Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1215

cultivator when was killed the arrow wearing out throat by Darkness, on his face appears an inconceivable facial expression, then his look rapid gloomy went, he died! Zhao Hai before the body of that cultivator downward falls, wields one group of black gas, cultivates that wraps up abundantly, when black gas vanishes, that cultivator also vanished, he became in Zhao Hai Undead Creature army. Looks at Zhao Hai neatly that cultivator extinguishing, Xiong Li they have cheered, in this place, the suddenly distant place is flying a person, this person left them not to be far probably, now is flying fully. Saw this situation, Xiong Li their immediately anxiously, simultaneously has set the appearance of defense, they feared what these time came was the enemy. However Zhao Hai does not have a point anxiety, his deep voice said : does not use anxiously, is the team leader.” His voice just fell, wear Magic Robe team leader appears before them. That person has not wasted breath, deep voice said :follows me quickly, just by that you destroyed completely Core Disciple that was the seamount sends, was one of the 6 Realms new competition players, the seamount sent to know that this situation, their reinforcement immediately arrived around turn around to fly, the route that he flew was not the route that he came, obviously he sent the person for the avoid seamount. Zhao Hai they, as soon as listened to him saying that gawked, but their also immediately responded, flew with that person. Melted just against not long after, one group of people on appears in Zhao Hai with the place that cultivator fought, the leader who seamount of lead sent, he looked at all around one, deep voice said : truly was the son's aura, he and person has fought in here, it seems like that the son was murderous scheme of person.” Long Old Daoist that the seamount of his side sends: Is impossible, before our also checked, how many machine people the son with came out, wants the son's life depending on a machine person? Isn't simple?” The leaders sighed said : look like are we had underestimated a machine strength, machine that Zhao Hai can block the Li Chuchen fully three swords, this itself explained that Zhao Hai strength, but the son came compared with Li Chuchen, must miss on many, four years of effort wasted.” Elder coldly snorted said : leader, goes back our immediately to look for a machine important person, making them hand over Zhao Hai, words that does not hand over, we well tidy up them.” The leaders shook the head, sigh said :uselessly, machine that machine will not associate with people previous time with us to war, does not have fully, they did not fear that our seamount sends, but has scruples these Great Sect, the light is our seamount faction, being insufficient makes machine people feel the fear, now that Great Sect person walked, if we in look for a machine trouble, they will cope certainly our, you think these Great Sect, for our seamount will send and machine gets angry? Is impossible, most Wuqing/ruthless non- righteousness is these Great Sect, they will not manage our lives. The elders were silent, he knows what leader said is right, the seamount in these Great Sect eyes sends this only to be able small Sect of control city, simply so ants general existence, he not shortly, even if uses their times, in the form of order, do not say that has raised one's head possibly these Great Sect person for them, their Sect name did not remember continually. The leaders sighed said : machine these fellows are one crowd of Lunatic, do not look that now machine was pressed by Cultivation World cannot move, but these Great Sect , to auxiliary engine, must think over well, if really machine these fellows provoking anger, their Dead-soldier will be impolite, our seamount sent with machine compared with, missed far, this turbid water, we do not go to take part, this time 6 Realms new competition, we also gave up, at the worst five years later from was new, if we. Machine compelling, the seamount faction had feared anxiously vanished in less than five years.” The elders sighed said : „, machine now to that Zhao Hai attach great importance to, if we have coped with Zhao Hai , a machine person will certainly go all out with us.”

