Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1202

Felt that this situation, Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, his immediately/on horseback concentrates spiritual force, transfers in Ice Blade to search toward the wind, is quick his present wind to transfer in Ice Blade was unusual. Zhao Hai transfers Ice Blade Magic to know that regarding this wind, this wind transfers in Ice Blade Magic altogether 360 Ice Blade, these Ice Blade according to oneself with deciding the track is carrying on the flight, composes large net, to entering the object in tornado strangles to death. However Zhao Hai spiritual force searches into the tornado, he actually felt that 360 Ice Blade, quick Zhao Hai felt together, that 360 th together Ice Blade, is Li Chuchen his day frost sword, attack style very unusual of this day frost sword, that sword can enter toward according to Zhao Hai this wind unexpectedly transfers in Ice Blade Magic. The day frost sword in the wind transfers in Ice Blade, is similar to swimming fish same free, he along with tornado in advancing slowly, not constantly resists to the tornado, but following the strength of tornado, moving forward slowly, this not only will not bring to the attention of Zhao Hai, but can also cover his aura taking advantage of the strength of tornado. Before Li Chuchen twice attack, very overbearing, but this time attack duty floating clouds running water same blood however was supple, but Zhao Hai actually did not dare underestimated this time attack, if before , twice Li Chuchen attack was prepared the real swords and spears with his proceed boldly, that this time attack, Li Chuchen wanted to carry on to kill to him. The day frost sword now looks like stealth Assassin, only arrived at the appropriate time, his immediately will stick out suddenly offends somebody, this absolutely is very dangerous. If tired Zhao Hai spiritual force insufficient formidable, that this sword he definitely could not hide, even if the present present, he wanted to cope with this time attack, was very difficult. The day frost sword was very near to him, this was too dangerous, Zhao Hai very clear, do not look that now is only the day of frost sword is moving, but frost sword on this day adheres certainly to stick cohere Li Chuchen Divine Sense, Li Chuchen can feel in clearly all, if he uses the method beyond Magic to cope with the day of frost sword, Li Chuchen can presently. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but two eyes one coldly, then his both hands continually wielded each and every one 50 overlay Magic Formation appears , these Magic Formation came out, immediately passed on the body has become Ice Dragon, these Ice Dragon crashed in the wind to transfer in Ice Blade Magic delightedly, if there is a Spiritual Wisdom general bygone days frost sword to throw. Day frost sword probably also present these Ice Dragon, he knows that own trail already by Zhao Hai present, on day frost sword the instantaneous violent left incomparably powerful imposing manner, transfers in Ice Blade Magic the direct impact on come out from the wind, sword tip points to Zhao Hai. However this sword is not attack, the surface same is drawing the arc to carry on attack like the running water to Zhao Hai, this time attack trace duplicate, unpredictable, moreover attack is not slow. Zhao Hai face very heavy, he is lifting Magic Staff, read several Incantation in a soft voice, then Magic Formation suddenly appears of hundred overlay in his front, this Magic Formation appears instantaneously turned into a incomparably huge metal hammer, this metal hammer appears , immediately locked Qi on the day of frost sword, then this hammer was having the prestige of Destroy The Heaven and Wipe Out The Earth, the straight bygone days frost sword pounded.

The path of day frost sword is changing that Iron Hammer path is also changing, the reason that because Qi directs, simply Zhao Hai does not trace specially. In a twinkling, Iron Hammer bumped with the day frost sword quickly in together, Boom! a loud sound Zhao Hai Iron Hammer completely vanished, but day frost sword, not only not slow, instead to was quicker punctured toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai at heart one strict, he has not thought that on this day the frost sword these time really also has taking advantage of the ability of strength, it seems like is really is not very good to deal with. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai is wielding, another incomparably huge Magic Formation appears in his front, after this Magic Formation appears , all around tornado and Ice Blade vanish from sight, these two strengths gathered in Magic Formation, then all around white mist had been attracted by this Magic Formation, lets person who outside worries, saw in lived anything. Magic Formation Set fast is rotating, in the process of rotation, all Magic Formation fusions slowly in together, has formed a huge Magic Formation plate, this Magic Formation plate revolved before Zhao sea surface, is keeping off on the day of frost sword advancing road. Day frost sword such as tour in general, but also wants to evade impediment of formation disk, but has not actually succeeded, but the day frost sword flies toward there, that formation disk is similar to an obstacle is the same, has kept off in his front, but revolving, but actually does not carry on attack to the day frost sword, but protects Zhao Hai. This sword was refusing to compromise unexpectedly, the heart of people also suspended the throat, but Li Chuchen face actually changed, because of him presently, such is dragging not to have what advantage to him, what most important was, he wants to attack now, could not break through Zhao Hai Magic Formation. Zhao Hai the Magic Formation very strange, his although is only hundred overlay Magic Formation, but this Magic Formation, can absorb all around Heaven and Earth energy to expand itself, lets these formation disk more and more congealing realities, is getting more and more hard, he wants to break through that formation disk now is impossible. This to did not mean that Li Chuchen does not defeat this formation disk, but said that this time attack was impossible to defeat this formation disk, looks like such that Zhao Hai said that Li Chuchen this running water of share swam sword maneuver, most important when was used attack that such as the running water generally changeable path, dived the side of enemy, then suddenly had attack. attack although that this wants lets the person difficult protection, is best responsibility that loses raids, what however is undeniable, this attack strength, actually broken than Heaven and Earth to fall far short the hole. This was one type of had sacrificed the attack strength, investigated attack style of strange route, but if you if carried on attack to the day frost sword, on that day the frost sword can with your attack strength, strengthen own attack strength, this hit the strength with the strength.

