Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1192

Opens the ten thousand arrows that Qinghe comes out not like Zhao Hai that ten thousand arrows, is by Fire element and Metal element Magic overlay, conversely, opens the ten thousand arrows of Qinghe, is only Metal element, but is quicker, sharp, penetrating power formidable. Xiong Li coldly snorted, the in hand sledgehammer proceeds to wield, together incomparably huge circular Qi Strength from his hammer, this Qi Strength Xiong Li unique hammer air/Qi, is the one type of transformation body of Sword Qi, but Sword Qi is exits or like the arrow, or like blade edge, but Xiong Li the Qi Strength exits, is such as the hammer is ordinary. Opens ten thousand arrows that Qinghe comes out, by Xiong Li one scattering, then the Xiong Li another in hand sledgehammer, is proceeds to wield, together circular Qi Strength toward opening Qinghe hits, Xiong Li saw that a Qinghe does not have the use to defend Magic Formation, therefore wants to come one to him long-distance attack, how has a look at the defense level of Qinghe. Opened Qinghe not to hide, floats in his side fierce stopping in that five iron ball to his front, then instantaneously turned into a big shield, kept off in the front of Qinghe, but at this time Xiong Li hammer shape Qi Strength also slowly overran to the front of Qinghe, happen to was opened the big shield of Qinghe blocking. Saw in front of the Qinghe big shield to shiver, leaves one that such as the great clock same has worked as, Xiong Li Qi Strength blocking. Sees this situation, Xiong Li two eyes cannot help but shrinks, his very clear, oneself this hammers although looks like optional, but this hammered him to use about the seven layers strength, Battle Qi that because he studied, by strength big give priority to, therefore these attacked, the average person was uses five overlay Magic Formation not to block, but opened Qinghe to use an iron ball to block, it seems like his defense capability was very strong. although knows that opens the strength of Qinghe to be very strong, Xiong Li did not have a point fear, the polarity, Xiong Li instead to is excited got up now, he already wanted to look for an evenly matched match, what what a pity was beforehand match not satisfying, these time can war finally well. Thinks of here, Xiong Li cannot help but Ha Ha laughs wildly, body fighting intent crazy young tiger, said loudly: Good, opens Qinghe, you really not disappointing, HaHaHa, comes, we get one happily.” Said that furiously roar, toward opening Qinghe throws. Opens Qinghe to look at the Xiong Li appearance, complained of hardship at heart, although he just seemed like relaxed that struck Xiong Li blocking, was actually had actually tried, Xiong Li attack so was strong, if were coming several times, that. Opened Qinghe immediately to change the tactic, his as far as possible spread out with Xiong Li, then used Magic attack, moreover hammer shape Qi Strength that came out to Xiong Li has not been meeting hardly, but by fending give priority to.

Xiong Li naturally also present change of Qinghe, he has not gotten angry, Warrior and Magician fight, the Magician use opens Qinghe such tactic is very normal, although said that in machine here, Warrior can leave Qi Strength, carries on attack attack to Magician, but Qi Strength leaves to striking the enemy, requires time, Magician can definitely or completes the defense using this time avoid, looks like Warrior can also spread out among with Magician, avoids Magic that Magician shoots to be the same. Before such tactical Xiong Li, has experienced, he had ways to response, do not say that now they in this area are not on very big Arena, Xiong Li did not fear this tactic. The Xiong Li personal appearance moves, the Body-maneuvering Technique racing, the in hand chain hammer dance opens, looked that the hammer shade toward opening Qinghe presses, Zhao Hai paid attention, he presently Xiong Li the set of Hammer Technique very special, he, not only Hammer Technique of one set of close combat, this is Hammer Technique that one set of close combat Hammer Technique and hammer shape Qi Strength coordination uses. In range that close combat Hammer Technique can only Warrior be able to reach attack enemy, but hammers shape Qi Strength, can in the distant place attack enemy, but Xiong Li Hammer Technique close combat Hammer Technique with the hammer shape Qi Strength very good fusion in together, his hammer dance, once for a while projects Qi Strength from the hammer same, how a whole person wall toward opening advancement of Qinghe, slowly is extruding also activity Space of Qinghe, lets activity Space getting smaller and smaller of Qinghe, like this Qinghe in wants to use to meet to open the distance the method to cope with Xiong Li, was impossible. Zhao Hai carefully is observing Xiong Li, he presently Xiong Li in hand two chain hammers, passed through specially-made, not only can project hammer Qi Strength, chain very special of that chain hammer, is also very long, Xiong Li uses his chain, minimum can make the attack range of chain hammer cover around his body the original dozens meters, this digit does not exaggerate absolutely. Opened Qinghe also present Xiong Li the tactic, to be honest Xiong Li the tactic was not the one type of intelligent tactic, but was actually the tactic of one type of most non-solution. Xiong Li is tall and sturdy, super strong, defense strength is astonishing, attack ability same very astonishing, is adding on that he uses looks like clumsy incomparable, but effective very method, lets open Qinghe a better method not to deal at once. Space getting smaller and smaller that among them distance getting closer and closer, opening Qinghe can move, opens Qinghe also to know that in this way definitely is incorrect, he clenches teeth, at heart one ruthless, reprimanded one lightly, the hand wields, encircles in his side five big iron balls, fierce about in together, has set upright before his body, turned into Giant Shield, simultaneously he started slowly read Incantation, in the hand is also tying Hand-Seal, it seems like he was wants use Giant Shield to block Xiong Li several times attack, then said that this opportunity, used powerful Magic, repelled Xiong Li. Strives for some activities Space. However he such does, the consumption of spiritual force also meets very big, will still suffer a loss to Xiong Li, but if now he such does not do, that can only eye look at bit by bit compelling the dead cow cannot move by Xiong Li, such ended.

