Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1207
Zhao Hai only thinks at present flash of white light, anything looks to disappear, but the quick eye restored normally, he was looking that actually presently went to another place, was not the Transmission tower. Position that now Zhao Hai they are, is one big[ broad] field, this[ broad] field very big, Zhao Hai takes a broad view to look, feared that has tens of thousands square meters, such Magic Formation that the facial features they are, dozens, often has on Magic Formation to flash white light, so long as flash of white light, in that some people of appears , will appear very busy. Just like Zhao Hai, Xiong Li they are also sizing up all around situation, a each and every one face curious appearance, their although ascend has several years of time, but Cultivation World here they are one time have not actually come. Machine and Cultivation World leave is not very far, but looks like Xiong Li they to want one machine to be very difficult, they make duty in machine here generally, does not make duty time , is practicing, otherwise accompanies own family member, therefore they have not gone to Cultivation World have been normal. From machine to Cultivation World, only then two ways, one type of is makes Spaceship to go, but from mechanical well to Cultivation World Spaceship, generally is the freighters, is machine here Great Clan and Cultivation World there big gate sends the transaction to use, average person simply is impossible to sit. But the second method through Transmission thick formation, this Transmission Formation is not who can sit, even if Transmission in this Realm, wants on hua not the poor price, must say Cultivation World there, if you want to go to Cultivation World there through Transmission Formation, must first explain own status, but must explain one go to Cultivation World there to do, but must leave behind the record, then Clan checking that goes to them to be, later can Cultivation World, very troublesome, if not must attend the competition, that Xiong Li they possibly for a lifetime to Cultivation World here, will not look like Earth. On some ordinary[] people, for a lifetime going abroad will be different. Because of this, therefore Xiong Li they regarding Cultivation World here very curious, is sizing up, in this time, a suddenly sound is transmitting said :yeah, you, walk quickly, walks quickly, do not occupy the place in there, delayed others. Zhao Hai they along the prestige, present black clothing skull cap, are the person who the young male servant dresses up, is standing in not far away, called to them, the facial expression that in the eye despises, not covers up slightly. Zhao Hai stares, they put on Magic Robe and warrior cloth, with Cultivation World here cultivator is not the same appearance, this young male servant should be able to recognize, impolite that they can also study? Are their don’t know these people do do? In this time, suddenly coldly snorted is transmitting, Zhao Hai goes along the prestige, is horse like a dragon, horse like a dragon turned the head to cast aside that young male servant one eyes, what thing coldly snorted said : „were you? Does a young male servant also dare to shout and wrangle in here? Lives was impatient?” That young male servant is actually ting neck, sneers said : „I am this city seamount sends a people, are you what kind of? Live what is impatient is you?”

horse like a dragon face does change said : seamount faction? Are you really the seamount faction?” That young male servant looks at the horse like a dragon appearance, cannot help but proud said : good, Lou is the seamount faction, visible image leaves behind ten Crystal Stone to the grandfather, otherwise wants you to be attractive.” horse like a dragon laughing said : suddenly „【 Small seamount faction, dares to us a machine face, your courage not to be really small, today I have killed you. I to have a look at seamount faction to dare to look for my trouble.” Said that horse like a dragon moves, in his hand are many one -and-a-half meters about long Ghost Head Broadsword, horse like a dragon has wielded brandishing a sword gently. Blade Qi flies together toward that young male servant, that young male servant calls out in alarm, actually among the solutions cuts for two halves. horse like a dragon looked that has not looked at the corpse of that young male servant, but is deep voice said : walks.” Said that receives Executioner Blade, walks toward in the city. Zhao Hai they somewhat are scared, in machine there, although said various Great Clan people also very rampantly, but like matter of facing the street murder, little does, but in machine here, a word does not gather, horse like a dragon immediately draws a sword unexpectedly the murder, this true feast somewhat frightened Zhao Hai they. However sees horse like a dragon to proceed, Zhao Hai they are not good to stay, proceeds to walk, but is not some often people looks toward the corpse of that young male servant on, horse like a dragon with own method, to these from machine to Cultivation World new person on well a class. horse like a dragon they quickly on leave good[ broad] field, but[ broad] the person in field, almost nobody comes up to look at one toward the corpse of that young male servant, in Cultivation World here, a deceased person really does not have what good attention, especially does not have what status deceased person, does not have what good attention. Some little time, black clothing appearance arrived[ broad] field here, that person to is also refreshed, received the corpse of that young male servant not to manage, still in[ broad] field here was maintaining the order, probably was any matter has not lived has been same. horse like a dragon led Zhao Hai they to enter this city, entered this city, Zhao Hai suddenly has the one type of sound to put on the feeling of corner, because in this city died constructed the surplus, he was really too familiar, the construction of this urban city looked like likely is[] the historic building of country's, was only fine, walked on that Cyan Stone ban street, Zhao Hai also thinks one were to one[] country ancient world, the clothes that all around the person wore were also Gu Pao, by this type was felt to adding was strong. Before long before horse like a dragon they arrived at courtyard, Zhao Hai looked at this courtyard one, presently on courtyard has the a piece small plaque, above writes three characters, an demon institute.

