Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1195

The Lei Xiao day felt that behind has steam Wei to come him is one startled, turns the head to look that presently original that with Fire Dragon that his Ice Dragon fights, when don’t know, rushed to his back, is opening the big mouth to wait for him to fly. But when the Lei Xiao day stops, Ice Cone also arrived at his front to stop, Lei Xiao The day can feel the cold air on Ice Cone, ice hot twofold day that this is the typical ice hot twofold day. Lei Xiao god knows has defeated, he has not thought that Zhao Hai in planting situation, can control that Fire Dragon, although he not see how unexpectedly that Fire Dragon runs up to itself behind to go, but he can affirm that after that Fire Dragon his Ice Dragon extinguished, rushes to his to go, this explained that Zhao Hai has been controlling that Fire Dragon, he in three uses wholeheartedly! Good that the Lei Xiao day guesses, Zhao Hai wholeheartedly three use, in fact he not only can three use wholeheartedly, but copes with the Lei Xiao day, three used to be enough wholeheartedly. When Zhao Hai in the Lei Xiao day gives up to the control of Ice Dragon, he has not given up to the control of Fire Dragon, but is direct command(er) Fire Dragon, then Ice Dragon extinguishing, command(er) Fire Dragon was running up to the Lei Xiao day, but at that time the Lei Xiao day was preparing his big Magic, therefore has not paid attention to Fire Dragon, Fire Dragon on successful ambush Lei Xiao day, has become only surprise-attack forces. To this situation, even if the Lei Xiao day does not admit defeat, Zhao Hai also won, therefore Zhao Hai wielded to receive Ice Cone and Fire Dragon, but at this time the referee also determined Zhao Hai to win. Lei Xiao day face inconceivable look at Zhao Hai, he does not have to think one will lose to Zhao Hai, to be honest, he somewhat cannot have a liking for Zhao Hai, this cannot have a liking for did not mean that he complete contempt Zhao Hai, in fact he is being jealous Zhao Hai. Since the Lei Xiao day has been called talent, moreover is considered as of most talent, but compares with Zhao Hai, his some are probably unqualified, ascend less than one year, became 4th level Magician, but Lei Xiao day when the ascend three years degree that achieves. Because this being jealous makes him look Zhao Hai is not very smooth, therefore he exhibits an arrogant appearance, half are because that is his character, the other half reason is he must be ugly to Zhao Hai, he must defeat Zhao Hai before all people, showed that he is of most talent. Before although him, has watched the competition of Zhao Hai, but he does not think Zhao Hai can exceed him, but was actually Zhao Hai also really exceeds him now, moreover won was so relaxed, starts to compete now, less than 20 minutes from them.

20 minutes, even if before , this time in a 25 competition, calculates short, do not say that was the first four strong contests, when four strong wars, actually 20 minutes suffered defeat, Lei Xiao... the day thought that the sky one collapsed. Zhao Hai also noted the Lei Xiao day response, but he may not have the mood to comfort the Lei Xiao day, he was neither relative nor kin with the Lei Xiao day, does not need to be that good person, therefore Zhao Hai after the referee announced the result, went down Arena. returned to Xiong Li their there, Xiong Li immediately gave a Zhao Hai bear to hug, then laughed said : good youngster, dry attractiveness, this was I have seen, a shortest four-nation tournament, HaHaHa.” Dong Fangyu also smiles said : „, but also has not thought really that such short time will have ended, great Little Hai, dry attractiveness.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not anything, possibly is the Lei Xiao day somewhat has a low opinion of the enemy, today does not have my anything matter, but bear Eldest Child, a while you must with the Lei Xiao day to fighting, me have not tried his level, you carefully.” Xiong Li smiles said : feel relieved, this competition I won.” Dong Fangyu several people have also smiled, several people do not have the leave sports arena, because of a while also competition, this competition competes for third and fourth competition, is met head-on the Lei Xiao day by Xiong Li, the middle relaxation time is also a half hour, but first and second struggle rush, actually must place tomorrow to hold. A half hour quick on the past, Xiong Li also arrived on Arena, before long the Lei Xiao day also got up has struck, but was very obvious, this Lei Xiao day did not come up intentionally late, he has not gotten strength back from just attack, somewhat was mixed up. Along with a bell sound, Xiong Li and Lei Xiao day commencing of action, Lei Xiao day performance actually somewhat fails to achieve the standard, six layers of insufficiency heyday his strength wields, making Xiong Li relaxed has won the competition. To be honest, Lei Xiao day level not only this, but before him , when Zhao Hai defeats, has seriously damaged his confidence, this makes him wield abnormally, otherwise is Xiong Li can win, will pass through turns struggles hard to be good, after all the Lei Xiao day is Magician of pair of department.

