Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1227

Zhao Hai hears this prompt sound, actually knitting the brows head of slightly, he not very satisfactory such[ answered] case, because he received in this only Rhinoceros beetle Space, to not let this only Rhinoceros beetle helped him fight, what he wanted was Insect Race that evolution ability, was in the prompt sound actually not any prompt about that evolution ability, obviously this insect not that evolution ability, this by Zhao Hai puzzled. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : Cai'er, analyzes with Universal Analyzer, this what's the matter? Why this insect not good evolution ability?” Cai'er complied with one, immediately started Universal Analyzer, now Universal Analyzer reaches the Advanced level level, not only can analyze the object, can analyze the situation, looked like the inference is the same. Non- little while Universal Analyzer there transmits sound speaking sounds: This insect is only gene improvement Insect Race, is not the parent substance of Insect Race, all does not have the quick evolution ability, the analysis to think that in Fabbio on-board, certainly has the one type of queen, this queen can with grasping the change of environment, carries on the gene improvement to the larva, thus makes the larva, somewhat is similar infinite evolution the insect nest in legend, are too few because of the material, this is only one type of is possible, only supplies Host to refer.” The view of Zhao Hai one hear of Universal Analyzer by stares, but his immediately responded that his understand Universal Analyzer was any meaning. Also in other words, in Fabbio on-board, Insect Race Queen Nest exists, that insect Queen Nest is the insect evolution key, like Silver Back Gold-Winged insect insect, does not have the self- evolution ability. although Universal Analyzer said that this is only one type of is possible, is only for reference, but Zhao Hai actually thinks that this possibility, is most likely one type of is possible. However afterward Zhao Hai on happy \; first, because knew possibly has existence of Queen Nest, two were Universal Analyzer just these words, Zhao Hai presently Universal Analyzer now probably more and more human nature melted . Moreover the ability that analyzed was also getting stronger and stronger, this absolutely was the good deed, especially regarding him, absolutely was the good deed. At this time Laura they also walked, Rhinoceros beetle same Silver Back Gold-Winged insect that Laura several look at that only Silver Back Gold-Winged insects, to be honest, this only resembled the enlargement, looked like also is really the overwhelming power, the appearance to was good. Were many in thing that adding on Laura they contact, to did not feel that this insect has how fearfully, instead to that sparkling light iron oxide black armor because of insect, but leaves sound of the intermittent sigh. Zhao Hai has not managed them, but stands in the one side, smile look at, in any case now this insect by Space surrendering, did not have what to be dangerous, Laura they want to look favor. Laura they also sighed several, Laura then turns the head to Zhao Hai said :Elder Brother Hai, enters the room to have a look, No. 5 base there came several Cultivation World Expert, was saying your matter. Did Zhao Hai stare, has selected eyebrow said : oh? What said my?” Laura showed a faint smile said : they saying that you have possibly taken a drug, therefore so will be fierce, what to do did you look?” Zhao Hai has gawked, then shows a faint smile said : this is not the good deed? Ok, I go back later immediately to close up, makes them think that I took a drug.” Laura their several people have smiled, Zhao Hai does not have sharply to return to No. 5 base, stayed in Space some little time, this comes out from Space, flies toward No. 5 base.

