Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1199

Badong look at Card, slight bow of said! ” Card, your this performance are very good, come, I give you to introduce, this is talent new person Li Chuchen of Cultivation World extremely western cold city, he is also the player of 6 Realms new competition, this time he at the Cultivation World internal invitational meet, has obtained the tenth good achievements...., Badong said that Li Chuchen obtains tenth good to become Xian, this is not one type of taunts absolutely, but is one type of thinks highly, Cultivation World there tenth, compared with taking off here first, the component must, probably know fully general Cultivation World there tenth, almost also on equal to is the 6 Realms new person competition tenth, in the big game of case, few people have been able to break this rule. Card felt anger very to Badong that lesson younger generation same expression, but introduction of one hear of Badong, Card immediately could not attend to being angry. Machine and Cultivation World there although occasionally have the friction, but among 2 Realms actually and has the exchange, in fact the exchange between 2 Realms are many, but Cultivation World has been in the upper hand during these exchanges, moreover is in the leading positions. Because immediately must arrive at the 6 Realms new competition was matching, therefore abundant regarding some talent new person also certain understanding of Cultivation World there appears , but Li Chuchen this name was he has listened to one of the names. A talent character who Li Chuchen, nickname day frost sword, western cold city nearest/recent for four years ascend comes up extremely, although ascend comes up for four years, but now he is Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, moreover High Grade Magical Treasure that City Lord of his in hand also extremely western cold city specially grants, the day frost sword, he is relying on this sword, slowly has made the reputation. But extremely the western cold city in Cultivation World there is not the small influence, that is also one of the Cultivation World big influences, his follower sub- audiences surely, consider Inner Disciples to have 1 million, but Core Disciple about 10,000, are also adding on elder in the Sect and other Expert, in the Cultivation World there strength, can count absolutely. Do not look that western cold city there Core Disciple has about 10,000 extremely, but these disciple strengths, may be very strong, Cultivation World there Core Disciple with the machine here Clan core member completely is two matters. The machine here Clan core member, generally is the person in Clan, no matter your strength how, ability how, so long as you are Clan direct line or bloodline of collateral branch important member, generally is the Clan core member, because machine here is not the strength of special attaching great importance to special person, therefore some Clan core members, the strength is very low. But Cultivation World there is actually not that a matter, in Cultivation World there, all spoke by the strength, before Foundation Establishment Stage, generally was Outer Disciple, became the Foundation Establishment Stage person, had the material becomes Inner Disciples, Inner Disciples generally comprised of Foundation Establishment Stage disciple, if you can in be Gold Core Stage Expert, that had the material becomes Core Disciple, but one Sect Core Disciple, had a strength resistance machine here fleet.

But Li Chuchen can in a ascend less than four years of situation, become Foundation Establishment Stage Expert, is promoted into extremely Inner Disciples of western cold city, this itself does not have a very great matter, absolutely can be said as the Cultivation World there hundred years of rare talent character. Therefore Li Chuchen although is only tenth of machine there invitational meet, but Card actually does not dare neglecting a little, his immediately/on horseback to bow to Li Chuchen said :originally is Li Shaoxia, Card has been disrespectful, has not thought really Li Shaoxia can the undercarriage visit our Ashley Clan, this is really the big good fortune of my Ashley Family nose...., Li Chuchen to the team a Card point face, he in the nose snort|hum, then deep voice said : had not actually heard in your Clan to leave a talent, ascend less than one year of time, became first of machine here invitational meet, HaHaHa, a machine strength may go back really more and more, ascend just one year of person, can in machine say that king dominate, is really laughable, what you also hold celebration feast, didn't think too absurd?” One hear of Li Chuchen words, Card face fierce changes, then he turned the head to look at Badong one, on the Badong dark and thin face, smiling face flashes passed. Card is not angry Li Chuchen impolite, the Cultivation World there person, has looked does not take off a person, this does not have what quite strangely, the reason of Card face big change is because Li Chuchen mentioned Zhao Hai in words, moreover probably is very discontented with Zhao Hai, if Li Chuchen is really discontented with Zhao Hai, he will possibly challenge Zhao Hai, that Zhao Hai was dangerous, but obviously, this matter behind, had the shadow of Water God palace certainly. Thinks here Card cannot help but hates the Water God palace at heart, he has not thought Water God palace unexpectedly such does not have the quantity of being tolerant of other people, Zhao Hai strength formidable, allowing him to attend this time 6 Realms new person competition, certainly can bring the even bigger benefit for machine, but the person in Water God palace to retaliate, actually will want to abandon Zhao Hai, this is lets the kissing pain absolutely, the enmity quick matter, does not consider the general situation completely. although has thought of these, but Card actually has to depress his anger, discernment that but then my Ashley Clan the strength to Li Chuchen polite said :, naturally does not enter Li Shaoxia, because my Ashley Clan has not made any nice progress, will therefore celebrate, to was makes Li Shaoxia be laughed.” It is not Card wants such submissively, if trades a situation, he is not necessarily able to be so polite to Li Chuchen, after all Li Chuchen in cow, is extremely disciple of western cold city, moreover a Cultivation World people, he offended Li Chuchen, Li Chuchen also not necessarily dares to be what kind of him, after is related to Cultivation World and machine, Li Chuchen does not dare to act unreasonably. Reason that Card so will be polite, the most important reason wants to shift Li Chuchen attention, making Li Chuchen in not challenge Zhao Hai.

