Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1214
Xiong Li they, as soon as listened to this young man saying that knows today's matter impossible friendly, Zhao Hai also look at that young man, does smile said : what? unable to buy plans to snatch? You determined really the person can rob?” That cultivator does suddenly laugh said :not to snatch? Were you chatting? Won't I be able to snatch? Your these township oneself men, do not think that a machine person can compare with our Cultivation World really? Obedient puts down to me that plants, I keep your entire corpse. ” My goodness, others put down thing must kill, but keeps an entire corpse to the person, probably was many greatly has looked after to the person, was really crazy. Zhao Hai look at that cultivator shows a faint smile said : your excellency to report a status, perhaps I will look in your behind influence share, puts your horse, otherwise may on do not blame me for being rude.” That human form looks at idiot same look at Zhao Hai, suddenly Ha Ha suddenly Xiao, some little time he stops, then coldly look at Zhao Hai said : country bumpkin, you died, I must tear to shreds you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to invite.” The personal appearance moves, walks toward outside the city, Xiong Li their several people, that cultivator looks at this situation, immediately/on horseback flew. Sea mountain city cannot be big city, control the seamount faction of this city, is not the big faction, can say, if no Cultivation World these to send the support greatly, they do not dare to provoke machine a person. Zhao Hai they have flown quickly on a outside the city barren hill, several people stand in the sky of barren hill, that cultivator look at Zhao Hai, will sneer said : your also ting to choose the place, will work as the grave here also is really good.” Zhao Hai look at that cultivator, coldly smiles said : your feel relieved, after wait for you died, I will certainly turn into my Undead Creature army you, you will fight for me, this is your being honored.” That cultivator coldly snorted, deep voice said : has courted death!” The hand wields, in his in hand fan immediately flew, then bunch of black gas of depart from the fan, these black gas come out from the fan, immediately/on horseback changed each one Malicious Ghost, direct Zhao Hai threw. That cultivator look at Zhao Hai said : today I make you taste my this taste of Ten Thousand Ghosts fan, lets your understand understand, Cultivation World and a machine difference, I your will live soul refining to my Ten Thousand Ghosts fan.” Zhao Hai coldly smiles, the hand wields, Magic Formation appears of 50 overlay in his front, then this Magic Formation instantaneously explodes, arrow only appears of several hundred white in the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai wield all over the body, these arrows only shoot toward these Malicious Ghost. That cultivator coldly smiles, simply has not been serious Zhao Hai the Magic, in his opinion, Magic simply does not have the means compared with his Spell, therefore his command(er) these Malicious Ghost, are still throwing toward Zhao Hai. However receives next life matter is lets his greatly surprised, these light arrow that Zhao Hai shoots, an arrow shoots the bodies of these Malicious Ghost, these Malicious Ghost immediately received very heavy injury to be the same probably, started to call out pitifully, moreover their bodies also keeping changed is small, became more and more transparent, the air/Qi of yin offense also has been simultaneously short.

Regarding cultivator of Malicious Ghost understanding saw very this situation knows, this is Malicious Ghost received very critical attack, is falling the level the indication. cultivator greatly surprised, these Malicious Ghost are he collects to train with great difficulty, if fell the level, his loss may too be big, must know that this Malicious Ghost also divided level. 1st level Malicious Ghost, can only be called as is the yama's underlings, the attack strength very small and weak, wants to deal with the enemy with 1st level Malicious Ghost, can only depend on the quantity, but wants to cope with cultivator, does not have hundred thousand eighty thousand 1st level Malicious Ghost, you are impossible to be what kind to the responsibility. In 2nd level Malicious Ghost strength slightly some, but not formidable many, when continuously Malicious Ghost achieves 5th level time, true may endure uses greatly. Malicious Ghost wish Level Up, besides letting them in a Yin Qi rich place practice, but also other has plenty means that making Malicious Ghost swallow are good means that lets other Inferior level Malicious Ghost, swallows mutually, slowly can train other Advanced level Malicious Ghost, such words, will lose many Malicious Ghost. The one type of method can also make Malicious Ghost level obtain the quick promotion, that provides the blood food for Malicious Ghost! The blood food, as the name suggests, uses flesh and blood as the food, this is the one type of very special method, uses was good, he is one type of can promote the Malicious Ghost fighting strength method quickly, uses is not good, he is the worst promotion Malicious Ghost fighting strength method. The blood food is divided into two types, the one type of blood food is Monster Beast, the one type of blood food is actually a person, these two types of blood food are different, if uses Monster Beast as the blood food, Malicious Ghost fighting strength although will also enhance, but its Spiritual Wisdom increases is actually very slow, in other words, feeds the blood food with Monster Beast flesh and blood, Malicious Ghost fighting strength will increase quickly, but actually will become stupid, will look like wild beast is the same, will only handle affairs with the instinct, can only be able to understand some simple orders. But feeds Malicious Ghost by the person, Malicious Ghost fighting strength not only can increase fast, will also become very intelligent, especially will feed Malicious Ghost by cultivator flesh and blood, Malicious Ghost fighting strength will increase will be more rapid. Feeds Malicious Ghost with Monster Beast flesh and blood, this nobody will oppose that now the Cultivation World here has plenty place, raises Monster Beast, this method will also be used by some Ghost Dao cultivator,

