Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1204
Zhao Hai became famous! Left the given name! Entire machine all people were discussing Zhao Hai. Not only machine in these average people in discussing Zhao Hai, even if machine in these strength very strong Great Clan is also discussing Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai had underestimated machine person regarding hatred degree of Cultivation World person, this hatred is not because the Cultivation World person has invaded machine, this hatred starts from the spiritual level, starts to have from the manner. The Cultivation World person, has used the one type of arrogant manner look at machine here person, is good looks like an emperor was looking that a beggar is the same, but this manner, lets a machine person regarding the Cultivation World person, had the hatred. This hatred is getting stronger and stronger, therefore the machine person incomparable hope in own this Realm, can some people make every effort to succeed, can achieve with the situation that the Cultivation World person are treated equally. However machine here no matter Magician, Warrior or Mecha soldier, very does not make every effort to succeed, does not have one to be possible to defeat cultivator with the level situation, this lets the people are suppressing that tone, are getting more and more. But this Zhao Hai although has blocked the Li Chuchen three swords, but the significance is actually completely different, this can be said as the breakthrough of machine here zero, therefore a machine person can happy such. Machine nobody believes that Li Chuchen will turn on the water intentionally, because Cultivation World will be always impolite regarding machine, they want with machine person exchange hands, that certainly hits, simply is impossible to turn on the water, has these precedents, therefore the people believe that Zhao Hai with own strength, has blocked the Li Chuchen three swords! Because this all sorts of reasons unified, therefore now Zhao Hai in machine here is thorough has become famous, he now is an entire machine hero. When the people want to take a look Zhao Hai then must make anything, Zhao Hai at this time, suddenly announced that he must close up the practice, when goes out, that was an unknown. Hears this information, machine all people was startled, a machine rumor rises from all directions at once, some people said that Zhao Hai was seriously injured with Li Chuchen war, at that time he restrained by force his injury, now the injury does, Zhao Hai has been dying. Also some people said that Zhao Hai actually in closing up practices Secret Technique, for at the 6 Realms new person competition, defeats many Cultivation World people.

All kinds of rumor appears , entire machine fell into a confusion, now all people want to take a look at Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai did not have the 1 u surface. Afterward looked that the fact show some did not receive control, Ashley Clan have to act a news cloth meeting, announced to all people that Zhao Hai has not been injured, reason that he closed up to prepare the matter of 6 Realms new person competition. The original people regarding Ashley Clan such answer are somewhat discontented, but along with the matter of young man, why made these person of understand Ashley Clan such do. Just as is such that Desbarres they said that Zhao Hai and Li Chuchen this war, has caused such big reaction in machine here, but Cultivation World and machine is not completely not dealings, therefore machine here has any important matter to live, Cultivation World there is clear, but now the machine here biggest matter is Zhao Hai and Li Chuchen has fought, Cultivation World there naturally also knows. The Cultivation World there person when knows this information, is in an uproar, must know that in Comprehend the world 6 Realms, the machine here individual does to fight the level is lowest, this is also the Cultivation World there person looks does not take off one of the reasons. Now their in the new person tenth Expert, has not solved first Expert in machine new person in three swords unexpectedly, this looks like in the Cultivation World person, may not the meaning. Cultivation World person immediately discovers scene that they had fought at that time, with watches, although said that the quality of picture is not very good, but they may be the people of knowing the business, they can look, Li Chuchen tried at that time, is not his strength is not good, because his match is not one is really a vegetarian. Because has the video recording is the card, therefore the Cultivation World there person and doesn't blame Li Chuchen, they are startled in the Zhao Hai strength. Naturally, this not strange Li Chuchen, but said that the mainstream voice is not strange, High level that also in in other words Cultivation World various big gate send not because of this matter, but strange Li Chuchen, after all Li Chuchen strength is very strong, is only the Zhao Hai strength is not weak, he has not kept the hand, in three moves has not taken Zhao Hai, complete Zhao Hai reason, with Li Chuchen not too big relationship, strange not to Li Chuchen head. The mainstream voice has not said anything, but the sound of non- mainstream little had not said. The competition is exists in any place, Cultivation World here is so.