Zhao Hai stares, horse like a dragon has actually pushed the door to walk, enters this courtyard, Zhao Hai sees two Magician to be busy the person in courtyard, their front, are suspending two robots, but obviously is servicing that two robots in these two Magician. That two Magician looked that some people have come, is busy at turning the head, looks at horse like a dragon they, cannot help but stares, then Magician immediately entered the in hand tool, a face liked arrived at horse like a dragon said : is Sir Ma you leads unexpectedly personally, was I have to lose welcomes, you excused me.” horse like a dragon beckoned with the hand, looks at Chinese said : to consider as finished, you are busy your, room preparation how?” That person of immediately/on horseback said : Sir Ma feel relieved, the room has prepared, please come with me.” Said that led horse like a dragon they to walk toward inside, crossed this courtyard Zhao Hai they present, behind this courtyard, several entered the house, each courtyard were many . Moreover the room in courtyard were also many, stayed their more than 100 people not to be a problem. horse like a dragon put on near binary courtyard directly, arrives courtyard that third entered then to turn the head said : this courtyard to live in 30 people, calculates according to the rank that lived first to 30 th in this courtyard, the remaining people lived, in following two entered in courtyard, Dodge, you arranged.” That cultivated Magician of robot to comply with said : is, Sir Ma feel relieved, I will arrange.” horse like a dragon nodded, turns the head one team and two teams lives along with me to these team leader said : in binary courtyard, the remaining three teams, each team lives in courtyard, oneself arrange.” These team leaders have complied with one, immediately has arranged, Zhao Hai and Xiong Li they remained third entered courtyard, with keeping in this courtyard, other people in Ten Great Experts, invitational meet top three ten Expert. The team leader they have assigned room to Zhao Hai, this room does not arrange the status, Zhao Hai and Xiong Li they divided together, several people of rooms by, the in the room supposing spin were inferior to machine there that magnificently, but was some thing of application, to did not have any special thing. Zhao Hai they favored the room, came out from in the room, in the room does not have any noteworthy arrangement in any case, to settle down slightly, the familiar room was good.

Every one enters in courtyard, not the small gardens, in this garden are planting the tree, put stone table stone bench, Zhao Hai they are coming out from in the room, takes a seat stone table there in courtyard. Xiong Li looked at one to gather other people in courtyard, turned the head not to think to Zhao Hai forced smile said : really can be this, this Cultivation World also was really enough brutal, horse senior came up to kill people unexpectedly.” Several people nodded, they have not thought that horse like a dragon in kills people unexpectedly, this truly stems from their accidents, Dong Fangyu deep voice said : horse senior this is possibly setting up the prestige, in my opinion, that young male servant also received pulling strings of person, wants to us demonstration of authority, if horse senior not that strong top, feared at that time will be our these time will not have the auspicious day.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to look is also, but I thought that this matter such will not end, some while also people will certainly look for trouble, it seems like that the Cultivation World person, these time must give us one to be ugly.” Sun Fei has smiled bitterly next step: Far more than is this time, before me, several days looked up capital, that time 6 Realms new person competition, the Cultivation World person does not try to find the solution our some ugly, moreover often before has not made war, had the player dead in the process of challenge, most one time, before the match has not started, the player of our mechanical well had 20 many people killed.” Zhao Hai their face change, they have not noted this, they think that these time comes Cultivation World here, most was also selected the air/Qi, 【 The careful point also and that's the end, after all they are attend the competition, the Cultivation World person should excessively not be right. Now one hear of Sun Fei said that they know one have how naively, the Cultivation World here person has been used to rampantly, that will care in these customs, is adding on Cultivation World these people, originally looks does not take off a person, in their opinion, kill several machine person also no big deal. Reason that these go to machine cultivator do not dare to be so rampant, because of them in machine there, these cultivator also knows, own Sect not for their several people will make war with machine, will therefore appear that honest. But now they in Cultivation World, are these cultivator domains, these cultivator will be naturally impolite, what matter they can make to come, but also did not say.!.