Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1205

Machine High level regarding clamoring of these general publics, considers has not heard. Their very clear, the words of these general publics cannot listen, if were makes machine present hundred died in battle, they also took anything to come up for machine to win the benefit at the 6 Realms new person competition. If machine cannot gain the even bigger benefit, that only meets become weaker and weaker, share when the time comes can only let the person to bully, now struggles this one breath, will actually incur the inestimable loss to the future, this is machine High level is not willing to see. In fact no matter machine in these average people, are machine in these High level, they do not have truely regards Ascender is a machine person on one's own side, in them originally, Ascender is the tool, but the difference is, this labor has some are useful, but some are useless. But obviously now Zhao Hai they in the machine High level eye, are these useful tools, therefore they cannot be brought the sacrifice. Zhao Hai also knows certainly outside these troubled, but he has not cared, regarding him, these Cultivation World people who outside comes insufficiently looks, if for by own strength expose, he is not wanted to run now, extinguished these people. Naturally Zhao Hai also thinks that he such will not do, because absolutely does not have that necessity, regarding Zhao Hai, murder, must look that can bring the benefit to him, absolutely does not have the murder of significance, he does not want to do. Zhao Hai everyday is practicing Magician in Space now, is using Liquid Silver skilled, in the practice body tempering fist that yellow sand boundary there keeps. Zhao Hai knows that own strength, was unable to run amuck in machine here now, therefore he needs to strengthen his strength as soon as possible, but the body tempering fist without doubt is good means. Cultivation World these people retreated slowly, because machine they really does not have what good means with the tactic of this rascal, therefore most people leave, only then the small number of people also keeps machine here, wants to have a look also to have opportunity. Also restored calm along with retreating machine here of Cultivation World these people, people impossible attention centralized too long time at a matter, especially this matter also with oneself not too big relationship.

Wind bo gradually puts down this is machine High level is also willing to see that they do not hope the person who now these attend the competition receives any disturbance, because of machine High level regarding this time 6 Realms new person competition settling on. At this time 6 Realms new person competition, there is Zhao Hai, has Terry, has Xiong Li, has Dong Fangyu, has Zhu Chen, had the Lei Xiao day saying that this Realm new person, was for the past dozen years, in machine here new person strongest one. Before machine attended the 6 Realms new person competition is corner/horn color of trainer, altogether 600 participants, in them might enter to 400 to 500 very much, even if were occasionally some people can go, rank also after, it can be said that lost completely the face to machine, made machine not fish any valuable commodity. But in the this Realm new person, the Zhao Hai strength not concentrates is strongest he meets under the Cultivation World tenth Expert three swords, but perfection, this absolutely is one broken suddenly, because of Cultivation World tenth Expert, almost tenth of equivalent to 6 Realms new person competition. Zhao Hai although kept off the Li Chuchen three swords, but made machine High level see hopes they want to make Zhao Hai their this Realm new person leave really to select to become Xian to them, the point of contention light, can struggle some properties to them. Day day-by-day past, the day of 6 Realms new person competition day-by-day has also approached, these also keep machine here and other opportunity cultivator people, looked that machine plans this turtle, when they also gave up the hope, returned to Cultivation World there, after all has been relative to Cultivation World the machine here commodity deficient, does not favor them practicing. But complete leave of this Cultivation World these people also make machine High level relax, machine restored former calm, was waiting for the start of 6 Realms new person competition. Zhao Hai because of Cultivation World these person of leave, had not finished closing up, he still to the outside declared one are closing up, had not come out, this makes these observe the Zhao Hai person, believes that he has been injured, after all the Cultivation World new person tenth Expert three swords, are not good to meet. Ashley Clan this time has not been clarifying this matter, in their opinion has not needed, now pays attention to Zhao Hai person although to be many, but already not like former that many.

