Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1206

Two days of in the blink of an eye on the past, over the two days Zhao Hai and Maggie high-sounding talk on-board presented in machine, playing in all directions, this has brought to the attention of machine on many person. However does not look for the trouble of Zhao Hai to some people, now Zhao Hai their immediately must attend the 6 Realms new person competition, a machine person will not look for the trouble of Zhao Hai in this moment. However Zhao Hai when plays with Maggie, many average people to have carried on surrounding to Zhao Hai, made that Zhao Hai and Maggie some were not familiar with. The Zhao Hai suddenly high-sounding talk presented that to was makes these pay attention to the Zhao Hai person to be startled, his understand Zhao Hai what is this, before they have thought Zhao Hai has been injured, but looks at the Zhao Hai present appearance, has not been injured probably, was his wound? He was suppressing injury. Zhao Hai may not have to manage them, machine here thing Zhao Hai although looks does not glance, but they buys to work as the gift for Laura to be also good, thing does not need too precious, expressed his regard on the line. Zhao Hai to Laura their principle, is melts to elect carefully, is some are small The gadget, is unworthy really any money, but actually very beautiful, the common girls like these thing. Zhao Hai thought actually own ting is unfair to Laura they, Laura they have followed in his side, actually can only stay in Space, observes understanding machine through the screen, cannot to machine here true plays, this lets Zhao Hai is very the compunction. Accompanied Maggie to play for two days in machine star here, third day, was the time that they require to leave, Zhao Hai got up in the morning, they sits flying to draw with Card, directly soared machine star here against delivers to go. Machine star here has two big Transmission Formation, Transmission Formation is a special machine interior uses, this Transmission Formation can adjust, can with machine more than 1000 lord astrology. But another Transmission Formation, is to guarding, will be specifically used not to open toward the Transmission Formation normally that Cultivation World there will see somebody off, will use Secret Technique to close. These two Transmission Formation in two Transmission inside tower of machine star manufacture, some normally person of guards, Zhao Hai they go to that foreign Transmission Formation there specially now. Maggie sits in the Zhao Hai side walks arm in arm in the Zhao Hai bosom, said : Elder Brother Hai, your time must be careful that in a soft voice, the Cultivation World there person is not good to cope, especially must be careful that Li Chuchen, previous time you fell his face, he will certainly retaliate your.” Actually Maggie is not necessary such to do, they had any words saying that in Space has been OK if just Maggie such did not do, will cause Card their suspicion, therefore Maggie like this will display this is also Laura they teaches Maggie. Zhao Hai nodded said : feel relieved, will not have the matter, I ensure will come back safely.” Maggie nod of gently, the eye socket is somewhat red, Zhao Hai is trading the hand of Maggie, cannot help but tightened one tightly, although they have any words, can in Space say, but the present said that in Space said is different, Zhao Hai in Space is not a Maggie person, he is all people, when machine here, Zhao Hai is the Maggie same person. Maggie half actually really somewhat are worried about Zhao Hai in acting in a play other half now, she loves Zhao Hai, does not hope that Zhao Hai handles any dangerous matter, will therefore have such performance. Zhao Hai is holding Maggie, said : near his earwas good, does not need to be worried that you cannot see me, feel relieved was good, will not have the matter.