although said the Comprehend the world commodity very richly, but to the Cultivation World that enormous population digit, these commodities does not exempt uses, in this case, the competition becomes the change was brutal. All Cultivator has the dreams, that is the Eternal Life time, with the Heaven and Earth same longevity, but must be the Eternal Life time, is needs thing to support, Magical Treasure that the medicine pill fight that Cultivation Method that for example reaches an agreement, the place of good practice, the practice uses uses, these thing are the commodities, is Advanced level thing, in Cultivation World here is few, the people to obtain that few Advanced level goods, were left Eternal Life Grand Dao about by one step, on must struggle. But new person Ten Great Experts, does not have Ying to stand existence in Cultivation World new person one generation of Gold [金] character tower most peaks, other people keep aloof, enjoy are surpassing the provisioning of average man, what practice is best Cultivation Method, most lets existence of person envy. very eye-catching that continuously before because these Expert displayed, other people have any opinion to them, does not dare to say, in Cultivation World here, all by strength speech, if they spoke irresponsibly, was heard by Ten Great Experts, killed their is also Bai Sha, nobody for one irregular, looks the trouble of Ten Great Experts. However this time matter, has actually given person excuses of these bottom level, your Li Chuchen is one of the Cultivation World new person Ten Great Experts, is enjoying best thing, but you take a machine person not to have the means that your this Ten Great Experts works as is unqualified! Like[ word] by are many in Cultivation World there, naturally, majority of Expert, will not say that because they see the child Zhao Hai strength, but these have been pressed the person under body actually not to manage that many by Li Chuchen, no matter they the Zhao Hai strength how, they bite Zhao Hai are the status of machine person the matter, going all out throws filthy water toward Li Chuchen body. Also person of has plenty in point compared with Li Chuchen strength difference, actually had another idea, that removes Zhao Hai, looked like in these people, Li Chuchen strength was certainly stronger than Zhao Hai, reason that he massacring Zhao Hai, was because has gotten down three moves of making with Zhao Hai Ding, if uncertain these three moves, he can certainly kill Zhao Hai. But now Li Chuchen has not killed Zhao Hai, actually gives them opportunity, opportunity of 1 u face, they can kill Zhao Hai, this can want a Cultivation World here big 1 u face. Has Cultivation World Expert of such idea to be many, these person of immediately grounded Transmission Magic Formation, to machine here, the preparation have challenged Zhao Hai. But the changes of these people, hide certainly the truth from a machine person, a machine person regarding Cultivation World there massive emerging of between cultivator suddenly, felt that very vigilant, why their immediately will start to investigate these people to come.

Quick[ answered] case came out, these were to challenge Zhao Hai come, moreover these people have not planned to conceal their point, looked for Ashley Clan directly, wanted to challenge Zhao Hai. However Ashley Clan gives their answer, only then, Zhao Hai is closing up the practice, not having the means to accept the challenge! It can be said that this excuse is makes the person most not have the excuse of means that closes up the practice is almost the one type of practice way that all practice can carry on, is not machine is in sole possession , is also not Cultivation World is in sole possession, but the person in closing up, most abstained from that some people disturb, therefore Zhao Hai is closing up, does not accept to challenge this excuse, no one could say anything. But this matter had also been put in a machine network, people bright nose Zhao Hai why suddenly has also closed up, to be honest, after knows the truth, the people instead to relaxed. But at this time, the hundred strong players in machine invitational meet, almost at the same time announced closes up, afterward also had massive staff also to carry on closing up, among suddenly has closed up this word, became machine here most flows the words and expressions of storehouse. Regarding machine here nearly in the procedure of rascal, Cultivation World Expert that these challenge is means does not have, in them really some people have also thought that since does not have the means to challenge Zhao Hai, other that challenge people were good, the person who must extinguish several practice in any case, rises the rising power and prestige to oneself, but the character of Cultivation World here a little facial countenance, closes up now, they were want to challenge could not find the person, this let them does not have bearing. These cultivator also know that they cannot challenge Expert that these become famous, if challenges some small fry, that also on complete did not have the significance, they have killed machine here in many Magician and Warrior, was useless, after going back, they only toward smiling, simply will not have opportunity of any 1 u face. Because of this, the person who therefore at once, these challenge, fell into very awkward region, they remained, person who cannot challenge, they such went back, some were not quite willingly, to was somewhat in a dilemma. But with their situations similar is machine here High level, the machine High level day does not feel better, although is in the protections of these new person Expert, they made these Expert close up, but they must bear the very enormous pressure. Machine these average people, no matter High level is what kind, in their opinion, machine Expert closed up at this time, this obviously was the motion that one type of evaded, was the motion of coward, therefore the sound of online shouting curses, in their opinion, rather made Zhao Hai they die in battle, does not want to make them hide like the present, this lost face.!.