Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 12 - Chapter 1200

Because has thought this all sorts of consequences, therefore Badong decides ji Li Chuchen make a move, therefore had today's this. What ideological struggle Card although don’t know Badong underwent, some such decision, but he is clear Badong the purpose in coming, Badong their these time comes to come for Zhao Hai, therefore he will lower the stance, is wants the child to shift the topic, does not make Li Chuchen challenge Zhao Hai. But person who at this time attended the cocktail party, noted Card they, heard among them the dialog, all people in cocktail party one type of with the vision look at Badong that despised, but Badong probably had not actually seen that these vision were the same. The matter to this situation, Badong did not have the road back, his these time did not ask Li Chuchen the hand to cope with Zhao Hai, but was ji Li Chuchen make a move copes with Zhao Hai, now is he thinks that did not make Li Chuchen cope with Zhao Hai not to be impossible, Li Chuchen will not listen his. Card idea is good, but Li Chuchen is not good to deceive, although Card has adopted very low stance, but this has not actually cancelled Li Chuchen to challenge Zhao Hai his thoughts. Li Chuchen snort|hum, deep voice said : heard that Zhao Hai is very rampant, but also wants one to be high and low with our Cultivation World Expert, happen, I came today, makes me teach his, making him know profoundly.” A Li Chuchen this saying exit / to speak, the person one discussed that the vision of all people roved in Badong and Zhao Hai. Comes to the scene may not have that is the fool, from Li Chuchen words they can know, reason that Li Chuchen will come here, certainly received inciting of who, but this person does not need to ask that certainly is Badong, because Badong is the person in Water God palace, but finally Zhao Hai defeats is of Water God palace Terry becomes the invitational meet first. All people to behavior not shame of Badong, this is clarifies must to Zhao Hai in the deathtrap, moreover colludes with the person of outside world to deal with a this Realm people, this manner not shame, but they have to acknowledge that this move is very poisonous. Machine is nobody will reject regarding such challenge, if you have rejected, lost an entire machine face on equal to, in looking like Cultivation World shows weakness, after you, did not use in machine mixed, will be cancelled all welfare , the package expanded the qualifying of 6 Realms new person competition. Therefore everyone/Great Clan looked that in the look of Badong is having not the shame with deep dreading, but looked that in the Zhao Hai look were also many a sympathy, but more people look in the Zhao Hai look actually full are the facial expressions of taking pleasure in others'misfortunes, if were looking that a deceased person is the same. Card listened to Li to remove dust said that personal appearance cannot help but slightly in a flash, face was then pale, he knows that this matter did not have to change. Not only Card besides Zhao Hai and Maggie, Desbarres and Rook, Xiong Li they several people of face crazily changes, the flash becomes face is pale, they are the same with Card idea, Zhao Hai ended. Zhao Hai naturally also knows that what matter pulling Maggie lived, has arrived at Card side slowly, look at Li Chuchen, shows a faint smile said : Li Chuchen few variants? He He, below Zhao Hai saw that Li Shaoxia is most honored.”

