Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1210

Sun Fei look at Zhao Hai, opens mouth, is a few words cannot say, some little time Sun Fei one smartly recovers, one that he shouted has stood, two eyes stubbornly stared at Zhao Hai, the mouth is moving heedlessly up and down, was a sound does not have. Sits looks at the Sun Fei appearance in Sun Fei Dong Fangyu, one recovers, he one pats Sun Fei, pressed on Sun Fei the chair, this standing grain whispered: Good slightly to fly, calm, Little Hai said this saying, must let your understand, he will teach you this method, but your youngster do not say that will otherwise bring not the small trouble to Little Hai.” One hear of Dong Fangyu said that Sun Fei one recovers, his let out a long breath, looked at a Zhao Hai point, strengthened nodded said :feel relieved Elder Brother Hai, I did not certainly say, even if in the person with church did not say. Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, has patted Sun Fei shoulder said : this no big deal, in fact this matter my sooner or later must announce, this regarding machine the fresh strength enhancement of Magician and Warrior was very helpful, our machine present all kinds of Magic Formation, in addition had many, was nobody gives to count, but as the matter stands the issue was also appears , wants in these many Magic Formation, to select some appropriate Magic Formation, combined them in together, was not an easy matter, if in adding on auxiliary Magic Formation, that on was more difficult.” All people nodded, even if Warrior like Xiong Li also nodded, in machine there, no matter Warrior or Magician, somewhat must have certain finding regarding Magic Formation, after all machine there is relying on Magic Formation in the support, no matter battleship or Mecha, but is the electric lamp or computer, above is carving Magic Formation, if you know nothing about Magic Formation, you are almost difficult. Zhao Hai then said : here most understands Magic Formation, was slightly flew except for me, slightly flew is Fire element Magician. I use ordinary Fire element Magic now, the hot shield technique, five overlay, slightly fly you to have a look at my this Magic Formation to have any difference carefully.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, his front appears five overlay Magic Formation, but these five Magic Formation are very small, moreover after appears , has not absorbed all around Fire element ability, looks like looks like five toys. Sun Fei is called the hot Saint causes, he regarding Fire element Magic Formation naturally completely understand, do not say this most common 1st level hot shield, therefore Zhao Hai revealed that this Magic Formation, his immediately saw the difference of this Magic Formation. 1st level hot shield, by five Magic Formation Set, solid shape, directs Spirit Formation, the fire formation, reinforcement, changes, these five Magic Formation, the solid shape and reinforcement by, one Magic Formation release Magic fixed to become Dunxing, another is to reinforce this shield shape generally, making this shield shape firm, the defense is better, but directs Spirit Formation is non- attribute Formation, is in all Formation Set, use many Formation, this Formation major function, is helps Magic Formation direct to receive Spiritual Qi between Heaven and Earth, Making Magic Formation firm, can make the user relaxed, but fire formation this hot shield foundation, has indicated this Magic Formation attribute. Naturally, if trades this fire formation, changes into the water formation, that this Magic Formation must change name to call water shield, but attribute changes, not Magician of fellow-student of the same department, use.

But changed to be simpler. Changes not to facilitate control of Magic Formation to Magic Formation, has not consumed , the hot shield can only place same place, had changed, the hot shield can move, blocks attack that came from any direction. But Zhao Hai Magic Formation of the fire formation overlay, is actually somewhat different, in Zhao Hai these five Magic Formation, four are the same to ordinary hot shield, separately is solid shape, directs Spirit Formation, the fire formation, changes, has not actually reinforced, conversely, in Zhao Hai Magic Formation, Magic Formation that appears Sun Fei did not know. Zhao Hai points at that Magic Formation said : this Magic Formation is not being reinforcement of Magician normally use, but is one uses defense Magic Formation on battleship, this Magic Formation was called scale on the battleship, because this Magic Formation was carved generally in the outermost of battleship, looks like the scale of fish is the same, mainly to increase the defense capability of battleship, but this Magic Formation uses in here, actually should better, is better on about three layers than reinforcement effect minimum.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Sun Fei cannot help but stares, on about strong three layers defense strength, what concept is that? That represented this Magic Formation almost to be able equivalent to seven overlay Magic Formation Set, but seven overlay compared five overlay to spend many spiritual force much, regarding Magic Formation Master to come, strengthened the defense, the use of spiritual force had not actually increased, this absolutely was a gospel. Then Zhao Hai wields, that hot shield immediately/on horseback started to attract outside world energy fast to turn into a hot shield, because Zhao Hai is being trial model|pattern now, therefore this hot shield was very small, only then the palm of the hand size of average man. However Sun Fei was actually one saw the differences of Zhao Hai this hot shield technique, the ordinary hot shield technique, used is above braves the flame, looked like imposing manner is astonishing, but Sun Fei they actually know, such hot shield technique biggest shortcoming also these flame. These flame brave, will disperse Magic Formation energy, enabling Magic Formation to achieve the best defense effect, defense that shield mainly looks, is unattractive. But Zhao Hai this Magic Formation is different, this hot shield, seems blushes the shield, emits without any flame, this equal to was Magic Formation uses all strengths in the defense, as the matter stands the defense of Magic Formation naturally became well.

