Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1193

present Terry is the idols of myriad young girl, the appearance is worthily handsome, is adding on a basket, really has the abilities of mi but actually myriad young girl. Compared with him, the Lu Ding day must be ordinarier, the Lu Ding day looks like about 30 years old, the appearance is dark and thin, the body is also not very high, facial features chilling, the body puts on full body armor, in hand is lifting a long spear, looked like looks like became a soldier in the ancient times, saw likely is not strength formidable Warrior. After they stand firm, Terry bows to the Lu Ding day, the Lu Ding day actually returned to a military salute, this military salute very unusual, he has held up the spear, has knocked on the ground, even if ended. The ting that then the competition starts has resounded, the Lu Ding day double hand-held spear, two eyes such as hawk general look at Terry, Terry actually shows a faint smile, a confident appearance. Who Zhao Hai is just about to have a look at them to begin carefully first, actually fiercely heard him behind to hear one, had a scare Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai turned the head to look, my goodness, he behind these women crazy on stand, each and every one loud was shouting Terry name, that appearance, such as jolted crazily such as. Zhao Hai has gawked, then cannot help but has smiled bitterly, he has not thought really that has also been able to see the star fan to machine here, moreover is such frantic star fan. Xiong Li they also noted these women obviously, several people cannot help but have smiled bitterly, Xiong Li was sighs said : „to say what this person of long master was mad also real his mother was profits.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I always to think that this fellow is not good thing, waits for me to fight with him after a period of time one time, to wants to try his depth.” At this time on the stage Terry moved with the Lu Ding day began, Terry sent out is ten overlay Magic Formation, moreover flickered, but Lu Ding day broken armed forces spear also not to be trifled with, what they hit was the give-andata-titleake, lively. However Zhao Hai looks at Terry make a move, felt that some do not suit, Terry make a move Magic Formation is some ordinary very Magic Formation Set gathers, must say that such Magic Formation Set gathers, simply is impossible to have that big Might, but these Magic Formation to Terry in hand, are one becomes Might was now extraordinary, this is really somewhat strange. Appearance that Zhao Hai look at Terry begins, in brain their said :Laura to Laura, Analyzes the Terry situation, why he uses ordinary Magic Formation, make a move also formidable such. ” Laura they complied with one, immediately started to the process that began to analyze with Space present Terry of Universal Analyzer, before long the results analysis on appears , the Laura sound has transmitted said :Elder Brother Hai, had to finish, reason that the Terry strength so will be strong, possibly was because his method of practice was special, he possibly in the practice, in join toward his spiritual force other methods, having made him when using Magic attack, will have the effect of one type of overlay, looked like Elder Brother Hai you are same to Magic Formation in Berserk Qi join.

Zhao Hai stares, then face does change said :like Berserk Qi? Looks looks at his appearance, When is not the Berserk Qi join Magic Formation response, certainly is other method, is Evil Qi? ” The Laura sound conveys said : „the present to return don’t know, we not material about Evil Qi.” Zhao Hai had not been asking that his very clear, the Lu Ding day lost, Terry had to be similar to the thing nose of Berserk Qi his attack, this itself profited, moreover his true strength also not, if in the Lu Ding day, the possibility of Lu Ding day not counter- plate. However Lu Ding day also not to be trifled with, although Terry used that Zhao Hai don’t know Qi Strength to carry on attack for the Lu Ding day, but the Lu Ding day defended strictly the gateway, for a while arrived has not fallen on leeward. They have fought for one hour, finally the Lu Ding talent by present Terry Magic freezing, was defeated, Terry won. Sees this result, Xiong Li several people of face somewhat are heavy, Xiong Li looked, the Lu Ding day strength, comes compared with him, feared that is also about the same, if they fight, finally may be a mutually wounded aspect, but the Lu Ding day actually will not be the Terry match, in other words, if he to Terry, will have the possibility is not a match, this by the Xiong Li mood some heavy. Zhao Hai looks at the Xiong Li appearance, smiles said : bear Eldest Child? You also feared that he is inadequate? feel relieved, but he has run into me, I ensure has tidied up him.” Xiong Li one hear of Zhao Hai said that ill-humored one side white his said : you rolled to me, I will fear him, speaks the truth, this Terry truly has real skill.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, he will certainly know Daws the Terry strength so to be why strong, has that present Zhao Hai also don’t know is any strength thing join, his strength naturally formidable, if did not run into him, this first arrived at being worthy of the reputation that was works as. Several people found a place to eat well, respective went back to rest, next day several people arrived at the sports field set, these time attended the competition had 13 people, was divided into six pairs to rip to kill, a person drew a bye, most not pulled out was draws a bye that person, that finally pulled out, Zhao Hai they also knew , a light breeze drizzle Lei Xiao day this person of Ten Great Experts, geomancy double element, the person in Wind God show Lei Clan, the strength was also very weak. The Lei Xiao day draws a bye, that remaining people must carry on to draw lots, this Sun Fei has not been in luck, he pulled out beyond the day meteor Zhu Chen, they on a war to the stage, Sun Fei attack cannot break Zhu Chen defense finally, was defeated.

