Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1212

Zhao Hai closes itself in the room three days, these three days he has not come out from in the room, but Xiong Li they have not gone to disturb Zhao Hai, conversely, their defending in turn outside the Zhao Hai door, do not permit anybody to disturb Zhao Hai. Their such actions, have certainly brought to the attention of horse like a dragon, horse like a dragon is a team leader, he regarding each player very cared that but Zhao Hai is the object of his with emphasis attention. Now looked that Zhao Hai closes itself in the room not to come out, moreover closes is three days, horse like a dragon was somewhat anxious, he arrived at Zhao Hai they courtyard, looked that Xiong Li their several people are sitting outside the Zhao Hai room, was saying anything in a low voice, has not noted him. horse like a dragon half step has arrived in front of several people, Xiong Li they also saw horse like a dragon, several people have stood hastily, bows said : to see horse senior to horse like a dragon.” Did horse like a dragon nod, looked at Zhao Hai room said :Zhao Hai what's the matter? Why closes itself in the room not to come out? What matter has? Has any matter to tell me. ” Xiong Li shook the head said : not to have hastily, horse senior does not need to be worried that Little Hai is all right, is only some sensibility, must close up, believes that over the two days will come out, you do not need to be worried.” horse like a dragon look at Xiong Li is said : all right really? Some matters do not hide the truth from me.” Xiong Li nodded said : to invite horse senior feel relieved, if there is a matter, we will certainly tell you, is all right, you do not need to be worried.” horse like a dragon then nodded, look at Xiong Li their said :you are good, this several days has not exited, this several days has exits Bi Guang the player, by the Cultivation World person, with all kinds of methods challenging, some had also been injured, if you must exit, must be small The heart, especially Zhao Hai, now the Cultivation World person, very dreads to him. ” Xiong Li several people nodded said : are, invited senior feel relieved, we will pay attention.” horse like a dragon nodded, turn around walked. Looked at horse like a dragon to walk, Xiong Li turned the head to several people of said : looks like Cultivation World these fellows does not want to make us feel better, you said that if Little Hai came out, we can also exit?” Goes, naturally must go!” Zhao Hai sound from Xiong Li transmits, Xiong Li their turn around, sees Zhao Hai smiling standing in room in front of the door. Looked at Zhao Hai to go out, Xiong Li their immediately has encircled, several people of look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to come.” Said that Zhao Hai turn around went to the room, Xiong Li their immediately followed. Entered room Zhao Hai to close on doorkeeper, then turned the hand, in hand appears two axes, the shapes of these two axes before Li Kuangren different that used, looked like looks like the Li Kuangren beforehand axe, without any change.

Zhao Hai has given Li Kuangren the axe, shows a faint smile said : Third Brother, tries, these two axes are pass through me to refine, although does not have the join anything material, however inside Magic Formation, has actually carried on the modification.” Li Kuangren nodded, received axe, in hand has hefted hefting, nodded said : well, has not changed including the weight, is really good.” Said that starts to input Battle Qi toward the axe. Battle Qi just input to the axe, on his axe immediately shone green radiance, Li Kuangren has gawked, immediately/on horseback removed Battle Qi, radiance then vanished. Li Kuangren input Battle Qi, axe immediately/on horseback the highlight got up, Li Kuangren cannot help but two eyes bright said : good, was really good, fantastic, I felt that now the axe input the Battle Qi quantity compared with before be short, actually has been able to achieve with the former same effect, 1 was Little Hai, this?” Zhao Hai nodded, shows a faint smile said : well, the feeling of Third Brother is very right, now your axe, so long as inputs the original seven layers Battle Qi quantity, can wield with input the ten layers Battle Qi same effect, what kind of?” Li Kuangren laughs said :well, fantastic, this was too important to me, thank you are small Sea. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : also not only, I also join in your axe a vibrate Magic solution, if when with weapon of enemy must hand over, your axe can produce the vibrate results, breaks through his weapon.” Li Kuangren they stares, then several people of face change, simultaneously called said : vibrate weapon?” Zhao Hai smiles was nodding said :well, vibrate weapon, this weapon this to use on Mecha close combat weapon, because this vibrate weapon in the use, needs very big energy to support, machine armor has the energy battery, is supplied vibrate weapon energy by the energy battery, can therefore use, Battle Qi that but we use is also one type of energy, why cannot make our weapon also turn into vibrate weapon, therefore I in research these Magic Formation, today am first time have tried on Third brother's weapon, the Third Brother, tries under one. „ Li Kuangren has complied with one, turned the head in the room to look, obviously was prepares to look for same thing the vibrate effect that tries Zhao Hai to say. Xiong Li looks at his appearance, speechless said : good Third Child, do not look, this in the room thing, even if you do not use Battle Qi, can cutting off easily, come, tries with this.” Said that Xiong Li turns the hand, has put out weapon from own Space Equipment. This is a both hands heavy sword, works evidently very excellent, looks is who Portable weapon, Xiong Li smiles said : this to have time value line of duty the time, butchers weapon that 4th level Warrior obtained, to be honest, this weapon compared with my sledgehammer difference, Third Child, you do not take this to try.” Said that Xiong Li is grasping sword hilt, has lifted Jianping, Li Kuangren has complied with one, has transported Battle Qi, an axe strikes off toward the sword on. Xiong Li to detect this vibrate weapon is strong in there, has poured into Battle Qi toward Great Sword, two weapon hit quickly in together. Listens to one, the axe is similar to delimits a paper to be the same, has delimited from sword directly, then listened to one that worked as, sword tip to fall the ground.

Room the swords in all person dull look at Xiong Li in hand, Xiong Li in hand was unable to call the sword, only in front of remaining sword hilts and sword hilts more than ten centimeters section sword, but falls in ground sword tip also less than ten centimeters, about two meters Great Sword, unexpectedly only remaining a little, other parts, vanish from sight! Not wrong, vanished, how has not broken to pieces or, but vanished truely, changed into metal powder of place. Saw this situation, Xiong Li they holds breath. Cold air, Li Kuangren dull looks at responsibility own axe, then like saw the monster. Hissing! Great in inspiration sound, Xiong Li they have recovered finally, Xiong Li has held up oneself in hand Great Sword, the Great Sword fracture place, looked like by any thing dissolving was the same, has left behind a not too neat fracture, if before were not him, tried this sword has been any appearance, he thinks really one misread. HaHaHa!” Laughs wildly to transmit Li Kuangren[ is popular] exerts is brandishing the in hand big axe, laughs wildly to continue, stirs up Xiong Li and Dong Fangyu being jealous. Some little time Li Kuangren calm got down his immediately to receive own axe, Xiong Li and Dong Fangyu turns the head look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, showed a faint smile said : and other bear Eldest Child weapon to bring, I his also transform, as for Eastern Second brother's weapon, I to am think that the Fire Dragon sword has not needed transform now, waited to clarify secret of Fire Dragon sword say well.” Xiong Li nodded said : well, you may probably to me well the lane this vibrate weapon really be good.” Dong Fangyu somewhat is depressed, but thinks that own Fire Dragon sword, could not completely understand including Zhao Hai, cannot help but has added several hopes. Must say Sun Fei depressed, he is Magician in less than these weapon, this makes him very worried, Zhao Hai also saw the Sun Fei appearance, he showed a faint smile said :well small Flies, you do not use worriedly, waits for two days I to reorganize several Fire element Magic Formation Set to give to you, believes that will be helpful to you. ” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Sun Fei one[ is popular] exerts nod said : that got up he to make an effort that such to settle, Elder Brother Hai you may probably quickly.” Zhao Hai laughs said : well, I knew, walks elder brother several, today do we go out to play what kind of?” Xiong Li they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, Xiong Li has frowned said : lightly Little Hai, went really? You may , to be clear, now outside don’t know has many Cultivation World people, is staring at you, if you exited, they will certainly ask you to trouble.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said :I naturally to know, but should also teach to these fellow one, did they think our machine uninhabited really? feel relieved was good, if they dare to look for me, I ensure tidies up their well. „ One hear of Zhao Hai said that Xiong Li they also know was urging to be also useless, several people nodded, Zhao Hai then got the people to walk outward.

