Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1216

spirit root unifies with hundred Spirit Tree, hundred Spirit Tree Level Up, goes up Spirits because of hundred Spirit Tree originally, After spirit root unifies, spirit hundred Spirit Tree slowly will change Universe Spirit Tree, every hundred years of hua opens one time, each time result hundred, biggest one is the planetoid fruit, the planetoid fruit and ordinary planetoid are the same, falls off after the tree, may carry on the second growths in Universe, the planetoid may be occupied by the person, is plantable, has the minerals, other 99 lark fruits, may weep blood owner recognition, becomes Space equipment. ” Zhao Hai hears Space such prompt sound, could not direct to cheer more than one, fantastic, was too formidable, has not thought of spirit root to be able unexpectedly with hundred Spirit Tree unions in together, fantastic. Now spirit root just unified with hundred Spirit Tree, hundred Spirit Tree Level Up, later entire hundred Spirit Tree became spirit root, what degree will that arrive at? Naturally this is not best, even more desirably, hundred Spirit Tree hundred Spirit Tree after turning into planetoid, can carry on the second growths unexpectedly, in other words, that planetoid in Universe, oneself growing up slowly, will look like plants will be the same, this was good. Laura their also very happy, Space this time Level Up was really too formidable, not only Space obtained the innumerable advantage, the Zhao Hai strength also obtained increase, this regarding them was very important. Because Space just Level Up, many functions obtained Level Up, now Zhao Hai did not have the complete understanding Space situation, therefore Zhao Hai has not worried, does not have anxiously the practice, but with Cai'er together research well a Space Level Up later situation. Space this time Level Up is comprehensive Level Up, therefore the function obtained very big promotion, especially Zhao Hai strength, before Zhao Hai, in does not use in the Liquid Silver situation, can use thousand overlay, ten thousand overlay can also exempt the strong use, but needs for a long time to prepare, in the actual combat, the use is not very big. However now is different, now the Zhao Hai strength obtained has promoted him to use ten thousand to superimpose with ease, although was unable directly to use a hundred thousand overlay, but believes that soon has been OK, after all Spiritual Qi in present surface Space was very sufficient he practice in Space to be twice the result with half the effort. If he currently uses Liquid Silver, can make Liquid Silver wield 100% Might with ease, even under the help of Liquid Silver, he can the use three hundred thousand overlay strengths of light spear|gun, by his present strength, in machine, even if not first Expert, similar places Cultivation World here, that can also vie with each other with Expert of Infant Stage time. Now Zhao Hai had energy, but he knows that his strength also had big promotion Space, did not say other, considered to congeal Gang to enter the body, can make his strength be promoted in one time.

Before congealing Gang to enter the body, he has done, moreover already oneself[ body] in all energy, congealed into Berserk Qi, but this Space Level Up, let him[ body] in ability in one time obtained very big promotion, but these energy that promoted newly, but has not passed through to congeal Gang, therefore he also needed some time, congealed into these energy in Berserk Qi, like his strength on will obtain very big promotion. Besides own strength obtained very big promotion, these Undead Creature strengths also obtained the promotion of arrow, because of the level promotion of Space, in Space all thing, promoted these Undead Creature naturally is also so. Before these Undead Creature strengths, according to the algorithm of machine here, are the Apprentice 9th level strength however now are different, now these Undead Creature strengths have achieved about 3rd level, such strength, already comparing favorably with many ascend about five years new people. Has been promoted besides the Undead Creature strength, golden Combat Suit and bone beast Combat Suit level was also promoted, this different thing, this different thing, now no matter defended and attack ability has achieved the beforehand about five times, can definitely use in Comprehend the world. But those who most let Zhao Hai happy is, in Space all ores can produce the mineral lode, moreover mineral lode automatic growth shape, in other words, he that feared that now from Space, with scrap precious ore, in Space automatically will also produce this ore mineral lode . Moreover the mineral lode slowly will also grow, looks like the big tree that grows up unceasingly is the same, this regarding Zhao Hai, important. Comprehend the world here, why so many disputes? In the final analysis is resources two characters, the resources is the Cultivator basis, you think Immortal, needs the innumerable resource support, only closes door by oneself ascetic, that may not have will succeed. But the ore resource, is in Comprehend the world mainly one of resources struggles to rush, because the ore resource in Comprehend the world, like Space, cannot the growth, the ore material in Comprehend the world be non-renewable, with not having did not have, but Cultivator actually cannot leave various ores, no matter manufactures Magical Artifact to manufacture the defense, cannot leave the ore, especially some precious ore. Like the 6 Realms new person competition, but also is these mineral lode that each time struggles, can look from this point, ore resource important xing. In capital tour that Comprehend the world here struggles most important had three types, Spirit Medicine , the mineral lode, Spirit Vein, Spirit Medicine that is needless saying that no matter wound treatment, helped to practice breaks through the bottleneck, generally needs Spirit Medicine , the mineral lode was important, will have the mineral lode to have good weapon, good Defensive Equipment, even can have many Crystal Stone, but Spirit Vein was the Spiritual Qi richest place, in Spiritual Qi rich place practice, in the ordinary place practice effect was better on many. Cultivation World here best Spirit Vein, by various Great Sect control, the places of these small Sect practices, is being some small Spirit Vein, Spiritual Qi is not that sufficient.