Maggie buries before the Zhao Hai bosom selected to select Zhao Hai actually to feel oneself xiong transmitted a wet intent. Zhao Hai sighed, this sentiment debt feared that was this could not pay off for a lifetime, he can do now, can only cross by own these women well. Card they saw Zhao Hai and Maggie appearance, but they have not said anything, Zhao Hai with the Maggie matter, Houcke the words, has let them from the show of person, in other words, he agreed with their matter, therefore Card they naturally cannot go to manage. Actually Card they are ting hope that Zhao Hai can walk with Maggie in together, the Zhao Hai strength is placed in there . Moreover the Zhao Hai manner, Card they have also understood, they believe that Maggie with Zhao Hai, will be certainly happy. In machine here, marriage is actually a very fuzzy concept, if the sentiments of two people were good, does not marry can also in together, like the average person, will not hold any ceremony generally, holds any nuptial ceremony generally is Great Clan, two Clan marry, will hold the nuptial ceremony. Also feels regarding this situation Zhao Hai somewhat surprised, but this arrives also lets some Zhao Hai happy, does not hold the ceremony not to hold the ceremony, Maggie loves him in any case now, he also loves Maggie, then on line. The speeding car arrived at Transmission tower there quickly, Transmission tower there came many speeding cars, Zhao Hai they got out, toward entered inside tower. first floor of this Transmission tower is a hall, entire hall very enormous, over a thousand square meters, in the hall are standing fully now many people. Zhao Hai entered the hall, immediately captured the attention of all people, in this vision, provocation had it, the envier had it, the hostility also had, but Zhao Hai has not cared, because he saw Xiong Li their several people. Zhao Hai half step walked, over the two days he was only accompanying Maggie, has not gone to look for Xiong Li they, Xiong Li they also saw Zhao Hai, several people also welcomed. Xiong Li Ha Ha knows said : greatly Little Hai, your youngster may be merry over the two days, but your a little heavy light friend, but looks in the share that above you must distinguish, Lou Men forgave you.” Has not waited for Zhao Hai to speak, Maggie jiao is angry said : Xiong Li Big Brother, Elder Brother Hai accompanies me, do you have the opinion?” Xiong Li smiles said : not to dare hastily, does not dare, I do not dare, HaHaHa, sister-in-law Mo Qi, I was speak thoughtlessly a saying.” The Xiong Li appearance stirs up people laughing. Zhao Hai smiles said : „, since ascend to machine, does not make duty is closing up, well has not played with Maggie coming out, happen to have these two sky idle time, in machine star such place, naturally must transfer the extension with her in all directions, after Cultivation World there, I with several drinking well several cups.” Li Kuangren laughs, effort has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : that fantastic, liquor that your Zhao Hai takes, but sufficed the taste the present I to drink other liquor unable to drink very much.” Several people chatted, actually caused the people in entire hall to gaze at them, they several people of status were not ordinary, these may be hundred strong Expert their noses in together, was hundred strong not small influences, other people naturally for it surprised. In this time, in hall suddenly one static, Zhao Hai they also stare, turning the head looked that a person walked from outside, a head of sky blue still appears that natural.

Zhao Hai sees Terry, in the eye actually flashes through of despising, he to does not look down upon the Terry strength, but looks down upon Terry Pu Lian skill. these days Zhao Hai has not given up monitoring Terry, this Terry these days is almost one day changes a woman, has not kept own side over two days a woman. Zhao Hai knows Daws Terry this is in practice, he has certainly practiced harvest cultivation skill in one type of legend, otherwise he will not trade is so industrious, this that the woman trades can also explain why in his attack Qi Strength, will have yin coldly to be mad definitely is because has practiced that Cultivation Method reason. present Terry also saw Zhao Hai, he also smiles was nodding to Zhao Hai, such very ripe is probably same as Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at Terry appearance, exempts strong nod, turned the head not to manage him. present Terry looked that in the Zhao Hai appearance eye anger flashes passes, then turn around walks toward other places, notifies these participants. Zhao Hai turns the head, sees Xiong Li several people of face somewhat to be ugly, Li Kuangren was coldly snorted one, deep voice said : any thing look at he was not pleasing to the eyes.” Zhao Hai look at Li Kuangren their appearances, knows that Li Kuangren their this is defends against injustice for the team, after all previous time Li Chuchen challenges him is Badong incites, several people hated the room and black naturally are link Terry also to hate. How many person of appearances Zhao Hai looked, how many shows a faint smile said : elder brother, what kind of that you prepare? We were immediately want.” Xiong Li shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, thing of this preparation prepared, what did not have to be good to be worried that to was you, your youngster has been accompanying Maggie over the two days, had preparation good thing to take?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : naturally to prepare, the high grade nice wine, seasonal small side dish, I have prepared, delicious what tasty has prepared much.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Xiong Li how many people cannot help but stare, how many people looked at one mutually, look at Zhao Hai, Dong Fangyu is said : 1 Little Hai, won't you only have prepared these thing? weapon? Defensive Equipment?” Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved, prepared, but I was used to it, every time exited to do the time, will take some drinking of eating, he he.” Xiong Li Ha Ha knows said : this I to know greatly that said Yellow Sand-Star carries on elimination series that time, we hit to live to kill in there, this youngster to is good, is suspending the deck chair, the umbrella, is drinking the fruit juice, don’t know is having multi- free and unfettered.” Zhao Hai just about to speaks, suddenly from the building in Transmission tower, heard a sound of footsteps, Zhao Hai looked up, one group of people from the building in Transmission tower. What in these people takes the lead is Warrior, this Warrior stature very tall and big, but looks like is actually very thin, skin micro black, on the face is having together the scar, the inch Yu Chang head, both eyes contain the ghost, understood at a glance that is not the affable lord. Zhao Hai recognized, this person broken day blade horse like a dragon, this person was a murder, thousand has fought to present big small table from making a debut, was only the severe wound has several ten times, the person who killed feared that did not have 1000 also 800, absolutely was an ominous God Rank other character. Follows behind in horse like a dragon is the person of this team leader, these people are also make Magician and Warrior appearance, Expert that chooses from three big influences, these people one to arrange matter of competition, two to protect Zhao Hai they.

