Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1203

Card expression, very good showing his present mood, his present mood is cheerful and wants to kill people, cheerful is because Zhao Hai is all right, the person who wants to kill naturally is Badong. Badong one hear of Card words, cannot help but smart spirit has fought a cold war, he turns the head look at Card, look at that presently Card two eyes cold light sparkles he, Badong at heart cannot help but one cold, to Card said : „, has disturbed your for a long time today, I was not remaining, said goodbye.Said that turn around walks toward own speeding car there, then boarded the speeding car, ran away also generally walks. Appearance that Card look at Badong goes far away, cannot help but coldly snorted one, he remembers Badong, Badong will not have the auspicious day to cross, this smiles the surface Yama the nickname is not nonsense. At this time Zhao Hai also flew from forest there, since he received Magic Staff, to Card side, has shown a faint smile said : to be unfair to General Manager to Card, I congealed Incense Tree destroying this piece, to lose money that.” Card listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but laughed, effort has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : well, the dry attractiveness, was too attractive, I must look like in Clan to ask higher authorities for you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not said anything, the person who at this time attended the cocktail party, came with giving Zhao Hai and Card congratulates, Zhao Hai and Card in there optional was dealing with. However this these people not in vision centralized on Card nose, what are more was centralized on the body of Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai has blocked the Li Chuchen three swords, fully explained the Zhao Hai strength. The appearances of Zhao Hai look at these people, cannot help but felt that a sorrow, machine should be equal with Cultivation World, but he is first Expert in machine new person, Li Chuchen is in the Cultivation World new person tenth Expert, but Zhao Hai can block the Li Chuchen three swords, was actually regarded as by the here person is miracle, regarding as is a hero, this has saying that is a sorrow of machine here Ascender. Zhao Hai will certainly not express this mood on the face, he with smile on the face is still dealing with these people, does not have the arrogant appearance, this cannot help but makes the person favorable impression greatly fresh. Xiong Li they instead to could not push at this time, but how many people have not cared, they stand in the one side, look at are encircled in middle Zhao Hai, each and every one is with smile on the face, Xiong Li was said : you said that Little Hai this was a war becomes famous? I think that tomorrow machine all people will know this matter.” A Sun Fei face[ is popular] look at Zhao Hai said : that exerts was too strong, Elder Brother Hai was too strong, he is my idol.” Li Kuangren laughs said : well done, but as the matter stands, tomorrow we had the liquor to drink, HaHaHa, I already looked that Cultivation World these fellows were not pleasing to the eyes, good, I thought that they were crazy.” Xiong Li smiles said : I to think sadly now is Badong, you have not seen Badong just the leave appearance, is more like escapes, snort|hum, he such plans Little Hai, 1 Little Hai does not have the matter, now Little Hai has become the hero, he has become the machine in biggest jian thief, I thought after him, how to mix in machine.”

Maggie that goes forward to join in the fun has not shown a faint smile said : also to continue, you have forgotten, Card General Manager, Card General Manager was known as that smiles the surface Yama, always only then he plans others, that some people dare to plan him, now Badong has actually suspended him together, how he possibly swallowed under this tone, Badong these time really has difficultly.” One hear of Maggie said that several people of unconscious nods, Xiong Li their several people of ascend also several years of times, regarding smiling surface Yama name, they are clear, he knows that behind this name is representing anything, therefore several people very agree with the Maggie words. Has Dong Fangyu puzzled look at Maggie said :sister-in-law, you do not go to the Little Hai side, How also in here? ” Maggie shows a faint smile said : I not to like dealing with that scene, actually Elder Brother Hai does not like, but he has to deal with now, I want not to consider for Ashley Clan, he definitely likes drinking with your several now, but does not go to deal with these people, deals with these people are very exhausting.” Dong Fangyu they have smiled, they also had regarding Zhao Hai have certainly understood, their very clear, Zhao Hai has not liked dealing with such scene. If changes into general Ascender in the Zhao Hai position, that happy also comes not sharply, person who can have the status with these draws in relationship, was too important regarding Ascender, therefore these Ascender, if at the Zhao Hai position, can go all out flatters these