However when he just set upright Giant Shield before his, Xiong Li actually suddenly moved, his two chain hammers receive, then personal appearance fierce proceeding puts on, one arrived at Giant Shield , the in hand double hammer holds up, fierce hits toward Giant Shield on! Clang!, this sound striking a gong is much bigger, is tying the Qinghe body of Hand-Seal fiercely also shakes, he knows the matter that he most is worried about lived, Xiong Li has not waited for him to form Hand-Seal, but was seize the opportunity moved the attack. Zhang Qinghe sighed in the mouth to be mad, he knows that by Xiong Li near body, has been defeating on equal to, if were inferior, from according to its shame, thought of here, opened Qinghe to move, received that big shield, then look at Xiong Li said : I admitted defeat.” Xiong Li is lifting the hammer preparation to come, actually suddenly presently the big shield vanished, then Zhang Qinghe admitted defeat, Xiong Li has cannot help but gawked, then curled the lip said : senseless tight.” Said that received own hammer, at this time the referee also announced that he has won, but Xiong Li did not have happy to go to that has gotten down Arena directly. The Zhao Hai look at Xiong Li appearance, showed a faint smile said : to result in Big Brother, do not think that many, walked, today the following competition does not have what quality of being worth looking, or drank?” Xiong Li nodded said : well, walks, drinks.” Several people just about to walk, suddenly Dong Fangyu stopped, including has held on Xiong Li they, Xiong Li several people stare, Dong Fangyu referred to striking, several people looked toward Arena on, stopped. After Xiong Li competition, the next group of ballots started, but person of this appears on Arena, made Zhao Hai their several stop, because now the person of appears on Arena, was really too famous, if discussed the fame to come, compared with Xiong Li even more larger, this person of Terry. Saint of ice Terry, the Water God palace these year of appears first talent characters, strength formidable, the appearance is handsome, is white horse Prince of machine here innumerable young girl. Moreover this person is polite to the person, normally is the good deed does completely, entire is perfect Incarnation. However Zhao Hai thought that this person is false, Zhao Hai does not believe that in this world has such perfect person, if he so is really perfect, Grand Duke such does not have dead/die, the good deed does completely, his impossible ascend to machine, to fear that already made person kill many return.

But he in machine here, is actually such one type of as perfect as the extreme doing faction, is really makes Zhao Hai feel that very puzzled, what in the bottle gourd of don’t know this fellow buys is any medicine. Machine here was not the ancient China, you thought of the gentleman, everyone/Great Clan really regard the gentleman the person, the sage look to bring generally, but machine here all took the strength as Venerable, your strength was not good, even if attire was a gentleman is also likely useless, your strength, even if were you are Evildoer, there is a person to protect you, therefore procedure of Zhao Hai Terry to some puzzled, why don’t know he wanted. Because has such idea, therefore Zhao Hai wants to have a look at Terry, knows that he is doing, therefore looks is the Terry competition, Zhao Hai also stopped. Xiong Li they with not saying, Terry is Ten Great Experts first, Xiong Li originally is not convinced to him in name, now looked that Terry must fight the person finally, they naturally must stay behind come to see. Before present Terry, has fought with person, but hundred strong beside players admitted defeat directly, after entering hundred are strong, Terry has not run into any nice match, 2-3 have solved, therefore Zhao Hai they did not have a direct-viewing understanding to present Terry strength now. But reason that this time they think that Terry earnest beginning, that because of Terry that match, Terry that match is also one of the Ten Great Experts, broken armed forces Lu Ding day! The broken armed forces Lu Ding day, in Ten Great Experts lowest-key, feared that besides that Dead-soldier family background Lone Wolf Yan Zhen mountain, counted him to be lowest-key, but he was different from the Yan Zhen mountain, the Yan Zhen mountain ascend four years, the make a move thousand times, the match all died, the matter that his manner although very low key, however handled was actually not low-key. But the Lu Ding day is different, he is very low-key, no matter the manner works, very low key, however his strength is without a doubt, in the hand a long spear, broken armed forces, can be joined to the name of Ten Great Experts absolutely. ro!.