Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1225
Zhao Hai calm returned to city wall there, looked at distant place one, that [say / way] astonishing imposing manner still in proximity fast, wants to come it will not take long to arrive, on city wall face of all people are not quite good, they know that waits to have that astonishing imposing manner insect to arrive at the base, was their ends. Outside insect tide is still continuing, all people are still carrying on the resistance, but how actually to see that now how to feel probably is carrying on final struggling. horse like a dragon also saw Zhao Hai, but he does not have the mood to manage Zhao Hai now, in his hand although has not stopped, but face is actually somewhat pale, this half are because tired, the other half is actually because was worried. This horse like a dragon bring out but machine near for five years the elite, is these years the strongest a batch person, if lost in here, he died did not have the face to go to according to the circumstances senior. However he wants to walk now cannot get away, can only wait for death in here, this feeling is not very really good, but his means do not have. horse like a dragon now is really the heart like the dying embers, melts is scolding itself that keeps, why must come ahead of time, why must come ahead of time, if not come ahead of time, this time disaster also hid, now may arrive, oneself ran over to bring death anxiously, but also gave to ruin an entire machine hope! In this place, horse like a dragon suddenly was feeling his side flies soaring to the heavens imposing manner, that imposing manner comes compared with that Insect Race is not bad, but also goes beyond. horse like a dragon one startled, one looked toward side that is actually seeing standing of Zhao Hai face calm in there, but his imposing manner is actually the strong astonishment, has striven to excel many compared with his don’t know, the opposite that formidable insect, cannot press Zhao Hai. horse like a dragon dull look at Zhao Hai, don’t know must say that any was good, he felt that now Zhao Hai so strange, probably he had not known is the same. Not only horse like a dragon, in the base all person look at Zhao Hai, they also being startled have tarried by Zhao Hai imposing manner, especially Cultivation World person, Cultivation World person very clear, in Cultivation World, only then the Great Sect master of Infant Stage time will have such imposing manner. The Infant Stage time, that in Cultivation World was also Fang Da Expert, was called Expert of grandmaster rank, in other words, such person could open a sect and establish a school, send besides some big gate, Cultivation World here has plenty small Sect, was the Expert establishments of these Infant Stage times.

Not only the people in base have tarried, was these is attacking Insect Race of base also to live, Insect Race although fierce did not fear, but the level disparity on this Innate, their instinct can feel. The animal instinct be much keener than the person, intelligence quotient although of these insects are not high, but they can actually feel clearly Zhao Hai imposing manner, Zhao Hai imposing manner has coerced them sufficiently, the offensive of all insects one slow. That only extremely powerful insect, obviously also felt that Zhao Hai imposing manner, his imposing manner fierce, actually a more intense violent, such as the tide generally has then welled up. Zhao Hai imposing manner in increase slowly, such as the rock in sea is ordinary, stands one's ground steadfastly! The in the city person and outside the city insect almost stopped, now this fight is not they can participate, the weak one like them, can only wait for the result. That imposing manner in quick approaching, quick Zhao Hai can feel that with spiritual force that insect, he has not thought, imposing manner of that insect so will be unexpectedly strong, is so far, can still have such tremendous influence to base here that leaves. Zhao Hai notes this insect, immediately present this insect with the differences of other insects, this insect looks like enlarges Rhinoceros beetle of version, the head was growing one such as halberd general single horn, black iron same carrying on the back, was growing a silver white stripe, carried on the back such as the thick shield same shell to open, an inside pair of [gold/metal] wing kept was fanning, single horn of six long spear same sharp feet on adding behind, bone empty that two can only move, all appeared this insect that uncommon attack strength. The Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, Zhao Hai immediately has thought this name, he can affirm that this is the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, what although he has not certainly seen the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect has been, when can hear this insect from that name is anything wants. The body of Zhao Hai also slowly fluttered, slowly goes toward the forward flight, when to base about one kilometer, Zhao Hai stopped. Before long that insect also flew to stop to Zhao Hai about one kilometer place, the insect was staring two blood red eye look at Zhao Hai, in that was actually bringing puzzled .

