Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1208

Zhao Hai they are speaking, outside listens to hear one to call out said : suddenly „the machine ju thief, Come out here.” Zhao Hai they stare, this drinks to imply Qi Strength greatly, shakes the person vitality tuck dive, obviously is Expert. Zhao Hai several face change, one has stood, must walk toward the front courtyard. At this time a team leader also saw Zhao Hai their movement, that team leader immediately/on horseback said : do not move heedlessly, the front matter did not need you to manage, honest was staying in this.” He said not toward front courtyard, but strolls in courtyard look at Zhao Hai they. Zhao Hai they look at that person of appearance, cannot help but gawked, law this they had not said anything, sat. In this time, is hearing the horse like a dragon sound to transmit said : who to shout and wrangle in here, is don’t know this our machine temporary office of president?” Outside that person of said loudly: Machine good power and prestige? Why kills people in my sea mountain city for no reason, get lost in a big hurry, gives me sea mountain city explain/transfer.”HaHaHa, sea mountain city calculates any thing, matching makes our aircraft give you explain/transfer, the grandfather person has also killed, how you want! „ overbearing, this saying too overbearing, Zhao Hai and Xiong Li they, as soon as listened to horse like a dragon saying that knows this did not hit must hit, the opposite party also will get for the face this. Zhao Hai spiritual force puts, is actually face changes, courtyard that he presently they are at had been surrounded unexpectedly, Zhao Hai turned the head to look at that several team leaders, the person of that several team leader was also face changes, obviously they also present issue. Zhao Hai turns the head to Xiong Li their said :bear Eldest Child, we prepare, these fellows who the seamount sends our courtyard encircling, it seems like their this time, not only wants attack we to be so simple, I suspected before , that young male servant is they arranges. „ Xiong Li they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, then face changed, they have also thought through joint, several people nodded, in hand weapon took. Really. Their here weapon just took, outside that person of said loudly on hearing: Good overbearing machine, but here is not machine, in this Cultivation World here, not being able to allow you to be rampant, comes the person, the attack, I must machine this these, not a chicken or a dog left.” That person of voice falls, all around war cry is big, all around flew from courtyard from the person, throws toward courtyard. In the institute these team leaders looked that this situation also knows well, it seems like that the opposite party really does not come prepared, their immediately/on horseback loud organization people counter-attack. Zhao Hai looked at this situation, coldly snorted, the hand moved, Liquid Silver Magic Staff arrived at in hand, then after him, wielded, Magic Formation appears of hundred overlay in his front, Magic Formation, immediately/on horseback turned into over ten thousand red to dodge golden light arrow, shoots toward the person who in courtyard threw toward these. this move hot feather ten thousand arrows, but is actually hundred overlay hot feather ten thousand arrows, not only the quantity are more, but also the attack strength is stronger.

These people just about to clash toward courtyard, has not actually thought that directly is arrow rain, was shot to be thrown into confusion at once unexpectedly. Zhao Hai hot feather ten thousand arrows will explode, has wounded at the scene several people. At this time other people in courtyard also responded, they may be the machine skilled person, the actual combat experience are very rich, now looks to begin, naturally also impolite, various show it can in the wars with these attack courtyard in one. Zhao Hai their five people have composed one team, strikes the enemy together, this begin the exchange, Zhao Hai they present, the opposite party strength is not unexpectedly weak, is not only not weak, ordinary stronger compared with them. But horse like a dragon they at this time also moved in front and these people began, at once in courtyard everywhere the sound of explosion, conflict official exploding of both sides. Zhao Hai hits while is sizing up all around, he presently these come attack their people, not only possibly the seamount faction, has certainly other person to hide, otherwise the light is a seamount faction, impossible so many Expert. horse like a dragon beforehand behavior although seems like crude, but Zhao Hai believes that he is not a crude person, if the seamount faction is a big gate faction, he will possibly endure this tone, but he does not have, this fully explained the issue. But the seamount faction looked like also received pulling strings of who, but don’t know he presently really wants the lives of here all people, only planned to give them demonstration of authority. Zhao Hai observed all around, presently horse like a dragon their Expert had tied down, but other with the person who they fight, has probably not tried, otherwise their here casualties will be very certainly big, but their here does not have the appears big casualties now. Zhao Hai looked that all around situation knew, the seamount sent these time certainly to receive pulling strings of who, but they cannot excessively, want to come these time are give them demonstration of authority, except for the demonstration of authority, feared that also had the meaning of probe. Thought of this point, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, they wanted to probe, made them probe, Zhao Hai full was dealing with attack of these people, under he did not have Assassin, because of Zhao Hai very clear, if started was too ruthless, under that opposite party possibly also meeting Assassin, finally suffered a loss they. Such that really such as Zhao Hai thinks, their two groups of people have hit for about one hour in there, the peacemaker always in appears , first is a long and loud cry, then a clear and bright sound conveys said :everybody to stop, friend, but below 6 Realms new person competition preparatory meeting, every may, machine that below begins attended the competition? horse like a dragon also knows , if making, they will not take any advantage, therefore he endures this tone said : „, is getting off an aircraft participating team Captain horse like a dragon.”

