Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1226
Xiong Li their several people intersect with Zhao Hai , because congenials, to temperament, in adding on all kinds of reasons, therefore they can with the Zhao Hai intersection, but like them from Lower Realm Ascenders, an individual heart like the iron stone, that because of the a little bit friendship, will depend only in life, that is almost impossible. Before Xiong Li their several people can only be the friend, although among them are symmetric by the brothers, but among them the sentiment, is not deep. The surface leaves own imposing manner in Zhao Hai, outrageously with a that only Silver Back Gold-Winged insect war, Xiong Li their hearts melted, they regard brother disciple that Zhao Hai has been able life to depend on. Zhao Hai is still only continuing with the fight of that Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, moreover more hits is farther, more hits is farther, a quick person of insect on distant leave No. 5 base, but these Insect Race of base underground surface unexpectedly extraordinary not in attack, but retreated slowly. Looked that these Insect Race retreated, person cannot help but cheering in base, Insect Race retreated regarding the person in base is really too important, these Insect Race walked, the base on equal to was protect. In this time, Transmission Formation there in base, is white light flashes one after another, walked out of crowds of cultivator from Transmission Formation, but these cultivator cultivation level, compared with these that before comes, the strength must be higher than much, several imposing manner are threatening, unexpectedly is big Expert of Infant Stage time. Saw that these Infant Stage times big Expert came, all people was a loosen, Zheng Li immediately welcomed at heart, now horse like a dragon knows that Zheng Li's status, No. 5 base Five Elements moved squad Captain, but this Five Elements moved the squad, was often garrison in No. 5 base, this Junior Captain, in fact was Manager of No. 5 base, as for Expert of these Infant Stage times, their normally cannot Steward. Zheng Li arrived in front of that five Infant Stage time Expert, salutes said : to see five masters of great learning and integrity to that five people.” In five people a red painted-face old man nodded said : „, did Insect Race draw back?” Zheng Li bows should said : to be, just retreated.” That red painted-face old man nodded said : „saying that what's the matter.” Zheng Li nod said : is, please several masters of great learning and integrity slightly make the rest to the main shrine, allowing me to look like several grandmaster to report slowly.” Expert of five Infant Stage times to has not said anything, but nodded, the main shrine toward No. 5 base flies. Expert of these Infant Stage times are also knows that in Fabbio star here, is small like Zheng Li Captain, is very puissant, although Zheng Li cannot manage on them, but they will not suspend the face to Zheng Li at will.

After how many people arrives at Great Hall to sit down, Zheng Li immediately the process of matter to Expert of how many Infant Stage times said that Expert of how many Infant Stage times hear is dumbfounded, some little time waited for Zheng Li saying that red painted-face old man of lead said : you said this time insect tide, unexpectedly by a machine person keeping off? Haven't you lain?” Zheng Li hides said : not to be at all the surface of grandmaster to lie hastily, is really so, that Zhao Hai is a player who this time attended the 6 Realms new person competition, the beforehand performance also is just slightly strong 4th level Magician, but when that only Silver Back Gold-Winged insect comes to the attack base, his suddenly has stood, moreover showed the formidable strength.” Face single layer is said : of that red painted-face old man „attended the 6 Realms new person competition? A machine when appears such fierce character? This Zhao Hai I am have heard probably, the legend he is first Expert in this Realm machine new person, moreover blocks extremely the talent Expert Li Chuchen three swords of western cold city, but perfection, however should his strength be so strong restlessly?” Several other people also nodded, Zheng Li actually stands in there does not make noise, in this Fabbio on-board, common electron product will receive Gan Rao, besides some short distance communications, is almost impossible to carry on the too long-distance range the communication, therefore their here information on the other hand is quite unenlightened, Zhao Hai matter they and don’t know. However blushing old man several people just came from Cultivation World, they know regarding the Zhao Hai matter, although not too detailed. However also because of this, therefore they feel strangely, can a machine new person, be able to compete with a Silver Back Gold-Winged insect unexpectedly? This sounds not to congeal is fantasy story. The Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, that is existence of Fabbio on-board high level, the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect that becomes looks, even if Cultivation World Infant Stage time Expert is not his match, minimum takes several Wan Yingqi Expert, can give to defeat a Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, but may also not strike to kill, in this case, some suddenly people told them, a machine new person, can with a Silver Back Gold-Winged insect war, several people be unexpectedly some cannot believe alone. Red painted-face old man several people some little time have not spoken, Zheng Li does not dare to make noise, respectful standing in there, grew in Fabbio star here time, his very clear when this speech, when should not speak. At this time suddenly long probably is frail Scholar same Infant Stage time Expert said : what special action that Zhao Hai in may have before the station of Silver Back Gold-Winged insect?” Zheng Li has gawked, meaning of his do not understand Scholar, but he actually does not dare not to reach, although that Scholar looks like young, but Zheng Li is very clear, that Scholar is solid Infant Stage time Expert, moreover is in five people the strength is strongest, thoughts most ruthless that. His quickly said: To does not have any special place, when fights with ordinary Insect Race, he drank one bottle of Potion, in the Silver Back Gold-Winged insect before the war, in his returned to base, sees his several friends, because of his friend, is still closing up now.” That Scholar nodded said : that Zhao Hai strength, should not be high, he has possibly used any secret drug, ji his body potential, meets the suddenly strength to be so strong, but this class medicine, has strong side effect generally, if he has used this medicine, that arrived does not need to be worried about him, what secret drug if Zhao Hai did not take, that he on was too scary.” Several people in room nodded, they also approved the viewpoint of Scholar, Zhao Hai took certainly any secret drug, otherwise was impossible to be so strong.

