Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1191

The ting that at this time competed has also transmitted, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, the hand wielded, five overlay Magic Formation Set appears in his front, then Magic Formation Set fast changed red, Fire Dragon departed from Formation Set, threw toward Dong Fangyu. Dong Fangyu looks at Zhao Hai attack, cannot help but laughs, in hand Fire Dragon Divine Sword wields, together under fiery red Sword Qi toward Zhao Hai on Fire Dragon cuts. However what makes Dong Fangyu somewhat accidental is, that Sword Qi when cutting Zhao Hai Fire Dragon, that Fire Dragon fierce opening mouth, bites on Sword Qi that he leaves, then hears with a bang sound, his Sword Qi vanished, but the head of that Fire Dragon was also exploded flies, Fire Dragon personal appearance fierce shrink, his head appears , still threw toward Dong Fangyu. Dong Fangyu shouted: „ Good!, The personal appearance moves, in the future will fly to draw back, simultaneously in hand Great Sword wields continually, is two Sword Qi leaves, finally routs Zhao Hai Fire Dragon. Dong Fangyu has not thought of Zhao Hai to be able regarding Magic control really unexpectedly such exquisite, moreover his Magic, in the attack strength unexpectedly such. Dong Fangyu and don’t know, this is only Zhao Hai ordinary Magic attack, if he fights with Dong Fangyu, certainly will use Berserk Qi blessing/additional support, such his attack strength can formidable. Under the stage these watch the person of competition are actually the happy bad children, they come up are such magnificent big moves, making person look at on satisfying, each and every one look shouts and wrangles. But other hundred strong people also at look at their competitions, Sun Fei and Xiong Li sit in together, on the look at stage of looking at steadily, after this move, Xiong Li turns the headslightly to fly to Sun Fei said :, was just small Is that the sea uses what Magic? So to be how strong? Eastern Sword Qi is not jokes, broke Little Hai Magic with three Sword Qi unexpectedly. ” Sun Fei forced smile said : superficially, that is only ordinary ten superimposes the Fire Dragon technique probably, but I can affirm that the Fire Dragon techniques of ten overlay are impossible to be so fierce, moreover I presently in Magic Formation Set of Elder Brother Hai use resemble has plenty Magic Formation am I have not seen, these Magic Formation doing returns don’t know with me, reason that his Magic attack strength so will be strong, possibly is for these Magic Formation.” Xiong Li although is not Magician however he knows regarding the Magic Formation matter, now one hear of Sun Fei said that cannot help but selected brow said : you to mean, 1 Little Hai did start self-created Magic Formation now?” Sun Fei shook the head said : not to be impossible, if he is self-created Magic Formation Set, that also has the possibility, self-created Magic Formation absolutely is impossible, self-created Magic Formation be more difficult than perhaps these self-created Magic Formation Set is Magic Formation Set of Ashley Clan secret also perhaps, Magic Formation Set that each Clan some secret do not pass on after all.” Xiong Li nodded, then sighed said : people to hear that I was a talent however compare with Little Hai, I was really bad was too far, this youngster ascend to Upper Realm also less than one year of time, had such result, was really inconceivable.” Sun Fei nodded, sighs said : I not to think that now this matter, thinks this matter, I felt one must commit suicide.” Xiong Li one hear of Sun Fei said cannot help but to laugh, pats Sun Fei shoulder said :not to think that many, that youngster was monstruous talent, cannot prepare to weigh according to the normal sign.

