Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1196

Clang! A melodious ding, Zhao Hai and Terry have stood, slowly walks toward Arena on, this ding reminds them, wanted on Arena. They got up Arena, relatively and vertical, Arena protective shield also rose, look at opposite party that their together about hundred meters, decide. On present Terry face is having the self-confident smiling face, his look at Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, I be well-known to for a long time to you, today can compare notes one or two with mister on this stage, really below being honored.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, bows to present Terry said : „the there words, Terry Mister Pu, expensive is Ten Great Experts first, your strength little brother is really very much, today can ask mister that admires to direct one or two, really lets feel that below is most honored.” Looks at their appearances, match who that must compete with likely, instead to looks like the friend who two pity clearheadedly, must carry on one time to compare notes to be the same. Naturally, they will not take seriously the opposite party words, if who takes seriously the opposite party, who was a fool. At this time the ting resounded, they know that this was the ting of regulation game. Zhao Hai hears the ting, showed a faint smile said : to present Terry mister, the competition formally started, Zhao Hai first has been disrespectful, mister please first begin.” Although was speaking to present Terry in Zhao Hai, but he Terry the protection to Huisse, has not actually relaxed, he in this Terry body, felt that a ten points uncomfortable feeling, this feeling has made his vigilance to present Terry mention high. Perfect that although Terry displays, moreover very polite, but Zhao Hai has not actually gotten up must with the heart of his becoming friends with, because that uncomfortable feeling has been reminding him, making him probably to a present Terry Pu Yuan point. present Terry also making to be shocked by Zhao Hai, actually he very pays attention to collect the Zhao Hai information these days, Zhao Hai strength formidable, ascend less than one year, has reached the 4th level Magician level, moreover pursues the Ashley Clan young lady succeeded in obtaining, might very much becomes the Ashley Clan core member, what most important will be, he within the short time, can with Xiong Li, Dong Fangyu, Sun Fei, the person who Li Kuangren such character will vary form the friend, obviously he will be a wrist|skill greatly strengthened person. Person who this wants so polite spoke to him, this itself on Jeance Terry somewhat lacked self-confidence at heart, therefore he also added to Zhao Hai extremely carefully.

Now one hear of Zhao Hai said that Terry also slightly stares, then face changes, deep voice said : Mr. Zhao Hai was polite, you and I various is his lord, has to fight, Mr. Zhao Hai first invited.” Zhao Hai looked at Terry eyes, shows a faint smile said : well, then below on impolite.” Said that Zhao Hai moves, Magic Formation appears of five overlay in his front, then Fire Dragon departs from Magic Formation, dashes to Terry. present Terry looked at Zhao Hai attack one, his hand moves, Magic Formation appears of ten overlay in his front, this Magic Formation probably became a giant machine gun was then same, Ice Cone from Magic Formation, have shot toward Fire Dragon. present Terry obviously also present Zhao Hai wholeheartedly multipurpose skills, he knows, if he also uses Ice Dragon to Fire Dragon, will suffer a loss in the operation, therefore he changed military strategy, changes to Ice Cone to fire at Fire Dragon, like this operated to be simpler, so long as he adjusted the direction that fired at to cope with Zhao Hai Fire Dragon, this was best coped with the Fire Dragon way. Zhao Hai looks at Terry dealing, two eyes cannot help but mi, then his hand wields, hot feather ten thousand arrows in appears , but Fire Dragon also shooting vanished by present Terry Ice Cone. present Terry looked at Zhao Hai to leave hot feather ten thousand arrows, immediately/on horseback in hand hastily, giant ice shield appears of ten overlay in his front, kept off Zhao Hai ten thousand arrows attack. But Zhao Hai this time attack was also more violent, he can simultaneous two different Magic, carry on attack to present Terry, but Terry is not the simple character, after he used the ice shield to block Zhao Hai majority of attack, starts to carry on the counter-attack. Must say that Terry spiritual force is also very formidable, is adding on the ice shield to stand in there, does not need too many spiritual force support, therefore Terry can use other Magic with ease. present Terry obviously was also full realizing the threat of Zhao Hai, he also wanted quick one to solve Zhao Hai, therefore he was supporting existence of ice shield with spiritual force, in a soft voice was reading Incantation, in hand kept was tying Hand-Seal, he tied Hand-Seal was very quick, before long Hand-Seal tied, the incantation scope also read, then the Terry hand wielded continuously Zhao Hai direction silently said: Extremely deep cold, Ten Thousands Li Icebound, scolds!” Along with his voice, on entire Arena suddenly raised the intermittent white smog, this white smog very overbearing, thing that so long as was bumped into by this smog, immediately has formed the one layer ice, the green corundum on Arena is no exception. Must know Daws Terry Ten Thousands Li Icebound Magic Formation Set, but hundred Magic Formation Set become, Might naturally is very formidable.