But at this time, horse like a dragon did not have don’t know Zheng Li they in saying anything, he has led machine person returned to their courtyard, Xiong Li several people also to defend in courtyard, leave, Cultivation World reinforcement has not arrived now, has not been needing them to act, had that several Nascent Soul Stage Expert to sit, No. 5 base here should not have what issue. After horse like a dragon arranges other people rest, melts directly looked for Xiong Li they, Xiong Li several people of mood oneself after calm, they knows that now Zhao Hai these time reveals 1 u to leave the strength, will bring any big danger to Zhao Hai, they appreciated kindness rendered, but they are the men, they this sentiment, deep burying in bottom of the heart. horse like a dragon look at Xiong Li several people of appearances, sighed lightly, pat Xiong Li shoulder said :Zhao Hai to be certainly safe, don't worry., Xiong Li showing a faint smile said : suddenly team leader feel relieved, I know that Little Hai will certainly come back, that insect could not want his life, he will also come back to attend the 6 Realms new person competition.” horse like a dragon nodded, laughing said : suddenly has not thought, this youngster unexpectedly conceal is so deep, it seems like that this time 6 Realms new person competition, our aircraft won.” Li Kuangren they also laughs, they are confident to Zhao Hai, they believe that Zhao Hai will certainly come back, certainly will. But this time Zhao Hai, has actually been far away from No. 5 base with that only Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, to the mountain of Fabbio star on. Fabbio star here, although has massive Insect Race to exist, but the environment on planet looks like good, is growing giant tree everywhere, on the mountain is also the forest cover, takes a broad view to look at a sight of green. Zhao Hai felt, around this truly was nobody, he then waved, Magic Formation appears of thousand overlay in his front, compelling to draw back this only Rhinoceros beetle, then Liquid Silver fierce ejection of his in hand, turned into large net, covered toward Rhinoceros beetle. That only Rhinoceros beetle personal appearance moved to let that large net, in the mouth the fierce blowout together silver white lightning, came toward the Zhao Hai bang, this lightning had the bucket to be thick or thin fully, understood at a glance that the lethality was greatly strengthened. Zhao Hai has not thought that this Rhinoceros beetle unexpectedly will only put the lightning, but he has not taken on to seek, the hand wields together thousand overlay defense Magic Formation appears in his front, helping him keep off the lightning. Zhao Hai looked that this Rhinoceros beetle movement so is only flexible, he knows that depending on him, was impossible how this only Rhinoceros beetle, Zhao Hai wielded, large quantities of Undead Creature appears in all around, have compelled toward Rhinoceros beetle.

Rhinoceros beetle looks at this situation, cannot help but slightly stares, then angrily neighed, immediately moved attack to these Undead Creature, must say that this only Rhinoceros beetle attack strength that may really not be a lid, these Undead Creature he contacted, one was killed in large numbers. Undead Creature is not true undead, this Rhinoceros beetle attack strength was too only strong, these Undead Creature one was destroyed, naturally was impossible to live. Zhao Hai calm look at with Rhinoceros beetle that these Undead Creature fight, has not begun, he and other opportunity, he knows that now that only Rhinoceros beetle is also maintaining to him vigilant, if he begins now, that Rhinoceros beetle certainly will only run away. Fought such long time with this only Rhinoceros beetle, Zhao Hai absolutely has not dared underestimated he, he regarding the Fabbio on-board insect, understanding were too few, what method who knew this only Rhinoceros beetle also had not to cause. These Undead Creature and Rhinoceros beetle dogfight one hour, Zhao Hai lost several thousand Undead Creature, finally made him wait till opportunity, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moved, uses the strength of Space, one on appears in the Rhinoceros beetle sky, then in hand Liquid Silver turned into large net, under the fierce cover, including the Rhinoceros beetle belt with these Undead Creature that he fought, covered in the net, then other Undead Creature immediately/on horseback came the help, then large net has flown into the Space city. Rhinoceros beetle enters Space, in Space immediately/on horseback transmits prompt speaking sounds: Presently new type variation insect class life form, has attack xing to Space, surrenders, surrenders successfully, this insect for gene improvement shape variation kind of Insect Race, the attack strength is greatly strengthened, Host can buying in Spatial Shop.”!.