They said that voice Zhao Hai and Dong Fangyu have fought several on the stage rounds, although they scatter in fire hua that there hits look like splendid incomparable, but stage the people under of knowing the business know that their simply does not have fully, but compares notes xing qualitative compared with the type, looks like the exhibition match is the same. This makes the person under stage somewhat puzzled, the people under stage know that their relationship are good, but this is relationship arrives at the rank, relationship to them in the Clan benefit, they should not turn on the water in this situation is right, but looked that their appearances really have the suspicion of turning on the water. They have hit for a half hour, Zhao Hai use also many are Fire element Magic Formation, but the Dong Fangyu this Fire Dragon Divine Sword name is not nonsense, on the Sword Qi able to move unhindered stage of fiery red , frequents each other, what hits is very lively, lets the audience under stage is loudly shouts satisfying, the forced smile that but the referee actually not bears again and again, they have regarded the comparing notes place Arena unexpectedly. However they cannot terminate competition, after all they in Lou hand, has not stopped to chat, this makes them really not bear. Zhao Hai and Dong Fangyu have fought for more than ten minutes, they also lost in the interest of being inferior, because they general knew opposite party strength, the Dong Fangyu strength is good, but compares to Zhao Hai to come, but also on Lou many. They very tacit at the same time received hand, Dong Fangyu receives own Fire Dragon Divine Sword, laughed said : good youngster, really sufficed, these time began with Cultivation World these fellows, looked your.” Said that Dong Fangyu turns the head I to admit defeat to referee said :!” Looked at their appearances, referee has not said anything, directly on the ruling that Zhao Hai won, some people will certainly not oppose that was Dong Fangyu admits defeat in any case. The Zhao Hai look at Dong Fangyu appearance, laughs said : feel relieved, I certainly maliciously tidies up Cultivation World these fellows, walks, today slightly flies bleeding, after one can wait for Xiong competition, we drink.” Said that two carried has been going down Arena. Appearance that look at they chatted, the person under stage extraordinary has not been angry, opposite they have delivered the applause to them, these people under the stage looked like, this competition, completely was the testimony of their friendship. Person who however under the stage these know the business actually saw some ways, just their competition although compares notes the interest, but the discerning people could look, actually during just competition, Dong Fangyu has made contribution, but appearance that Zhao Hai was accomplishing a task with ease, if they carried on the actual combat, final victory can still be Zhao Hai. Moreover these people who under the stage sits , thought that Zhao Hai from competes most from the beginning currently, has not used any Item, without using any Item blessing/additional support, he can defeat that many matches, his[ really] solid strength strong? Many people think of this, cannot help but has hit at heart a summit. Must know that the Zhao Hai beforehand match may causes completely the method, no matter Zheng Yu is also good, is Iron Tower is also good, they are the people of Mecha armed forces, can say that they have a grudge with Zhao Hai, they are naturally impossible to turn on the water, but in this case, they actually all defeated in the Zhao Hai in hand obviously Zhao Hai strength. After Zhao Hai and Dong Fangyu sit to Xiong Li their side, Xiong Li look at Dong Fangyu, hey smiles said : East, Little Hai strength how? Passed 1 u? When the time comes I quite defeat him!”

Dong Fangyu white Xiong Li said : I said that bear Eldest Child do not blame me not to remind you, your a few tricks I also know that although compared with me on a little, is does not arrive at that to go, if you with the Little Hai fight, have fallen far short, if I you, come to power directly to admit defeat to consider as finished.” Xiong Li ridicules said : get lost, after must admit defeat must get one, is recognizing, otherwise have't others can think the father my can't compare with you? father duo do not have the face.” Dong Fangyu and Sun Fei one hear of Xiong Li said that cannot help but laughs, at this time the person of second group of competitions also hit, the person who these time competes, is beyond the day meteor Zhu Chen, to Iron Spear, this will be a showdown, Zhu Chen that was needless saying that he was the same with Sun Fei in the past, became the machine here man of the hour, moreover he was the key point of Divine Palace of earth has fostered the talent, defense strength was astonishing, the attack ability was not bad, and vicious and merciless. Iron Spear, rare Knight, the fighting strength same astonishment, person of spear|gun Demon Horse, will kill to advance the 25 name, with his person to the war, few people can support for 20 minutes, obviously his strength has formidable how. These two to, that definitely have the good play to look, Xiong Li their raise the spirits person, Zhao Hai look at Zhu Chen, this Zhu Chen height is not high, but is very fat, long looks like small Buddha Maitreya, however his eye is actually cold light sparkles, making the person look that felt the back is cool. However on Zhu Chen face is having the smiling face, that smiling face inlaid probably on his face was the same, vacation that ten thousand years of invariable, could not say. At this time Xiong Li coldly snorted said : I thought that this Zhu Chen that Iron Spear will be repugnant, that Iron Spear face to face will have provoked Little Hai, but this Zhu Chen is actually a person with kindly face and cruel heart, the smiling face on his face has not vanished, but killed people are is never lenient, I most disliked such person.” Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Xiong Li one, showed a faint smile said : not to worry, on Arena does not let offend somebody in any case now, did not let the murder, our slowly, to the elimination series of 6 Realms competition, we were destroying completely them.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Xiong Li several people turned the head look at Zhao Hai, Xiong Li looked at all around one, whispered: Little Hai, this saying do not speak irresponsibly, but for 6 Realms competition entire machine, if makes the machine here fellow know that you gave to destroy completely them, they will not let off your.” Zhao Hai sneers said : „, so long as we have won the good position, struggled the benefit for machine, they dare to manage us, when the time comes praised us also without enough time.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that the Dong Fangyu three people cannot help but mutually looked at one, saw from the opposite party eye[ is popular] exerts, they are not the person of being afraid of getting into trouble, but must make them fight with entire machine, they are clear their strength, but if they can tidy up the fellow who these are reprehensible really well, that is also the good deed. Zhao Hai looked at three people of one, shows a faint smile, turned the head on Arena the vision, Zhu Chen and Iron Spear on Arena will be saying anything probably, the reason that following person because what a pity has protective shield cannot hear, but they move quickly began. Zhu Chen defense capability is truly strong, five, ten defense Magic Formation, come conveniently, but Iron Spear attack although will be very fierce, but a short time actually cannot break Zhu Chen defense, but Zhu Chen also started to carry on to counter-attack with Earth element Magic, Earth element Magic Quicksand Spell, Earth Thorn Spell these Magic had strong defense capability regarding Cavalry, although said that Iron Spear the Demon Horse strength will not be bad, but also came under some influences, the attack was inferior that beforehand was so sharp.

