Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1222

Next morning, Dong Fangyu early got up, sits in courtyard, the look at Zhao Hai door, such can describe with impatient. Fire Dragon sword, he since solid partner of ascend finally to machine, but Dong Fangyu has known, Fire Dragon sword that oneself use, is not the perfect condition of Fire Dragon sword, this is not who tells him, this is only the one type of feeling. In fact the person of flame has not told him these, because of flame the magical thing of person also don’t know Fire Dragon sword, this is flame obtains the sword, because of Might, therefore has given a Outer Sect people to use, after Master of sword died, they will retrieve this sword, then in the giving next person, this sword to Dong Fangyu in hand, don’t know is the several hand. Dong Fangyu does don’t know have this feeling in Master of his beforehand these Fire Dragon swords, but he has this feeling, this feeling is very unusual. But reason that Dong Fangyu will give Zhao Hai the Fire Dragon sword , because Zhao Hai is his friend, what most important is because on Zhao Hai that mysterious temperament. Zhao Hai mysterious thing were too many, melts to Li Kuangren and Xiong Li makes that special weapon, he can Sun Fei that special Magic Formation, all these make Zhao Hai mysterious ring of light increase steadily. Because of this, therefore Dong Fangyu will give Zhao Hai the Fire Dragon sword, he hopes that Zhao Hai helping him unties the secret of Fire Dragon sword, he does not want to obtain the big strength from Fire Dragon sword there, he wants to untie secret of Fire Dragon sword, because the Fire Dragon sword is he most important partner. At this time Zhao Hai gate suddenly was shoved open, Zhao Hai stood in the room, beckoned to Dong Fangyu, Dong Fangyu fast ran in the Zhao Hai room. Does the Zhao Hai look at Dong Fangyu appearance, show a faint smile said : how the Second Brother, yesterday has not had a good sleep in the evening?” Dong Fangyu embarrassed nod said : of „, cannot fall asleep, since obtaining the Fire Dragon sword at that moment starting from, I have wanted to untie secret of Fire Dragon sword, what a pity had not succeeded, but I believe that you will certainly succeed, not being able to sleep that therefore yesterday ji has moved in the evening. Nod of Zhao Hai understands, shows a faint smile, the hand moves, took the Fire Dragon sword, both hands Pinto has been giving Dong Fangyu.

Dong Fangyu has actually tarried, melts the look at appearance big change the Fire Dragon sword, serious that psychological ji moves, at this moment Zhao Hai in hand Fire Dragon sword suddenly shivered, then Fire Dragon sword fierce flies from Zhao Hai in hand, flies toward Dong Fangyu, the next quarter, Dragon Huojian is similar to a mischievous child is the same, gathers round Dong Fangyu to spin, probably is gathering round the parents to play the noisy child. Dong Fangyu can feel that happy feeling on the Fire Dragon sword transmitting, he cannot bear extend make a move to go, the Fire Dragon sword probably is the tired bird turns over to the nest to be the same, has flown in his hand directly. Dong Fangyu just gripped the Fire Dragon sword, suddenly departs one group of red light from the Fire Dragon sword, Dong Fangyu wrapping up, Dong Fangyu took the sword to stand in there, two eyes has also closed, probably fell asleep was the same. Sees this situation, Zhao Hai knows that this is the Fire Dragon sword is certainly entering some sudden communicate with Dong Fangyu, his immediately/on horseback leave room, then gently closes the door, stands is protecting outside the door. Before long Xiong Li they also came out from their in the room, how many people look at Zhao Hai to stand outside his room, somewhat is puzzled, before this situation, what usually stands in out of the door is they, but does Zhao Hai that person in gate, today change? Xiong Li their several people of immediately walked, puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, puts out a hand to refer to own said : Fire Dragon sword de-archiving of Second Brother printing, now the Fire Dragon sword with his communicate, I feared probably some people disturbed him.” Xiong Li how many people nodded, what in saying, how many people such sat outside the Zhao Hai door, chat in a soft voice, Zhao Hai looked at Sun Fei, chuckle said : 1 slightly flew, you how? These Magic Formation study how?” Sun Fei[ is popular] nod said : that exerts these Magic Formation learn, now have been able to use, difference skilled, let alone Fourth Elder Brother, you teach my these Magic Formation, before me these that studies are easier than to study, spiritual force that consumes are also less, but Might is not small, even more larger, was really mysterious.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to practice well, first practiced these Magic Formation, when your spiritual force has sufficed, I in teaching other your Magic Formation, when there is a time, I made you experience, in addition Magic Formation after vibrate is any effect.” Sun Fei[ is popular] nod of exerts, horse like a dragon also from own in the room walked out, he looked at Zhao Hai at this time their get together, walked, to Zhao Hai said : in here? What matter has?” Zhao Hai their immediately/on horseback has stood, salutes to horse like a dragon, then Zhao Hai said : thanks the team leader to care that does not have any important matter, was Dong Fangyu had some sensibility, is closing up in my in the room, but believes that it will not take long can come out, we disturbed him shyly, defended in here.” horse like a dragon looked at Zhao Hai room said :also well, hopes that he a bit faster wakes, today is the preparation brought your together to go to city wall to have a look outside Insect Race, but I estimated yesterday these crash in the base insect, was nearby this base all insects, in now on city wall cannot see anything, a rest day, yesterday had a look at the situation to say...., Zhao Hai several people nodded, horse like a dragon beckoned with the hand, turn around walked, Zhao Hai turn around looked at own door one, deep voice said : hope Second Brother has been able to remind quickly that do not miss the elimination series, otherwise he may not have the means with flame explain/transfer.” Xiong Li several people nodded, after although said that they prepare, to be separated from respective Clan, go it alone, but that is must have a premise, this premise is, they can obtain the good achievements at this time competition, only then they have the qualifications to negotiate with their Clan like this, otherwise all are the empty talk, their Clan will not let off their.

