Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1217

bow and arrow, this is one type of in Lower Realm very universal, however in weapon that Comprehend the world here actually almost nobody can use, because regarding the Comprehend the world person, bow and arrow is really one type of very weak thing. bow and arrow this thing, Magician has more than enough, but Warrior had Sword Qi, the Advanced level Warrior delimiting air/Qi, the firing distance compared with bow and arrow, Might even bigger, will therefore also use bow and arrow in machine there nobody. Magical Treasure that Cultivation World here say nothing , the practice of Cultivation World here most low grade has used, can fly to offend somebody, but after flying, but can also carry on control with own Divine Sense, drawing not bow and arrow of turning head arrow, but on striving to excel were too more. Because of this all sorts of reasons, therefore Comprehend the world here, is almost nobody will use bow and arrow, in entire Comprehend the world, you almost cannot see the bow and arrow shadow. Why said almost, but isn't absolute? Because in Comprehend the world here, but also some people are using bow and arrow, moreover is not a small influence. Cultivation World shot date sect, this was one specifically uses bow and arrow to make give priority to weapon Sect, their bows and arrows were specially-made, can say that their bows and arrows were two weapon, can separate to use alone, can also use. The method of this type of system bow and system arrow, shot the date sect not the secret of passing on, nobody knows how they manufactured, therefore also only then shot the date sect took weapon in the use bow and arrow. Shot the disciple quantity of date sect is not many, compared other big gate to send the person to come, shot the person quantity of date sect is few, but shot the attack strength of date sect is not jokes, its Core Disciple fighting strength very astonishing, in this 6 Realms new person competition top ten name, was listed at third on shoots day Expert. But reason that Zhao Hai wants to make Dong Fangyu they use bow and arrow to take weapon, is that vibrate weapon that because his nearest/recent starts. vibrate weapon itself uses on Mecha, its effect to destroy full body armor and weapon of enemy, is one type of weapon that needs meat department energy to support, but Warrior takes in hand, that effect Zhao Hai saw, is very strong, therefore Zhao Hai planned that manufactures a batch to have vibrate weapon effect bow and arrow. If the average person, naturally was impossible use bow and arrow easily, wanted to use bow and arrow, requires the time, bore to want the training of long time to be good. However do not forget, Dong Fangyu they come up from Lower Realm ascend, moreover is strength formidable weapon, regarding the eyesight of practicing bow and arrow needing, strength of arm wait / etc., non- existing problem, moreover Zhao Hai does not make them make give priority to weapon bow and arrow, but uses as one type of vice- weapon, as the matter stands Dong Fangyu they used bow and arrow not to have any problem as weapon.

Zhao Hai on each arrow, will put some vibrate Magic Formation, stored energy Magic Formation, is adding on other Magic Formation, such stored energy Magic Formation, can store up part of energy, the arrow that to fly only provides energy, can make the arrow only use vibrate Magic Formation. bow and arrow is time xing consumables, therefore stored energy Magic Formation does not need to store up too many energy, sufficient one time on line, moreover on arrow only Zhao Hai also installed has exploded fierce Magic Formation, one, but has met thing, bow and arrow after producing time vibrate attack, will also live the explosion. Because had this mentality probably, therefore Zhao Hai prepares to manufacture some bow and arrow to give Dong Fangyu them to use, believes that this rich Dong Fangyu their attack will break. bow and arrow attack possibly does not have far that Sword Qi comes, but compares Sword Qi energy to consume, the energy consumption of bow and arrow regarding weapon, almost can ignore, therefore Zhao Hai prepares to manufacture bow and arrow. Besides bow and arrow, Zhao Hai also prepares manufactures some such as the shield and so on thing, on this thing has recorded many Magic Formation, can block Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator fully struck. Reason that Zhao Hai must prepare these thing, to enhance Dong Fangyu their fighting strength, lets them in the later competition, opportunity big increase of going on living. Cultivation World these fellows are not the friendly stubble, if there is opportunity, they will not mind that hits the person of machine armor remnant or kills, when the elimination series, Zhao Hai can form a team with Dong Fangyu, to guarantee their securities, but arrives at the following Arena match time, but did not say, therefore he hopes that can enhance Dong Fangyu their fighting strength, even if were Dong Fangyu they cannot defeat the opposite party, must most minimum the protect life. Several people sit in stone table there are chatting, an all around many machine person with look look at that one type of envies they, in a machine hundred strong player, little two players are appears in the same influence, therefore these people not very familiar, some even are the personal enemies, them soaks like Zhao Hai daily in together, was really too rare. These people also know that makes several friends, has the advantage regarding the following elimination series very much, but they actually do not dare going easily to become friends with the person, because your don’t know opposite party is also the sincerity, if the opposite party uses you, even at crucial moment, inserts a blade in your back, that really dies was very injust, therefore they they can such happy sitting chat in together regarding Zhao Hai, is really envying. In several people chatted, suddenly several people from outside walked, Xiong Li looked that several people of immediately have stood, turned the head Clan the person to sea said : to come.” Said that his immediately moved forward to meet somebody, bows to that person of lead said : Camp Lord, how did you come personally?” That Camp Lord obviously is favoring Xiong Li, smiles said : to have such junketing opportunity, I will certainly not let off, therefore personally came , you are weapon that Clan gives you to manufacture newly, you try to have a look to be convenient.” Was saying while put out the chain to hammer into the ground from own Space.

