Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1209

Zhao Hai has not thought really that horse like a dragon so will be unexpectedly high to his appraisal. He has cannot help but smiled bitterly, it seems like machine these time also really placed his body the hope, he thinks that does not put out a real skill not to be good. Laura they look at the Zhao Hai appearance, knows that he is thinking anything, Laura smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, it seems like you now have become a machine national treasure.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Is this, I am the danger, look at, later these days, my trouble must have, but you also really let alone, Cultivation World here is really a practice good place, here Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi very sufficient, is much more sufficient than machine there.” Maggie nodded said : I to hear that Cultivation World there also has many Spirit Vein to be, place that these Spirit Vein are, Spiritual Qi sufficient, compared with outside world high over a hundred times, naturally was twice the result with half the effort in the there practice.” Zhao Hai nodded said : feel relieved, later will have opportunity, I believe that not only Cultivation World here, machine there also certainly has Spirit Vein, is only don’t know machine Spirit Vein in there.” Maggie forced smile said :machine here has some Spirit Vein, but scarce, entire machine Spirit Vein, feared is a hand can count comes . Moreover the Spiritual Qi density in these Spirit Vein, have fallen far short compared with Cultivation World here, if not this, the Cultivation World person feared that already snatched, is not one's turn us to use. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, he after understanding has gotten off an aircraft a situation , can not recognize, machine come compared with Cultivation World, the strength missed much, the strength that Cultivation World here, each big gate sent did not compare machine to be weak, only in law this in Cultivation World these big gate sent, machine there belongs to wasteland, thing that any they have not wanted, used the computer strength although not to be strong in in addition, but if rebel, will give fully them to incur not the small loss, therefore nobody tube machine. If Cultivation World firmly decides to tidy up machine, machine was already extinguished 800 chapters. Cultivator 6 Realms, does in a big way in fact, but was separated 6 Realms forcefully. Machine strength, compared with Cultivation World here, on equivalent to Cultivation World Sect, if compared with Sect, machine occupies the place not to be small, however useful are not many. Thinks that the here Zhao Hai cannot help but knitting the brows head of gently, turned the head their said : you to say to Maggie, if this time I if has resulted in first, obtained large quantities of commodity stars, can that Cultivation World person make war with machine? If because of this, lets Cultivation World and machine really makes war, matter that we handle, regarding machine was the calamity Non- luck.” Maggie they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but gawked, then several people of face changed, they had not thought before, now by a Zhao Hai such saying, but also felt really very had the possibility. Maggie anxious said : that what to do? Elder Brother Hai, will Cultivation World begin really?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, patted Maggie hand said : to consider as finished, now we think that these were also useless, such that even if said according to us, we did not have the ability to change anything, walked one step is.” Maggie they nodded, although several people of moods very heavy, but just as was Zhao Hai said that even if said like Zhao Hai, what to do they can, their present simply not have the ability to change all these, machine was not calculation that they said.