Place that he comes out, is not far from No. 5 base, before long arrived at outside No. 5 base, No. 5 base there also very anxious, many newly arrived cultivator, goes on patrol on city wall, preventing Insect Race to attack. Zhao Hai toward the forward flight, suddenly is calling out transmits: who? Halts?” Zhao Hai turned the head to look at one, presently is one steps on flying sword cultivator, Zhao Hai has not been stopping, but was coldly snorted one, flew toward the base. That cultivator looked that Zhao Hai has not managed him, cannot help but face changes, shouted: Good, small Magician, what are you rampant? Stopped him not to wait to say to me, after by, cultivator that caught up with held on, but also has covered his mouth, then, that cultivator that caught up with was unfair to Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai respectful said : „, he was newly arrived, did not know you, your please come in, machine everybody returned to that courtyard of beforehand rest, you have been able to go to there directly.” Zhao Hai nodded, flies toward inside, he has not managed that two people, even has not spoken a few words to that two people, but that afterward cultivator did not have point disaffection. Waited for the Zhao Hai form to vanish in city wall here, that afterward cultivator loosened that by cultivator that he covers mouth, that cultivator one was loosened, immediately/on horseback discontented said : Third Senior Brother, your pulling did I do? Machine small Magician, but also dares to be so rampant, making me teach him not to be good? Let him know that here is calculation that Cultivation World said.” Third Senior Brother looked at that person of said : few idle talk, just I held on you, you already died, you know that who that person is? That person is Zhao Hai, alone fights existence of Silver Back Gold-Winged insect, in if were just sigh to him shouts out to drink, the homicide you are also Bai Sha.” Said that paid no attention to that person, turn around walks. That person stares, the direction that look at Zhao Hai goes far away, muttered said : originally he to call Zhao Hai, imposing manner was no wonder full, was quite fierce.” Cultivation World is the most realistic place, your strength, can kill to strength weak living by the heart, your strength is weak, before the strength strong person, wants honestly, in Cultivation World here, does not kill for the face truly your, but few, even if he does not kill people before the person, the back also meets the kill person, this is Cultivation World. Zhao Hai has not managed that person, courtyard that direct returned to they were, he just entered courtyard, immediately by the person present, Xiong Li their immediately has encircled, Xiong Li is face care look at his said : Lou type Little Hai, are you all right?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, I must close up the recreation first some time, you helped me tell the team leader.” Xiong Li they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that quickly said: Good, you go quickly, I told the team leader.” Zhao Hai nodded, half step entered the Dong Fangyu room, then has closed the door. He just closed the door, horse like a dragon came out from in the room, looked that Zhao Hai is actually not, horse like a dragon does immediately/on horseback turn the head look at Xiong Li several people of said : 1 Little Hai?” Xiong Li immediately/on horseback said : team leader, 1 Little Hai said that must close up some time, do you look at this?” horse like a dragon face changes, deep voice said : good, knew, has remembered, if 1 Little Hai has any need, immediately told me, I will try to find the solution.”

Xiong Li several people nodded, horse like a dragon returned to in the room, immediately the here situation, has then fed in machine there. To pass on returned to machine there the here situation not to be easy, because Fabbio star here has the disturbance, the signal certainly will be affected, was good has also made certain improvement because of Cultivation World here, they can through the Magic Formation base here signal, deliver to another planet, then on some communications satellites through good planet and so on thing passed to other places these signals. However in base here, wants to use this Cultivation Method to want the hua money, especially like horse like a dragon, passes on returned to machine there the signal directly, bill is not low. horse like a dragon these time comes on behalf of machine, he naturally will not care about that line, can be in touch with machine, situation notification of Fabbio star here momentarily, that is most important. In fact not only Cultivation World these people suspect Zhao Hai to take a drug, is horse like a dragon also thinks that Zhao Hai took a drug in their opinion is normal, has not taken a drug is not normal. Those who asked ascend to machine here less than one year of person study was law of study demon very slow Cultivation Method, can actually in such a short time be the Infant Stage time Expert, that this wasn't too the talent? Says also nobody to believe. But in machine and Cultivation World here, can let the ji person potential, making the strength of person reach instantaneously promotes several level medicines, and is not infrequent, therefore they are willing to believe that Zhao Hai is because took a drug. No matter in machine in Cultivation World, this medicine is very overbearing, the side effect has some even directly very fearfully after the efficacy, the strength dries up dead is person undead, will have very tremendous influence to his later cultivation level, therefore horse like a dragon such will worry to pass on returned to machine to go this situation. This time 6 Realms new person competition, machine here counted on that Zhao Hai achieves the result, now Zhao Hai had such matter, that is must report. information that not only horse like a dragon, after Zheng Li also knows Zhao Hai came back, immediately to close up, heard this information, Zheng Li their affirmation, Zhao Hai certainly takes a drug, will otherwise not be fierce, Zheng Li also immediately reported this situation, at once no matter machine Cultivation World, discussion most people had one, Zhao Hai! Zhao Hai arrived in Space now, but horse like a dragon and Zheng Li's their responses, he all knew, horse like a dragon to Zhao Hai is good, after he situation reported that the meaning of machine High level is to give up Zhao Hai, but horse like a dragon said that anything did not agree, finally machine High level must according to the office that he said that after all now horse like a dragon outside, outside, you will assign to have not, everyone took him not to have the means. Regarding the performance of machine upper layer, to expected of Zhao Hai, no matter machine Cultivation World is very realistic place, person who is useless to them, they will not make any investment, now Zhao Hai most cares was the response of Ashley Clan there, if Ashley Clan there with machine here were the same response, that Zhao Hai may really very be disappointed. However what stems from Zhao Hai intent xian is, Ashley Clan that because of Zhao Hai this time matter had not said that must give up him, Houcke this Patriarch had not said that lets Maggie leave his such words, instead to is the people is very worried about his situation. This to somewhat stems from the meaning of Zhao Hai, Houcke is a very actual person, regarding this kind of useless person, Houcke possibly this is such manner?

