Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1211

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, shook the head to say! ” Does not use, Magic Formation in your hammer, I knew probably, if these Magic Formation others saw that possibly thinks wrong, however my new type Magic Formation Set, can certainly wield a better effect, moreover bear Eldest Child, said that the sentence is not of pleasant to hear, Magic Formation Set in your hammer cannot make you wield 100% Might. ” Xiong Li nodded said : „, my present strength also had some enhancements, some was not quite suitable the hammer I, now Clan also for manufacture weapon again, but has not completed.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, when competed after a period of time, after returned to machine, I was giving to help you manufacture weapon, believes that will not compare your Clan manufacture the difference.” Xiong Li laughs said : naturally naturally, I believe certainly you, or I said to Clan that making them do not manufacture weapon to be good to me.” One hear of Xiong Li said that Zhao Hai quickly said: No, may not want, bear Eldest Child, such do not do, must know Magic Formation that in these weapon uses, has plenty is Wu Clan unique, if makes them know that you make me give you to manufacture Magic Formation, their possibly happy, does not think your dead/die from the Magic Formation leak of Clan, causes anything to misunderstand is not good.” Xiong Li nodded said : that you saying that how must Can Clan make after a period of time to me new weapon, this Wu Jianqi will also take back.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to take back takes back, when the time comes I that new weapon modified not on line? Don't worry.” Xiong Li nodded said : that well, now also can only like this.” At this time Dong Fangyu advanced first successive Xiong Li, has put out the Fire Dragon sword, before having handed Zhao sea surface, said : to me, Little Hai, helped me have a look quickly.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, received his Dong Fangyu in hand Fire Dragon Divine Sword, he searched toward Fire Dragon Divine Sword his spiritual force, actually does not think, among Fire Dragon Divine Sword many greatly fierce emitted a fire flame blocking his spiritual force, simultaneously that fire flame also attacked toward him. Zhao Hai stares, the intention moves, defended Magic Formation appears to block that fire flame in his keeping off scope as the matter stands his energy also to receive, Fire Dragon sword also calm. Dong Fangyu they puzzled look at Zhao Hai, don’t know, Zhao Hai look at flood red Fire Dragon Divine Sword, turns the head to smile said : to Dong Fangyu all over the body Second Brother, your this may not be really simple Fire Dragon Divine Sword, can rebound spiritual force, your this be possible to really be unexpectedly good this does not need me to modify the sword the sword, he is Divine Weapon efficient instrument, I think you now also not this Might of sword complete wields?” Dong Fangyu nodded to receive the Fire Dragon sword that Zhao Hai has handed over, sighed said : „ this sword is double-edged sword that flame obtained, each used this person of sword, must drop blood owner recognition, before Master of sword has not died, others did not have the means to use this sword, I always feel this sword also has plenty the place of god place, but did not have the means to wield comes out this to be helped me have a look by you, has not actually thought that this sword really also had the ability of self- defense, oh, what a pity. Zhao Hai nodded said : to have opportunity this sword truly very wonderful, when later has opportunity, I in research well, believe that passed sword research this, you will be very helpful to the Second Brother.” Said that he turned the head to look at Li Kuangren, Li Kuangren has given Zhao Hai his master child without demur, Zhao Hai received Li Kuangren axe, searched this not any intent toward the axe in spiritual force exogenous, his spiritual force very smooth searching in Li Kuangren axe Zhao Hai spiritual force searched in Li Kuangren axe, he gawked, then face changed, gained ground look at Li Kuangren, deep voice said : Third Brother, offended who of Song numerously?”

Li Kuangren stares, puzzled look at Zhao Hai does said : queer? No.” Dong Fangyu looked that Zhao Hai face knows certainly has had problems, his immediately/on horseback said : Little Hai? What issue has?” Zhao Hai let out a long breath said : in Third brother's axe has a very fatal shortcoming, one when these two axes receive the tremendous pressure, may live the explosion, Might of its explosion, is not smaller than the small nuclear bomb!” Anything!” Xiong Li their one calls out in alarm, the look at Zhao Hai in hand two axes that cannot believe that saw probably severe floods and savage beasts is the same. Small nuclear bomb, then regarding the person like them, absolutely is Ultimate Weapon, even if Cultivation World cultivator, if there is a small nuclear bomb to live the explosion in their side short distance, they absolutely are impossible to escape by luck. But Li Kuangren axe inside room however was installed a small nuclear bomb, this was too inconceivable! Li Kuangren has also tarried, then his two blood red eyes, roars said : these bastards, no wonder after determining the position of invitational meet, received my axe, said that must carry on Level Up, damn, they are such Level Up, these bastards.” One hear of Li madmen said that Xiong Li their face very difficult looked, if Li Kuangren axe exploded, they absolutely are impossible to escape by luck, several people looked at one mutually, saw one from the opposite party eye startled * intent. Zhao Hai looks at several people of said : now we to return don’t know, this only aimed at Yu the Third Brother, aimed at our, if in view of our, that explained that Song possibly had spy, moreover was status not low spy.” Before had Zhang Family such matter, lets the sensitivity of machine present ten noses, therefore Zhao Hai one presently Profound Principles in Li Kuangren axe, immediately has thought of this point. When the invitational meet, machine all people know that Li Kuangren and Zhao Hai their several are on good terms, was almost in the situation of always being together, this time attended the 6 Realms new person competition, first round is the elimination series, but the 6 Realms new person competition here elimination series, is different from the machine elimination series, the machine elimination series, does not allow to form a team, however the here elimination series allows to form a team!