Every one may one hear of horse like a dragon say that immediately/on horseback said : originally was broken day blade Master horse like a dragon arrived, has been disrespectful below, the seamount sent the numerous positions to stop quickly, everyone/Great Clan was a friend, cannot injure friendly.” Before at this time , the person who drank to scold that seamount that sends in the entrance, open the mouth and said: Brothers, stop.” These people who the seamount sends have also drawn back, but team leaders in various institutes, restrained all participants, making them not want to attack. But at this time every may they also arrive with horse like a dragon early entered courtyard to go to secret to discuss. Zhao Hai they from airborne fall, looked at all around one, this fight, courtyard was also broken, destruction is not very serious . Moreover the staff casualties are not big, only then several players died, other people only many are also injured, does not have the deceased person. Looked at all around one, Xiong Li coldly snorted said : good seamount faction, this enmity I have taken down, is waiting to me.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile „the motion that said : this seamount sends, certainly was pulled strings, they one is gives us demonstration of authority, two are tries our bottoms, he he, the person of that preparatory meeting, appears also is really is very prompt, I think that he was already waiting in the one side, was only appears just.” Xiong Li they stare, then immediately understand the meaning in Zhao Hai words, several people of face very difficult looked, Dong Fangyu is coldly snorted said : shameless, has not thought that the Cultivation World person unexpectedly also with a move of technique that this will want. Too shameless.” Li Kuangren is the anger snort|hum one, can not immediately clash in hitting ruthlessly with the person who the seamount sends, Zhao Hai actually slightly knows said : looks like Cultivation World these people, knows that this time our strength is good, can therefore probe, interesting, but is like this just right, they want to probe, made them probe, happen to competition time, I was tidying up their well.” Xiong Li they have smiled bitterly, now can say this words to come, feared that is also only then Zhao Hai, they just in fight, but tried, but Zhao Hai actually seems accomplishes a task with ease, now they know one and disparity between Zhao Hai. although they fell, but many people are still alerting, preventing the person who the seamount sends to attack, but Zhao Hai their several actually did not fear that several people sat stone table there, Zhao Hai have also put out the food and wine, several people drank unexpectedly. Zhao Hai their such sitting factions, making their courtyard these people stare. Not only these players were shocked, these team leaders were shocked, they have not thought that really Zhao Hai they so will be unexpectedly bold. Such that really such as Zhao Hai thinks, every may act, both sides naturally could not hit, the person who the seamount sent also withdrew troops, but horse like a dragon also arranged the person to come repair courtyard, all have not lived probably have been same.

In the evening Zhao Hai entered Space time, Laura their immediately received in the room Zhao Hai, release daytime horse like a dragon with the video recording that every may they talk, in the video recording to did not have what content, every may completely by status appears of peacemaker, urging this to urge that really probably to mediate to come was the same. horse like a dragon although knows that what's the matter, actually also can only swallow this tone, after every may they walk, horse like a dragon is actually makes an effort to pound on the table, each time to that Magician said : of his side attended the 6 Realms new person competition, will make such, Cultivation World these bastards will not have traded a move of technique? The mother, looked down upon the person.” By him that Magician has smiled bitterly next step: Cultivation World these fellows have been used to rampantly, their will trade any move of technique, to be honest, can use such move of technique to be good, has not visited to challenge directly.” Since horse like a dragon coldly snorted one, let out a long breath, calm one own mood said : this time our machine player, is case strongest one time, certainly cannot have any accident, especially that Zhao Hai, you arrange, wants the protect Zhao Hai security.” That Magician has complied with one, to horse like a dragon said : „, or made Zhao Hai do not exit, practiced in courtyard.” horse like a dragon shook the head said : to consider as finished, sends for protecting him in secret one and that's the end, if always does not make him exit not to be good, first did not say what idea he will have, feared that will be other people will have the opinion, the Zhao Hai strength will be good, his rank is expected before, our mechanical well must strive for the commodity by him.” That did Magician nod said : Havanaise Terry they? Can also send for protecting?” horse like a dragon shook the head said : to consider as finished, I looked that Terry compares with Zhao Hai, difference is not a half of the day, don’t know is the misconception, I thought that the Zhao Hai strength, not necessarily under me, protects him and that's the end.” That Magician startled can't said : „? Is Zhao Hai so strong?” horse like a dragon sighed said : to hope that he was so strong, if he so were really strong, that absolutely was our machine luck.”!.