Li Chuchen look at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted is said : you says the boastful talk?” Zhao Hai shaking the head said : of gently had not said below such words, it seems like Li Shaoxia is some misunderstanding, my almighty to Cultivation World very admires, how extremely arrogantly to saying such words? The Li Shaoxia wise supernatural might, should be able to make a clear distinction between right and wrong to being careful by with ulterior motives some villain being used as a tool.” Li Chuchen listened to Zhao Hai saying that immediately understand was any meaning, he turned the head to look at Badong coldly snorted, but he turned the head to Zhao Hai said : „you are any thing has not been one's turn you to teach me, if you do not dare to accept a challenge, spoke frankly, regarding the coward, my Li Chuchen will not begin, exempted dirty my sword.” Saw such appropriateness of Zhao Hai reply, holds Card of hope at heart, heard Li to remove dust said that instantaneous face dying embers, he has not thought Li Chuchen unexpectedly so overbearing, in the situation that clearly know was swindled, still persisted in being probable to Zhao Hai make a move. But Zhao Hai has not thought Li Chuchen such mindless, his eye narrows the eyes slightly, then shows a faint smile said : Li Shaoxia, since must begin not to be possible, the Zhao Hai nature did not disagree truth, invited Li Shaoxia approximately the time place.” Li Chuchen coldly snorted said : approximately when the place, teaches you also to serve a need in making the time, on the present, so long as you can meet my three sword undead, I give your way out, when 6 Realms new competition time, I am teaching you well, if you add my three swords unable to block, you died have also gotten what one deserves.” The Zhao Hai look at Li Chuchen appearance, shows a faint smile said : so also well, makes me ask for advice next day frost Divine Sword Might.” Li Chuchen coldly snorted, the hand moved, small sword appears in in his hand, this is not long the sword, puts in order sword span about one meter, sword Thunder Bai, the sword hilt is white , in behind of sword hilt, but also is bringing sword knot, on sword knot is leading white sword Ying, looks like very beautiful. This takes the sword, the drop that all around temperature immediately/on horseback flies, a while arrived has breathed out the turn into ice situation, but on Li Chuchen face had a self-confident smiling face, look at Zhao Hai said : you to prepare?” Zhao Hai looked at all around person one eyes, shows a faint smile said : Li Shaoxia, the here person are too many, among you and I fights, unavoidably will implicate innocently, this, how do I find person not many places?” Li Chuchen also knows the people who here comes are machine here are honored and popular, if he has injured these people, that is not good, his coldly snorted, nodded said : well, walks.” The personal appearance moves, flies toward not far away piece of forest there. Machine here originally is vast territory with a sparse population, ecological environment has been very good, besides some cities, between two buildings the distance is not near, some will even be separated by several li (0.5km) to have a building, the place like forest will be many. Has piece of forest in Ashley Clan office not far away, this piece of forest Ashley Clan plants in fact, forest is concentrates Incense Tree trees comprised of one type of known as, this dignified tree is the tree seed of one type of manufacture spice, poking the body can leave the intermittent fragrance, the fragrance is not strong, but can actually the tranquil mind, moreover may have the effect of expelling worm. This piece of forest construction cost not poor, but actually nobody cared that now this Zhao Hai and Li Chuchen have flown forest there, but other people all have the person who the ability flies, has flown that piece of forest above look at they, these did not have the person who ability flew also to seat in the speeding car, to forest there not far away, look at they. Xiong Li how many person of face ugly in forest surrounding look at forest, Maggie is also same, Xiong Li how many people looked at Maggie one, presently on the face of Maggie does not have a worry expression, how many people cannot help but somewhat are strange, isn't the Maggie present performance a little normal she so to be confident to Zhao Hai? Cannot keep words Li Kuangren look at Maggie said : at heart sister-in-law, aren't you worried about Little Hai really? But his match Cultivation World talent?”

Maggie turns the head look at Li Kuangren, will show a faint smile said : Third Brother feel relieved Elder Brother Hai not to have the matter, I will be confident to him, even if will be the Cultivation World person, cannot take him to be what kind.” A words exit / to speak of Maggie, side heard a coldly snorted sound, Maggie turned the head to look, was Badong, the eye of Maggie also cannot help but narrows the eyes then turns the head to go excessively, was not looking at Badong. This narrows the movement of eye, Maggie with the Zhao Hai study, Zhao Hai only then, when will be angry specially will have this movement, Maggie also studied. Li Kuangren their several people also heard coldly snorted sound several people of Badong to glower to Badong, but Badong actually when only have not seen. Li Kuangren they have not actually begun, most impulsive Li Kuangren have not drunk to scold to Badong, because the status in Badong after is Bishop of Water God palace, this status they cannot offend, but they have actually taken down to the enmity of Water God palace, the result that no matter Zhao Hai fights today, their several certainly will retaliate how the Water God palace. Time that Li Kuangren their although and Zhao Hai knows not long, but several people of actually completely right temperament, it can be said that very hits it off well with one another sometimes fate thing also really very marvelously, just knew obviously the not long after person, actually like knew for a lifetime, their several people are so. They look like in Li Kuangren, Zhao Hai is their brothers, but now their brothers had been designed, their can not be angry, but their strength is now insufficient, therefore can only swallow first this tone. At this time Zhao Hai and Li Chuchen have flown the congealing fragrant forest sky, they have not fallen to forest, but stood in forest above, was separated by about hundred meters. Li Chuchen looks at person one eyes that around these have watched the fun, leaves a taunt to Zhao Hai 1 u smiling face said : looks like your good intention has not obtained the good report.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I only to be me to think that should help, Li Shaoxia, please.” Li Chuchen look at Zhao Hai appearance, coldly snorted, the day frost sword in time appears in his front, then Li Chuchen in hand sword Secret Art pinches, the hand wields said : „the horizontal Breaking Mountain river, the first sword.” Along with his voice, his front day frost sword has increased suddenly, this less than one meter sword, probably is the air flush is instantaneously same, one rose several meters, sword also such as the gate analyzed same thick, then a sword cut toward Zhao Hai. This sword seems like a move of simple below chops probably, but only prepares Zhao Hai that meets to incur to know that this move is not that simple. The day frost sword downward cuts from sky falls, sword in gently is shivering, does not want underestimated this shivering gently, this is not because Li Chuchen is not good regarding the control ability of sword, just the opposite, Li Chuchen regarding control of day frost sword, is very good, reason that sword meets Gu Dou, to seal up Zhao Hai all routes of avoidance, Zhao Hai, no matter hides toward there, the day frost sword will make the adjustment within the shortest time, still a sword cuts, can say this sword, Zhao Hai besides hard spelling, not any means.

