Magic, is not ordinary Fireball Spell. After a ripple fire 15 Fireball, that Magic Formation Set vanished finally, but at this time the hand of Zhao Hai also in one time delimited... Moved, preparation next Magic. The Zheng Yu complete attention was directed to attract by Zhao Hai, he in paying attention to Zhao Hai, what Magic is wanting to have a look at Zhao Hai then to come to use, at this moment, his suddenly felt that his burning hot transmission, Zheng Yu one startled, the personal appearance moved toward side one lets, evade one to grasp to his back, wore the claw of fire. Zheng Yu just evaded Flame Demon attack, other Flame Demon attack came, these Flame Demon attack not like Zhao Hai shoots Fireball Spell the time is so slow, their attack are also quick, more than ten Flame Demon, compelling to be thrown into confusion Zheng Yu. In he is hiding these Flame Demon attack fully, Zhao Hai there also moved, his hand wields, ten overlay Magic Formation appears in his front, then appears from this Magic Formation ten black giant arrow arrows. Darkness kills the arrow, this is also Zhao Hai has usedMagic, this type of arrow is Wind element and arrow arrow of Darkness Element Magic synthesis, the discharge very fast, moreover does not bring point sound of the wind/rumor, Assassinates sneak attack best Magic absolutely. Zhao Hai wields, these ten huge Darkness kill the arrow to attack toward Zheng Yu, although this arrow is quick, but does not have a point sound, making people virtually impossible to guard against.

But at this time Zheng Yu is dealing with Flame Demon attack while is paying attention to Zhao Hai, the Magic that he present Zhao Hai has also shot, sees that several arrows, a Zheng Yu cannot help but heart startled, light, in hand Herd sword dance was quicker, Sword Qi these Flame Demon cutting the inconsistency, kills the arrow to keep off toward that several Darkness. However at this time, that ten Darkness killed the arrow, actually respective transferred curved, shot toward Zheng Yu, Zheng Mianxin one startled, but movement actually not slow, the in hand sword dance has become light ball, encircled oneself in the middle, making these arrow nowhere start. At this time that hundred thousand Darkness killed the arrow to circle, gathered together, then these arrows arranged one row, shot toward Zheng Yu, Zheng Yu immediately/on horseback raised Battle Qi, in hand Herd Rapier wields continually, killed not to keep off toward that several Darkness. He just killed the arrow to keep off to fly these ten Darkness, hot feather ten thousand arrows that actually presently he by the arrow arrow surrounding, coming out that Zhao Hai shot, has encircled him in the middle, but not to his attack. Sees this situation, Zheng Yu cannot help but discouraged, he knows that he has defeated, moreover he defeats is not injust, can say that this fight, besides, other time during the control of Zhao Hai, Magic then Magic, he completely led by the nose by Zhao Hai most from the beginning, simply has not made own rhythm, in this case, he does not have not to lose. Zheng Yu dejected received own Herd sword, look at Zhao Hai said : „I have defeated, Zhao Hai, you were very strong, I defeated was not injust.” Said that to a Zhao Hai ritual, turn around walks toward Arena under. At this time the referee had also made decision, naturally was Zhao Hai won, now these referees do not dare in acting unreasonably, when this type sensitive, if they in acting unreasonably, that bad luck can only be they. Zhao Hai from the stage, arrived at Xiong Li their body country, Xiong Li has made an effort Little Hai that pats Zhao Hai shoulder said : that to be good to want, you were really great, good, dry real good.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : he somewhat to have a low opinion of the enemy.” Dong Fangyu actually shook the head said :to result in Little Hai, how many do you Elder Brother work as the fool really? He has not had a low opinion of the enemy, but is really not your match, I must say that this matter oak slightly flies most to have the word power, 1 slightly flies, you said to look, if you to Zheng Yu, the stratagem which ensures success can have several layers. Sun Fei has smiled bitterly next step: Insufficient three layers, the name of Zheng Yu Herd sword, he uses the sword worthily really quick, if not Elder Brother Hai you can the hand simultaneously use Magic Formation Set, feared that is you who the present defeats.”