Card was a long time in rivers and lakes old fox, he listened to Li Chuchen from Li Chuchen words is the future is bad, although said that Li Chujian was in Cultivation World, does not dare easily made war with machine Great Clan, but if he used the name of challenge to challenge Zhao Hai, that was the homicide Zhao Hai, Ashley Clan does not have the means that because Ashley Clan does not dare to make war with the western cold city extremely. Li Chuchen is not fearful, what is fearful is Li Chuchen behind the influence of representative, extremely western cold city strength formidable, how if Ashley Clan Li Chuchen, that western cold city certainly will have retaliated really Ashley Clan extremely, at the appointed time waits for a plane here to fear that is few individuals dares to be over Ashley Clan, after all does not have that influence to be willing to offend a big influence like extremely western cold city. It can be said that Water God palace this move is suffices yin to be ruthless absolutely enough, they do not act to cope with Zhao Hai, but makes Li Chuchen act, if Li Chuchen challenges Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai actually has no alternative but to accept this challenge, this is a machine custom. The machine here person, has been pressed a head by Cultivation World, but the machine here person also has own dignity, if Cultivation World there Expert must cope with Zhao Hai, machine will be Zhao Hai will certainly act, because they can say that Cultivation World will bully the weak. But if the new person challenges Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai needs the engagement, if the Zhao Hai engagement, he did not lose face to machine, machine here Zhao Hai rather accepts Li Chuchen challenge, finally died in battle, he does not hope to see escape challenge of Zhao Hai like coward, this is a machine dignity. But the Water God palace settled on this point, therefore they will ask Li Chuchen to act to challenge Zhao Hai, gives them to leave foul air, the person in Water God palace looks like, was Zhao Hai snatches straight the invitational meet first this position from their in hand, lets thing that the Water God palace has not obtained them to want, will therefore use this means. But mentioned also skillfully, Li Chuchen now is extremely Inner Disciples of western cold city, the person who must attend the 6 Realms new person competition, should not run all over the place is right, reason that this time Li Chuchen will arrive at here to come, was because Water God palace here had same thing that he needed, such thing was the day Divine Water. Day Divine Water this thing, in Cultivation World there was also a treasure, but the quantity were not many, but this thing, regarding Li Chuchen practice actually very had the advantage, was adding on his nearest/recent to practice the bottleneck, wants to come out to gain experience, therefore personally arrived at Water God palace there, seeking day Divine Water. Day Divine Water regarding the Water God palace is also very important, but Li Chuchen requests to take, they will not give up, after all this can make Li Chuchen owe them a favour, if Li Chuchen because of day Divine Water, but cultivation level has striven, can obtain the good achievements at the 6 Realms new person competition, that western cold city equal to has owed a Water God palace favour extremely, the truth that the Water God palace naturally has not given. But Li Chuchen situation is somewhat similar to the Lei Xiao day, they have grown up in others' praise sound, therefore their very arrogant, Badong also saw this point, therefore he slightly loses is young

The idea, resulted in Li Chuchen to arrive at the Ashley Clan cocktail party on ji with his together, prepared to challenge Zhao Hai. Badong is also clear, he such does, will bring certain trouble to the Water God palace, after all this equal to colludes with the bystander, comes to auxiliary engine, but he cannot control now that many, he wants kill Zhao Hai wholeheartedly. Reason that Badong will be such angry, has the reason, Terry strength formidable, moreover is Badong has been training him fully, for Jeance Terry strength promotion as soon as possible, he has made lots of efforts, for is Jeance Terry obtains this invitational meet first, like his Badong will be higher in the status of Water God palace, perhaps some day he will become Archbishop of Water God palace. However all these by Zhao Hai destroying, therefore Badong hates to the marrow of the bones to Zhao Hai, happen to Li Chuchen walks , does Badong possibly give up such good opportunity not using? It is not considered as that is a little afterward troublesome, so long as can except Zhao Hai, that be also worth. said it, a dead genius, that was also not the talent, so long as Zhao Hai died, Ashley Clan impossible to make any progress at the 6 Realms new person competition, Ashley Clan wants smooth rising not to be impossible, Ashley Clan now these allies, fully will not be helping them, but Terry also, so long as Terry can take at the 6 Realms new person competition with the good achievements, that present Ashley Clan these ally, on will become the ally of Water God palace, what he on will not have was troublesome.!.