Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1219

Time long, unknowingly, over half a month passed, in this over half a month time, Terry they present a strange matter, that was Zhao Hai their several everybody as if by prior agreement closes up. Regarding Xiong Li closing up of their several people of suddenly, Terry they feel very strange, to be honest, Cultivation World here Spiritual Qi density compared with machine there in many, but they, so long as also adapted on the here dull two days, simply does not need to close up the adaptation specially. Moreover courtyard and not suitable that to be honest, they live in now close up, moreover they started to close up after here several days, these time closes up Jeance Terry they somewhat not to look at understand. Not only Terry, horse like a dragon is the same, but horse like a dragon to relaxed, to be honest, although this several days seamount faction has not come to look for their troubles, but horse like a dragon also really feared that Zhao Hai they are exiting, if is given attack by the person who the seamount sends, was injured that not to be good, day immediately of elimination series must arrive, at this time ensure Zhao Hai their safety is most important. horse like a dragon appreciates to Zhao Hai really, he has regarded as Zhao Hai is a machine hope, because Zhao Hai is capable of destroying completely Cultivation World new person hundred, such strength makes horse like a dragon ji move. Many years, machine did not have appears strong character a like Zhao Hai, a machine person, so long as has the conflict with the Cultivation World person, in the same level situation, almost by the instant kill destiny, this destiny almost never had been changed, this is also a Cultivation World continuously press reason. Now suddenly appears a Zhao Hai such strong character, first blocks Cultivation World new ten strong Li Chuchen three swords, but the perfection, then butchered Cultivation World new person hundred, this is really makes horse like a dragon feel special venting spleen, therefore his does not hope that Zhao Hai is injured. Zhao Hai their suddenly closes up, this arrived is makes horse like a dragon relaxed, but he sent for look at, did not make anybody disturb Zhao Hai they. However nearest/recent horse like a dragon actually somewhat was worried about Zhao Hai over the two days they, because in seven days has been the time that the elimination series starts, they also prepared to leave over the two days, planet that went to the elimination series to conduct, but Zhao Hai they were still closing up, this made horse like a dragon feel some hard to deal with. Regarding person of any practice, closes up is not the strange matter, the person of each practice has almost the situation of having closed up the practice, but the person who closes up most abstained from that a matter, that forcefully was broken, if were broken to close up forcefully, likely lets effect complete disappearance that closes up, even may be able possessed by the Devil, very dangerous. horse like a dragon is somewhat awkward, although now to elimination series also seven days, moreover they did not need to sit Spaceship in the past, sat Transmission Formation to be OK directly, place that but their this going, was not the amusing place, there was called devil star Fabbio planet. Fabbio planet, planet of between at Cultivation World and Demon Realm, this planet, no matter in Cultivation World in other Interface becoming famous, its famous degree, goes beyond compared with the yellow sand crazy beast star.

What yellow sand crazy beast star becomes famous are more is because there has Berserk Qi, that type of special natural environment, lets yellow sand Wild Dragon star becoming famous, but Fabbio star becomes famous is actually because one type of life form on Fabbio planet. Insect Race! On Fabbio planet most famous life form, is the Fabbio planet true control! Nobody knows that Insect Race drills from there, nobody knows when Insect Race occupies Fabbio star, instead in the Cultivation World person presently starting from that moment of Fabbio star, Insect Race was surviving in Fabbio on-board. Fabbio's on-board natural environment is good, Spiritual Qi is sufficient, moreover presently several Spirit Stone mineral lode, some metallic ore, regarding the Cultivation World person, Fabbio star had does to use, even wants much stronger compared with machine there general planet. Cultivation World person most from the beginning presently Insect Race time, has not been serious Insect Race, in their opinion, Insect Race is some long quite big insects, moreover does not have no fighting strength, is not worth them paying attention. However because Fabbio on-board has the mineral lode, the Cultivation World person wants to start these Spirit Stone, must carry on to clean up to these Insect Race. Not wrong, cleans up, regarding Cultivation World cultivator, this matter they are not first doing, when they presently that planet has thing that they need, but the originally native resident on that planet will be cleaned up, if these native are useful to them, they will turn into the slave these native, if these native, they can all massacre useless, destroys the star extermination of the clan the matter, Cultivation World may not do few. However when they carry on cleaning up to these insects, accident appears , should these insects soon the exterminated the clan time, after suddenly massive evolution, fighting strength stronger insect appears , suddenly appears of these insects, have incurred not the small loss to then Cultivation World. Cultivation World is furious, the Cultivation World person has not thought that is they of keeping aloof, will fold unexpectedly in some insect in hand, therefore Cultivation World in large-scale sends for Fabbio star cleaning up the insect. The cleaning up insect carries on is very smooth, second group of Cultivator also want formidable compared with the a batch strength, these insects that for a while this hitting do not have the strength to hit back, almost exterminated the clan.

