Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1223

With the grating alarm sound, the entire base moved, each and every one Cultivator or are stepping on flying sword, but is stepping on the floating clouds, or steps on all kinds of Magical Treasure, each and every one reveals Divine Ability respectively, flies toward city wall there. Sees this situation, horse like a dragon cannot help but face color changes, has criticized one, he just also wants to call all people, then with quickest runs up to Transmission Formation there of No. 5 base, before Insect Race has not attacked, on the leave No. 5 base, now looks like is actually impossible. It is not they do not want to walk, will not have any stop they, but so long as the base feared that a warning sound, Transmission Formation of entire base will become can only enter cannot leave, they want to walk now cannot get away. horse like a dragon has criticized one, turns the head to people said loudly: All people prepare fight, has remembered to me, does not permit to separate, no one permits to separate.” Zhao Hai actually looked at own room one, Dong Fangyu had not come out from in the room, Zhao Hai turned the head look at Xiong Li their said : bear Eldest Child, a while you defends in here, that do not go, I went to city wall there to have a look, if city wall there were broken through, I will come by quickest returned to here.” Xiong Li one hear of Zhao Hai said that shook the head said : well, Little Hai, must go to city wall there is also we go, you cannot go, you stay behind, stays behind compared with us usefully, if these Insect Race killed, we cannot block, only then the person can block.” Several people were speaking, horse like a dragon did suddenly turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, Dong Fangyu comes out?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to have, Team leader, I want to make Xiong Li they remain, I go to city wall with everyone/Great Clan.” horse like a dragon looked at Xiong Li several people of one, looked at Zhao Hai one, nodded said : well, making their three stay behind, you follow us, go to city wall, leaves.” Zhao Hai turns the head look at Xiong Li said : bear Eldest Child, this then on give you, protected the Second Brother.” Said that walks with Battalion outward. The audiences from courtyard, saw large quantities of Immortal Cultivator are catching up toward city wall there, these person flying in the sky, has not walked on the ground, moreover each and every one is fast. horse like a dragon looks at this situation, deep voice said : all people also flew, we were also flying the past, has remembered, maintained the formation, did not permit to fall behind.” Said that he flew, other person also immediately flew, because they must maintain the formations, therefore is not quick. Their this flies to see that city wall there has shone such as the daytime, moreover these ancestors already with these Insect Race exchange hands, Magical Treasure run all over the place, insect roar, the shouting type sound of person, floods in the entire base.

horse like a dragon gets the people to fly toward city wall on, cannot leave the base in any case now, they also can only fight, when otherwise the city broke, all people with bad luck. They are the last group arrive at the city wall there person, now city wall there turned into a flesh and blood grinding pan completely, often has the insect corpse and human corpse falls down from sky. city wall there has stood cultivator, many cultivator rest in behind. It seems like these cultivator also learn, deal with this attack time, must leave behind part of Reserve Troops. horse like a dragon just flew, where Zheng Li from flew on don’t know, he looks at horse like a dragon they, and has gawked, then the flashes of contemptuous facial expression in the eye passes, then his color said : Zheng Li thanked everybody to come to help, asked everybody to rest below first, when this time insect tide don’t know can finish, invited everybody as the second echelon.” horse like a dragon naturally also saw Zheng Li's facial expression, he has not said anything, but nodded said : I and others, since helps, naturally will obey the instruction, asking feel relieved to be good.” Said that led Zhao Hai they to fall the ground. Zheng Li also come down from the sky, did he look at Zhao Hai their said : expensive all people to arrive?” horse like a dragon shook the head said : also to miss four, is closing up, remaining three kept Protector, except for their four people, all people arrived.” Zheng Li nodded, turns the head to look at city wall one, face color heavy said : how this time also don’t know these insects were, pain crazy carried on attack to us, thinks that was defending city wall to fear was very difficult, finally feared that must fight the street fighting.” horse like a dragon face color cannot help but changes, his open the mouth and said suddenly: Zheng mister, our machine Magician, most suitable is wide scope attack, mister has a look is the line makes us try?” Zheng Li stares, then gently knit the brows said : to consider as finished Mr. Ma', your regard I have led, but the person on city wall coordinates to be tacit now, if your suddenly join, will possibly disrupt their attack rhythms, that is not good, wait.” horse like a dragon did not have to say anything, he looked at other cultivator, these people sat cross-legged to sit on the ground rest, he also turned the head to look at Zhao Hai their said : everyone/Great Clan also to sit down the rest.” Zhao Hai they not polite, sat. Zheng Li looked at people one eyes, turns the head to hide to horse like a dragon said : Mr. Ma', front I went to have a look, to say goodbye first.” Said that personal appearance flashes disappears.

