Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1221

Zhao Hai looked to apportion own room, good, before him is similar in the room that sea mountain city there lived, was not very big, but a person lived enough, thing of in the room application also had, momentarily can move. Zhao Hai has sized up the room, came out from in the room, outside he just arrived presently, Xiong Li several people also one after another since in the room walked out, several people look at Zhao Hai to come out, immediately gathered his side, several people in courtyard sat down, before Xiong Li sighs said : „, had only heard the evil reputation of Fabbio star, has not actually thought that here was unexpectedly dangerous to this degree, we just now come to give us demonstration of authority.” Dong Fangyu yin calm face said : looks like this time elimination series is not quite wonderful, our machine person was dangerous, today attack our these Insect Race, are some Inferior level Insect Race, not being able to stand in line position in Insect Race, was these Insect Race fighting strength unexpectedly is not low, suffers my several Sword Qi to return undead, very difficult deals with, can imagine, Advanced level Insect Race will be more formidabe, we were dangerous.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Dong Fangyu said : Second Brother, tonight you give me the Fire Dragon sword, I help you have a look, after all the Fire Dragon sword you are using conveniently, if knows really secret of Fire Dragon sword, your fighting strength will be stronger.” Dong Fangyu has complied with one, Zhao Hai then he looked at people said : this time elimination series truly is very dangerous, therefore starting today, several of us must act in unison, no matter went to there should not be separated.” Several people nodded, in this time Zhao Hai was feeling that some people live in their here to walk, he turns the head to look, was horse like a dragon, Zhao Hai their immediately has stood, saluted to horse like a dragon. horse like a dragon nodded, waved, hints people to sit down, he then sits by the stone table said :today's matter is an accident, but this cannot be an accident, should be a reminder, Cultivation World in the base that Fabbio on-board built, was very firm, city wall was by becomes with golden, above was carving innumerable formation, had the innumerable Magic traps outside the base, in this case, the base was broken through, this fully explained fierce location of Insect Race. Zhao Hai several people nodded, they have also thought of this point, horse like a dragon then said :just, Just I when chatted with Zheng Li, he said that the base was broken through by a Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, I just looked up, this Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, was one type of very formidable Insect Race, Expert of strength equivalent to Cultivation World there Infant Stage time, however Insect Race innate skill was higher, independent Infant Stage time Expert, possibly was not the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect and match, now the although that Silver Back Gold-Winged insect is only being chased down by the Cultivation World person, however the Cultivation World person actually not necessarily can only kill that Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, because Fabbio star after all was the Insect Race domain, but as the matter stands, we on must careful. Because this Silver Back Gold-Winged insect bears a grudge, moreover he likely is not Human Race Expert such, person who the dead weight status, will not be low to cultivation level begins, the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect may not have such scruples, they will certainly retaliate, therefore this time elimination competition danger, you are certainly careful. ” Zhao Hai several people nodded, they also know certainly that this time elimination series very dangerous, they have not treated it lightly. horse like a dragon looked at several people of one, whispered: Your several this cliques are I most settle on, when the elimination series, you must stay in together, takes protecting as the point, even if sees other people by attack, if the opposite party strength is too strong, you must protect itself first, understand?” One hear of horse like a dragon said that Zhao Hai they have cannot help but gawked, because of horse like a dragon words very simple, he in telling Zhao Hai, at elimination series, if runs into other people to have the danger, they can not rescue, this arrives is Zhao Hai they have not thought. horse like a dragon also saw Zhao Hai their expression, horse like a dragon has smiled bitterly next step: „It is not I rises other people's spirit, extinguishes own power and prestige, because no matter Insect Race or the Cultivation World person, very difficult deals with, but now only then you have the hope that lives, you must make every effort to succeed for machine.”

