Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1194

Four have produced finally, separately is Zhao Hai, Terry, Xiong Li, the Lei Xiao day, this time will not draw a bye in some people, but after four strong appears , their four people had the several days relaxation time, was fifth to the 25 names has competed, this also person compared with on several days time, was the final climax, four strong wars. Fight of fifth to 25 names, Zhao Hai also looked, after all Sun Fei they must attend this competition, finally Zhao Hai is very satisfied, Sun Fei, Dong Fangyu and Li Kuangren, entered ten, Li Kuangren sixth, Dong Fangyu eighth, Sun Fei tenth, the result also calculates. although said that competition of fifth to 25 names, was in the situation of superheating, but that is not the climax, climax or four-nation tournament. However from competition of fifth to 25 names among used three days, these three days of Zhao Hai their everyday will go to the scene to watch the competition, after having watched the competition, several people drank, crossed to was very merry. This several days time, Xiong Li their several also had to Li Kuangren has understood, Li Kuangren temperament that was great, big, moreover he , was not only hot-tempered, was that type to be all right can find the person who something came out to you. However generally speaking, this person of character that is really frank adorable, in his eyes, does not have what right and wrong, only then he can get used to seeing unable to get used to seeing, he cannot get used to seeing, even if emperor's father he also dares with a it war, he can get used to seeing, that is how good, even if immediately takes away to trade the liquor to drink his axe, he will not say anything, instead to laughs. If such person with an intersection of bad mind, he definitely by the being used as a tool life, but he and Zhao Hai they intersect, actually really handed over to the person, Zhao Hai they did not have any bad mind person. Finally, during ten thousand audiences hope, the four-nation tournament official start, the list of four-nation tournament First Stage competition has hit quickly, Terry v Xiong Li 1 Saw this list, person happy under stage has gone bad, Terry was first in Ten Great Experts, was winning call highest one, was adding on his appearance to be handsome, polite courteous, was very high in the machine here human spirit. Xiong Li, second in original Ten Great Experts, fighting strength formidable, in adding on appearance tall and strong, is deep women's wrongs fu dreamboat, moreover he enters first four strong only one by one Warrior, therefore in Warrior, the prestige is very high. Moreover this is Ten Great Experts first and second knock-on collision, that naturally is sparks flying in all directions, people also excited. The four-nation tournament does not compare other, the competition must be more official, after making list, approval both sides prepare for a half hour, then formally starts to compete. Xiong Li sat at that time, looked at one from not far away present Terry, Terry also saw Xiong Li, but also showed a faint smile to Xiong Li, nodded, that demeanor was really great. Xiong Li although repugnant Terry like this good, but he also knows that now machine here don’t know has many person of look at they, he was not good to lose the demeanor, nodded to present Terry, smiled. Zhao Hai looked at Xiong Li one, shows a faint smile, in Xiong Li ear in a soft voice said : bear Eldest Child, your time certainly is careful, this several days I received information, this Terry is somewhat strange.” Xiong Li one hear of Zhao Hai said that has gotten down the spirit, his immediately/on horseback said : strange? What strangeness?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : this Terry possibly to have any fortuitous encounter, my this several days looks at the situation that he began, Magic Formation that he uses is some ordinary Magic Formation, but the attack strength is actually very formidable, therefore I think that he has certainly any strange, making his Magic Formation attack to Magic Formation attack of other people different, therefore bear Eldest Child you, if with him to, must be careful that was good.” Xiong Li one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then said : good, I knew, feel relieved, I will be careful.” Zhao Hai then nodded, a half hour quick on the past, Xiong Li and Terry also got up Arena, after both sides stand firm, face somewhat is heavy. A ting sound, the competition formally starts, but unexpectedly, nobody in this time attack, they knows that the opposite party is not affable, therefore very careful. The Xiong Li double hammer already arrived at in hand, Terry also added one to defend Magic Formation to oneself, look at opposite party that they decide, no one has moved, the atmosphere depressing letting person has not gasped for breath. Crossed for five minutes, Xiong Li fiercely calls out one, the in hand sledgehammer wields, hammers shape Qi Strength to directly soar together Terry, Terry is also quick one, Magic Formation of ten overlay moved forward to meet somebody, the war finally started. Xiong Li Hammer Technique already complete wielding, but this time he may not have like previous and Qinghe to the war becomes a plane has pushed, but launches Hammer Technique, is defending strictly own gateway, simultaneously leaves Qi Strength to attack Terry. present Terry attack also very careful, five and ten overlay formation, leave