Very normal. However some Evil Cultivator, for by own Malicious Ghost fighting strength formidable, therefore they have used another one type of quite evil method, is the personnel feeds Malicious Ghost, heard that in Demon Realm there, some evil Dao Sect factions, the special rearing in a pen person, to use these people feeds Malicious Ghost. But with the cultivator of Zhao Hai for war, the method that he uses, raises the Malicious Ghost method by the person, his these Malicious Ghost train not to be easy, if in Cultivation World here, presently he is used this method to raise Malicious Ghost, he died. Therefore he noticed that these Malicious Ghost have been injured, serious that but loves dearly, if these Malicious Ghost level have fallen down, he bill how long, the big risk, in can in one time let Malicious Ghost Level Up? Thought of here, cultivator immediately/on horseback receives own fan, face ugly look at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted said : good, daring injured my Malicious Ghost, I must turn into their blood food you.” Zhao Hai look at these cultivator, shaking the head said : of gently Cultivation World does cultivator, like such talkative? Too inconceivable, before your battle, must ask the opposite party to drink liquor first, then holds a tea party, they are bickering for one hour, is starting? Must if that was true, I to really very much admire you.” Xiong Li they, as soon as listens to Zhao Hai such taunt that cultivator, laughs, but the face of that cultivator one has grow darked, his coldly snorted said : sharp tongue, suffers to death.” Said that his hand wields, sword appears in his front, his hand pinches the sword Secret Art, a sword toward the Zhao Hai sword. This opens very strange making of sword, sword like the snake, is taking the handle tail place to have Skull, all over the body black , looks like the gloomy terror. Zhao Hai already present, this cultivator strength, missed compared with Li Chuchen much, this sword although looked like aggressive, but actually cannot seal up Zhao Hai all avoidances the routes, Zhao Hai does not want to spell with him hardly, can evade this sword with ease. Zhao Hai wields, Magic Formation appears of 50 overlay in the Zhao Hai front, then formation suddenly open/operated, giant light sword appears in his front, the light sword welcomed the cultivator skeleton sword to cut. That cultivator coldly snorted, Magic Secret Art gearing of in hand, then before one that the skeleton sword that punctures, puts on unexpectedly was wrapped up by one layer Dark mist, becomes not[ really] is solid, probably put in order the sword changed into Dark mist, turned into ghost soul to be the same. Zhao Hai has not actually cared, that person of sword is changing, change yin attribute this characteristics, but his Light Element Magic, is actually specially broken yin attribute Spell, in this regard, he has fought the small advantage, therefore he did not fear.

Only the sword and skeleton sword has hit quickly together, listens to with a bang sound, the place that the light sword and skeleton sword bumps into, lived a huge explosion, that cultivator face also changes, the air mass when explodes vanishes, the light sword that Zhao Hai release goes to also vanished, but that cultivator skeleton sword although also, but Dark mist also vanish from sight on sword, the sword restored the appearance of sword. That cultivator face ugly received the skeleton sword, this skeleton sword was Mid Grade Magical Artifact, in Cultivation World here was also very rare, just the beacon sword bumped into, naturally will not have anything to lose, but he was attached to Divine Sense on sword, actually caused heavy losses, he wants in likely just that smooth has the use skeleton sword not to be impossible. cultivator has not thought that Zhao Hai is so formidable, he revealed that the skeleton sword, still did not have the opposite party to be what kind, this was too astonishing. cultivator moves, at the same time small banner appears in in his hand, then his hand swings small banner, all over the sky black gas they encircled him and Zhao Hai in the middle. Then his hand in one time moves, flag appears of five black in in his hand, his hand have wielded, four hundred flag minutes shoot the four directions, his in hand holds is planting flag, swings gently, 1 flag increases instantaneously, then all over the sky black gas moved, attacks toward Zhao Hai several people. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but coldly snorted, the hand in one time moved, Light Element formation appears of hundred overlay in his front, one group of white light centered on him has then exploded. Light Element Magic Formation of hundred overlay, are not 50 overlay formation can compare, this group of white light explode, immediately black gas that cultivator release comes, all has scattered, that cultivator also miserable snort|hum, face one became very difficult looks. Zhao Hai knows that he is Divine Sense is damaged, how he possibly lets off this opportunity, wind transferred Ice Blade Magic to lose, afterward was one hot feather ten thousand arrows, was one Metal element ten thousand arrows, finally was adding on Darkness Element Darkness to kill the arrow. The Zhao Hai suddenly strength, one hit that cultivator soldier to be caught off guard, that cultivator was also Malicious Ghost, after Dark mist was broken, his immediately put out a black ugly face shield to defend, the defense capability of this shield was very strong, has blocked Zhao Hai three Magic, before Zhao Hai Darkness killed the arrow, was actually cherishes hatred at the scene, was killed the arrow to break the defense by Darkness, has shot the throat of that cultivator directly!!.