Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1220

white light flashes, Zhao Hai felt that slight profound corona, he knows that this is normal, Transmission Formation in Transmission, will produce this results. After slight profound corona, Zhao Hai knows one went to the place, but his suddenly felt that a very dangerous aura, this let in the Zhao Hai heart one strict, don’t know, but he has actually been careful, even took Liquid Silver. white light vanished slowly, Zhao Hai can feel outside situation, but feels outside situation, Zhao Hai cannot help but face big change, said loudly: Alert, outside has Insect Race attack!” His voice is very loud, all people heard. Hears Zhao Hai this warning, these person most responses from the beginning are not the alerts, but is look at Zhao Hai of face solution, only then Xiong Li their several people have not managed that many, immediately has put out weapon, they to Zhao Hai 100% trusts. At this time white light completely vanished, the people actually felt that top of the head one black, then large quantities of dark green , were growing the transparent thin airfoil, two foreleg were two bone blade winged insects, threw toward them. These insects very flexible, they have flown from the top of the head of people, captures among one revolution, head were brought to fly. Sees this situation, people are calling out in alarm, responded that quick Battle Qi and Magic immediately lost, but Zhao Hai when these winged insect attacks, have set up a Magic shield on their body, they protected him and Xiong Li in the middle. Zhao Hai has calculated, just attack of these insects, one had killed 33 people, five are the team leaders, remaining 28 all are the players, many strength not weak several Expert. These winged insects have not departed far, not red huai in sky, prepares two attack, but at this time horse like a dragon also responded, he looked at all around one, fight that presently here lived. Their present places, are Fabbio star No. 5 base, is Fabbio star is the second largest base, is copes with Insect Race front base operation's base, horse like a dragon wants to make Zhao Hai they feel fierce of some Insect Race in here, because he heard that stands on city wall of No. 5 base, can see outside Insect Race. However he has not actually thought that has not waited for him to make Zhao Hai they look at Insect Race, Insect Race has attacked in No. 5 base unexpectedly, these hit their one to be caught off guard.

Now the person in base is still carrying on the fight with these Insect Race on the 5 th, but position that they are, is Transmission of No. 5 base[ broad] field, in this[ broad] all around of field has several cultivator to fight with the insect, they even can see, on city wall of distant place, a appears crack. horse like a dragon immediately/on horseback said loudly: Warrior goes forward, keeps off outside Magician, Magician, the spin puts Magic, by big area attack Magic give priority to.” Along with the order of horse like a dragon, some panic people immediately peaceful, all person immediately have done according to the arrangement of horse like a dragon, Warrior is taking weapon, the stride has arrived at the surrounding, but Magician has fallen back on the middle, became Circle Formation. At this time outside welled up large quantities of Insect Race, these Insect Race are not the winged insects, they were growing eight long sharp feet, if eight lances were common. These insects very fast, moreover each and every one stature tall Shi, all insects crossed three meters high, throws toward machine the Circle Formation. horse like a dragon stands in the forefront of team, his look at these insects, calm face said : „the Warrior preparation, Sword Qi attack, all Warrior moved, encircled a same circle to run.” All Warrior immediately moved, the entire Circle Formation surrounding has rotated, Sword Qi shoot toward these insects. But has not been idling in Circle Formation middle Magic Formation, each and every one Magic, shoots toward outside. However these insect also not to be trifled with, each and every one called out to throw obviously, the has plenty insect one had cut off two feet by Sword Qi obviously, actually still threw, dauntless was unusual. Zhao Hai will be naturally impolite, hot feather ten thousand arrows immediately, loudly loud noise, to insect one on but actually a big piece. It is not all Magician can obtain like the Zhao Hai same result, other Magician Magic have projected in these insects, most is also makes these insects be injured, are not many, can look at disparities between Zhao Hai and these Magician from this point that kills. horse like a dragon has not stood in the Circle Formation surrounding, he stands in Circle Formation middle command(er) the revolution of entire Circle Formation, simultaneously he also in time pays attention these on top of the head to fly the insect that Insect Race that these can fly has been patrolling in their top of the heads, momentarily will have attack to them.