conveniently, meanwhile often uses one to defend Magic to oneself. Among them the fight is very strange, most five minutes from the beginning no one has begun, after when Xiong Li begins, probably was one is lit exploding medicine container of blasting fuse, fierce one has blasted out, they full attack opposite party, hopes that can the quick solution fight. Xiong Li in hand thunder Hammer Technique has launched completely, each hammer makes, has the thunder ten thousand strength, but he does not feel better now, he presently also was really makes Zhao Hai say right, Terry attack truly was somewhat strange. Before he also had with Ice Element Magician has fought, Magic that these Ice Element Magician shot, very formidable, but a little, these Magic, so long as were blocked by his Battle Qi, did not have what threat. However Terry in hand Magic is different, his Magic was blocked by Battle Qi, will have the cool air stitch of faint trace general punctures toward the personal appearance of person, making you have to be colored the thoughts, in melting these cold air, nobody means centralized attention attacks. Most from the beginning small needle same Qi Strength of Xiong Li such as to these has not cared, thinks that cold air enters to within the body will not have anything to be great, when these Qi Strength entered in his body, Xiong Li then presently the incorrect place, that Qi Strength enters in his body, immediately started destruction in all directions, Xiong Li has to waste massive Battle Qi, this these Qi Strength digesting. This also made Xiong Li be careful, but was this, he was falling slowly to leeward, Terry Pu Ke was not Zhu Chen, Zhu Chen attack strength is not very strong, but Terry no matter attack or defense capability very formidable. They fought for one hour, the brow of Zhao Hai actually wrinkled, Dong Fangyu their face not in attractive, Xiong Li now already complete falling to leeward, hope that has almost not won.

If they are life wrestle, Xiong Li can also use other methods, however does not permit to offend somebody on Arena, such Xiong Li hits naturally is the hands tied feet tied, cannot try. They have fought for a half hour, Xiong Li if presently is fighting, ugliness that very he can defeat, Xiong Li also knows the matter not to be possible, he stopped, admitted defeat. Waits for Xiong Li from the stage, Zhao Hai look at Xiong Li, shows a faint smile said : bear Eldest Child, does that fellow have the strangeness?” Xiong Li nodded said : really to have the strangeness, is very strange, in attack of fellow, has other one type of Qi Strength to exist probably, normally Magician attack, should not have Qi Strength to exist, but his there has Qi Strength to exist, very strange.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this Terry certainly to have any fortuitous encounter, so, but bear Eldest Child your feel relieved, I well will certainly tidy up him, this first I settled on.” Xiong Li smiles said : „, if wrestles by the fate, I will not see will fear that fellow, will be only on this Arena, many methods will be unusable, this will make him profit.” Zhao Hai the nod, the Second Stage competition also entered to prepare Stage at this time, these time did not certainly use in the ballot name, competition player only remaining two, Zhao Hai to the Lei Xiao day. A half hour of in the blink of an eye on the past, Zhao Hai has stepped onto Arena, what making Zhao Hai somewhat accidental is, Lei Xiao day on Arena, Zhao Hai in stage high grade several minutes, the Lei Xiao day then slowly has not stepped onto Arena. This Lei Xiao day looks at the year to twist also over 20 years old, on Magic Robe of dark blue , is rusting various patterns with the gold thread, looks like very beautiful, long of [gold/metal] , optional is gripping ponytail, looks arrives is charming, is only the arrogance of that face, is really makes the person unable to get used to seeing very much! A Zhao Hai face calm look at this Lei Xiao day, waited for the Lei Xiao day to stand on Arena, after striking the strong protective shield liter, Zhao Hai has not made noise, he knows, if he gets angry now, that fell the lower level, the plan that the Lei Xiao day late entered the stage specially was also carried out. The Lei Xiao day looked that Zhao Hai has not made noise, a face calm appearance, somewhat cannot help but accidental, but he was he has smiled said : Zhao Hai, you can arrive are not easy today, this, you admitted defeat, avoid also you lost were too ugly.” The Zhao Hai look at Lei Xiao day, his don’t know should say that really the Lei Xiao day is extremely arrogant, should say him to be overly goodnatured, he reached today this situation, do not say that his strength formidable, simply was impossible to surrender, even if were his strength is not good, that must spell to spell, otherwise, how he later also mixed in machine. But this Lei Xiao day opens the mouth to make him surrender unexpectedly, probably is the same in the bestowment, this lets Zhao Hai is really speechless . The Lei Xiao day looked that Zhao Hai has not spoken, on the face cannot help but did 1 u leave a unhappy facial expression, look at Zhao Hai said : what? you have not wanted to surrender? Do not give to be concerned about face, I make you surrender think highly of you, if you do not surrender, I may not give you face.” The Zhao Hai look at Lei Xiao day, suddenly said : „are we very ripe?” The Lei Xiao day stares, then shook the head said : not to be ripe.”

