Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1198

The dark night approaches quietly, machine star here originally is place of non- night, the nightlife of people are very rich, but today is so, because today is the day that the invitational meet ended, many Clan have held the cocktail party, these is also most noticeable by the cocktail party that Ashley Clan holds. Ashley Clan in machine here is not considered as that the big influence of climax, before their Clan can say that does not see in the machine here name after does not pass on, no big deal place. Before although Ashley Clan, is on good terms with some Clan, Clan that but is on good terms with him, is some middle-and-small Clan, is not the machine here top big influence. Before Ashley Clan held the cocktail party time, to these big influences presently some written invitations, naturally will not get any response, participates their family cocktail party, many were some with the middle-and-small influence that their Clan was on good terms, moreover besides minority relationship good, was sends one to represent the attendance generally, how not to attach great importance. But today is different, now Zhao Hai became machine invitational meet first, this gives Ashley Clan has brought greatly in the benefit, now is these machine in most tops Great Clan, has to Ashley Clan three points of Bo Mian, because of these person of very clear, Ashley Clan rise was irresistible, that many friend, always compares many enemy to want much stronger. Because of such reason, therefore normally few people will come, Ashley Clan in machine star Office, today actually especially lively, in parking lot there, all kinds of speeding cars, often is passing and out, the clothes cedar magnificent men, in hand are taking Crystal wine glass, stands is chatting in the first floor the lawn beyond dining room and level, once for a while will have the jiao laughter of woman to transmit. The melodious musical sound annoys hidden, if presently, the night light breeze has sent the cool feeling of that faint trace to the people, did not have the daytime sultriness, instead to is makes people feel comfortably. Card shuttles back and forth in the crowds, notifies these familiar or not the familiar person, Desbarres and Rook naturally are no exception, now their three, but Ashley Clan representative. Xiong Li their four people also stand in the lawn, Xiong Li looked at all around person one eyes, snort|hum said : I attended such cocktail party repugnantly, cannot drink my few liquor, cannot eat any thing, only some look at people bring the mask to talk foolishly in there, senseless tight.” Li Kuangren also nodded said : „, looked that their each and every one smiles called a vacation, might as well our elder brother several looked for place drinking well two cups, eats satisfying that two meat came.” Dong Fangyu looked at their one eyes, showed a faint smile said : to result, do not complain, you can attend such cocktail party to be good, you did not have a look was who, that may be in the major influences, honored and popular character, because was several of us with Little Hai relationship, Ashley Clan will not allow us to attend this cocktail party, did you at this cocktail party, see had a Outer Sect people?”

Sun Fei also nodded said : bear Eldest Child, should not be content, but we to can use this, when gave a pretext, well knocked Elder Brother Hai, but his there many nice wines.” Xiong Li one hear of Sun Fei said that cannot help but stares said : well, your youngster must plan Little Hai unexpectedly, but, hey, I like, such decided.” Several people laugh, bring to attention, but in the vision is bringing of despising, obviously machine here person, regarding Ascender, somewhat cannot get used to seeing. Xiong Li several people of simply do not care, they in Lower Realm are also the call the wind and summon the rain characters, any scene has not seen, even if to machine here, like were not good in Lower Realm, but they are also the talent type characters, in respective Clan Outer Sect, that is also was being held absolutely the character, that will care about this minor matter. At this time the time to evening's eight o'clock about, the guest who should come had almost also been in attendance, Zhao Hai and Maggie also from the building of office. Their this appears , one attracted has presented the vision of all people, two people of clothes both were black , looked indifferently not very magnificently, but the clothing material of that clothes the work, actually one left the uncommon places of these two clothes on expose, what most important was, these two clothes unexpectedly after specially designed, they stood in together shoulder to shoulder, the design on their clothes was can continually in together, now is the blind person also knows that what they put on was two installs after the lover of special design. Zhao Hai had come out, therefore person come to greet with Zhao Hai, returning a courtesy of Zhao Hai also very politeness, but makes these people feel what is surprised, Zhao Hai can speak thoughtlessly to call their name unexpectedly, does not have a point strange feeling. Must achieve this point not to be easy, because these people can affirm that they are first time contact with Zhao Hai, when Ashley Clan delivers to their in hand the written invitation, their Clan had not said that will send who to come, in other words Zhao Hai before and don’t know they must come, in this case, Zhao Hai can also call their name accurately, this appeared very great. Like the cocktail party, in Lower Realm Zhao Hai not only also has participated, although now the environment changed, but regarding Zhao Hai, treating with courtesy in this cocktail party actually has not changed, was OK according to the repertoire. although says today this cocktail party in the name to him the celebration office, but Zhao Hai very clear, he now Expert in Ashley Clan Outer Sect, if not look in the Ashley Clan face, these people so will not be warm to him.