Zhao Hai looks at this situation, knows that fierce of this move, his both hands wield continually, the Fire Dragon techniques of each and every one ten overlay, depart from in his hand, height zhang (3.33 m), lifelike Fire Dragon departs from Magic Formation, but this these Fire Dragon have not gone to attack Terry, but encircles in Zhao Hai all around, revolving. present Terry looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but shows a faint smile, he believes that his Ten Thousands Li Icebound is not that good to break, Ten Thousands Li Icebound this set of Spell, not only 4th level Magic of hundred overlay is so simple, the here surface also added massive Yin Qi. This Yin Qi is Terry biggest taking advantage, depends on relying on this Yin Qi, Terry can become Ten Great Experts first, if no these Yin Qi, he feared that is links Ten Great Experts rank unable to go. Just as such that beforehand Zhao Hai sees, Terry although is also a talent, but he absolutely not the Dingtian talent certainly like the Lei Xiao day and Xiong Li, he regarding the utilization of Magic Formation also can only be common, but he in obtaining one type of Secret Technique, after has been able to get so far as massive Yin Qi join to Magic Formation, that Magic Formation Might increases, making him suddenly become one of the Ten Great Experts, moreover ranks first that. Because of presently this Yin Qi huge use, therefore Terry these years has been collecting Yin Qi, along with his Yin Qi collection many of more and more, his Magic Formation Might also getting bigger and bigger, for the recent two years, person with level, no matter Magician or Warrior, nobody is his match , because of this, therefore he is very confident to his Magic, he believes that light with Fire Dragon technique of that several overlay, is impossible to block his Ten Thousands Li Icebound technique. However Jeance the Terry shocking matter lives, these white mist when extend to these Fire Dragon side, started to emit the intermittent white smoke unexpectedly, these Fire Dragon although keeping changed is small, but has actually blocked his ten thousand li (0.5km) Frozen technique. Saw this situation, the Terry eyes one stares round, this was his first time saw that some people can block his Ten Thousands Li Icebound technique with ten overlay Magic Formation, must know before , he used the Ten Thousands Li Icebound technique time, the opposite party is uses Fire element Magic Geng Didang, the Ten Thousands Li Icebound technique has also frozen together with opposite party Fire element Magic, blocked his Ten Thousands Li Icebound technique like Zhao Hai the method, his first meeting. Zhao Hai after release more than ten Fire Dragon, stopped, starts in a soft voice in there was reading Incantation, in hand kept was tying Hand-Seal. Actually Zhao Hai this does to the person looked that he must shoot these Magic, simply does not need to read any Incantation, does not need to tie any Hand-Seal, because these Magic Formation Set already existed in his Space, he moves to use directly. However before the person, these must do, otherwise makes people present, he has been able to flicker thousand Magic Formation Set now, that cannot frighten crazy, his Zhao Hai does ascend come up how long? Less than one year of time, now he becomes 4th level Magician, is the monstruous talent existed, if he in release thousand Magic Formation Set, he were not the monstruous talent, directly was the monster. Installed some little time Zhao Hai handle to proceed to wield, then said loudly: Wind helps the fire intensity, the fire taking advantage of the wind prestige, wind fire Liancheng, scolds!” Along with his voice, centered on him, piece of Inferno shoots up to the sky, then one group of giant tornado also flat lands, may comply with the wind to help the fire intensity , the fire taking advantage of wind prestige these words, huge, the tornado Fire Dragon flat land flew, goes toward present Terry Pu Pu.

But that Ten Thousands Li Icebound technique that Terry shoots, was broken in wind fire Liancheng technique appears that moment. present Terry looks at this situation, cannot help but face changes, his both hands fast tie seal, in the mouth mumble, only several. seconds hundred overlay Magic Formation on appears in Terry front, Terry said loudly: Takes the ice as the body, takes the water as soul, Ice Dragon roars, scolds!” present Terry voice falls, in front of him in Magic Formation of that hundred overlay, spread world-shaking the sound of Dragon's Roar suddenly, then a huge hydron blue personal appearance flew from Magic Formation, this is a height reaches the hundred zhang (333m) Giant Dragon, this Giant Dragon appears , hits toward Zhao Hai wind fire Liancheng Magic on. Boom! The entire Arena sports arena rocked several, Arena outside Magic protective shield, is appears cracks, appearance that momentarily must split. The referee looked at this situation, greatly surprised, immediately/on horseback calls several Magician, transported Magic toward protective shield, this made protective shield from new has stabilized, has not burst. However now in because of just this time large explosion, but becomes hazy, no one can see clearly inside situation, but on Arena has not broadcast the sound that fights, this also made people feel relieved many. although just this explosion sound very enormous, but before , Magic Formation that their several times Fighting Technique, uses, was really too magnificent, making the people look loudly shouts satisfying, although presently Arena protective shield probably broken, but actually nobody wanted leave, each and every one stares in the eye, look at Arena, although on Arena anything cannot see now. ro!.