courtyard Zhao Hai feels their some people, but he has not worried, his very clear, in his behind is the horse like a dragon arrangement protects his person, therefore he when don’t know, their several people left courtyard to walk in the avenue with Xiong Li. Since arrives at sea mountain city to start, they also not in street good good strolling, but although they have not strolled, but the street of Zhao Hai to Yu Hai mountain city is not strange. In Zhao Hai they cross the entering the sea mountain at that moment starting from, Laura they started to receive toward Space in the sea mountain city map, now Haishan here map already saved to Space, these three days, Zhao Hai besides practice, but also the has plenty time looks at the sea mountain city map in there, therefore Haishan here each street he knows. Xiong Li they work as in don’t know, several people to are first time come in sea mountain city to window-shop, follows in Zhao Hai proceeds, Zhao Hai is not wanders about aimlessly, his target is sea mountain city market. Sea mountain city market is actually their business districts, just in this business district, not only there is a shop front, arranges the person of stall, these people are Cultivation World cultivator, but rehearsing booth mostly is some Rogue Cultivator, but the shop front mostly is some big influence control. Has a custom in Cultivation World here, the big city city, is only allowed cultivator to enter, if has not practiced the average person, is not allowed to enter the big city city. Also is not everybody practices in Cultivation World here, at the matter, has not practiced average person, has occupied majority, but the day of Cultivation World here average person, non- camera there feels better. Machine there Magic science and technology Advanced level , the average person sits at home, can know that outside has looked unfamiliar anything, so long as you are willing to work, you do not practice, the day has also met good. But Cultivation World here is different, the Cultivation World here average person, was almost sent by various big gate to control, thing that these average people plant, cannot the chaotic type, if there are ten mu place, that turns over to their family tube truly, only then five mu, moreover that five mu, are Sect that they are at request them to plant anything, they plant anything, a right to independence not, naturally they in Sect is not by their white race, after their type east nose, will have the monetary reward, moreover often the monetary reward cannot be too low. But if they have not looked after the land that good Sect to make them plant, they will also be punished, moreover punishes also heavily. Besides these, these commoner must pray to Sect that they are at that quite enables their Sect from their here to obtain some Strength of Faith, if Sect presently that commoner for offering Strength of Faith has been short, they will also be punished, with machine compared with, Cultivation World here commoner, is more like the slave who reared in a pen, just their days feel better compared with the slave a lot. Over commoner in machine here thinks, only then means that practice, so long as you can practice, then congratulates you, not only a person, your family member will obtain the advantage, living conditions big improvement, but Cultivation World here, but also is not who can practice, in Cultivation World here, the practice must have spirit root. spirit root this thing, looks like Magician is the same with innate skill that Warrior spoke, if you did not have innate skill, you cannot study Magic, if you did not have innate skill, you were exempt strong learn Martial Skill, will not have the too high achievement, but Cultivation World here was also same, you did not have spirit root, simply did not have the means to practice, can only work as commoner. But is not the person who all can practice, can enter to various Sect, looks like the seamount sends like this small Sect, accepts the disciple is also very strict, these practice innate skill are not good, does not have too big show potential person, is impossible to enter to Sect, they obtain some low level that Sect puts free generally, can not say inward flow amends the practice method, rub rope practice, person like this on being called Rogue Cultivator. Therefore Rogue Cultivator thinks join Sect, however such lucky fellow actually few, Rogue Cultivator wants join Sect, only then means that successful arrival Qi Condensation Stage, may have some small Sect to receive you, but these Rogue Cultivator want to practice, must have medicine pill, has better Cultivation Method, these thing only then in the city can buy, but they to buy these thing, need Crystal Stone, in order to gains Crystal Stone, these Rogue Cultivator will hunt and kill Monster Beast, or picks the medicine, prospecting stone and so on thing, then attains the market here transaction, received exchange for Crystal Stone, thing that uses Crystal Stone to receive in exchange for them practicing to need.!.