Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1201

Zhao Hai moves motionless is also staring at this sword, he is not does not want to move, but cannot move, Li Chuchen this move pierced Heaven and Earth very formidable, Qi on sword has locked him completely, he will move the sword also to move, Li Chuchen used, but flying sword, flying sword may not only flying, will also make a turn, therefore with hiding was not definitely good, such will only waste own time, therefore he can only meet hardly. Zhao Hai wields, was together hundred overlay Magic Formation Set appears in his front, Magic well group of this set of hundred overlay, departed from Magic Formation Great Sword, this Great Sword very enormous, after the day frost sword increased is not smaller, Great Sword all over the body [gold/metal] , looked like magnificent. This welcomed the day frost sword to fly Great Sword, sword tip to sword tip, Giant Sword, one was actually only then one meter small sword, these two swords blinked hit in together. Boom! Great Sword sword tip and sword tip of day frost sword lived, two swords of differing so much as to be beyond comparison hit in together, actually blew out unprecedented Qi Strength, this Qi Strength bo wave was how same, is centered on sword tip of two swords, toward all around proliferated, the Qi Strength place visited, congealed Incense Tree around the middle to be intercepted. Stands the people outside forest, immediately/on horseback has supported protective shield, their very clear, these Qi Strength were remaining energy that outside their Qi Strength the powder formed must say that Might was not very big, ordinary protective shield fully can block. But at this moment, then hitting on Giant Sword on day frost sword, actually flood frost hua, then Great Sword Bang, turned into a fragment of place, but the attack of day frost sword was blocked after all, now the day frost sword stopped, lost that unprecedented imposing manner, now is Li Chuchen makes him then go to attack Zhao Hai toward the forward flight, Might that this move can wield, insufficient normally two. Li Chuchen also knows that this time attack has wasted, his face some yin sink, although he had been used, however the Zhao Hai strength is stems from his unexpected, machine Magician hundred overlay Magic Formation. Might big, he knows, said honestly that he before Zhao Hai fights, he completely Zhao Hai has not paid attention, in his opinion, he only needs a sword Zhao Hai to cut to kill at the scene, but unfortunately, he has misjudged, he two swords, unexpectedly by Zhao Hai blocking, this makes on his face somewhat unable to hang. Cultivation World cultivator, with machine Magician and Warrior to, rarely has the defeat the time, even if these does not have Foundation Establishment cultivator. To previous 4th level even 5th level Magician, can be in an impregnable position, even can cut to kill the opposite party, this has big relationship with the method that both sides practice. strength/Origin Qi of cultivator practice, is takes strength/Origin Qi to introduce in the body, exercise body that then keeps, in takes own dantian finally as Sea of Qi, stores up all strength/Origin Qi, fight time can take with.

When strength/Origin Qi stores up to certain density, liquid, after all strength/Origin Qi liquefy is successful, represents you are Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, in your dantian the strength/Origin Qi permanent set of liquid Gold Core, represented you are cultivator of Core Formation time. But machine here Warrior is different from the cultivator practice way, machine here Warrior, practice mostly is Battle Qi, Battle Qi by body tempering give priority to, they must the exercise body of frantic, then produce Battle Qi generally first, Battle Qi after producing, will store up to their bodies, transform slowly their bodies, but these Battle Qi will actually not have in the dantian, therefore the practice of Battle Qi practice on strength/Origin Qi difficult very me compared with cultivator. But Magician is so, what Magician practice is spiritual force, but the practice of spiritual force is not that easy, was adding on Item that Magician can use is really too few, but cultivator was different, the tool that cultivator can use but were many. In machine here Magician, will use generally only Magic Staff, or some Magic Formation Set fully and so on thing, ten certificates of division of family property one, Warrior is also it can be said that similar, besides Warrior and Defensive Equipment, cannot use in other thing. But cultivator is different, the tool that cultivator can use were too many, from Portable flying sword to all kinds of Magical Artifact, it can be said that has everything expected to find , because of this, therefore general cultivator to Magician or Warrior time, can fight the winning side. However today Li Chuchen said that so long as Zhao Hai keeps off his three sword undead, he will let off Zhao Hai, weapon that therefore he can use now also only then a day frost sword, because he spoke the words was too full. Li Chuchen is arrogant, because not only this he is a reason of talent, what is main is because he is Cultivation World cultivator. Comprehend the world, strength strongest one without doubt is Cultivation World, therefore Cultivation World cultivator no matter to there, will have thought a cut above others, Li Chuchen naturally is no exception, a machine this place that let alone his these time comes. Therefore Li Chuchen will want to destroy completely Zhao Hai, shows own power and prestige, has not actually thought that two swords both were blocked by Zhao Hai one after another, making him arrive at the aspect of present this being unable to back down.

Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, could not cope with 4th level Magician unexpectedly, if this saying said that feared the words, certainly will be laughed dead, his Li Chuchen face may say that lost in a big way, he not only lost his face, lost extremely the face of western cold city, lost the face of Cultivation World, therefore this sword, he made no mistake last. Li Chuchen look at Zhao Hai, on the face yin sank, he has not thought of Zhao Hai really unexpectedly such hard to deal with, before his although, with Magician to fighting, but regarding the Magician situation he is have some understanding. Machine here Magician level depends on decides, is looked that they can use many combinations of Magic Formation overlay, Magic Formation of use are more, the strength is stronger, but this does not represent one to use thousand overlay 6th level Magician, can at any time Magic Formation of thousand overlay come, that is almost impossible, looks like manages there in Cultivator, you impossible casual on using unique skill, such as is the unique skill is so easy to use, he on was not the unique skill. Therefore general cultivator very much fights the small advantage to Magician, cultivator can use all kinds of tools, was obtained 100% by own strength, even horizontal wielding, but Magician most can only use to draw back is lower than the true strength Magic Formation Set, because he leaves many Magic Formation, the time that requires to prepare was too long, will not have that enemy to you that long setup time, in the genuine actual combat, will flicker Magic is the mainstream. But Zhao Hai can actually flicker hundred overlay Magic Formation, this left Li Chuchen estimate absolutely, if the Zhao Hai first time that folds hundred Magic of shield, but can also be said as, because he has used the Magic Staff reason, the sword-shaped Magic of that second use what's the matter? Li Chuchen attack at will does not come, each move of horizontal Breaking Mountain river, is to look at the Zhao Hai true strength actually, that move copes with general 4th level Magician not to be a problem, because that move has blocked Zhao Hai all escape routes, he can only keep off horizontally, even if were Zhao Hai has blocked, Li Chuchen can also with use second to draw on the Zhao Hai characteristics. Really, Zhao Hai used one to fold Magic Formation Set of shield to block his first move, but this also made Li Chuchen see Zhao Hai that folded the shield Magic shortcoming. Therefore Li Chuchen has used the second move, pierces Heaven and Earth, the first move of horizontal Breaking Mountain river, is cuts to incur, the strength somewhat will be scattered, because must care about the change of successor, therefore the strength impossible 100% minutes wield, kept off to be also nothing unusual by shield. But the second move was the same, the second move pierces Heaven and Earth very overbearing one move, Qi locking, strikes fully, posture that one does not turn head greatly, Li Chuchen wants to break Zhao Hai shield with this move, cuts to kill Zhao Hai, actually has not thought at the scene that Zhao Hai along with it along with Magic Formation Set, unexpectedly has also used Great Sword, has blocked his attack, this arrived is makes Li Chuchen look at Zhao Hai one high.

Li Chuchen look at Zhao Hai, showing a faint smile said : suddenly good, it seems like your this machine new person every, but also some skills, can block my two swords really unexpectedly, but also can only stop, every three swords I cut you surely.” Zhao Hai is taking Liquid Silver Magic Staff, shows a faint smile said :Li Shaoxia to invite, if I die in Li Shaoxia hand, can only be my studying not fine, does not have the complaint below certainly. Li Chuchen coldly snorted said : you have the complaint to be what kind , a complaint of deceased person, who can hear, take this, running water floating clouds, the third move.” The voice falls, Li Chuchen day frost sword flew, flight trajectory very unusual of this day frost sword, he does not become the straight-line flight, conversely, this sword is such as Spirit Snake is common, hovers advancing, moreover that flash that flies to go together in the day frost sword, all around also flood intermittent white mist, this white mist day frost sword is quicker, under one on covered Zhao Hai in the fog. Zhao Hai felt, this sword not like first two sword that overbearing, but actually very flexible, such as the water is common, Moistening Silently, naturally, the murder also similarly is similarly completed in silent. On Zhao Hai present day frost sword white mist is not that simple, that white mist not only transmits intermittent astonishing Cold Qi/cold air, meanwhile large scale will suppress spiritual force of person, making Divine Sense of person not have the means to search to be too far. Looks at this situation, Zhao Hai takes the bull by the horns, immediately/on horseback Fire Dragon Magic Formation let out, after Fire Dragon appears , immediately gathers round spinning that Zhao Hai keeps , helping to scatter these white mist, but that white mist also not to be trifled with, Fire Dragon bit by bit changes is small. Zhao Hai has not actually cared, immediately/on horseback is Magic Formation let out, before this Magic Formation is Zhao Hai, uses, the wind transfers Ice Blade Magic Formation, in the tornado is bringing Ice Blade, this was used to attack the knowledge one move, but Zhao Hai using in defense, he stands in the wind transfers the Ice Blade Magic Formation center, central here does not have the wind, does not have Ice Blade, the wind and Ice Blade in the flight that around his body keeps, moreover in expansion bit by bit, kept off these white mist outside. Root edge two Magic Formation, have developed some Space to Zhao Hai spiritual force, but at this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly felt that probably had any thing to enter own wind to transfer in Ice Blade Magic Formation, that feeling very slight, if were not Zhao Hai spiritual force formidable, he cannot feel.!.