Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1213
Has a few words in Cultivation World here, is called...... On the stall has the treasure, looked that your look does arrive! ” This somewhat teased meaning words, said the true meaning of stall. Any Cultivation World person underestimated doing of stall will not have used, because in stall really easy appears treasure! This person of treasure not necessarily is weapon or any Magical Treasure may the kind, possibly is one type of plants, possibly is the a piece ore. These Rogue Cultivator are inferior to disciple of Cultivator big faction after all, their although practice, but must speak of regarding the cognition of various treasures, they do not have the means to compare with disciple that these big gate send, thing that sometimes they obtain obviously is a treasure, but they actually did not know that only regarded is ordinary thing selling out, when such matter since birth. Because of this, the stall that therefore this Rogue Cultivator sets up also has become a Cultivation World special scenery, the person in Cultivation World, regarding this situation, did not oppose that opposite they return completely support, Rogue Cultivator that a city, sets up a stall were many, in the city Sect obtains treasure opportunity also on even bigger, regarding all based on a practical Cultivation World people, obtains the treasure is most important. Zhao Hai today's destination is market there, he prepares there to pull out the treasure, is the preparation makes there plants and ore. His Space good long time not to have received plants, this is not Zhao Hai wants to see that therefore Zhao Hai wants to receive some plants to enter Space now. Several people chat while to proceed, Xiong Li they also somewhat anxious is sizing up all around, the machine there clothing and Cultivation World here is different, Xiong Li their this were extremely conspicuous, this all passes through their people all the way,[ from] by look at they, the facial expression in that has not necessarily in a friendly way how. Sun Fei looked at all around these cultivator one, 1 low voice to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, the eyes of these fellows are not quite friendly, what to do can we?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to fear why they have anything at the worst, don't worry, challenge that if they dare to come, I well tidy up their.” Sun Fei looked that the Zhao Hai confident appearance was not saying anything, regarding the great strength of Zhao Hai, he was well aware, Zhao Hai was not one keeps off the time with them, this kept off the Li Chuchen three swords to start him in Zhao Hai to know at that moment, therefore Zhao Hai said that he has not been surprised any. Several people walked for about a half hour, this arrived at market there distantly sees the there has plenty person, moreover sound quarrelling very mixed. Sees this situation, they cannot help but gawked to sea mountain city not ripe Xiong Li then several people of puzzled turning the head look at Zhao Hai said : where this is?” Unknowingly, Zhao Hai became several people of centers, although in several friends, he is situated Fourth Child, however his strength is in several people are strongest, in this takes the strength as Venerable in world, the strength strong person naturally can become the center. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : market, here is the Cultivation World person buys the thing place we to transfer the extension, has a look to have good thing.”

One hear of Zhao Hai said that Xiong Li they cannot help but smiled bitterly, Dong Fangyu depressed look at Zhao Hai said : had good thing to be what kind, here was not machine they do not receive a machine city, only received Crystal Stone, our bodies may not have Crystal Stone.” Zhao Hai smiles said : you not to have, I have, feel relieved was good, if you settled on any me to buy, the Crystal Stone matter did not need to be worried.” In Zhao Hai Space the present can produce Crystal Stone, the Crystal Stone quantity in his Space already many in Cultivation World here, is the person of wealthy man rank. One hear of Zhao Hai said that Xiong Li how many people have cannot help but gawked, Crystal Stone that Xiong Li puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „your comes? Crystal Stone is the strategic resources in machine, won't be Ashley Clan will give you? Are they so natural?” Zhao Hai you who smiles said : how I to make do not need to manage, so long as in any case you know that had in hand to have Crystal Stone to be good, today we make the Cultivation World person know that what was filthy rich.” A look at Zhao Hai suddenly Hu appearance, Xiong Li their several people have laughed, but they like this side, if chatting of uninhabited, lets all around these Cultivation World has an anger of face. Cultivation World person originally looks does not take off a person, in their opinion, a machine person be lower than on First Grade them, was inferior compared with these commoner that he rears in a pen that a machine person arrived at Cultivation World here, should honest being affected, but also dares such rampant chatted on the avenue, was too simply wild. Actually chatted a few words simply no big deal on the avenue, did not have on the regulation avenue not to permit to chat, chatted to create a disturbance on the avenue is very normal matter, but the person of this chatting turned into a machine person, the Cultivation World person somewhat could not accept. Zhao Hai has not managed them, getting the people directly to enter market, entered to market Xiong Li they have gawked, that stall everywhere, really stems from their anticipation. Little can see this stall in machine there, the average people have own shop front, almost vanished in machine there like the stall. Zhao Hai has not actually cared walks toward inside directly, Xiong Li their immediately/on horseback follows, but several people of appears , immediately/on horseback becomes the focal point on market, all person look at their in a low voice dead/die language, obviously these people also knew Zhao Hai their status. Regarding this type into the feeling of focal point, Zhao Hai has not cared, this surrounded matter, so long as he does not put on day of Magic Robe in Cultivation World, this situation unavoidably fresh, because the beforehand machine person few people will come Cultivation World here. Cultivation World cultivator, some people will run up to machine there to look for some needs thing, but machine person few people will actually arrive at Cultivation World to come \; first, because Transmission Formation cannot use at will, wants to make the Spaceship words, did not have special Spaceship, second is, a machine person comes to Cultivation World here, will be discriminated by Cultivation World, nobody likes looking at others' face, therefore a machine person on few people Cultivation World here, Cultivation World here has been able saying that several years could not see a machine person, now suddenly presently several machine. The person leaves one in Cultivation World here, they naturally curious.