Zhao Hai after that hammer, present team characteristics, therefore his immediately changed own tactic, he has used Magic of wheel of this ice, moreover control this Magic, is not making this Magic go to attack, but makes this Magic protect, this did not fear attack of day of frost sword. Zhao Hai is dragging, he knows that he can tow, but Li Chuchen cannot tow, Li Chuchen status does not allow him such to refuse to compromise with oneself, either he receives the sword, either he risks danger wrestles. Receives the sword, showed that his Zhao Hai has blocked the Li Chuchen three strokes, by Li Chuchen arrogance, he in attack Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai today this Guan Jiusuan is not. The attack, Zhao Hai has the confidence can block Li Chuchen the strikes, such words are his Zhao Hai victory, the Li Chuchen third sword are blocked by him, his same today's this pass/test. Naturally received the sword not to be different from the meaning that the attack represented, receives the sword to represent Li Chuchen demeanor, presently own attack does not have compared with, Li Chuchen decisive giving up, such he was very actually dangerous, he had the courage of strong sovereign's decision wrist, such enemy was very dangerous. If he has attacked, that represents him is a person of not being able to lose, was insisting on doing what is impossible that what is only a face, such person similar danger, because he is one is possibly young The people, he will retaliate taking the opportunity. The behavior gentleman revenges for ten years not to be late, the villain revenges from dawn to dusk, this did not mean that the gentleman will not have retaliated, the polarity, the retaliation of gentleman will be calmer, he can ten years of time waits for opportunity, opportunity arrives, he can make your forever not get turning over. But the retaliation of villain, lacks this one type of endures patiently with calmly, he retaliates from dawn to dusk, may not play does to use, but Chang actually very annoying, but the final result, has not possibly been possible to have the effectiveness that the gentleman retaliates. Zhao Hai now and other Li Chuchen next, how he wants to have a look at Li Chuchen next to do, from his next step motion, what person infers him is. Sword that look at that Li Chuchen face sèyin sinks refused to compromise, he knows this time attack idle work, but counter-, although his some are not willingly, but he must want recognize this point.

Li Chuchen look at is controlling formation disk Zhao Hai one fully, cannot help but coldly snorted, this three times attack, tried the Zhao Hai strength, first attack time, he tried the Zhao Hai response capability, that sword was not good to keep off, but Zhao Hai blocked. When second sword attack, he tries Zhao Hai to strike fully the ability, not only that sword a sword is so simple, but also is representing a confidence, Zhao Hai also ting passed. But this third sword, he tried Zhao Hai regarding the Magic control ability, the control of Magic was not that simple, but running water floating clouds this move was not that simple, this move regarding the ability of control sword, the request was also very high, was having the person of similar control similarly, can block this to strike, Zhao Hai has also achieved, although looked like somewhat exempts, but he has achieved. Li Chuchen knows that did not have the means to kill Zhao Hai in three swords, his cannot help but coldly snorted, has taken back the day of frost sword, he knows that own present after all in machine, not suitable to full tackled Zhao Hai, must cope with Zhao Hai, can keep at the 6 Realms new person competition. Li Chuchen has taken back day of frost sword, look at Zhao Hai deep voice said : is very good, Zhao Hai, your strength is very good, at our 6 Realms new person competition sees.” Said that Li Chuchen turned the head to look at a Badong, simply had not spoken with Badong, turn around flew away. Looked that Li Chuchen flew away, the scene whish, has broken out the shocking applause, almost on the face of every person, is bringing[ is popular] exerts the incomparable smiling face, these year of machine is been too ruthless, during fight that one-on-one Cultivation World suppressed, Cultivation World has almost not exceeded, now Zhao Hai has actually blocked the Li Chuchen three swords, this regarding machine, was a victory. On the spot only then face very difficult of person looks, this person is Badong! Badong has not thought that Zhao Hai can block the Li Chuchen three swords, now he is try to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it, all people know that Li Chuchen is he brings in copes with Zhao Hai, later he in a machine day feared that will not feel better. At this time Card voice conveyed said : Badong Bishop, today our Ashley Clan greeting inconsiderately, please have excused me, Bishop please in drink.” In Card words is passing one lively and a chill in the air.!.