But now the Spiritual Qi density in Zhao Hai Space, although can't compare with these high level Spirit Vein, but compares to general small Spirit Vein actually to strive to excel on many, Spirit Medicine Zhao Hai does not lack, the ore he is also many, can say that Space this Level Up, making Zhao Hai have excellent practice Cave Mansion, this regarding Zhao Hai was really very important. Stayed one in Space in the evening, next morning Zhao Hai is refreshing came out from Space, although his yesterday a night has not rested in the evening, because Space Level Up lets him too[ is popular] has exerted, therefore he 1 : 00 is stranded intent not to have now, conversely, is more energetic than everyday. Xiong Li they also got up at this time, several people of spirits are also good, the although well day they have drunk many liquor, but that liquor actually not above, therefore now several people are full of energy, does not have a hangover appearance. Several people see Zhao Hai, welcomed, Li Kuangren laughs said : well, satisfying, yesterday this liquor drinks was too crisp, since this is crispest one time that these days has drunk, Little Hai, today can also exit to stroll?” Zhao Hai although thinks is exiting to stroll, but he shook the head said : not to want, yesterday we Core Disciple that the seamount sent butchering, the person who the seamount sent will certainly ask us to trouble, stayed we have not needed to fear anything in here, if exited from here, may receive plotting that the seamount sent, this several days we stayed in here.” Li Kuangren also nodded, at this time Xiong Li opened tone said : not to exit also well, Clan said that today delivers my new weapon, Little Hai, when the time comes Elder Brother may look your.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved Big Brother and ensure makes you satisfy, slightly flies, this gives you, you take to have a look first, after these Magic Formation research good, I am teaching you other.” Was saying Zhao Hai while has given Sun Fei a card, stores up card is several Magic Formation, these Magic Formation are ten superimposes to 50 overlay, appropriate Sun Fei use. Sun Fei[ is popular] exerts has met, impatient puts toward own wrist computer on, Zhao Hai look at his appearance, shows a faint smile said : to return to the room to look that we do not exit in any case today.” Sun Fei complied with one, turn around ran toward own in the room. Dong Fangyu envies looked at Sun Fei one, then sighed said : now not to obtain the advantage on me, was not good, Little Hai, you must prepare good thing to me, otherwise I did not let off you.”

Zhao Hai laughs said : well, when the bear Eldest Child hammer brings, when Lou forges his hammer, is giving you to prepare several types of convenient weapon.” Dong Fangyu then satisfied nod, how their don’t know Zhao Hai is the modified Xiong Li hammer, they had not asked that although they are the good friends, but everyone has own secret, good that these secret do not ask. Zhao Hai to their several very good, is adding on several people of completely right temperament, they already complete regards own brother disciple Zhao Hai, naturally cannot inquire matter that these should not inquire. Zhao Hai also wants they to prepare 1 or 2 weapon to Dong Fangyu, Cultivation World these cultivator, reason that the strength so will be strong, there is a large part of reasons is because their in hand Magical Artifact are many and varied, emerges one after another incessantly, in the fight, they come Magical Artifact equally same release, the attack method also changed, will take many advantages in the fight. But machine here, because of the limit of resources, the reason that in addition amends the practice method, therefore many machine person, has weapon generally, Cultivation Method method also very sole, in this case, nature on can't compare with Cultivation World these people. Zhao Hai is to change this situation, he can make some simple Magical Artifact now, but machine practice method, uses Cultivation World Magical Artifact not quite to be appropriate, therefore Zhao Hai wants to manufacture some Magic weapon to give Dong Fangyu them to use. Magic weapon on certain degree, and compared with Cultivation World weapon difference many, especially in other Inferior level practice hand, other Inferior level practice, weapon on their hand, generally too Advanced level, too Advanced level weapon they will not have more than enough not necessarily, but in Inferior level weapon this aspect, Cultivation World and a machine disparity is not big. Like Dong Fangyu, his present weapon, only then a Fire Dragon sword, if he by many defends the shield that uses at the same time, at crucial moment, will play unexpected doing to use, besides shield, Other weapon, for example in Comprehend the world here few appears bow and arrow, does not plant the good choice.!.