Zhao Hai micro smile said : good, this Zheng Yu Sword Technique really quick, such person is most formidabe, ok, did not say him, 1 slightly flew, on that day had the time my there, when you now also not with used two Magic Formation? To my there, I told you.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Sun Fei cannot help but one happy, must know that may simultaneously use two Magic Formation Set, is many person helps itself fight to be the same on equal to, this was the good deed, although said absolutely the consumption was also the duplicate, however was fighting, you can only release Magic, to be are completely different from simultaneously be able release two Magic that when with the person battle, did not need two Magic together to put most from the beginning, to the crucial time two Magic release, has also been able to play doing of surprise-attack forces to use. Sun Fei immediately/on horseback has complied with one, in this time, the second group of lists has also been hitting, what this presence is Dong Fangyu, but his match is actually not one of the seed players, but is hundred strong one, Dong Fangyu has said a hello with several people, on Arena. Reason that because Zhao Hai and Xiong Li their several people of being on good terms, therefore the machine here person, likes managing them to call four brothers now, in other words is bright they several people of relationship to be very good . Moreover the strength is also very strong. Also because they several relationship are very good, therefore now Ashley Clan and Wu Clan, flame and fire temple also formed an alliance, this arrives stems from the anticipation of Ashley Clan, but Ashley Clan actually very likes seeing this result. Match who this Dong Fangyu runs into, is Magician . Moreover the strength is very strong, Dong Fangyu also added carefully, Dong Fangyu Fire Dragon Sword Technique really does not have his originality, went on stage not long after to defeat the match. Then in four people have not competed on only remaining Sun Fei, but the Sun Fei luck also is really good, to the second round time from the bottom, is one's turn him to go on stage to compete with. The Sun Fei match is also Magician, that Magician is not the seed player, their wrapped around, Sun Fei was finally slightly better. Two days of competition, top five ten have produced, then the several days time, Zhao Hai they can rest well, latter 50 that because hundred were eliminated, must compete for 51 to 100 positions, Zhao Hai they can only work as the audience. although is only 51 to 100 competitions, but everyday attracted the massive audiences, after all now in person of here competition, it can be said that machine for five years the most outstanding new person, their fights very had the quality of being worth looking. Also underwent four days of competition, 51 to 100 ranks has subscribed, Herd sword Zheng Yu has become 51 st, other players are not his match, this also made the people see the strength of seed player, had an understanding to the Zhao Hai strength. 51 to 100 ranks came out, that then from first to the 50 th contest, arrives at Zhao Hai they to enter the stage.

one day, there is a 25 person to be eliminated, then arrived at Zhao Hai they to rest, from was eliminated the person who to compete for 26 th to the 50 th position. Fortunately, Zhao Hai their several people have not met together, several people of smooth advancements in grade to the former 25 name, during this competition, Zhao Hai once again have also run into a seed player, but this seed player is not the person in Mecha armed forces, but is a Radiant God loose seed player, finally was defeated by Zhao Hai. After 26 to 50 ranks, before is, 25 has competed, 22 rip to kill, draws a bye, draws a bye that person naturally to be in luck, but this does not have the matter of means that after all good far person there exists. But this good luck actually fell the head of Sun Fei, Sun Fei has not needed to fight can be promoted, must have is also invited by Zhao Hai their Lou. The remaining 24 people, are divided into 12 groups to rip to kill, but this Zhao Hai they may not have to be in luck, Zhao Hai has bumped into together with Dong Fangyu finally, this competition also attracted large quantities of audiences, the population of online watching has also achieved new high \; first, because they now are Expert that machine in became famous, two are because they are the friends, how therefore the audience wants to have a look at the result that they compete with. Zhao Hai and Dong Fangyu stood on stage, Dong Fangyu look at Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Has not thought really that I so am unexpectedly bad luck, first meets your unexpectedly is I, your youngster may want under the hand/subordinate to be forgiving, do not let me lose is too ugly.” The Zhao Hai look at Dong Fangyu appearance, laughed said : I already to look for opportunity to try Second brother's Fire Dragon Divine Sword, today finally has opportunity, come the Second Brother, making us fight happily!” Dong Fangyu also laughs said : well, how makes me have a look at your youngster strength!” Said that extracted own hot sword Divine Sword, sword tip has been pointing at Zhao Hai!!.