Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1218

Practiced for three days on Yellow Sand-Star in Space, Zhao Hai then came out from Space. He comes out, in hand was taking big pile of thing, three draw a bow, 1000 arrows, four sides the shield, is adding on the Xiong Li hammer. In one time closes up regarding Zhao Hai, horse like a dragon although is somewhat puzzled, has not said anything, Zhao Hai likes closing up in machine there became famous, he more than once closes up when Ashley Clan . Moreover the time of closing up has the length to have short, so long as in brief he not in making duty or attended the competition, other time almost use, in have closed up on, this also made the bystander to Zhao Hai more curious. Xiong Li they still defend in Zhao Hai room in front of the door, does not make anybody approach, several people of present has been used to it like this, the time in several people of chats, the Zhao Hai door opens, standing of Zhao Hai smile in room in front of the door. Looked at Zhao Hai to come out, Xiong Li cannot help but two eyes one bright, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to come to say.” Xiong Li their immediately entered the room with Zhao Hai, then also closed the door. Zhao Hai wields, the chain hammered appears in in his hand, he has given Xiong Li said : the chain hammer bear Eldest Child, gave a try, your in the hammer has installed 80 Magic Formation now, naturally also had vibrate Magic Formation, had a look at the effect.” Xiong Li[ is popular] exerts has complied with one, took up the chain hammer to brandish two, met satisfied nod Zhao Hai to put out shield said : that in hundred Space has manufactured to give a try the effect at this time.” This shield they do not prepare to Xiong Li, is only at the same time the quality good point shield, Xiong Li not polite, a hammer hit on the shield, the shield one exploded, changed into powdered iron of place, Xiong Li has satisfied. Zhao Hai smiled said : on the existing basis, in addition this vibrate Magic Formation, moreover on iron chain of your hammer I also added defense strength strong Magic Formation, simultaneously this Magic Formation can also conduct energy quickly, you regard the meteor chain to use these two hammers to be able now to play the vibrate effect.” Xiong Li laughs, has brandished several hammers, this received the hammer, grasped Zhao Hai said : thank you Little Hai to have these two hammers, Elder Brother my fighting strength minimum enhanced three layers.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to result, other thing to you.” Said that he has put out bow and arrow, looked is bow and arrow that Zhao Hai took, Xiong Li they have been unexpectedly startled, then puzzled look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai explained to them these bow and arrow usages, Xiong Li they then pleasantly surprised took bow and arrow, with same regarding bow and arrow Xiong Li that Zhao Hai thought they are not strange, in Lower Realm they have used, therefore after knowing the bow and arrow usage Xiong Li their immediately received bow and arrow, they did not even need to try the bow and arrow intensity. Then Zhao Hai has put out the shield, these several hundred shields may, not only Xiong Li they have, Sun Fei has, after Zhao Hai the shield has given several people, deep voice said : in this shield also added vibrate Magic Formation, vibrate Magic Formation , not only can use in the attack, but must to use in the defense his vibrate effect, can very good releases Qi Strength of enemy, therefore the defense effect will be better, this shield can block Li Chuchen such person one to strike fully, must therefore pay attention in the use.” Xiong Li they nodded to receive the shield, Zhao Hai then turns the head look at Sun Fei said : six slightly to fly, Magic Formation Set research how? ”

said : that Sun Fei two eyes shines research understood several, Elder Brother Hai, you are really great, what these Magic Formation Set gather was really too marvelous I have done had experimented, seemed like same two Magic Formation, used your Formation Set effect compared with on ordinary Formation Set good three layers above, was too mysterious.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile to pat Sun Fei shoulder said : use these days, research well one these Magic Formation, if your level in high, I can teach you some Magic Formation, these Magic Formation Set had the vibrate accurate effect.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Sun Fei two eyes one bright, his look at Zhao Hai said : „is Elder Brother Hai your meaning?