people, that like Zhao Hai, will clarify is dealing with. Dong Fangyu they cannot help but engage in introspection, if they in the Zhao Hai position, they can also display with the Zhao Hai same calm, but after having thought that they presently did not have[ answered] case. This time Card Clan cocktail party accomplishes late is very loose, many people after hearing the here situation, went by car cocktail party here to inquire the situation specially, the time that therefore this cocktail party ended also has to drag to tow. To the night, the cocktail party is the official conclusion, all people went back to rest, Zhao Hai and Maggie returned to Space, has also fought Zhao Hai to not to feel anything with Li Chuchen, but dealt with these people, he to felt that was really very tired, has soaked Wen Er with Maggie, on returned to room sleeping of well. Zhao Hai and don’t know, when he sleeps, entire man-machine had boiled, picture that he and Li Chuchen fights, don’t know was passed to the network, has spread over machine each Xie Luo instantaneously, entire machine caused a stir. The machine here year in single to fighting the aspect, has suffered a loss, do not say Expert with level, even if compared with on the Cultivation World there high that 1 or 2 level person, does not dare to challenge the Cultivation World person easily, simultaneously the person showdown of level, a machine person is by the share of second. But Zhao Hai by the 4th level Magician status, can block Cultivation World new person tenth Expert the prestige of three sword unexpectedly, and has not dropped the wind evidently, this itself stir, is adding on Zhao Hai, but a machine biggest dark horse, originally is very famous, these was to let his fame even bigger.

In this evening, countless people sit before computer, looked at Zhao Hai and Li Chuchen combat process repeatedly, being unable to restrain oneself that countless person ji move, is unable to go to sleep. This fight was too splendid, the splendor that attacks, defends is more splendid, from the picture, Zhao Hai is defending, the flawlessness that but he actually defends, does not drop the wind, a point cannot see distressedly. Splendid, was too splendid, this is machine and Cultivation World with the level matches, the most splendid showdown, the Zhao Hai human spirit rises sharply at once. Zhao Hai and don’t know these, he still sleeps in Space, this thinks that he to is very fragrant, he who rests also knows that Li Chuchen is Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, these time fights with Li Chuchen, made him clear own strength, oneself without leaving full, fought this degree with Li Chuchen, this made him have the confidence to oneself. Zhao Hai knows that Li Chuchen does not have fully, Cultivation World cultivator is famous by Magical Treasure, but Li Chuchen naturally is also so, his has plenty Magical Treasure is surely useless, but the Zhao Hai has plenty method has not caused similarly, must know that he today with Li Chuchen showdown, Berserk Qi is useless, because Zhao Hai feared that presently he has been congealed Gang to enter secret of body by Li Chuchen. The Cultivation World there person regarding various Qi Strength is very sensitive, Berserk Qi is one type of very overbearing Qi Strength, if makes Li Chuchen feel that in Zhao Hai attack strength existence of Berserk Qi, that Zhao Hai later trouble will not be certainly small. Has rested well a evening, next morning eats after Space rigidly adheres the breakfast, Zhao Hai talent and Maggie leave Space, returned to office there room. They come out from in the room, Card immediately looked for them, as soon as they arrive at Card room to stare, in the room only then Card Yoder Barr and Rook, but three people are two eyes are now red, looked that is the appearance however facial expression that a night does not rest actually very stimulated. Zhao Hai looks at three people of appearances, puzzled said : General Manager Camp Lord, how is your this What happened? yesterday has not rested in the evening?” Card looks at Zhao Hai, immediately/on horseback[ is popular] said : that exertscomes, 1 Little Hai, sits quickly, HaHaHa, this time, but the good deed, the big good deed, HaHaHa, you have become famous now, left the given name, entire machine did not have don’t know you. Zhao Hai puzzled look at Card, don’t know he is any meaning, he from the yesterday evening to the present, but has not accessed the net, Laura they are also, therefore and don’t know online lived anything. After Card lets Zhao Hai sits down, this opens tone said : yesterday in the evening, some people passed to with the picture that Li Chuchen fought you online, this matter in online has caused the stir, the online all people were discussing you, said that an artificial machine person made every effort to succeed, was a machine hero.