After monitoring Houcke, why Zhao Hai understand Houcke must such to him, because Houcke wants the daughter to buy horse bone, but his Zhao Hai is that horse bone! Because Ashley Clan Zhao Hai has obtained at the machine invitational meet first, obtained much was materially beneficial, has been adding on also several allies of force, unfolded definitely not to be a problem. Clan wants in unfolding, all kinds of talented people are the needs, but Houcke in clearly know Zhao Hai will possibly abandon the situation, still gives him best allowance, even can marry him the daughter, this likely bystander had indicated the one type of manner of Ashley Clan to person you looked, what we to one person who is Clan has rendered meritorious service are? Even if were he has abandoned, still will obtain all that he earned!” Ashley Clan must use this manner, attracts all kinds of talented person join Ashley Family, enabling Ashley Family to unfold in a short time. Zhao Hai after listening to Houcke this turned the words, has to recognize, Houcke this Ashley Clan Patriarch also really not be a simple character, for the Clan show, he can achieve this point unexpectedly. Unfeeling that too however no matter he because of any reason, he has not made in brief, then after Zhao Hai also to Ashley Clan quite a little, after all at that time Maggie maternal home. But Cultivation World there relaxed to Zhao Hai at the appointed time, that was not paying attention like before, before Zhao Hai had kept off the Li Chuchen three swords after all, extinguished Gongsun Zheng, this has brought to the attention of Cultivation World, the Cultivation World person, will not allow a person like Zhao Hai to exist, that will destroy their plans. However after this time matter, the Cultivation World person reduced regarding the attention of Zhao Hai much, after all a disabled person is not worth them paying attention excessively, this is also has no interest to insert damps. The Zhao Hai book thinks after one show strength, will make the trouble of even bigger, that thinks that unexpectedly is the matter it instead, not only has not annoyed to trouble, instead to has solved a trouble for him, this somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. However Zhao Hai does not have to care, even if were annoys troublesome, he did not fear that by his present strength, no matter in Cultivation World there in machine there, can have his small space. Also in machine, if places Cultivation World, reason that Infant Stage time Expert of like Zhao Hai, can fully open a sect and establish a school, Expert of Infant Stage time is also called the grandmaster is this truth. Looked at a Zheng Li beyond their response, Zhao Hai paid attention to the Dong Fangyu situation, Dong Fangyu has closed up several days, has not gone out to the present, moreover previous time he looked that the Dong Fangyu situation was not quite probably good, Dong Fangyu situation that therefore Zhao Hai most pays attention to now. Sees the Dong Fangyu situation through Space, Zhao Hai to was feel relieved, before Dong Fangyu face was red, a very laborious appearance, but the present to was calm of face, Fire Dragon sword also vanish from sight, the whole person probably was the same in the ordinary sitting in meditation practice, does not have anything specially, Zhao Hai looked that this situation knows, Dong Fangyu almost soon went out. Because Zhao Hai received in that only Silver Back Gold-Winged insect Space, was adding on base here to come Expert of several Infant Stage times to assume personal command, Insect Race to not in attack, but the elimination series of 6 Realms new person competition because actually this matter will have pushed in the future for ten days, this arrived also in expected of Zhao Hai, he has not felt too strange.!.