Also in one month, Zhao Hai will announce finally went out, to is not he does not want to continue to close up, but was he does not have the means to close up, because they must gather, participates the 6 Realms new person competition to be matching. Now although to 6 Realms new competition also has one month officially, but defers to the beforehand convention, they should want now. Zhao Hai just announced goes out, Xiong Li they came, Xiong Li they were mainly come to see Zhao Hai injured, otherwise why one closed up such long time, now looks at Zhao Hai well, they also on feel relieved. Waited for Xiong Li their leave, Card their immediately to call his room Zhao Hai, Card look at Zhao Hai said :Little Hai, what kind of nearest/recent practice? „ Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :General Manager feel relieved, will not have the issue, this time I ensure can enter top 100 of 6 Realms new person competition.” Card smiles said : not to have relationship, to oneself the too tremendous pressure, if not really good, do not show off power, Patriarch was very satisfied to your beforehand performance.” Zhao Hai nodded said : feel relieved General Manager, I know in heart, was right, do this time we want to go to machine? Makes Spaceship? When leaves?” Card shook the head said : not to make Spaceship, this time was to pass Transmission Formation directly in the past, since you must in Cultivation World there recuperation about one month, this also be the case customs.” Zhao Hai one hear of Card said that cannot help but said : does repair and maintain in Cultivation World there for one month? What custom is this? Doesn't this deliver the extreme danger? This month, Cultivation World these people what to do, if challenges us?” Card shook the head said : this you to not to need to be worried that the Cultivation World person will not challenge your, because the Cultivation World there Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi density somewhat is different from our machine, therefore you one month go to there ahead of time, is adapts to the there circumstances, moreover Cultivation World there has regulation, during this period, does not permit some people to challenge your.” Zhao Hai still frowns, he does not believe that the Cultivation World words, machine in the Cultivation World front, originally is the weak trend, the weak country does not have the diplomacy, this was a very obvious truth, Cultivation World although said that will not make the person challenge them, but had the innumerable means to make them act to accept a challenge, this was a very simple truth. Card look at Zhao Hai appearance, knows that he in thinking anything, he sighed said : I to know you in thinking anything, do not want to be too many, this was the custom, after you went, added carefully.” Zhao Hai look at Card said : this time you not with?” Card nodded said : „, we will not go, these time goes to the Cultivation World person, only then 150, your 100 players, in adding on 50 team leaders, the people of these 50 team leaders, are Expert in three big influence, lead person broken day blade horse like a dragon.” Zhao Hai one hear of Card said that to has gawked, this broken day blade horse like a dragon he is knows that how broken day Dao Ma, is not the ascend person, but is the machine locally born person, generally the machine here locally born person, is few people practices martial art, but horse like a dragon is actually an exception, he is very fond of the martial arts since childhood, moreover his Clan is one of the Warrior association traditional powerful Clan, in Clan also has the tradition of practicing martial art, likely him the Clan core member, the nature is not by practicing martial art give priority to, but horse like a dragon actually. Is wants to practice martial art, finally also really made him complete study. horse like a dragon most is good at uses Ghost Head Broadsword, now had the 7th level Warrior level, strength very formidable, passed on a message he once not to drop the wind with a Cultivation World Gold Core Stage Expert war, from this may by his strength.

But horse like a dragon does not have a problem, that is he regarding Ascender, does not have average person such prejudice, possibly is reason that because he practices martial art, therefore he to some Ascender also favorable impressions, to Ascender maintenance, has him to lead, to did not fear that Cultivation World these people felt embarrassed them. Zhao Hai deep voice said : to has not thought that is broken day blade senior leads unexpectedly, what so looked like we to does not need to be worried about, did General Manager, when leave?” Card said : „the day after tomorrow leaves, although said that has horse like a dragon to lead, but you must add carefully, horse like a dragon sometimes, could not protect you, place that after all your this time must go, was Cultivation World, there, but the cultivator domain, was not our place Lou Xiaoxin for on.” Zhao Hai nodded said : General Manager feel relieved, how I know do, you do not need to be worried.” Card sighed, arrived at the Zhao Hai side, patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : to remember and ensure own security was most important, you did not consider for yourself, must think for Maggie that this time you were the result are not ideal, Clan also will not blame you, after all you became a machine new person first, such result, already expectation of Patriarch.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : General Manager feel relieved, I will be careful that certainly not abundant matter.” Card nodded, deep voice said : goes out for a walk, making these people have a look at you, do not let them think that you were injured.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : "OK, happen to I to walk, over the two days cultivated Maggie in machine on-board playing well, after these time to a machine star, did not have playing well. ” Card he he smiles said : "OK, to go, your youngster now was almost in Clan the first rich man, has not given up the hua money to the present, really somewhat could not be justified. ” Zhao Hai he he the chuckle has not said anything, he cannot tell Card, these thing that outside sells, he could not have had a liking for, he needs anything, with was directly good from Space, even if in Space does not have, he can also make with Universal Machine, always that buys compared with outside!.