Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1224

However saw Magic that other people shoot, Zheng Li on understand what's the matter, he cannot help but paid attention to Zhao Hai, he presently, Zhao Hai probably is not the character of team leader level, he probably is a participant, is this participant, is stronger than the strength of team leader, this may be too astonishing. However at this time he could not control that many, he paid attention to Zhao Hai, put into during the fight, now outside fight is really too frigid, these insects were inexhaustibly are probably same, not to stop threw toward city wall here. Zhao Hai continually has also put several hundred overlay Magic, outside these insect offensive not Lou one slow, was not these Insect Race has not been attacking, but was running quickest these, was eliminated by Zhao Hai in city wall has gotten down. Sees this situation, Zhao Hai also relaxed, he put several hundred overlay Magic although unable to feel continually tired, but will actually bring to the attention of person, if he has put down, feared is soon, all people will pay attention to him, he did not think such, now he has sufficed conspicuously. Zhao Hai stopped shooting Magic, has closed the eye, but also took one bottle of Potion to drink, probably was restoring the Magic appearance, this also let pay attention to Zhao Hai Zheng Li to relax. He just has been counting, Zhao Hai altogether has shot eight hundred overlay Magic, moreover these eight Magic are not with one type of, in other words, his these eight Magic do not shoot by his in hand Magic Staff, but by his spiritual force, even if his in hand Magic Staff is a rare treasure, has to sharpen the spiritual force ability, an undershoot Magic Formation of eight hundred overlay, that has also sufficed astonishingly, is general 5th level Magician cannot achieve. Good present Zhao Hai started to control one's breathing, otherwise Zheng Li also really must energetically put into practice to the Zhao Hai reality estimates again. Actually not only Zheng Li, other person somewhat surprised look at Zhao Hai, they have not thought that really Zhao Hai so is unexpectedly fierce, Magic of eight hundred overlay, are almost flickers, can this need big spiritual force to complete? They think to think to be startled. Taking advantage of a Insect Race this offensive slow time, these cultivator and horse like a dragon on city wall they, crawling on these Insect Race to city wall gave to hit, but they do not have happy how long now, because these insect attack will draw near. although said other machine Magician, shooting Magic that but also is keeping to these Insect Race, but the effect is not quite good, their Magic Might do not have Zhao Hai to be so big, Zhao Hai Magic, so long as bumps into these Insect Race, does not die already injures, but Magic of other people, even if hits directly many Insect Race , can only be lets these Insect Race by some wounds, will not die. But these Insect Race Life Force are very strong, so long as does not hit their vital part, they can still maintain very long fighting strength, therefore Magic of other people regarding the injuries of these Insect Race are not very big. horse like a dragon also noted this point, he also knows that these Magic of other other people also and missed to there not necessarily goes, what they used was wide scope attack Magic, making the Magic attack strength minute unfold, therefore cannot kill these Insect Race. This also made horse like a dragon know the Zhao Hai Magic attack intensity, and other people the disparities of between Magic attack intensities, missed much. Thinks of here, horse like a dragon cannot help but shook the head, then said loudly: All people, change to single body Magic attack, did not want to use wide scope Magic attack.” One hear of horse like a dragon said that people are looking at their success, knows one these time lost really disgraced in a big way, their cannot help but face one red, then changed single body Magic attack Magic attack, this effect to was good many. Not only Magician, even if these cultivator, currently uses is also long-distance attack, but their attack time, what use is all kinds of Magical Treasure, but is not camera here Magician is the same with Warrior, what use is Magic and Sword Qi.