Zhao Hai sees this situation, is face changes, his hand moves, Magic Staff appears of silver white in Zhao Hai in hand, the people saw Zhao Hai to put out Magic Staff, cannot help but stares, because Zhao Hai, when attended the competition, has not used weapon, the people have thought since Zhao Hai had not found to suit own Magic Staff, has not actually thought that at this time, Zhao Hai suddenly has revealed Magic Staff, the people only know that Zhao Hai has Magic Staff, but before is him, is useless, in other words, he before competition, fully. Magic Staff that Zhao Hai puts out naturally is Liquid Silver, he also presently on this day the uncommon place of frost sword, but wants to pose the threat to him is impossible, if Zhao Hai uses the body tempering fist to carry on attack, does not need Liquid Silver the day frost sword to repel, but Zhao Hai does not think expose own strength, therefore he has put out Liquid Silver. After putting out Liquid Silver, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback waves, Magic Formation of area array overlay instantaneously on appears in his front, this Magic Formation appears , immediately became Giant Shield, kept off in the Zhao Hai front. But at this time Li Chuchen day frost sword has cut, the incomparably huge day frost sword belt world-shaking Heaven and Earth powerful energy, one was cutting in the Zhao Hai arrangement, on big shields of hundred overlay. Boom! a loud sound, the people presently in front of big shield one is cut opening, the day frost sword then downward cut, the heart of people one has raised, because downward was cutting to cut Zhao Hai. However when the day frost sword cuts the broken big shield, suddenly appears from the big shield one slightly was also small A point shield, this shield then keeps off in front of day frost sword, the day frost sword has not stayed, cut to break this shield, but 100 shield kept off in front of sword, this shield compared with previous shield smaller some. People to the present present, the day frost sword has not ended one actually breaks the defense of that big shield, although that seems like at the same time the big shield, actually is actually comprised of one shield shield overlay, cutting of day frost sword one layer level is breaking Zhao Hai arrange shield, but day frost sword whereabouts also getting slower and slower. Had the busybody to count, the day frost sword in the process of whereabouts, has cut to break more than 60 big shields, this is very astonishing, that was the big shield that became by Magic Formation Set of hundred overlay, each side was not that good broken, but the day frost sword can cut the broken more than 60 big shields unexpectedly, this was very great. Finally the person, the day frost sword was cutting to break 90 big shields, stopped, people let out a long breath, then cannot help but cheering, they have not thought that Zhao Hai with Magic Formation Set of hundred overlay, can block a Li Chuchen this overbearing incomparable sword unexpectedly. Li Chuchen face is somewhat ugly, his look at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted said : good, has not thought that you can keep off my sword unexpectedly, but you are keeping off this sword to try.” Said that Li Chuchen hand pinches the sword Secret Art, simultaneously deep voice said : pierces Heaven and Earth, the second sword!” But except his voice, just the incomparably huge day frost sword, one was not changing also the normal shape, then a sword punctured toward Zhao Hai, this sword to unprecedented imposing manner, took sword handle Heaven and Earth to pierce completely probably is really same.!.