This cocktail party nominal lead is his Zhao Hai, but in fact actually simply is not that a matter, this is only one in the name of his, makes the major influence contact sentiments, is a meeting of fight openly and maneuver covertly, his Zhao Hai uses in doing that at this cocktail party plays, feared that is when the vase suspends. Zhao Hai after these people have greeted, leads Maggie to Xiong Li their there, Xiong Li they to look that Zhao Hai and Maggie came, shows a faint smile to them, Xiong Li is said : good Little Hai, I thought that you have to deal with the experiences of these people very much, you think that always attended the cocktail party to be inadequate?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „my to have the time always to attend these cocktail parties, like the cocktail party, is in fact similar, so long as you participated one time, next time knows how must do.” Xiong Li laughs, he is not first time attended such cocktail party, naturally knows that what Zhao Hai said is right, their several people have formed a small group, chatted in there, but more people were chatting with Card, after all came the here people to know that Card was the person who Ashley Clan Patriarch most trusted, in Ashley Clan absolutely was a real power character, tonight here genuine chancellor, Card approximately. Zhao Hai also knows certainly this situation, therefore he in has notified after these people, brought Maggie to run up to Xiong Li here, they chatted with Xiong Li, but has not gone to try with these influential figure to draw in relationship. Time in this at a moderate pace environment, slowly is passing, unknowingly soon to nine o'clock, Card at this time had decided cooperation relationship with several Clan, it may be said that is bountiful receives. In this time, enchanting blue light is driving together from the distant place, quick arrives at parking lot there, Card sees this blue light, face cannot help but slightly changes, because he recognizes this blue light, in machine star here, uses this whole body blue light the influence of speeding car to have one, the Water God palace. The Water God palace, one of the machine top big influences, the Magic alliance important component, the strength compared with Ashley Clan, not only plans. The original Water God palace does not have what enmity with Ashley Clan, they can send for attending the cocktail party, equal to support to Ashley Clan, Card should happy. However do not forget, Terry Pu Zhu is the person in Water God palace, if Zhao Hai appears , that invitational meet first this reputation is not Terry, now Terry is actually defeated by Zhao Hai, Ashley Clan had grievances on equal to with the Water God palace, naturally, Card also gave the Water God palace the written invitation, but Water God palace there did not have any reply, Card thinks that the person in Water God palace will not come, but the cocktail party has carried on now for one hour, person actually suddenly of Water God palace ran coming out, this has to be been approximately many by Card wants.

But at this time that enchanting speeding car stopped parking lot there, then the vehicle door opens, goes out of two people to come from inside, saw that these two person Card eyes shrink, because these two people have him not to know that but that person who does not know, the clothes that wears are not the machine here clothes style, looks at that person of appearance, to likely is the Cultivation World person. Card believes that own judgment, the appearance of Cultivation World there person, has very big difference with machine here, moreover body temperament is also different, even if the machine here person, wears the Cultivation World there clothes, follows like the Cultivation World there person, the Cultivation World there people not to have one type of very special temperament. But person who another Card knows, made Card heart one raise, that person was Divine Palace of water Bishop, the known as Badong, but this Badong had a nickname, Poison Snake. The Poison Snake Badong, one hear of this person of nicknames know that what person he was, just like his nickname was the same, this person of Badong was really a Poison Snake same person, the person who so long as stared, will not have the auspicious day, when this person of yin was vicious, opposed the enemy stops at nothing, absolutely was a very hard to deal with character. It can be said that changed the person in any Water God palace to come, Card so will not be anxious, but looked is the Poison Snake Badong, Card heart one has raised, but he was moving forward to meet somebody of half step, when to the Badong also several meters far, laughed said : not to think that Badong Bishop undercarriage visited unexpectedly, my Ashley Clan was really most honored, Card here was courteous.” This Badong long dark and thin, looks like of undistinguished appearance, without any extraordinary place, eye mimi, when his eye sweeps obsolete from your body, your immediately will feel is not comfortable, because in this person of that not big eye, always reflects Poison Snake same yin ruthless radiance, lets person very uncomfortable. ro!.