Because crawled on the insect to city wall to hit these, these cultivator dealt with these insects to be also more relaxed, horse like a dragon paid attention, several cultivator, even can person control several Magical Treasure, simultaneously carry on attack to these insects, but their Magical Treasure attack, but compared with machine Magic attack and Sword Qi attack much better. Machine Magic attack and Sword Qi attack, looked like look like the bullet that in the spear|gun hit, the bullet hit, was not receiving their control, if had been shot by the enemy, that bullet also impossible to cause anything to injure to the enemy, after all the bullet cannot make a turn. But cultivator these Magical Artifact are different, cultivator these Magical Artifact, after releasing for flight, can carry on control, looks like can control remotely to pursue target missile to be the same, completely under these cultivator control, therefore attack strength formidable. although the person on city wall, has blocked the attack of Insect Race now, but Zhao Hai does not have a point optimism, these Insect Race probably are inexhaustible, moreover what now appears is only some low level Insect Race, what to do if in some appears high level Insect Race that can? No matter cultivator, Magician these Warrior, their impossible long time maintains this battle condition, if not having reinforcement to arrive, that No. 5 base was dangerous. Is thinking, in the base Transmission Formation radiance dodges continually, then walked out of large quantities of cultivator from Transmission Formation, fly toward city wall here, this radiance cannot certainly hide the truth from these cultivator on city wall, they were cheering, attack are quicker. Zhao Hai sees this situation, relaxed, he still closes one's eyes, the appearance that thinks of control one's breathing, makes the similar movement with him, these cultivator that several cultivator and several Magician, then come also supplemented that at this time on city wall, in this moment in any machine person and division of Cultivation World person, some have not been only division of Human Race and Insect Race. Looked that city wall here has defended, Zhao Hai also on thorough relaxed, his although still closes one's eyes, frequently is actually paying attention to these cultivator, how he wants to have a look at these cultivator attack strength. Has to recognize, these cultivator attack strength very be really strong, Magical Treasure although that they use what is all sorts of strange and unusual has, uses very magnificently, but that lethality is simultaneously unfriendly, that lethality compared with Magician Magic in many. Moreover Zhao Hai also presently, these Magician attack, comes compared with Li Chuchen, but also wants on strong some, Li Chuchen attack although are many, but in that attack has actually been short of swift and fierce, but now on the 5 th base here cultivator, is different, these people begin, is not forgiving absolutely, comes up is killing strike, the thing necessity achieves the point that strikes to kill, looked that their attack Zhao Hai know, this is after the innumerable actual combat, summarizes the experience that comes out, make a move is not forgiving, is not forgiving make a move! Zhao Hai very clear, is dangerous to that with such person, like Li Chuchen such, you, if cannot stand off him, the possibility whole body draws back, but with the person to, if you have defeated, does not die already injures. In Zhao Hai observes Magical Treasure that these cultivator are using, suddenly incomparably powerful imposing manner presses toward in the city from outside the city, formidable of this imposing manner is the Zhao Hai entire life only sees. In Zhao Hai heart one strict, this imposing manner is not the person comes out absolutely, this imposing manner firm as a mountain, but in imposing manner has the one type of wild beast same savage air/Qi sharp, such imposing manner is impossible to result in the savage person, this absolutely is incomparably powerful Insect Race.