Zhao Hai performance horse like a dragon naturally also saw, he naturally also knows that is Zhao Hai first proposal makes them alert, was looking that Zhao Hai Magic has killed that many insects, this made horse like a dragon cannot help but regard with a special fondness to Zhao Hai. Moreover horse like a dragon also presently, the person in entire, besides him, only then Zhao Hai will pay attention to these winged insects of space, other people, only noted these Insect Race in ground, has forgotten regarding these winged insects probably. In this time, Transmission Formation of their nearby not far away was one bright, then one group of people's walked out from Transmission Formation, these people obviously already know that here lived anything, they came out, in hand was taking weapon, moreover immediately has carried on attack to these Insect Race. Sees this situation, a horse like a dragon at heart cannot help but loosen, it seems like Cultivation World has not given up this base, in this time, his suddenly is hearing the Zhao Hai sound to transmit said : all people to pay attention, moves slowly outward, resigns Transmission Formation, in order to avoid has kept off the reinforcement road.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that horse like a dragon cannot help but darkly shouted an shame, he really has also forgotten, they are still standing on Transmission Formation now, moreover they were occupying the Transmission Formation, was Transmission Formation of big shape, stood like them on Magic Formation, others wanted to use this Magic Formation are impossible, but he just actually had not thought of this point. However horse like a dragon or immediately/on horseback said loudly: All people pay attention, target east side, maintains the lineup, gradually offset!” Along with the order of horse like a dragon, Great Formation slow moves toward east side, there is one, no matter the wide street, in there they can better copes with these insects, on that not wide street, insect impossible large-scale carries on attack to them, they can also stand firm. horse like a dragon not, because just repelled the attacks of these Insect Race to be proud, before although him, has not come Insect Race here, since knows after their this time elimination series have placed Fabbio on-board, the collection that he very pays attention to the Insect Race material, Insect Race is also having the level division, moreover divides also wants detailed compared with Human Race, the insect of that eight foot just they repelled, the known as octagonal insect, is only in Insect Race most Inferior level one type of, is the cannon fodder rank, Insect Race of cannon fodder rank on is so strong, it can be imagined other's Insect Race strongly to what degree. Great Formation is moving slowly, they just leave that Transmission Formation not long after, on Transmission Formation flashed with brilliant rays, was approves Cultivator to catch up, this person insect war was still continuing. However now horse like a dragon they transferred to that street, they feel the pressure immediately one lightly, because they only need to defend the insect that attacks from thing both sides, since north-south both sides by the wall blocking, under horse like a dragon command(er), they have dealt with these insects to arrive have not felt the too tremendous pressure. As a batch batch of cultivator rush, the base insect in slowly were getting fewer and fewer, Zhao Hai they then relaxed, but the people felt that very puzzled, the understand why No. 5 base will not be broken through by the insect, aren't fighting strength of these insects very strong?

Also several hours later, No. 5 base here insect was almost set up clear, horse like a dragon is also leading Zhao Hai they from that street there walked out. Their this comes out, immediately by these cultivator present, several people of cultivator flew, looked that their appearance cannot help but stare, cultivator look at his said : „are you a machine person?” horse like a dragon nodded said : „, we are a machine this time attend the 6 Realms new person competition, has not thought of just an arrival, presently here by insect attack, therefore our also immediately/on horseback put into the fight.” That cultivator looked at horse like a dragon nearby them the killed these insects, these days they kill the quantity of insect to be many, the corpse of insect piled two hill, horse like a dragon they came out, has to from airborne fly. That cultivator nodded said : to thank everybody, making everybody settle has been startled, excuse me, asking everybody to come with me, I led everybody to rest.” horse like a dragon nod said : thanks, but please let us go back the corpse belts of our companion first.” That cultivator nodded, horse like a dragon selects several team leaders, went[ broad] field there,[ broad] field there the corpse received, this leads Zhao Hai they to fly toward the base in that cultivator. How does horse like a dragon fly while don’t know mister to call to that person of said :? How will this base be broken through?” That cultivator deep voice said : moves squad Captain in next No. 5 base each Five Elements, Zheng Li, No. 5 base here, was broken through by a Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, my No. 5 base here has big cultivator of several Infant Stage times to assume personal command fortunately, that several big cultivator pursued the diverse that only Silver Back Gold-Winged insect to go, but the base was broken, by other insects said empty enters, this will live the fight in the base.” horse like a dragon nodded, in saying anything, before long Zheng Li got the people to arrive at outside courtyard, Zheng Li after airborne fell, turns the head to horse like a dragon said : here specially to give the place that smelting trial staff lived, enough you have used, everybody, you invited first, I also had the matter to be busy, accompanied only a moment.” horse like a dragon bows to Zheng Li said : thanks a lot Zheng mister, Zheng mister does as you please.” Zheng Li nodded, turn around flew away, horse like a dragon then led Zhao Hai they to enter courtyard. This was very big courtyard, was divided into two to enter, first entered this courtyard on very big, more than 50 rooms, courtyard to had not been destroyed, horse like a dragon immediately divided the people to assign the room, besides horse like a dragon and 20 team leaders, other Zhao Hai and 30 people, was kept this first to enter in courtyard, other people went to binary courtyard, Xiong Li they naturally also remained first entered courtyard, several people of rooms still by.!.