Zhao Hai they heard that in horse like a dragon expression unwilling and expectation, several people of unconscious nods, horse like a dragon then sighed, stood got up said : rest well one, tomorrow I to your some materials, that above will have Cultivation World hundred strong people and some Insect Race materials, your looks well, best to bear in mind.” Zhao Hai several people have stood, to horse like a dragon gave a salute, horse like a dragon turn around was then walking, Zhao Hai their look at horse like a dragon back, the heart somewhat is serious. These words of horse like a dragon today, has represented the aspirations of machine there many person, for machine can have some people with Cultivation World to contend, thing that they pay were too many, Zhao Hai their suddenly felt that the task on own shoulder was heavier. But what Zhao Hai has not thought that when horse like a dragon spoke to them, an eye is paying attention to them in the distant place, but that in the eye actually projected the envy and hate radiance. Master of this eye naturally is Terry, looks like in present Terry, horse like a dragon can such friendly spoke with Zhao Hai, moreover in a low voice with Zhao Hai explain/transfer anything, other special allowance people was being unable to obtain like this, but he believes that these originally should is him, but actually is snatched by the Zhao Hai person now. Actually can chat several with horse like a dragon, this is in itself not any great matter, perhaps other person simply will not care, after all horse like a dragon is good to them. However this looks like in present Terry, is actually an honor, Terry longs for becomes the focal point of people, he had also achieved before, he is the focal point of people, after Zhao Hai appears, his scenery complete had been snatched by the Zhao Hai person, the people have aimed at Zhao Hai the vision, managed him in also nobody. Therefore Terry envy and hate Zhao Hai , the Zhao Hai side with Xiong Li they, the Xiong Li each of them's strength is not however weak, itself wants to cope with Zhao Hai not to be easy, is adding on Xiong Li they, Terry has not coped with Zhao Hai opportunity completely. However Terry has not displayed before the person to the Zhao Hai disaffection, does not have, because he is waiting for opportunity, can want the Zhao Hai life opportunity. present Terry believes that this opportunity he will certainly wait, especially in here, here is Fabbio star, is the devil star, is the incomparable dangerous place, lets the place that innumerable Cultivation World Expert damage to fall, he believes in here he can certainly, when wants the Zhao Hai life opportunity. Not only he wants the Zhao Hai life, he also wants gathering of Xiong Li, wants the Dong Fangyu life, wants Li Kuangren life, wants the Sun Fei life, all near person who Zhao Hai follows assigns him to want, he wants their together dead. Also incomparable hatred looked at Zhao Hai one, Terry then leave, he looked for other participants, he must form corps.

present Terry is not a fool, he knows that the elimination series can form a team, will form a team he to go on living opportunity even bigger that some, therefore he must go to form a team with others, even if will be the strengths of these people are not high, he must with them form a team so long as, because has formed a team, must, these people be able to sacrifice when necessary. present Terry presently, after his turn around leave, the Zhao Hai vision had not looked at one in his direction, original Zhao Hai does not have presently Terry in gazing at his, but Terry looks at his good one eyes finally, killing aura in eye extremely in strong noted to killing aura extremely sensitive Zhao Hai immediately. However Zhao Hai had not looked in that direction that his immediately ordered Cai'er to pay attention to that direction, Cai'er immediately has assigned out the video recording, naturally also saw Terry was paying attention to his appearance for a very long time, saw in Terry Pu Yan that killing aura. Zhao Hai has listed as present Terry must kill the list, so long as has opportunity, he will not let off Terry, therefore Terry general use such look look at him, he has not cared. Day quickly dark, today Zhao Hai they come out from sea mountain city not early, after adding on here to undergo war and other fights to finish, day already not early. Looked at day darkly, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback invited Xiong Li they to go to his room to drink Xiong Li the meaning of their understand Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai this was prepares to help Dong Fangyu have a look at his Fire Dragon sword. After several people entered the Zhao Hai room, drank a while liquor, Dong Fangyu kept Zhao Hai there the Fire Dragon sword, then several people of returned to own room. When they walk, Zhao Hai immediately returned to Space, this time he has not been needing spiritual force to investigate the Fire Dragon sword, because of previous time him by Fire Dragon sword attack one time, his these time entered Space with the Fire Dragon sword, wants to make Analyzer analyze the Fire Dragon sword, has a look at this sword what's the matter. Zhao Hai took the Fire Dragon sword to enter Space, has not gone to Space Villa, but went to Universal Analyzer there directly, after this time Level Up, Universal Analyzer and Universal Manufacturing Machine, obtained Level Up, after these two machine Level Up, disperses doing that appeared to use, already big exercise imagination of Zhao Hai. Meets with Universal Manufacturing Machine, now no matter Potion or weapon, no matter any thing, so long as puts in that him, set the request, he can manufacture quickly, moreover quality best that one type of. But Universal Analyzer, Zhao Hai does not put in the a piece earth Universal Analyzer now, Universal Analyzer can also analyze this earth instantaneously is comprised of any ingredient, why can wait, can say that these two machines become a little go against heaven's will now. Laura they also saw Zhao Hai to go to Universal Analyzer there, they also walked out from the villa, to Universal Analyzer there, accompanied Zhao Hai together to wait for the result.