Zheng Li just walked, Zhao Hai hears his to hear sound of the intermittent discussion, some people of said : any thing, looks at his impatient appearance, probably many great as.” Another said : „, any thing, these Cultivation World people is a type half, looked like the bothersome words draws on one piece to echo the sound, caused the Zhao Hai knitting the brows head of gently. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, is sighs at heart darkly, machine these days talent, does not have complete understand they and disparity between Cultivation World there people, sound although that they speak now is not loud, cultivator that but side lets these rested hearing, a while they wanted on together the battlefield, if when the time comes these cultivator yin their, they may be die not to have the place to reason things out. horse like a dragon has thought obviously also of this point, he stands said loudly: Peaceful, has that time might as well to control one's breathing, placed by oneself the optimum condition, don't likely woman chews the root of the tongue in there randomly.” His throat really is also effective, these person of immediately peaceful, these people did not fear that offends the Cultivation World person, because in their opinion, so long as attended the competition, they can go back, possibly forever will not meet with these people, offends also offended, but they actually fear horse like a dragon, horse like a dragon very much has the status in machine there, if offended horse like a dragon, even if were their returned to machine, horse like a dragon can also come one to bide one's time for punishment to them, what finally was bad luck was they. Looked that these people were peaceful, horse like a dragon then turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, Zhao Hai has still closed one's eyes to sit in there, such as sat in contemplation general, horse like a dragon cannot help but nod of gently, he too has appreciated to Zhao Hai, understood what has to done, knows the onset and retreat, such person possibly live was longer, possibly became true Expert. However horse like a dragon has not said that he still stands in the there look at city wall direction, city wall there fight ji is very fierce, besides some cultivator, on city wall also some similar Magic Cannon same thing, few that but these thing has plenty damaged, have been able to use. Sees here horse like a dragon at heart cannot help but heavy, he knows that these damaged Magic Cannon were certainly destroyed in the beforehand insect tide, the person in base has not repaired with enough time. If there are these Magic Cannon to help, they may also block these Insect Race, now did not have these Magic Cannon. just by these cultivator, feared that was No. 5 base is really dangerous. Thinks of here, horse like a dragon cannot help but criticizes, his understand, how own far air/Qi so will not be really bad, just came to No. 5 base, No. 5 base here on receive attack one after another, is really his mother carried. Fight on city wall still in continuation, moreover is getting more and more frigid, already cultivator, one after another on city wall, on city wall cultivator casualties very big, has had to carry on to supplement. look at all around cultivator are getting fewer and fewer, machine these people somewhat have also flustered, they were discussing in a low voice, in the facial expression on face was having the fear.

At this time Zheng Li suddenly arrived at their here, horse like a dragon had moved forward to meet somebody hastily, Zheng Li looked at machine these, deep voice said : Mr. Ma', please be leading the person, went to the city wall support east with my immediately/on horseback, there soon could not withstand.” horse like a dragon complied with said : "OK, Zheng mister to guide. ” Zheng Li nodded, turn around flew, horse like a dragon they follow in his, flies toward eastern city wall. Looked to eastern city wall there that horse like a dragon they cannot help but held breath. The cold air, the eastern city wall here situation is very serious, some Insect Race crawled on city wall, cultivator against perishes even bigger. horse like a dragon cannot control now that many, he turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, comes big point Magic, gives us to be clear the a piece place.” Zhao Hai although has gawked, but he has complied with one, a hand revolution, Magic Staff appears in in his hand, then his in hand Magic Staff proceeds to wield, hot feather ten thousand arrows appears of hundred overlay in his front, then about ten thousand hot feather swords shoots toward city wall on. Zhao Hai this although not in arrow only in join Berserk Qi, but has actually used vibrate Magic Formation, Might of these ten thousand hot feather arrows can be imagined, these hot feather arrows non-stop fly to outside the city insect group there, then listens to with a bang sound loud noise, flesh and blood to fly horizontally, city wall outside insect, by Zhao Hai these exploding offensive one slow. horse like a dragon said loudly: "OK, Warrior exits, cleans up on city wall all insects, with quickest, Magician, Magic attack, the mister outside the city insect gives to block, do not make them attack city wall. ” Said that brought to extract Ghost Head Broadsword, threw toward city wall on, but other Magician, under team leader Magician leadership, shot Magic toward outside the city. However Magic attack of these people, Might is really not much, even if these 5th level Magician, leaves shoot out Magic, was inferior that Zhao Hai Magic is so strong, but this point naturally also fell in nearby Zheng Li's eyes. Zheng Li just noted Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai that Magic was really too formidable, wants formidable compared with Spell that big cultivator shot, in his opinion, if machine person such level, then on was too scary.!.