Then Xiong Li was selected, his match is not simple, one of the Ten Great Experts, the Lone Wolf Yan Zhen mountain, this person of Body-maneuvering Technique moves fast, strength formidable, but finally by Xiong Li defeating, but Xiong Li defeated him also to abandon many strengths. Is drawing lots, these time pulls out is actually Zhao Hai, but the Zhao Hai match actually turned into another Ten Great Experts, before Zhao Hai had also seen his make a move, is strong winds Li Kuangren. To be honest Li Kuangren character Zhao Hai very likes, this person of although impulsion , the temperament is not good, but is actually straightforward, is good to hit the report not to be uneven, such person to is worth a junction. On Zhao Hai Arena, look at has stood in his opposite Li Kuangren, shows a faint smile, bowed said : already to hear the name of strong winds Li Kuangren to Li Kuangren, below was really very much, especially previous Zhang Family Mingyue that admired outside greatly puts to dig the word, Li mister with its under the hand/subordinate Five Elements swordsman war, was really makes Zhao Hai quite envy, but has missed to become friends with mister, was really regrettable.” As soon as Li Kuangren listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but the heart fresh favorable impression, laughed said : Mr. Zhao Hai is really too polite, to be honest, initially mister can become the seed player, I did not agree that but saw method that mister displayed these days, my Li Kuangren also can only say that a clothing/taking character, today meets mister, was my Li Kuangren has bad luck, my Li Kuangren confessed that was not the mister match, but actually must get one with mister.” Zhao Hai laughs said : how should, after a while competition, asking Li mister to drink one cup with our together, I Xiong Li Big Brother, the Eastern Second Brother and Sun Fei introduced that knew to you.” Li Kuangren laughs said : that should better, but, mister, we start.” At this time competed the ting that formally started to make a sound, the Li Kuangren double axe also arrived at in hand. Zhao Hai not polite, Magic of five overlay leaves conveniently, fought with Li Kuangren in one, Li Kuangren although knows one were not the Zhao Hai match, but he was also a militant, this fought is also tried, Zhao Hai not polite, he knew the person like Li Kuangren, if you with his war, instead to will not make him think that fully you looked down upon him, therefore he has not kept the hand, Arena Sword Qi able to move unhindered, Magic chaotically flew at once, extremely busy. They have hit for a half hour, finally by Zhao Hai capture opportunity, had been defeated Li Kuangren, they got down Arena, Zhao Hai also Li Kuangren introduced that they knew to Xiong Li, Xiong Li their also very much happy, several people shouted must drink, has not all cared to the following competition. Next day competes competes for four, naturally, still important person draws a bye, this although looks like unfair, but does not have the matter of means that but is the result of ballot, was actually doubtable some people controls the competition, the Lei Xiao day in one time has drawn a bye. Such result do not say Zhao Hai, Xiong Li they are surprised, but competes must continue, this Zhao Hai first presence, but his match is actually the old acquaintance, Zhu Chen.

Saw is Zhu Chen, Zhao Hai has cannot help but smiled, how he to was wants to try Zhu Chen defense capability, they did not have talkative, after coming to power, when the ting rang moves began, Zhu Chen was old repertoire, came up defends Magic Formation, and not only one layer. Zhao Hai will be certainly impolite, this time he comes up is fiercely attacking, ten, 50 overlay Formation Set, do not ask for money probably same toward one of the Zhu feudal official throws fiercely, the ferocity of attack, is in Zhao Hai all competitions has not had. This Zhu Chen does not attack, starts the full defense, but Zhao Hai actually does not defend, starts the full attack, let the person under stage to is fully the eye hidden, like the attack and defense war, was they have not seen, this was said that was one of the strongest attack to strongest defense fights, whom on looking at can win. In the competition of Zhao Hai these days, had not used Gang vigor blessing/additional support, because of simply that necessity, with Zhu Chen to, he with Gang vigor blessing/additional support, although he now has not been to attack the side now, the consumption will possibly want on big some compared with Zhu Chen, but Zhu Chen consumption certainly is not small, if the light such rubs, Zhu Chen rubs him. To the present people knows that fierce of Zhao Hai, Magic Formation of look at that 50 overlay, Zhao Hai, almost quickly caught up conveniently has flickered, the people in the Zhao Hai strength some more direct-viewing understanding, were not having the tiny bit suspicion to Zhao Hai. Their dogfight one hour, the Zhao Hai offensive had not been weaken, Zhu Chen actually somewhat could not bring one's strength to bear although saying that he has drunk to restore Potion, slow that however his consumption actually ratio restored, now he already complete falling to leeward, could not see including opportunity of hitting back. On the contrary has not actually drunk Potion Zhao Hai to the present, obviously his strength compared with Zhu Chenqiang on some, Zhu Chen also know that is hitting not to ask, his immediately surrendered.!.