Zhao Hai look at that insect, showing a faint smile said : suddenly good intelligent fellow, is your this with the idea of luring the enemy out of his stronghod? in the city several Infant Stage time Expert adjusting the hand, you are then coming attack in the city, a little meaning, I really have not thought that your Insect Race unexpectedly so intelligent.” That Rhinoceros beetle same insect, in eye of proud, he has roared unexpectedly two, probably is the same to the Zhao Hai demonstration. Zhao Hai look at this only Rhinoceros beetle, shows a faint smile said : today to have me in here, you are the non- ear can attack the base, goes back, I do not want to injure you.” That insect understood the Zhao Hai words probably, two eyes has projected diameter angry radiance, then flushed toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai actually shows a faint smile, the hand moves, Magic Formation appears of hundred overlay in his front, then Magic Formation makes a big shield, kept off in his front. This only insect like Rhinoceros beetle, first attack has used single horn, hits toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai feared that the big shield also just keeps off in front, listened to with a bang sound, the Zhao Hai big shield one to be hit by that insect unexpectedly crushes, insect Yu Shi has not reduced, hit toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai in hand Magic Staff, kept off before own body at one fell swoop, listened to working as, Rhinoceros beetle single horn has hit on Zhao Hai Magic Staff fiercely, however Zhao Hai Magic Staff has not actually moved, not only Magic Staff has not moved, the body of Zhao Hai has not moved, insect hit blocking. Qi Strength that place that an corner/horn stick intersects, the violent comes out, such as bo wave general wells up toward all around, all around these insect immediately receive bo , the insect that therefore arrived by Qi Strength attack, instantaneously changed into the green powder. Qi Strength that this hits makes the people in base be startled, in base no matter cultivator, but also Magician, even if most is not good at spiritual force weapon, can easily searches beyond own spiritual force one kilometer, let alone now base there shines like the daytime, can see the situation kilometer away easily, sees this person of insect prestige of the collision, these cultivator greatly surprised in base. This hits that insect not to be presently what kind of Zhao Hai, after the personal appearance cannot help but lived, drew back, then in one time threw, if just his hit, was the riding a horse hedge between ancient Military General, he now is between two warrior has fought mutually, used was exquisite skill, dodged the extension to organize, Ji Bian was full. This insect in this small. attack within range, comprehensive, six feet, in adding on two empty, single horn can become their weapon, on adding on his upper body that one layer thick armor, this equal to also has the spear, there is a shield, moreover Three Heads and Six Arms that one type of, if the ordinary person, meets their such attack, but also cannot deal with. However Zhao Hai is not the ordinary person, his personal appearance flashes, each and every one Magic often, simultaneously in hand Magic Staff can also regard weapon to use, is heavy weapon, fights with that insect in together, unexpectedly is slight does not drop the wind.

Eye that the person in base looks was straight, they know now that Zhao Hai unexpectedly is Magic and Martial Dual Cultivation . Moreover the difference so is strong, Cultivation World these cultivator, coordinate now, but machine these person are has mixed feelings much. Machine these person of has plenty have met at the competition with Zhao Hai, because some people lost to Zhao Hai not to be convinced, but looks at the Zhao Hai appearance now, these person of that also had the truth that was not convinced, they know to the present that Zhao Hai with they competed with, simply has not put out the real skill, they left to try, with the Zhao Hai fight half dead, Zhao Hai there feared that warmed up has not completed. Thinks of here, these person cannot help but blushing, naturally , some person envy and hate, this person is Terry, Terry continuously envy and hate Zhao Hai, but did not have opportunity to plan Zhao Hai, now looked the appearance that Zhao Hai and Chinese insect has only fought, Terry Pu Cai knows one have how naively, similarly also is really suffices luckily, if before him, plans Zhao Hai, will only regard 4th level Magician to plan Zhao Hai, such he feared that is don’t know how dead continually. Thought of here, on the Terry face cannot help but appears fierce , why his don’t know Zhao Hai can among suddenly demonstrate his strength, since this performance with Zhao Hai continuously very incompatible. No matter Zhao Hai because of anything, the Zhao Hai strength expose, he later must plan Zhao Hai in any case now, wanted some multi- hua thoughts. In all people, sole knows that Zhao Hai why suddenly make a move person, feared that is only then horse like a dragon, horse like a dragon knew Zhao Hai and Xiong Li between them the feeling, moreover Zhao Hai before make a move, but also looked at Dong Fangyu specially, Dong Fangyu is still closing up, the person who closes up now cannot disturb, if the base were broken through, that Dong Fangyu will certainly receive Mou to strike, this possibly is the Zhao Hai make a move real cause. Before Zhao Hai the make a move matter, horse like a dragon had not been angry, opposite he to thought Zhao Hai does is very right, Cultivation World these fellows, that is not good to deal with, if Zhao Hai premature expose their strength, Cultivation World these fellows will certainly prepare, when the time comes Zhao Hai is wanting to defeat them not to be impossible. Thinks at this time horse like a dragon cannot help but a heat, his very clear, by the Zhao Hai present strength, certainly can obtain the good achievements at the 6 Realms new person competition at heart, so long as Zhao Hai were machine won the benefit, when this team leader was also in the surface has up. But what horse like a dragon don’t know is, at this time, Xiong Li their also look at Zhao Hai with the direction that only Rhinoceros beetle fought, two eyes is actually with the tears, why they such did compared with horse like a dragon clear Zhao Hai, several people of that chilling hearts, finally deep pool torr slowly!!.