As Xiong Li and Lei Xiao day competition ended, entire invitational meet also near the end, tomorrow is the invitational meet last war, is confronted by Zhao Hai Terry, this is considered that is a machine biggest dark horse, among the fights with new person first Expert, who can laugh last, but also did not say. It looks like in the machine here person, Zhao Hai although performance good of , but he has wanted Terry, but also needs some time, although Zhao Hai fight match very relaxed, and has not used any tool, but Terry is also same, he has not used any tool, moreover he conquers the enemy time, same appears very relaxed, except for finally with a Xiong Li war, he has taken beyond some efforts, other times, he is very relaxed. Now they have met together, is a dragon rate tiger fights absolutely, person but who supports Terry, supporting the Zhao Hai person are more. Zhao Hai looks comes out present Terry attack not to be ordinary, other people naturally can also look, do not regard the fool the machine here person, they are not silly, all the people of knowing the business can look, Terry attack with other people are not quite same, but all people also with Zhao Hai are the same ideas, thinks that Terry is what because will have fortuitous encounter to have strength like this. Next day, because is last, was the most important competition, the person who therefore sports arena here came were more, in various Great Clan some honored and popular characters came, Card and Desbarres they naturally were no exception, besides them, Rook and Maggie also arrived at the scene, on several people of faces was hanging the smiling face, did not have an appearance of worry. Progress that in fact Zhao Hai makes now, they already very satisfied, even if were Zhao Hai these time has defeated, they were also content, progress that after all Zhao Hai this time made, is Ashley Clan in these years result best one time. Such result can be fully Ashley Clan struggles the even bigger benefit, they can using thing that Zhao Hai struggles, unfolds Clan, becomes friends with the new ally, was adding on their these time with fire temple, Wu Clan and flame has drawn in relationship, moreover except Zhang Family this archenemy, it can be said that bountiful received. Therefore Card their mood very good, see the person to smile, greets with the person who these they are familiar with, but these people also with a smile notified them, even if not so were ripe, will put on several refined languages with other people. A machine person is realistic, Ashley Clan has obtained the good achievements, can divide to more advantage, by the Ashley Clan background, can definitely unfold with these thing, turns into a formidable big influence, at this time and Ashley Clan did well relationship appears very heavy wants. Time past bit by bit, quick arrived at nine o'clock, sports arena here has resounded the ding, these walked around the person to stop, oneself hit a place to sit, but Zhao Hai also sat in player seat there has not moved, the time of regulation game was the arrangement in ten o'clock, to present also one hour, but these days, gives the time that he and Terry prepared, but in the person by sports arena will not be done to sit these days, on Arena will have some performances.

Zhao Hai is the first time watches the theatrical performance of machine here, the theatrical performance of here also very has the characteristics, has the dance show, there are to sing to perform, some are similar to the living theater same performance, but all the people of perform dance, have studied the military, the ten points that the dance movements design have the difficulty, very beautiful, is adding on some Magician in the one side release some have no attack strength, but is very magnificent attractive Magic as background, to is attractive good. Zhao Hai does not need to prepare anything, this hour, he at the there look at performance, does not have the tense appearance. But Terry displays is also similar to Zhao Hai, they do not have a tense expression, to is makes other people feel very strange. The quick sports arena here ting in one time has rung, the performance on Arena also stopped, Zhao Hai looked at the time, about ten minutes were the time of regulation game, Zhao Hai cannot help but looked at Terry eyes, sitting of Terry calm in there, is speaking to his person, looked such to is really not anxious. Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile, his understand Terry is not why anxious, in Terry attack that special Qi Strength, has given the Terry absolute confidence, he thinks that in the wind level person, nobody is his match, even if before is his Zhao Hai, strong that very displays, Terry does not think one will lose. Zhao Hai cannot help but laughs in one's heart at heart, feared that is kills Terry, he does not think that he has congealed Gang to enter the body, he has that type not to know that bright Qi Strength, but oneself have Berserk Qi, Zhao Hai believes that their Berserk Qi compared with present Terry that type does not know Qi Strength that comes, that is not only weak. The knot wheel that reason that has such confidence, after Zhao Hai also passes through analysis, in every way obtained, his detailed had asked after later Xiong Li, with present Terry feeling to the wartime, underwent the analysis of Space, drew this conclusion. The Space analysis believes from now on, that unknown Qi Strength that Terry uses, is very likely one type of to be similar to Evil Qi Qi Strength, his attack strength does not have Evil Qi to be so strong, he can only be plays certain increasing spoke to do to use, but will increase the intensity of spoke not to be big, will come compared with Berserk Qi or Evil Qi, must miss on many. Because has such conclusion, therefore Zhao Hai on feel relieved, he has not thought expose too many strengths, if to defeat Terry, making others know that he too many cards in a hand, that may too not delimit... Ok.!.