The leaders nodded, sigh said : to walk, goes back, when today's matter does not have Lou Shengguo, I to have a look, that Zhao Hai can walk far at this time 6 Realms new person competition.” But at this time Zhao Hai they returned to their courtyard, they just entered their courtyard, presently horse like a dragon also in there, horse like a dragon looked that Zhao Hai they came back, cannot help but relaxed, on the chilling face 1 u left a smiling face, moved forward to meet somebody, look at Zhao Hai, nodded said : to enter the room to say with me.” Said that turn around walks toward Zhao Hai in the room. Zhao Hai their immediately/on horseback followed, enters the room, horse like a dragon laughs, somewhat smiles Zhao Hai they to be bewildered, some little time horse like a dragon calm, his look at Zhao Hai, effort has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : Zhao Hai, great, is really great, you are really make every effort to succeed for our machine, destroys completely Core Disciple that the seamount has sent unexpectedly, this 6 Realms new person competition, a Cultivation World hundred strong Gongsun is positive, HaHaHa, good, fantastic.” Zhao Hai they also stare, they have not thought really that they have hit for quite a while with others, the status of don’t know opposite party, but horse like a dragon instead to such clear. horse like a dragon look at Zhao Hai their appearances, show a faint smile said : you exit, I have sent for with you, your several present is our machine treasure, I cannot make you have an accident, when you are fighting with Gongsun, is responsible for protecting your team leaders to want make a move, but he does not have make a move finally, has not thought really Little Hai your strength so is unexpectedly strong, unexpectedly really the opposite party destroying completely, good, fantastic, these days, we collected the several other Realms hundred strong lists and capital tenons, two days have reorganized well on to have a look by you, Good, rests.” Zhao Hai they only know that what's the matter, horse like a dragon sent for already knowing with his matter Zhao Hai, but collection material matter Zhao Hai and don’t know, it seems like machine in Cultivation World here, has plenty hidden stake. After waiting for horse like a dragon leave, Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : really has not thought that by that we destroy completely, can be the participating person who the seamount sends unexpectedly, HaHaHa, was too interesting.” Xiong Li they actually look at monster with one type of look look at Zhao Hai, some little time Xiong Li deep voice said : looks like this time 6 Realms new person competition, Little Hai you will certainly obtain good achievements including the Cultivation World new person hundred strong one by person that quickly on exterminate, you can certainly rush in hundred.” Dong Fangyu they nodded, if before , their strength to the Zhao Hai did not have a direct-viewing impression. That this time they knew the Zhao Hai strength truly. Cultivation World hundred strong at 6 Realms new person competition, since has been to hold the control status, today they are Cultivation World hundred, tomorrow they may be top 100 of 6 Realms new person competition, lets slip unusually. But in this case, Zhao Hai butchered Cultivation World hundred strong players unexpectedly, what concept is this? Also in other words currently Zhao Hai completely had the Cultivation World hundred strong strengths! Thinks of here, Xiong Li their cannot help but[ is popular] exerts them is Zhao Hai happy, similarly is also for machine happy. Machine was suppressed too long time by Cultivation World, they have been looked down upon now Zhao Hai finally for them to vent anger by the Cultivation World person, their energies not[ is popular] exerts.

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :my target to be possible, not only hundred so are simple, this time I am challenge the Cultivation World authority, I must Cultivation World to know, in this world, not only their Cultivation World can appears Expert, machine same. Xiong Li several People sounds called good, Li Kuangren happy said : good today's too happy, 1 【, Does sea, have the liquor? Today does not drink, is really unfair to itself.” Zhao Hai laughs, waved several jug liquor on appears in in the room, Xiong Li several people were two eyes one bright, then held liquor jug outward to walk. Zhao Hai also arrived at outside with several people, raised one's wine cup jug to put by the stone table, he has put out several types of small side dish from Space, several people sat, in stone table there opened drinks to stir up person good envying in courtyard. After having drunk, Zhao Hai returned to own in the room, immediately entered Space to drink two water, sobered Zhao Hai then to take that plants that he buys today. Zhao Hai just that plants took, hears in Space to transmit sound speaking sounds: „When presently Universe inaugurates Spirit Tree root that leaves behind, Space Level Up to 100 eight Level 10, in Space the Spiritual Qi density enhances 100%, in Space plants level promotes Level 10, in Space the time to add region completely, expands ten times, the time