Several people silent, some little time with, Maggie Elder Brother Hai of gaining ground suddenly to Zhao Hai said :, I asked your matter.” Zhao Hai stares, puzzled look at Maggie said : what matter? Also serves a need to ask me?” Maggie has not actually smiled, but is face said : Elder Brother Hai, if day of Cultivation World must extinguish machine, I hope Elder Brother Hai, you can move the Ashley Clan person to Space, gives them background, lets them in there An Zhi.” Zhao Hai one hear of Maggie said that cannot help but has gawked, then the knitting the brows head, to be honest, the request of Maggie, is really makes him somewhat awkward. Space is Zhao Hai biggest secret, to Cultivation World here, Zhao Hai continuously attention keep secret Space matter, but if makes him meet Space the Ashley Clan person, his Space is can also keep secret result, on don’t know. Maggie looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, knows that relationship of this matter to Zhao Hai is serious, this Space was really too strange, had this Space, Zhao Hai has been able show bit by bit to strengthen own strength, but if made others know existence of Space, that has troubled, after Zhao Hai, did not use in Comprehend the world bases. She feared that Zhao Hai did not agree, but does not want to compel Zhao Hai, therefore can only sitting silently shed tears in the one side. Laura they look at the Zhao Hai appearance, knows that Zhao Hai the place of feeling embarrassed, they do not want to let Zhao Hai Ashley Clan actually, but this saying says, therefore several people of also eager look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, finally looked at one to sit in Maggie that the one side shed tears well, deep voice said :, Maggie, I can only comply with when the time comes gang Ashley Clan as far as possible, but cannot make them know existence of Space.” Maggie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but great happiness, immediately/on horseback said : good, Elder Brother Hai your feel relieved, I ensure did not say, when the time comes I told them, you want to shift them to other planet come up, was this OK? „ Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Laura their said :Laura, you these days, pays attention to situation in the outer space, especially like rainbow meteorite and endless vast desert such place, look can find environment similar point planet, even if environment almost also it doesn't matter, we can transform slowly, later we be able to regard our bases there, can biggest degree guarantee Space not leak.” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked slightly, then immediately/on horseback nodded, looked the appearance that several people of two eyes shone, found any amusing matter to be the same probably, forced smile that Zhao Hai also can only not bear. Maggie at heart actually move extremely, he has not thought that Zhao Hai to help her, actually thinks that such means that look for planet to work as the base, this may not be that easy matter. Looked that Zhao Hai makes these many for oneself, Maggie that can not be affected. Next morning, Zhao Hai came out from Space, has arrived at outside of room, must say the place that they live in now did not examine well, most at least can guarantee that a person room, was not several people lives in together, this is very good. Zhao Hai comes out, presently Xiong Li they came out, several people are sitting in stone table there chat, Zhao Hai also walked said : elder brother several ting early.”

Xiong Li says with a smile! Early anything morning, we also just got up...... Little Hai, we prepare to go out to play today, what kind , does together go? Finds a place to drink two cups while convenient.” Sun Fei is actually smiles said : bear Eldest Child, it seems like you about Cultivation World here too had not known that , Cultivation World here, if other shop fronts, but are many, but on this hotel is actually few.” Xiong Li said : why is this?” Sun Fei smiles said : „the Cultivation World here person to believe that eats thing to produce impurity, does not help the practice, therefore their here person, has plenty does not eat thing, but eats one type of to call Fasting Pill medicine pill, this medicine pill very interesting, has previous, can several days not need to eat thing, very mysterious, naturally, that thing will not have any flavor, is the same with ordinary medicine pill , because of the Cultivation World here person, likes eating Fasting Pill, therefore existence of here unusual hotel, is unusual on restaurant, especially in Cultivator big city this, is. Rare , the place that only then some commoner live will have existence of hotel, but Cultivation World here has regulation, general commoner does not permit such big city, therefore we want in the city to drink the liquor, feared that is very difficult.” Xiong Li one hear of Sun Fei said that cannot help but has gawked, then scolded said : mother, what custom was this? If not let drink, lives is also having any pleasure, the Cultivation World here person, seriously is strange.” Li Kuangren laughs „, thinks that the people of these Immortal Cultivator said : bear Eldest Child said that cannot the big mouth drink again, cannot eat the meat bulk, lived is being the ratio died seriously also uncomfortably, such person ten thousand were to live for ten thousand years, that can compare with us, I and others only lived for ten years, was merrier than them.” Xiong Li several people also laugh, Zhao Hai said :good, we exit to transfer the extension, but everyone/Great