The Fire Dragon sword in time appears , then in Universal Machine has transmitted before long prompt speaking sounds: „ One by double-edged sword of seal, the sword material was added solar Gold Essence to be made by the bone of Fire Dragon, presently by owner recognition, Host available eternal innumerable broken goes to the seal, but also double-edged sword by true self. Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that the Fire Dragon sword by seal activated, his immediately put out unexpectedly eternally innumerable has deleted toward the sword on, is scratching Zhao Hai while is paying attention to the change of double-edged sword, along with eternal innumerable cleaning, the Fire Dragon sword becomes more and more red, is getting more and more bright, waited for Zhao Hai to use three eternal innumerable times, the suddenly Fire Dragon sword from the hand of Zhao Hai flew, then Dragon's Roar transmitted from sword, then Fire Dragon has put on coming out from sword, from the sky kept was dancing in the air, probably in releasing by seal was discontentedly same. Some little time Fire Dragon vanishes, the Fire Dragon sword also slowly fell, but now the Fire Dragon sword is different, before the Fire Dragon sword was only sword is red, cannot see to have anything specially, but on sword of Fire Dragon sword, actually appears has raised the angry glare now Fire Dragon, looked like imposing manner is full, but sword hilt there of Fire Dragon sword, changed an appearance, the entire sword hilt turned into the coordinated process, the dragon was the sword hilt, Dragon's Claw is sword empty, moreover to sword, Dragon's Mouth was opening a stroke of body to swallow from Dragon's Mouth. Zhao Hai gently holds rub sword, has not actually thought that transmits strength of the intermittent resistance from sword, it seems like that this Fire Dragon sword is also a treasure, and has recognized Dong Fangyu give priority to. Zhao Hai has not envied Dong Fangyu, he had Liquid Silver, not having no weapon to suit him compared with Liquid Silver, although the Fire Dragon sword is good, but compares to Liquid Silver to come, but also missed much. Zhao Hai received Fire Dragon Divine Sword, this turned the head look at Laura they, then showed a faint smile said : you saying that if we toward some Space neighborhood insect Lou to come, that will be what kind of?” Laura they have thought obviously already this issue, Laura often smiled said :we just, Already research, and has analyzed with Universal Analyzer, walked, enters the room to say. ” Zhao Hai nodded, entered the room with several people, Laura immediately has put out a results analysis to give Zhao Hai. In although Space did not have a such insect now, but there is Zhao Hai they with the fight video recording of these insects, fully can make Universal Analyzer make has certainly analyzed, after the Universal Analyzer analysis, these insects possibly is one type of has strong evolution and reproductive ability race, they when not having what dangerous situation, evolution not necessarily quick, when one, but their races are facing the exterminated the clan danger, Insect Race[ body] in the evolution gene of that force on will be started, they on frantic evolution, will attract other species the gene to improve own gene chain, Carries on further evolution, this ability is very terrifying. The result that Universal Analyzer gives is, making Zhao Hai not hesitate at all costs, must get so far as in Space these Insect Race, Space can withdraw that level evolution base, join to Space life form, lets Space all life form further evolution, making Space fighting strength obtain the further promotion! Saw such results analysis, Zhao Hai has somewhat shocked, he has not thought that Space so will be unexpectedly strong regarding the appraisal of Insect Race, but changed mind thinks that he has also felt relaxed, if Insect Race did not have this formidable ability, feared that was already by Cultivation World cultivator destroying completely, but now Fabbio star or the Insect Race domain, Human Race is also in here shows weakly, can look at the Insect Race formidable place from this point, Cultivation World destroyed the star extermination of the clan to be innumerable, took Fabbio on-board Insect Race not means that Insect Race formidable obviously general, Zhao Hai wants to make to enter Insect Race now. In Space.!.