Zhu Chen attack is actually not weak, but can insist that the present is not the people of low ability, before Iron Spear attack although will be inferior sharp, but defends is not bad, Zhu Chen attack a short time also takes him not to have the means. Zhao Hai they also early had to prepare regarding this situation, Zhu Chenzhen was a against strong attack weak player, with him to, was his match first attacks generally, in his match did not have the means to capture in his situation, he slowly the match rubbing, must say that in all hundred strong players, whose competition used is longest, that certain on was Zhu Chen. These time is no exception, Iron Spear will come up a attack, but actually cannot break through Zhu Chen defense, then Zhu compared with the method that the counter-attack, to be honest, he counter-attacks is really the method that can't compare with he defends, his attack method is really too scarce. Zhao Hai looked at a while, felt one must fall asleep, watches a splendid incomparable competition in others, looks like in Zhao Hai, really does not have what meaning, this type does not let the competition of offending somebody, the worry of both sides are many, thinks that is wielding[ really] solid level, is really very difficult. Just as is such that Zhao Hai thinks, this competition altogether has hit for one hour, finally Zhu Chen will give to rub Iron Spear, has gained the final victory, but audience actually very discontented, because they hit was really too ugly, might as well Zhao Hai and Dong Fangyu attractiveness that compared notes. After their competitions ended, arrived at the competition of Xiong Li, but Xiong Li this competition has also run into a good match, his match is the [gold/metal] spherical object that in Ten Great Experts is listed tenth opens Qinghe. Opens Qinghe is Metal element Magician, he to Xiong Li, they can be a fierce struggle between two evenly matched opponents absolutely, therefore Zhao Hai saw that the Xiong Li match opens Qinghe, to turning the head to Xiong Li said :bear Eldest Child, you to probably be careful, when the time comes our two have not made the competition, your mister person eliminating. Xiong Li coldly snorted said : feel relieved, I strikes strongly good good am certainly comparing notes with you.” Said that has stood, walks toward Arena on, his like is not relaxed, opening Qinghe that he said that he very attached great importance. Zhang Qinghe by Metal element Magician that the attack strength grows perceptibly, in adding on his body in Lower Realm is Metal element Divergent Warlock , this makes his Magic attack changeable, moreover control ability also very formidable, certainly was one hard to deal with the extreme match, to be honest, if discussed the strength, he possibly also wanted on strong some compared with Sun Fei. Xiong Li and Qinghe Station on the stage, the gaze of their calm the opposite party, they are knowing that the opposite party is not good to cope, although said that Ten Great Experts was arranged at together, but before them, has not fought, before the opposite party of opposite party they had also looked, had a bottom to the opposite party strength, but must say that begins , is actually everyone does not dare to have the tiny bit general idea. A competition ting sound, Xiong Li immediately/on horseback gives a loud shout, the chain hammer arrived at in hand, simultaneously his personal appearance moves, toward opening Qinghe throws. Zhang Qinghe the hand moves, in his hand were many a big iron ball, then this big iron ball is divided into five, turned into five small iron balls, regarding in his surroundings, then opens Qinghe to move, Magic Formation appears of five overlay in his front, Magic Formation has exploded the day, all over the sky arrow rain shoots toward Xiong Li.!.