The quantity is at this moment, there are massive insects to well up, but the strengths of these insects, in one time have been increased, the Cultivation World person was repelled in one time. The Cultivation World person has not thought that these insects unexpectedly so hard to deal with, they then dispatch troops, but these insects are probably same in unceasing evolution, each Cultivation World sends the new person, the strengths of these insects also with some promotion, such promotion, making Cultivation World these people fearful and apprehensive. Cultivation World person don’t know in one time send out Expert, in these insects can also in evolution, if they in evolution, that Cultivation World somewhat could not endure. Cultivation World has to change the tactic, they in sending out Expert coped with these insects, in thinking to be vanishing these insects at one fell swoop, but has regarded a smelting trial field Fabbio star, has established Transmission Formation in there, let young man in various Sect, went to the Fabbio on-board insect disinfestation sub- smelting trial. Cultivation World the method also is really very good, although Fabbio on-board Insect Race are most, but Human Race built several bases under Fabbio star, on-board stood firm in Fabbio. However Fabbio's on-board these Insect Race are also not that affable, Fabbio star now is in entire Cultivation World the most famous smelting trial field, matches the field, if you queered in Sect, might be matched Fabbio on-board to go, because Fabbio star there also will be one of the entire Cultivation World most dangerous smelting trial fields, big of casualty rate, the imagination of far average person, therefore Fabbio star there also had an alias of devil star. However has to recognize, each is receiving work from Fabbio star smelting trial, their strengths are in peer are strongest. After many years fights, evolution that these insects also keeping, now these insects evolution has become all kinds of branch of the services, will also use is similar to the Spell attack method, Fabbio star, was more dangerous than before. Chooses the place of this elimination series regarding Cultivation World unexpectedly in Fabbio on-board, horse like a dragon has some opinions, however his opinion simply does to use, therefore horse like a dragon also can only accept. Reason that horse like a dragon the preparation seven days goes to Fabbio star ahead of time, want to let Zhao Hai they regarding Fabbio star there have some understanding, suit the environment, increases opportunity that they go on living. If not the this Realm new person strength is very strong, horse like a dragon suggestion machine High level, will even withdraw from this time 6 Realms new person competition, because went to Fabbio star to carry on the elimination series is really too dangerous, in Fabbio on-board, even if were the Cultivation World person, met the appears massive casualties, do not say their machine person, if before were, several players, horse like a dragon can affirm, then on was an aspect of being annihilated.

Rests is this Realm has Zhao Hai such Expert, horse like a dragon does not dare to treat it lightly, the place that because they must go to after is Fabbio star, does not compare other place. The new person of horse like a dragon to this Realm was confident, might as well said that he was confident to Zhao Hai, horse like a dragon very clear, in the this Realm new person, although had many Expert, but the strengths of these people compared with the Cultivation World person, missed far, sole fought with the Cultivation World person, had Zhao Hai. Because of attaching great importance to Zhao Hai, therefore horse like a dragon has not gone to call Xiong Li them, horse like a dragon very clear Zhao Hai and Xiong Li between them relationship, because if he called Xiong Li them, but made Xiong Li they receive anything to injure, that also offended Zhao Hai on equal to. horse like a dragon to fears Zhao Hai not necessarily, but Zhao Hai now is an entire machine hope, regarding such person, horse like a dragon does not want to offend. When horse like a dragon is in a dilemma, Zhao Hai went out, Zhao Hai goes out, immediately goes to other rooms, their several also called Xiong Li, Xiong Li they pass through some time, Potion closing up that when the water drinks, cultivation level also obtained certain promotion , to promote is not very obvious, after all the time is too short. But Zhao Hai this strength promotion to is quick, because previous time Level Up made him obtain many advantage, now he already energy that Level Up obtains, congealed Gang to succeed, his fighting strength also further was promoted. Reason that Zhao Hai the choice went out at this time, was because he knows that horse like a dragon was awkward for this matter, therefore he came out at this time, he does not want to make horse like a dragon awkward, after all horse like a dragon very much looked after to them. Zhao Hai this goes out , helping horse like a dragon solve his most headache the issue, horse like a dragon naturally happy, unknowingly, his favorable impression to Zhao Hai in time increase. The person and person contact is this, perhaps you unknowingly have done a matter, can win the favorable impression of opposite party, will possibly offend the opposite party, Zhao Hai has not thought obviously that he does not want to make horse like a dragon awkward, won the horse like a dragon favorable impression. After Zhao Hai goes out the second day, horse like a dragon led them to sit Transmission Formation to go to Fabbio star! ro!.