After horse like a dragon they get down, two eyes has swept Zhao Hai their eyes, then deep voice said : „were person in attendance?” His sound very low sinks, some do not get angry from imposing manner of prestige. His voice just fell, walks a wear Magic Robe person from side, bows said : to return to the words of Sir to horse like a dragon, was in attendance.” horse like a dragon nodded, deep voice said : all participating people, arrive with him arrive in that side room to gather, Clan sees off, can go back.” Said that pays no attention to Zhao Hai they, turns the head to walk toward a nearby room, the room that room Transmission Formation that he goes to is, Zhao Hai they must go to there. One hear of horse like a dragon said that Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback turns the head to Card their said :General Manager, my this walked, you take care, Camp Lord, you also take care. „ Said that bows to them, this turns the head look at Maggie, nod of gently, turn around walks toward that room that horse like a dragon goes. At this time Xiong Li they had also greeted with the Clan person, several people walked toward that in the room shoulder to shoulder, entered that room to see that many participants arrived, horse like a dragon their also in the room, because there is horse like a dragon they, these participants in low voice speech, in the room appeared very peaceful. Zhao Hai entered the room cannot help but to look at one toward the ground of room, the ground of this room, was drawing Magic Formation, this Magic Formation very complex, moreover very enormous, overspread the entire room, each and every one abstruse incomparable Magic Symbol, making the entire room look like a mysterious aesthetic sense. Several people stand in there speech in a soft voice, before long all people entered the room, before arrives at horse like a dragon said : to that Magician that horse like a dragon reported Sir, the person was in attendance.” horse like a dragon nodded, looked at Zhao Hai their said : these time to go to Cultivation World is I leads a group, you must listen my, Cultivation World there did not compare machine, to there my authorization, no one has permitted to wander about aimlessly at will, if had an accident, I also not necessarily can guarantee you, listened clearly?” The people should Wei sound, horse like a dragon nod, turn the head to start to said : to that Magician.” That Magician has complied with one, first has put out one pile of wrist computer of own Chu thing equipment, meets to begin to wield, these computer are similar to by the hand is held to be the same, flew to Zhao Hai they, Zhao Hai they received computer, curious was sizing up. That person of deep voice said :this computer main function was to communicate and localization, in computer has stored up the contact methods of all team leaders, if you went out in Cultivation World there alone, has come across any matter, can have the contact with this computer with the team leader, on computer also has the positioning system, we can find you in the shortest time, therefore this computer must bring in the hand, do not put in Storage Equipment. Zhao Hai they to do not have what opinion, several people the computer belt in hand, this computer manufacture looks like Gauntlet, semblance although is the bright silver father, but is not heavy, moreover very soft, brings comfortably. Looked that the people brought are the brains, that Magician then arrived at the corner of room, had a machine in there, started Magic Formation specially, he in the past, pressed one on machine to press to turn, white light flashed before, Zhao Hai they disappeared in in the room.!.