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : my meaning is, your level is higher, my give you has vibrate effect Magic Formation, you can think that has vibrate effect Fireball, that can be any appearance.” Two that Sun Fei makes an effort nod, in the eye has actually projected the facial expression that yearns, Zhao Hai look at his appearance, patted his shoulder said : do not think that many, practice well, by your present spiritual force, but also did not need control vibrate Magic Formation, even if were I also exempts strong control.” Sun Fei nodded said : Elder Brother Hai feel relieved, I will certainly try hard.” Zhao Hai nodded, then after several people sit down, Zhao Hai deep voice said : now we in Cultivation World, do not have including the practice place, even if has, we also go, in order to avoid being seen our details by Cultivation World these fellows, passes through one to enter the elimination series, is we best familiar weapon and military strategy opportunity, I do not want to attack you, but your present strengths, compared with the Cultivation World person, have very big disparity, this time I give you bow and arrow and shield, is not wants to defeat the Cultivation World person by you, rather. To make you want the protect life, Cultivation World these people we will be impolite to, therefore elder brother several, you must live, when the several days year, our strengths, we had been coming to tidy up them well.” Xiong Li several people nodded, they not, because Zhao Hai killed a Gongsun to think one had was great, Zhao Hai easily has defeated various skilled people at the machine invitational meet, fully explained that the Zhao Hai strength was not they can compare, although presently Zhao Hai ascend to machine less than one year of time, but Xiong Li they the diameter have recognized core positions of Zhao Hai in several person. Zhao Hai words although is not quite of pleasant to hear, but Xiong Li they are not the fools, regarding the Cultivation World strength, they knows that do not say other, is that Gongsun they are not the match, do not say others. Zhao Hai and Gongsun Zheng to war, looks like probably is very relaxed, but that is because Zhao Hai use is Light Element Magic, happen to restrain Gongsun Zheng, moreover Zhao Hai comes up is 50, Magic Formation Set of hundred overlay, this can Gongsun extinguishing, in them, has been possible not to have that to compare favorably with Zhao Hai. Sun Fei is Magician, he is the clearest Zhao Hai strength, do not visit him is also 4th level Magician, can use hundred overlay Magic Formation however like Zhao Hai, lifting a heavy weight as if light Magic Formation of use hundred overlay, he actually cannot achieve. Zhao Hai looked that several people nod, after his then deep voice said : and other time striving for hegemony surpass, I prepare to several of us look for a base, later elder brother several same places change, the together practice, we can in machine there, oneself pull up mountain top to come.” Listened to Zhao Hai saying that Xiong Li they have gawked, then several people of cannot help but two eyes one bright, but then actually knitting the brows head of gently.

The proposition of Zhao Hai to be honest lets their beginning, but they do not have Zhao Hai such confidence, in their opinion the Zhao Hai strength is very strong, but with entire machine compared with, actually fell far short. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, showed a faint smile said :I not saying that we must be separated from machine, or with machine was the enemy, I want to look for a base for our elder brother several, lets relative independence that we crossed, I believe that this point was not difficult to achieve. „ Xiong Li nodded said :this not to be certainly difficult to achieve now machine here has plenty Outer Sect Expert, can hit a planetoid or meteorite works as the base, relative independence, to be small , if sea your present strength, wants obtains this allowance completely to have the possibility your this time can obtain the good achievements, was not the issue. Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said :that not to be a problem, I will certainly obtain the good achievements, he he, when the time comes our elder brother several had their place, why wants to do.” Xiong Li their let out a long breath face of yearning, to be honest, their several although are talent Clan also especially attaches great importance to them, but this has not made them feel that many quite opposite, they want to obtain that[ from] by. Li Kuangren suddenly said : six Little Hai, do you such do to have with Maggie have discussed? But Maggie the woman of person, moreover to be honest, Maggie such woman, now is not good to look, you must understand to treasure, if the Maggie opposition, I thought that you are honest. Zhao Hai has not thought that really Li Kuangren can say such words to come, it seems like that this careless person also really has the thin place, he can think of this point unexpectedly, can look fully, he is a heavy sentimental person. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Third Brother feel relieved, I had already said to Maggie, Maggie also agreed that I such do, he with Ashley Clan relationship, is not quite actually good, because of her mother's relationship, she from infancy to maturity continuously independence, therefore her also completely support I such do, so long as I, when Ashley Clan has difficultly, can put out a hand to add on one to be OK.” look at Zhao Hai said : that Li Kuangren let out a long breath, a face envies your youngster is in luck, made you run into Maggie such good woman unexpectedly, good, Maggie agreed that was good, otherwise I will not agree that you did, if you for our elder brother several, had any contradiction with Maggie, our elder brother several met Yu Xin to be restless. „ Xiong Li nodded said :right, right that Third Child said that if, because this matter makes you cause anything with Maggie not to come happily, elder brother several days did not have the face to see the person.” Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved, Maggie agreed, right bear Eldest Child, this several days you also well practice, these Potion gives you, takes away the practice, strives to be promoted some before the competition by own strength, we cannot exit in any case now, practice that feels at ease.” Zhao Hai was saying while has put out several bottles of Potion, machine Potion is not quite same as Cultivation World Potion, machine Potion, many are some Potion appearances, is the liquids, but Cultivation World Potion, then many are some medicine pill, this medicine pill carries quite the convenience, must speak of the drug efficacy, should be the Cultivation World there medicine pill effect is better, when Cultivation World there makes Potion all materials be better than machine. Cultivation World there each big gate faction has own Medicine Garden, moreover their Medicine Garden are also divided into ordinary Medicine Garden and Advanced level Medicine Garden, the medicine that ordinary Medicine Garden produces is some quite ordinary medicines, the year does not divide is too long, but the medicine that Advanced level Medicine Garden there produces is actually some Advanced level medicines, year also very long, in some Medicine Garden even can produce some on several hundred, the medicines of over a thousand years, this cannot see in machine here. Cultivation World there these Great Sect, that the time of existence by ten thousand years of idea, have them of profound detail, naturally can cause these Advanced level Medicine Garden, other people may not have such condition.

Because has such Medicine Garden to exist, therefore Cultivation World medicine pill, in the quality compared with machine Potion in many. However machine Potion is not a merit does not have, because machine Potion is the liquid , helping the absorption, moreover Potion also relatively warm gathers. However in machine here , helping the Potion type that the person practices is not many, like Cultivation World there, almost every Great Sect, does not have the Potion formula of oneself most alone thing, drug efficacy very good, machine here cannot achieve that point, they are helping practice Potion, only then that several types, moreover the precious, ordinary person has not gotten so far as. But Zhao Hai takes these bottles is not the small jar, is one bottle can install five jin (0.5 kg) big jar, these jars take, even if normally also uses Potion Xiong Li they somewhat to be also scared. Looked at these big jar one, Xiong Li suddenly said : it seems like had the words of time, I also went to Wu Clan to transfer the extension, look can also run into Miss Wu Clan anything, if can pursue Miss Wu Clan, I also Potion, when the water drank.” The Xiong Li such remarks mouth, Dong Fangyu they laugh, their very clear, these Potion Zhao Hai definitely do not get so far as through Maggie, through the contact of these days, their very clear, Zhao Hai is not such person. The however several people chatted to turn over to chat, they actually not polite, took jar Potion to walk, by them with Zhao Hai present relationship, has not been needing politely, the politeness represented you to be too false. After waiting for several people of leave, Zhao Hai came out from in the room, found the team leader in courtyard, told leads a group him to close up some time, to disturb him. One hear of Zhao Hai said that team leader looks at the monster with one type of look look at he, but that team leader has not said anything, but nodded. How Zhao Hai is also disinclined tube that team leader to think that returned to the room, doorkeeper has closed to enter in Space, three days before although he continuously in the yellow sand boundary there practice, but also not oneself[ body] in all energy doubt Berserk Qi, seeks must close up some time by him, he believes that so long as[ body] in energy turned into Berserk Qi, that own fighting strength will be stronger. Regarding the Cultivation World person, he never dares underestimated, even if were his present strength enhanced these many, he still did not dare underestimated Cultivation World these people, because the Cultivation World person to machine, was really too mysterious, your don’t know they met suddenly to enable any Secret Technique to come in the next quarter, Zhao Hai does not want to shine own complete family property, struggled that with the Cultivation World person first.!.