Zhao Hai waved, the hot shield vanishes, Zhao Hai then said : these year of machine here new Magic Formation appears , but reason that before the people think that assisting Magic Formation unable unifies with attack and defensive type Magic Formation, because of after the experiment, assists Magic Formation one , but defends the Magic Formation union with attack, will reduce Magic Formation Set Might, but after these many years exhibitions, no matter attack Magic Formation, defends Magic Formation to assist Magic Formation, were more than before, like present this scale, is in recent years is opened, moreover quick has substituted for original Magic Formation, becomes fights on Mecha. Many defensive type Magic Formation that uses, therefore I believe that assisting Magic Formation join to Magic Formation Set, regarding Magic Formation Set, will certainly play better doing to use.” Nod of Sun Fei face ji moves, then he turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, gives me that Magic Formation, I want to study.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, give you, but now the time early, we do not go out to play, bear can't Eldest Child, go?” Xiong Li shook the head said : not, today does not go, Little Hai, I saw that you have the strict research appearance to Magic Formation probably, your does ascend come up how long? Possibly how compared with slightly to fly also many?” Zhao Hai already thinks that the reason, one hear of Xiong Li said that his immediately/on horseback smiles said :this your don’t know, when my Lower Realm, to Magic Formation very has strict research, but Lower Realm regarding the utilization of Magic Formation, does not have machine here to be so comprehensive, so is not systematic, after machine here, my learn Magic Formation Rune, my Magic Formation utilization, naturally was therefore better. Xiong Li nodded, turn the head and take a glance at the surrounding, said :walks, we said to inside, Little Hai, we do not exit today, said that Magic Formation matter, you regarding in Magic Formation that on weapon uses, has research?. Zhao Hai one hear of Xiong Li said that this understand his meaning, he nodded said :to have, so long as is Magic Formation my research, bear Eldest Child, in your two sledgehammers, general core about 70 Magic Formation, yes?. Xiong Li one hear of Zhao Hai said that[ is popular] has exerted, his immediately/on horseback said : right, fantastic, has not thought that your youngster such has research to Magic Formation, walks, enters the room, said the Magic Formation matter to Elder Brother several well, best to be able our weapon transform.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, nodded, Magic Formation that on Xiong Li their weapon comes in handy, like Mecha and battleship, many of use is not some assists Magic Formation, Magic Formation that on Warrior weapon uses is also attack Magic Formation, these Magic Formation most important doing use are to Warrior Battle Qi attack carry out additional support. But because Zhao Hai has Liquid Silver relationship, Magic Formation that also uses for weapon on has carried on some research, has Karen they, in adding on Universal Analyzer, Zhao Hai regarding the understanding of Magic Formation Set on weapon uses, are not less than Magic Formation Set of Magician use, Xiong Li is willing to make him help, his naturally happy. Several people entered the Xiong Li room, Xiong Li immediately have put out their chain hammer, has put the ground, Little Hai you had a look to Zhao Hai said :.” Zhao Hai nodded, he looked that squatting body looked at the Xiong Li chain hammer, the work of chain hammer is very good, the material of use is also very good, obviously Wu Clan very attaches great importance to Xiong Li, Zhao Hai searches toward the chain hammer in spiritual force, in the chain hammer is recording each and every one Magic Formation, these Magic Formation are not big, moreover uses searches demon xing very good Mithril . Moreover the arrangement of Magic Formation also does is very good, if others looks at Xiong Li these two sledgehammers, Yu Ding thinks this is one very perfect does, but in Zhao Hai, this. Two sledgehammer still has plenty shortcomings, from the arrangement of Magic Formation, have very big problem to the use of Magic Formation. Xiong Li they anxious look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked then had some little time gained ground said : bear Eldest Child, your this weapon was very good, the material that used is high grade, moreover forged was also very good, but can improve, was not good in here, must wait for returned to machine, after waiting for returned to machine, if you could believe me, I helped your again refined the sledgehammer, believes that will let your attack strength, increases three compared with present minimum to five layers about.” One hear of Zhao Hai said how many people held breath the tone cold air, the attack strength one increased three to arrive at five layers? Wasn't that equal to increased 50% attack strength? This figure was too astonishing. Xiong Li look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, do you have confidence? Wants me to make Clan come out to give you Magic Formation picture in weapon?”!.