Zhao Hai although does not fear machine these Clan, but similarly, Zhao Hai does not want to annoy them, machine these fellow that existed for several thousand years, the foundation was solid, now annoys them, was not the wise choice. Zhao Hai is not one likes annoying the troublesome person, like this unnecessary trouble, he does not want to annoy, therefore Zhao Hai hopes that Dong Fangyu can come before the competition soberly, otherwise will be very troublesome. Because passed through a catastrophe, therefore No. 5 base here person is very tense, Zhao Hai they can see once for a while some Cultivation World has flown from sky, round trip appearance in a hurry. However to has not transmitted Insect Race to come disappearance of attack base, this also makes Zhao Hai they relax, one day in the blink of an eye on the past, Zhao Hai they have still defended outside his door, inside Dong Fangyu still does not have the sound. In the evening Zhao Hai has drunk several cups with Xiong Li several people, but is only superficial already stops, they are not the drunkards, will not drink itself the dead drunk daily. After having drunk, looked at the time not early, Zhao Hai made Xiong Li they rest, he defended outside the door, in there static sitting in meditation. Because there is horse like a dragon ahead of time explain/transfer, therefore nobody disturbed Zhao Hai, the people were curious, don’t know can Dong Fangyu suddenly run up to Zhao Hai in the room to close up? Before them, what secretive secret has? Is back back? Many psychological yin dark person, on own initiative does not start the evil guess. Zhao Hai will certainly not go to tube these people what kind, reason that Zhao Hai also defends outside the door, because of him in against Terry. When present Terry look at him, killing aura in that eye, making Zhao Hai still unforgettable, he feared that Terry will cope with Dong Fangyu, although said that he same can come out to prevent in Space at any time Terry, however such words he must have no consideration for face with present Terry on equal to publicly, he does not want such to do, such later Terry died, the people will certainly suspect him, he does not want to annoy this suspicion, Jeance Terry silent disappearance, the account does not calculate that to his head, this is Zhao Hai desired.

Time past bit by bit, Zhao Hai has sat cross-legged to sit outside his door, fell asleep evidently probably was the same, eye of suddenly Zhao Hai fierce one has opened, simultaneously he one has stood, fast ran up to outside the horse like a dragon door. Zhao Hai although looked like has fallen asleep probably, but he has been paying attention to all around change with his spiritual force, even linked situation outside No. 5 base he also to pay attention, because horse like a dragon has said that No. 5 base by a Silver Back Gold-Winged insect breaking through, moreover this insect bearing a grudge, Zhao Hai kept a mind, he feared this insect in coming to the attack No. 5 base, therefore he outside situation under a attention very to No. 5 base, but on a moment ago, him outside No. 5 base, suddenly welled up large quantities of insects, these insect also not. Outside formation trap there to No. 5 base, but looks at these insect aggressive appearances, obviously they to No. 5 base. Looks at this situation, Zhao Hai nature immediately must look for horse like a dragon, with horse, if not said that the situation, making horse like a dragon call all people, prepares fight that deals with be going to arrive. Zhao Hai just arrived at outside the horse like a dragon door, does the horse like a dragon sound convey said : who?” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : team leader, insect must attack No. 5 base, called everyone/Great Clan to get up quickly the preparation.” horse like a dragon door one opened, clothing also some not entire horse like a dragon look at Zhao Hai said : really?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, immediately must arrive.” horse like a dragon one rushed to outside, then loudly drinks said : set, all sets!” This sound such as the thunderclap is common, in silent night distant spreading, feared that is the deaf people can hear, do not say these Gu Ti xing very high practice. In quick courtyard has lived it up, the people flushed from their in the room, saw an anxiety of horse like a dragon face, the heart of people also has cannot help but raised. horse like a dragon looked at their said : to have the insect to attack No. 5 base, everyone/Great Clan prepares.” The people stare, then puzzled look at horse like a dragon, obviously they very do not believe the horse like a dragon words, if there is insect to attack the base, that No. 5 base here should meet the advanced warning is right. The people just think that a grating alarm sound transmits, face of people changes.!.