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, shook the head said : this too to exaggerate, actually said that I am a machine hero, this my can bear, said it, I have blocked the Li Chuchen three swords, Cultivation World there cultivator, method many our imagination, if the real life and death wrestles, I cannot guarantee that can win him.” Card beckoned with the hand said : you not to use, when the life and death wrestles wins him, this time you can block his three swords, is the hero, in machine with you with the level person, nobody can achieve this point, do not say three swords, their sword cannot block.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: This point I to believe that but this can be what kind, even if were I have become famous, did not have what advantage, was famous does not have anything at the worst.” Card looked at Zhao Hai one, shook the head said : your this stupid youngster, this does not have what direct advantage to you, but very much has the advantage regarding our Ashley Clan, you now is quick Ashley Clan a piece live advertisement.” Zhao Hai smiles bitterly was beckoning with the hand said : to consider as finished, these matters I do not want to manage, if some people asked me to participate in cocktail party anything, you helped me return, said that I must close up the practice, other matter do as you please.” Card look at Zhao Hai appearance, shook the head, smiled bitterly, don’t know must say that any was good, Desbarres was actually smiles said : line, you now few 1 u surface for good, perhaps some of your 1 u surface people will challenge you, if can overthrow you, that may become famous, therefore in these days that the 6 Realms new person competition must start, you were honest closing up.” Zhao Hai said : Camp Lord, did not say the person who our these attend the 6 Realms new person competition, before the competition, doesn't permit anybody's challenge? Some will what? people also challenge inadequately?” Desbarres shows a faint smile said : average person naturally not to dare to challenge, but do not forget, this information has such caused a stir in our machine here, Cultivation World does there meet don’t know? Person who if there is Cultivation World what to do runs to challenge your? Therefore you best immediately/on horseback to close up now.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : that well, closes up closes up, but I reached an agreement must ask Xiong Li their several people to drink, I did not exit, will exit possibly to have the trouble, if they looked for me, made them come to my room directly.” Desbarres nodded said : feel relieved, this matter I will arrange to you, you do not need to be worried.” Zhao Hai nodded, is leading Maggie returned to own room. Just a returned to room, Maggie immediately threw in front of computer, opened computer, then visited a portal, just opened that website, saw the front page of website, writes newly crowned candidate Zhao Hai with the typeface that overstriking aggravated, fought the Cultivation World ten strong players!” Below was a video link, Maggie looked at that connection, my goodness, tens of billions clicks, moreover that figure was still beating. Maggie cannot help but cheering, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, fantastic, then you really became famous.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not cared, he opened that video to look, a racket that in person this video observed obviously at that time, the quality of picture was not very good, because of this, appeared[ really] reality. The quality of although picture is not very good, but completely has actually patted then situation, even linked the sound that they spoke to pat. Zhao Hai looked at following one, presently under also has many commentaries, first floor: Good, fantastic, is greatly long our aircraft power and prestige, powerful, our aircraft appears can finally with Cultivation World with the talent that level Expert fights, support, supports Zhao Hai, the pain flat Cultivation World fellow! second floor: first floor is rational, supports Zhao Hai , to promote machine Xie Jie! third floor: Cannot think, our machine Magician, can unexpectedly with a cultivator war, formidable, too formidable, before why , can nobody achieve this point? Too strange! fourth floor: In building looks at not Magician, the Zhao Hai strength, far general 4th level Magician, in our aircraft here, 4th level Magician, so long as can use hundred overlay Magic to reach the 4th level level, is flickering hundred overlay Magic, even if general 6th level Magician may not achieve, Zhao Hai formidable lies in this! fifth floor: Do not have too high hope, Zhao Hai has just kept off the opposite party three swords, moreover Cultivation World cultivator, is also has plenty Magical Treasure, is only three swords, cannot show their strength, moreover Zhao Hai these three swords have been in the defensive, can block three swords to be nothing unusual. sixth floor: fifth floor saves is talks nonsense, has to plant you to keep off to have a look, the Zhao Hai although three swords are at the defensive, but obviously is not distressed, the clothes do not have chaotic, does not have retreat one step, this also has the ample force on behalf of Zhao Hai, must turn strength Zhao Hai to be on a par with Li Chuchen, fifth floor does not understand, does not want inconsiderately shout!!.