adds in region the time to add highest degree, may reach 100 times, Host has the authority to purchase high level Cultivator background, high level science and technology background, high level Magic background, Space evolution becomes the small Universe shape, all backs of Host purchase, by planet condition appears , in Space all Spirit Vein will live degree to enhance ten generations, in Space all ore materials, all rotatable turns into the mineral lode, the mineral lode. Has the self- growth ability, the Universal Manufacturing Machine level promotion to Advanced level, Universal Analyzer, the level promotion to Advanced level, the Host ability enhances ten times, therefore Magic Beast level enhances Level 10, arrives at the Monster Beast level officially!” Has tarried, not only Zhao Hai has tarried, Laura their all people have tarried, Space this Level Up liter were too many, one rose several Level 10, moreover in Space all thing Level Up , to promote was also too quick, all these have stemmed from Zhao Hai their unexpected. Space overall Level Up, one rises several Level 10, before this is Zhao Hai, how, regardless of not to have thought that even if was Space just from the beginning appears time, at that time Level Up very easy time, has not crossed presently such frantic matter, one rose several Level 10, moreover turned into the small Universe shape unexpectedly, in other words, Space also like Comprehend the world there, each and every one background now turned into planet, this regarding Zhao Hai absolutely was good information. background turns into planet, this seemed like Zhao Hai has suffered a loss, because without turning into planet, the end of Zhao Hai continuously don’t know these background world in there, but after turning into planet, he to can know, from this Xie Dulai actually, Zhao Hai probably suffered a loss. However do not forget, in Space also has in addition same thing, that is hundred Spirit Tree, hundred Spirit Tree every other hundred years can have a planetoid, but this planetoid can also float in Universe, if Space does not turn into small Universe, what to do that future hundred Spirit Tree will be having the planetoid? Places there that small planet? All these are the issues. Now all issues have been solved, moreover along with various plants animal Level Up, the one of the strength between feast in time obtained enhancement, Zhao Hai believes that these Undead Creature also certain Level Up. Is adding on Universal Manufacturing Machine, Universal Analyzer Level Up, the Spiritual Qi thick promotion, the production of various types of mineral lode, the growth of Spirit Vein, waits for these changes, regarding the Space show is very advantageous. Zhao Hai long vented anger, turns the head look at tree sub- in that dry small tree, who can want to obtain, spirit root when this small tree can be Universe inaugurates has unexpectedly, if this thing makes the Cultivation World person know, will be certainly insane.

But the Cultivation World person has not recognized him to come unexpectedly, this makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental. Actually this cannot blame the Cultivation World person not to recognize this thing is \; first, this thing appears time is too short, two are Divine object from hui, the genuine treasure you are impossible one to look, because the genuine treasure will hide oneself, the average person cannot look. But this spirit root can be called absolutely is the Cultivation World here most top treasure, but sea mountain city here, is actually small town, the here stall, besides the seamount sea, almost nobody will pay attention, but the seamount will send is not everyday will also pay attention, these days the machine person arrival, making the people who the seamount will send very intense, will not have the time, in cared that the matter in stall, seeks by them not presently existence of this Divine object. But Gongsun he also felt that this spirit root is not simple, but is anything, he and don’t know, is buying spirit root in addition is Zhao Hai, he has only worked as under the pretext of this spirit root, wants to teach Zhao Hai, therefore the meeting must compel Zhao Hai to give spirit root to him, was not he knew really this spirit root price planted. Zhao Hai thinks that turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, arrives at the spirit root type, attendance well.” Cai'er complied with, immediately has met spirit root, thinks that Cai'er decided finally, planted spirit root in hundred Spirit Tree not far places, this also facilitated to look, moreover there is this spirit root, they also very much had the advantage to Zhao Hai. Cai'er just about to arrives at the ground the spirit root type, suddenly her in hand spirit root lived probably, fierce made from her under the hand/subordinate, falls the ground, then fast has cut through, Cai'er gawked, looked toward underground with spiritual force, actually presently that spirit root already with hundred Spirit Tree the root tight union in together, became hundred Spirit Tree part is probably same. Then was only Cai'er was shocked, Zhao Hai was also shocked, his really don’t know, at this moment, the Space prompt sound in one time resounded!!.