Clan also is more careful, now we after all in the Cultivation World domain, if these cultivator must cope with us, meets the has plenty means that now we must do is, can endure first to endure to endure, waits later to have opportunity to say. Dong Fangyu nodded, but then he also sighed said : „to say, we with Cultivation World here Ascender, just ascend came up the time, was the same, because of these person of ascend places in Cultivation World, Cultivation Method that studies compared with our brilliant, therefore strength compared with us, what if we learned from them was the same Cultivation Method, I did not believe our can't compare with they.” Zhao Hai looked that Xiong Li they are deep nod of to be so, he cannot help but shows a faint smile, proceeds to extend the head, then pulls down sound speaking sounds: Actually the guyses want to study Cultivation World Cultivation Method also to have the means that these time is opportunity.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Xiong Li they stare, then each and every one two look at Zhao Hai of shining, simultaneously have collected the head, Sun Fei whispered: Elder Brother Hai, what means?” Zhao Hai knew said : do not forget slightly, the 6 Realms new person competition most from the beginning, was an elimination series, in this elimination series, can kill people at will, Cultivation World these people, some can be familiar with the Cultivation Method belt that they practiced on body, so long as we butchered several Cultivation World people, took their Cultivation Method, can't practice?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that several people went to one, Xiong Li stared said : I also to think you had any good means that originally was this method, I told you Little Hai, this method you did not need to think, useless, the Cultivation World here person is the Cultivation Method belt on the body, but they inscribed Cultivation Method thing to call jade slip, on this jade slip had spiritual restriction, so long as were not Master spiritual force, jade slip immediately will ruin, simply was useless, likely if you said that simple, now machine there feared that already turned into addition one. Cultivation World.” Dong Fangyu their several people also nodded, Zhao Hai look at several people of appearances, showed a faint smile said : I to say that naturally had solution, several Elder Brother did not need to be worried, so long as we can get so far as Cultivation Method, I can make you practice, what kind of?”

One hear of Zhao Hai said how many person of spirits one came, what Dong Fangyu immediately/on horseback said : you said is real? Little Hai, you must know that Cultivation World restriction is not that good broken, does not do well to injure to own.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : several Elder Brother freely feel relieved, I said can certainly, therefore these time at the elimination series, we must butcher several Cultivation World people much, so long as obtains their Cultivation Method, elder brother several can practice.” Several people are two eyes shine, Cultivation World these from the power and influence they saw, they do not think one compared with these person of bad, similarly is ascend less than five years of person, looks at these people sight, can hit their ten, but their these were known as that the person of talent, actually can only become the stepping-stones of these people, this nose taste does not feel better. Now heard that has opportunity to learn the Cultivation World method, they naturally[ is popular] exerts, looked like Dong Fangyu said that they do not believe that oneself compared with the Cultivation World here Ascender difference. Zhao Hai look at several people of appearances, then said : if actually said that machine here practice method is also not good, but machine these years have concentrated in Mecha and battleship, therefore regarding Magic Formation research, to training of Magician and Warrior, were not careful.” Sun Fei puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, what you said is real? Machine here can practice method, compare with Cultivation World really?” Zhao Hai nodded said :naturally to be OK, haven't I kept off that Li Chuchen three swords? Slightly flies, you thought Magic Formation that I use, is fiercer than Magic Formation that general Magician does use? ” Sun Fei nodded said : to be natural, that also used saying that Magic Formation that Formation Set of same five overlay, you used, Might was stronger than others' ten strong Magic.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this actually also to have the reason, first is my spiritual force is strong, spiritual force is the foundation of Magician, spiritual force is strong, Magic Formation that you use, the Might also nature on, second is the Magic Formation lord who I use, is I combines mostly, is I am in sole possession, in these Formation Set, not only has protected present Magic Formation frequently use defense Magic Formation of attack, but also has plenty uses on Mecha and battleship seeks the use auxiliary Magic Formation, many people said that if in Magic Formation Set join auxiliary Magic Formation, on will be reduced by Formation Set Might, is actually not, If assisting Magic Formation uses was good, can make Magic Formation Set Might increase.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that several people are one dull, especially Sun Fei, his face inconceivable is looking at Zhao Hai, he has not really managed Law Idol to believe the Zhao Hai words.!.