At this time Zhao Hai they also walked came to salute to that person, saluted Zhao Hai while was sizing up this Wu Clan Outer Sect Camp Lord, he made the Warrior appearance, a very ordinary weapon clothing/taking, could not see to have any special place, but Zhao Hai presently, his strength minimum has actually achieved 6th level weapon degree, in machine was Expert. This person of figure is not tall, long is also of undistinguished appearance, if not Xiong Li calls him Camp Lord, Zhao Hai they have not thought, Wu Clan this Outer Sect camp Camp Lord unexpectedly so common. Camp Lord is also sizing up Zhao Hai they, looked that several people salute, he also simply returned to a ritual, this changed to the body of Zhao Hai the vision, he he chuckle said : Zhao Hai, this time new person first, the yesterday matter I listened to horse like a dragon saying that good, the dry attractiveness, made every effort to succeed for our machine, this competition good good showing.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „the thanks a lot Camp Lord quart saying that Zhao Hai certain effort.” At this time Xiong Li has taken up the sledgehammer, to be honest, his quality to the sledgehammer completely has not cared now, Zhao Hai also gave back to him to forge in any case again, therefore he took to dance two, pretended very satisfied said : to be very good, thanks Camp Lord.” Camp Lord showed a faint smile said : not to use politely, was right, your original weapon? Can Clan take back?” Xiong Li nodded, has given Camp Lord the original chain hammer, Camp Lord also urged Xiong Li a few words to walk on turn around. Looked at Camp Lord to walk, Xiong Li immediately/on horseback turned the head look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, said : evening was saying in a soft voice, if you daytime such gave me the hammer, was too conspicuous.” Xiong Li nodded, took in the hammer Space, this arrives is makes the person in courtyard stare slightly, because Xiong Li normally will not receive the hammer, hangs in the waist, has not actually thought that this time he received the hammer unexpectedly. Zhao Hai looks at Xiong Li fence, cannot help but shows a faint smile, sighed Xiong Li to be really intelligent darkly enough, he must help the Xiong Li manufacture hammer again, that was the at any time matter, but he put on an act must install several days, in this several days time, Xiong Li naturally impossible to hang the kidney in the waist 1 But Zhao Hai disappears, naturally will cause the suspicion of person, now he received the hammer, although is somewhat strange, but other Zhao Hai closed up, they will actually not be pulling two matters to together. one day on the past, the day of Sun Fei had not come out quickly, his in the room research Zhao Hai has been giving his Magic Formation, eats meal makes the person deliver to in the room. To has not said anything regarding this situation Zhao Hai, Sun Fei can such assiduously also be the good deed, he only hopes that now Sun Fei can before the competition, multi- research understands two Magic Formation, can use several Magic Formation, opportunity that like this he goes on living will also increase.

A day quick on the past, in the evening Xiong Li their several people arrive at Zhao Hai in the room to drink, actually they to have not drunk how much liquor today, mainly to let Xiong Li gives him the chain hammer. After waiting for Xiong Li the chain hammer hands over on Zhao Hai, several people have drunk a while liquor, respectively returned to the room, Zhao Hai returned to in Space, was also good in the new year closing up. What Magic Formation in the Xiong Li hammer must use, Zhao Hai had already thought that after returned to Space, he uses Universal Machine first, the Xiong Li hammer reconstruct become a useful person material, is then pressing his idea, from new manufactures the new hammer to Xiong Li. Those who let Zhao Hai not think, he in the process of reconstruct Xiong Li hammer, but also obtained in several Space not to have the metallic material, moreover Space has also produced the mineral lode these materials, this arrived stems from unexpected of Zhao Hai, was unexpected joy. Handles the matter of hammer, was manufactures bow and arrow and shield, the bow in bow and arrow was not quite good to manufacture, must have very high request on the material, but the arrow relatively was simpler. However fortunately, in Zhao Hai Space all kinds of material has plenty, is having Universal Manufacturing Machine in addition, manufactures bow and arrow easily. Then was the manufacture of shield, the manufacture request of shield was also very high, was Magic Formation that in recorded a little are mainly many, this can play a better defense to do to use. Zhao Hai has not increased the counter-attack class in the shield Magic Formation, Zhao Hai, absolutely does not have that necessity, shield pursue is the strongest defense effect, simply does not need to record any counter-attack class in inside Magic Formation, counter-attacks this matter, has other bow and arrow and weapon, has no need for the shield. In Zhao Hai Space has ten Universal Manufacturing Machine, quantity although did not have to increase, but manufactures thing actually sped up much, even if the manufacture like Xiong Li chain hammer weapon, it will not take long . Moreover the mass ratio was much better.!.