The elimination series allows to form a team, this they are advantageous regarding Zhao Hai, their several good friends naturally can compose one team, together move, in this case, if in the fight, Li Kuangren axe suddenly explodes, then killed may, not only Li Kuangren, Zhao Hai they also will certainly receive bo, therefore this matter is very likely aims at Zhao Hai all of them, not only in view of Li Kuangren. One hear of Zhao Hai said that Xiong Li several people nodded, the meaning of their very clear Zhao Hai this saying, several people of face somewhat are ugly. Dong Fangyu appease Li Kuangren, turned the head this matter oak I to look that to Zhao Hai said : best is makes our Clan Prophet say, Third Child now do not vanish to tell Song this, such will possibly alert the enemy.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : our present simply don’t know machine there many Cultivation World spy, if we disappear to feed in this, that may alert the enemy, therefore I do not support such do.” The Dong Fangyu knitting the brows head, Zhao Hai said is reasonable, Dong Fangyu deep voice: How do we want to do?” Zhao Hai looked at his in hand axe, to Li Kuangren said : Third Brother, your axe gives me to process, I have guaranteed two days of give you two brand-new axes, moreover most suits the axe that you use, what kind of?” Li Kuangren nodded said : to take away, I can also not believe you.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the hand, received returned to Li Kuangren axe in Space. Then he turned the head their several people of said : I to go to the room to Sun Fei, do not say this matter that no one must tell, after this matter, we in slowly.” Xiong Li several people nodded, Zhao Hai turn around went to the room, Dong Fangyu their also face ugly went to the room respectively, this matter made their at heart many yin haze. A Zhao Hai returned to room, immediately entered in Space, then put out Li Kuangren axe, half step has arrived at Universal Manufacturing Machine there. Laura they also came out from in the room, with Zhao Hai together to Universal Manufacturing Machine there, after Zhao Hai to Universal Manufacturing Machine there, has put on two axes Magic Formation, then started the multipurpose system machines, has chosen the reconstruct material key. flash of white light, from other aspect Magic Formation, appears one pile of materials, but these forests foresee accurately, have pile thing face , looks like absolutely is not the metal, that is thing that pile of powder install.

Zhao Hai knows that piles the manufacture material of thing that small nuclear bomb, he was then loose. Receives, that slightly piled thing to receive, turned the head to look at Laura their eyes. Laura their also look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to think really that can have such matter unexpectedly, interesting, was too interesting.” Laura look at Zhao Hai appearance said : Elder Brother Hai, completes the axe first, can add some materials toward inside?” Zhao Hai read the material on Li Kuangren axe, shook the head said : material to not to use, Third brother's axe, the needed materials are good, does not need to increase anything, we enter the room to discuss to probably record any Magic Formation.” Several people nodded, walked toward in the room with Zhao Hai, enters the room, Laura their immediately has taken up computer to analyze. Li Kuangren attack very has the characteristics, his attack looks like the tornado, must come the attack enemy with the strength of that revolving, therefore the axe cannot be too light, but cannot be too heavy, too heavy words more difficult control, moreover to axe inside Magic Formation request also very high. Has analyzed some little time, they caused a general plan finally, then took this plan to go to Universal Analyzer there on, making Universal Analyzer arrange most to suit Li Kuangren to cause some Magic Formation Set. In Li Kuangren beforehand axe, 70 Magic Formation, quantity with double hammer same many of Xiong Li, but also has the different place, Li Kuangren Magic Formation stress and sharp, but double hammer stress of Xiong Li in thick and weight. After Universal Analyzer analyzes, Zhao Hai absolutely in Li Kuangren axe, engraves 80 Magic Formation, increases ten, this will let Li Kuangren attack formidable, will let his few of Battle Qi consumption.!.