Before Zhao Hai nodded said : that us, knew? How many people perhaps did you with Xiong Li know? Do we have the friendship?” What meaning Lei Xiao day don’t know Zhao Hai is, he hey smiles said : what? to draw the friendship? I told you, these person of I who you said did not know that we were not familiar before.” Zhao Hai nodded said : originally is this, since we are not ripe, does not have what friendship, why do you want to give me the face? Your strength is not good, shows due respect for the feelings to mix today on just by others? Therefore does you also special liking give others the face? don’t know I said is right?” Lei Xiao day one hear of Zhao Hai said that air/Qi face red said : talks nonsense, my Lei Xiao day am 20 years old ascend, 23 years old has reached the 4th level Magician level, is the talent of machine recognition, my serving a need makes others give me the face, is well good, since you said that I on impolite, have not given you to select today taste fiercely, you are don’t know my Lei Xiao day fierce.” The Lei Xiao day hand wields, a Magic Formation formation of ten overlay, meets Ice Arrow to shoot toward Zhao Hai, this Ice Arrow very fast, passed through Wind element Magic blessing/additional support obviously. Zhao Hai has not actually cared, he often smiles, the hand wields, Magic Formation appears of five overlay in his front, then Magic Formation turned into a big shield, kept off before the body of Zhao Hai. After big shield appears , Zhao Hai wields, Fire element Magic Formation appears of ten overlay, Fire Dragon departs from Magic Formation, flushes away toward the Lei Xiao day, Lei Xiao day coldly snorted, Magic Formation appears of ten overlay, then departed Ice Dragon to come from that Magic Formation, this Ice Dragon and Fire Dragon entangled in together, was similar to two real dragon same tear and bite. After Zhao Hai projects Fire Dragon, immediately/on horseback is one hot feather ten thousand arrows shoots to the Lei Xiao day, Lei Xiao Heaven and Earth somewhat was startled, now Ice Dragon and Fire Dragon in the dogfight, do not think liveliness that these two dragons hit, but command(er) they the fight like real dragon, need spiritual force, he now full with spiritual force command(er) Ice Dragon, simply was not having the means in other release Magic, but Zhao Hai can actually leave other's Magic now, this on fully explained that the Zhao Hai strength was stronger than him. Thinks that here Lei Xiao day face cannot help but ugly, he has been called the talent from infancy to maturity, this has also fostered his supercilious and self-conceited character, never any paying attention, but appears compared with the person of his talent, how this has let him to accept now. Lei Xiao day immediately gave up to the control of Ice Dragon, immediately/on horseback release ten overlay Magic Formation, this Magic Formation immediately exploded, then changed to has made five giant ice shields, the guard in Lei Xiao day all around, but Lei Xiao day actually in a soft voice was reading Incantation, was tying Hand-Seal, obviously he prepares Advanced level Magic. Zhao Hai looked at Lei Xiao day one, shows a faint smile, the hand wields, Magic Formation appears of ten overlay in his front, then huge Ice Cone flew from Magic Formation, good of this Ice Cone departure from Magic Formation, awl immediately has the strong winds to surround, entire Ice Cone immediately/on horseback has rotated, if a giant drill bit, then Zhao Hai waves, this giant drill bit immediately flew toward the Lei Xiao day. Lei Xiao day protecting body ice shield immediately keeps off in his front, but this drill bit has stopped, then the ice shield drilling large hole, Ice Cone has flushed away toward the Lei Xiao day. Is tying Hand-Seal Lei Xiao to be startled hugely, could not attend to tying Hand-Seal, the personal appearance fluttered, must toward retreat, actually suddenly feel a dorsal heat. ro!.