Zhao Hai has not cared, his two eyes often has swept these stalls, what disappoints him somewhat is, in these stalls, mostly is some beast skin or beast bone and so on thing, these thing regarding him, completely are the weaks, what he wants is live Monster Beast, but is not beast skin. suddenly Zhao Hai present corner there has small booth, but those who stem from the Zhao Hai anticipation is, suspends booth unexpectedly is not a big child, this child looks at age also over ten years old, long ten points sturdy, but seems a some brain, his booth to is very simple, the a piece broken cloth shop on the ground, is suspending plants on the rags, this plants thinks of a small earthenware pot, is likely tree same plants, plants and few leaves, moreover tree trunk looks like dry, one pays the barely alive appearance. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, he has arrived around that booth, looked at that trough plants, this trough plants although looks like barely alive, but Zhao Hai actually felt that from the body of this plants very formidable Life Force, Zhao Hai has decided to buy this plants. What plants did he look at that setting up a stall child said : this is? How many Crystal Stone?” That child look at Zhao Hai, one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately/on horseback said : this is any plants my don’t know, I dig from Asian Pingshan, if you want, ten Crystal Stone.” Ten Crystal Stone, this price is not to be honest cheap, especially this appearance also not good plants, Zhao Hai although can feel Life Force in this plants, but other people are actually could not feel that Zhao Hai has Space to exist, has the one type of special feeling regarding these plants, other people may not have, therefore this child set up a stall already good several days in here, had not actually sold. Zhao Hai without demur, put out ten Crystal Stone to give that child, this careful was sizing up that plants, this was plants like tree, less than one meter high, above scattered grew several not big leaves, tree bark is making a rule dry, probably the wrinkle on old person face, really was not quite to be honest attractive. But this is also this plants most special place, generally looks like such small plants, epidermis not appears these many cracks, but this plants actually appears these many cracks, probably passed through the innumerable year's of wind and rain to be the same, is really strange. In Zhao Hai look at this plants time, suddenly a sound of arrogance conveyed said : this to set up me to want, how many Crystal Stone?” Zhao Hai turns the head to look that young man of cultivator appearance is standing in his, at the same time arrogance look at that child. This cultivator clothes look like very magnificent, in the head specific use the dagger ponytail, in the hand was also taking a folding fan, looks like looks like pampered son of a wealthy family.

That child looked at this pampered son of a wealthy family one, somewhat gingerly said : sorry, this tree has bought for this mister, he has counted money.” That cultivator one hear of children said that this eye image rotation Zhao Hai they, coldly snorted said : that then disdained several machine country bumpkins, you opened a price, this plants I wanted.” The Zhao Hai look at this young cultivator appearance, shows a faint smile, the hand wields, took in that plants Space, then in a soft voice said : sorry, does not sell.” That cultivator looked that Zhao Hai to receive in good plants Space, the look cannot help but shrinks, this slight movement has not hidden the truth from Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai can affirm that plants is not certainly simple, not in words young man can not buy may not. That young cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said does not sell, on the face cannot help but left the silk a very strange smiling face, his deep voice didn't said : sell really?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, does not sell. „ That young man suddenly laughs said : „ a machine country bumpkin, dares to run up to our Cultivation World to snatch the treasure, really has acted recklessly, today your plants gave me also to suspend, if you dared not to give me, he he, I made you know that Cultivation World was not the place that your Doba men should come.”!.