Not only Zhao Hai, other people also felt that this imposing manner, face of instantaneous all people change, these people may not have one are easy to deal with, their very clear, this imposing manner is representing anything. Formidable Insect Race, must be more difficult than to deal with the formidable character, if that formidable imposing manner Insect Race comes to the attack base, that base was really dangerous. When people also when is thinking these, the danger of base descend, just attack slightly some Insect Race of slowing down, now have resembled each and every one to crack with the teeth the medicine to be the same, frantic flushed toward base here, base here all city wall are surrounded by perils at once. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but sighed, he knows that today these No. 5 base feared could not defend, but he was immediately/on horseback several hundred overlay Magic Formation lost, then the personal appearance moved appears in the horse like a dragon side, to horse like a dragon said : team leader, looked at this in a soft voice, the institute could not defend, must make everyone/Great Clan make some preparations to be good ahead of time.” horse like a dragon looked at all around situation... The eye, sighed. Air/Qi said : I also to draw back, but we can fall back on there to go now, if the base were broken through, we can only fight the street fighting, such we cannot take any advantage, first is defending in here, can defend a while is a while......” His words have not spoken, just that astonishing imposing manner, fast has pressed toward base here, face of all people is a pain, they know that that only formidable insect feared came! Zhao Hai turned the head to look at in the city direction one, turned the head to horse like a dragon said : team leader, first how I went back to have a look at my several brothers.” horse like a dragon looked at Zhao Hai one, sighed, nodded, he almost despaired now, outside the base was the inexhaustible insect sea, incomparably powerful insect immediately must come to the attack base, depended on them, was impossible to defend the base, now he can do, completely the final effort, much lived such several minutes! Other cultivator also mostly are such idea, must say really that these cultivator, treasure their life compared with the average person, they practice diligently, robbing of going all out, final for Immortal, that had not feared that was clearly know does not have to hope, can live for several minutes, they will not give up. Zhao Hai has not actually thought that many, he knows that he definitely cannot die, but he somewhat is in a dilemma now, his don’t know are should bring Xiong Li their several leave, should the expose complete strength and a Insect Race war, such as be his expose complete strength and a Insect Race war, the base can definitely protect, but his later day feared that will be will not feel better. But if he must bring Xiong Li they to walk now, looked like Xiong Li on equal to their expose oneself Space secret, this was also his big secret, he did not think expose, if expose Space secret, then must trouble compared with expose his strength, feared that was entire Comprehend the world does not have the place of his taking shelter, no matter that person, will not let off him, grasped to slice research him to be light. Naturally Zhao Hai not by their capture, but after him, do not want to base in Comprehend the world, therefore now Zhao Hai is in a dilemma, how don’t know must handle. What expose strength although looks like does not have probably, but do not forget, he just ascend to machine less than one year of time, in such a short time, he has such strength, insufficiently doubtable?

Thinks that here Zhao Hai has cannot help but tapped the head, his suddenly has remembered a matter, if some of his Reveal one strengths, to also are really not the too big same topic, because when the time comes asked Ashley Clan to act at the worst, said him to obtain the Liquid Silver matter, believes that Liquid Silver this has had Ultimate Weapon in legend, should be able to keep off for him previous a while. said it, so long as after this time 6 Realms new person competition, all people know that his strength, by that time is a machine person wants to cope with him, must thinking well be good. Thinks that here Zhao Hai instead to was relaxed, his also understand, in the machine here excessive low key was incorrect, you must show your strength, so long as your strength certainly, you can call the wind and summon the rain, even if were you puts out has let all person excited Magical Treasure, nobody dares to move you, conversely, if you did not have that strength, was you do not have a thing in the world, some people want to catch you regarded the slave same are rearing in a pen, looked like these is been same by commoner that the Cultivation World person reared in a pen. At this time Zhao Hai arrived at courtyard that they were, Xiong Li several people still defends in there, Dong Fangyu in room still did not have the sound, Zhao Hai to want with spiritual force to search toward the room, actually one kept off, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai be startled, his immediately made Cai'er look in the room is any situation. Cai'er immediately told Zhao Hai, now Dong Fangyu is sitting cross-legged to sit on the ground, the whole body was red, probably was practicing any Cultivation Method to the nose important moment. One hear of Cai'er said that Zhao Hai face cannot help but changes, he knows that these time feared cannot walk, Dong Fangyu practiced the most important moment, if he must bring Dong Fangyu leave, did not do well to meet possessed by the Devil. At this time Xiong Li they also saw Zhao Hai to come back, flew to person immediately, look at Zhao Hai said : six Little Hai that a Xiong Li face worried, city wall there how? I felt that some formidable imposing manner can come? Also can withstand? Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: „ Feared that could not withstand, moreover what is more awful, the Second Brother was unable to move now, otherwise possibly possessed by the Devil, it seems like these time really must go all out!” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Xiong Li their face cannot help but change, Xiong Li immediately/on horseback said : that good, we go to city wall there, must block these Insect Race.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : you to go to there to be also useless, might as well defends in here, if there is Insect Race to come, you are also good nearby rob and kill, city wall there give me.” The flashes body flies toward city wall there.!.