Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1229

Reason that Zhao Hai this time said the Liquid Silver matter, prepares for the future, his very clear, oneself simply has not taken a drug, although all people think him to take a drug now, so long as to competition time, did he have to take a drug, naturally could not conceal the truth, by that time he must put out a reason to come, to know that he so was why strong. But Liquid Silver is a best reason, Liquid Silver wins great reputation, not only machine there, even if Cultivation World also knows that the Liquid Silver given name, Zhao Hai said this reason to come, to be will be persuasive. Several people also chat a while, Zhao Hai turned the head their several people of said : this several days I not to exit to Dong Fangyu, still closed up, you followed the original appearance to come, to see any flaw, was right, moreover wanted very careful Terry that fellow, that fellow was hates me, when referred to being uncertain causes the short rope used to bind animals to me, but did not need to be worried, when elimination series time, I gave to extinguish him directly, remained look at he to be upset.” Does Dong Fangyu select eyebrow said : Terry Pu Xiang to play yin? I already looked that fellow is not pleasing to the eyes, or do not wait for the elimination series, crossed several days to look for opportunity to extinguish considering as finished him.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to need to worry, now he cannot play any hua type, mister he lives several days, elder brother several, I went back first, you followed the beforehand appearance to be good.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moved vanishes in in the room. The place that Xiong Li look at Zhao Hai vanishes, sighed said :Little Hai so to be no wonder fierce lightly, before I listened to advocate Ashley Clan, when with the Zhang Family fight, Little Hai they received planning, was stranded in rainbow meteorite brings there, was Little Hai makes returned to Ashley Clan Dark Magic Star with Space Magic all people, before I had not believed that now I to have believed that had Liquid Silver in the hand, Sichuan, Sea fighting strength seriously is outstanding. ” Dong Fangyu shows a faint smile said : „, not only Liquid Silver merit, Little Hai strength is not bad, otherwise he also has more than enough Liquid Silver, now I was feel relieved, right bear Eldest Child, you said that we will want the individual farming, the Clan person to prevent in the future?” Xiong Li cold said :has prevented is can definitely, but we at this competition, must display well, especially person and Little Hai, so long as your result are good, when the time comes elder brother several want the coming out individual farming they not to say anything, after all wins over us, compared with offending us. Dong Fangyu nodded, deep voice said : „, when the time I burn the day Secret Art to teach you Fire Dragon, when the time comes I looked that machine these fellows also do dare to offend us.” Xiong Li sighed said : slightly to fly this Fire Dragon to burn the day Secret Art should not to have the issue, we are not good, attribute was not right, even if has studied, could not learn, it seems like after this Cultivation Method can also , was finding the way to be good.” Dong Fangyu nodded said : also well, at this time elimination series, we butchered several Cultivation World people OK, obtained their practice method, you can practice, Little Hai can untie the seal of Fire Dragon sword, can certainly untie the seals on these jade slip.”

Xiong Li nodded said : this I to not to be worried that walks, exits, do not let these fellows draw out the congealing heart. Right, everyone/Great Clan enforces.” Several people with a smile nodded, but goes out actually put on a serious face. Time past bit by bit, almost all people think that now Zhao Hai takes a drug, is looking at Xiong Li the appearance of their each and every one yin calm face, the affirmation own idea, the rumor rose from all directions at once, said that Zhao Hai is not good, Zhao Hai injured was dying. What rumor has, did not have one to speak the Zhao Hai word of praise in any case. Xiong Li they have not prevented these rumors, the rumor is this, you more want to be quicker, but Xiong Li that prevents to pass on they have not been idling, they in the investigation of secret, who this rumor are passing on. After the investigation of several days, Xiong Li they knew finally, these rumors pass from present Terry there, knows that this result, Xiong Li their immediately has believed Zhao Hai words, Terry that fellow truly wants to cope with them. The difference of Dong Fangyu air/Qi did not select cannot help make a move butchering Terry, finally they were given to calm down by Xiong Li , was don’t know because practiced Fire Dragon to burn the day Secret Art relationship, the nearest/recent Dong Fangyu temperament was getting more and more irritable, exploded compared with Li Kuangren temperament, this arrived is makes Xiong Li they somewhat be worried. Time day-by-day past, to day getting closer and closer of elimination series, the several other Realms participant also arrived at Fabbio star, they do not have to come ahead of time, has not caught up with the beforehand that war, therefore does not have what loss, staff is neat. Now to the day three days of elimination series competition, the various Realm participant also had also been in attendance, their these participation besides in wanting the Fabbio on-board survival seven days, but must hunt and kill Fabbio on-board Insect Race, then on useful the thing belt the insect corpse goes back, are more, jumps over Advanced level that brings, your points were more, waits for the elimination series afterward, directly to take the points first 100 people, then made these 100 people carry on the official tournament. Before the elimination series will not have such big elimination rate, sometimes will also carry on the multiple competition, selected the top 100 player, eliminated after this time surpassed, directly is the tournament, this link was the first time. However hears this information, Zhao Hai to is happy, in this case, he is confident, making them several seek to enter top 100, by that time machine can obtain more commodities, but they several status were also naturally higher. Moreover Zhao Hai also through monitor knows why this Cultivation World must place Fabbio the elimination series on-board, for cleans up Fabbio on-board Insect Race! Also takes Fabbio on-board Insect Race not to have the means Cultivation World to the present, Expert that they send is stronger, is also stronger in Insect Race that Rebirth comes out, made that Cultivation World has feared, Expert that they send is too high, finally the insect is also getting stronger and stronger, finally these insects will go to outside Fabbio star, by reproductive ability of insect that terror, that is big extinguishing of Cultivation World is absolutely difficult.

Therefore now Cultivation World contains the Insect Race show with another one type of method, this method very simple, is letting some Inferior level other people actually, simultaneous carries on certain cleaning up to Insect Race, insect disinfestation will not be many, but will not make the quantity of insect many, this can effective containment live in unfolding of Insect Race. But now arrives at has cleaned up Insect Race the time, therefore they think that must put Fabbio star here this time elimination series \; first, to carry on competition, two are cleans up Insect Race, kills two birds with one stone. Simultaneously Cultivation World also has another meaning, that through this competition, eliminates some several other Realms new person Expert, making Cultivation World forever is stronger than several other Realms. Cultivation World person strength, is easier to go on living in Fabbio star here, moreover before Cultivation World person, has carried on the fight with Fabbio on-board Insect Race, is very experienced, on-board carries on the elimination series in Fabbio, most is favorable for the Cultivation World person. Before carried out the work of cleaning up to Fabbio on-board Insect Race is Cultivation World is completing, such words will also cause very big casualties, now carries on the elimination series in here, can clean up many insects, moreover casualties the people of many other Interface, this let on equal to is exterminate other Interface Expert, helping Cultivation World clean up the a batch future enemy. Zhao Hai after knowing these plans of Cultivation World, can not by sigh one darkly, Cultivation World is good to plan, even if several other Realms knows that they want to do, does not have the means to prevent, great. Zhao Hai looked that the time was also up, should exit, what in horse like a dragon don’t know must anxiously become, they said a hello with Laura, Zhao Hai walked from Space. He just one came out from Dong Fangyu in the room, Xiong Li their immediately has encircled, several people know certainly Zhao Hai to be all right, but acts in a play to develop the complete set, each and every one comes up empty to ask to Zhao Hai coldly warmly. Other people in courtyard also presently Zhao Hai went out, but they looked that Zhao Hai look some are not right, before they looked in the Zhao Hai look, that fears and fear, now actually many are the appearance that one type of took pleasure in others'misfortunes. Zhao Hai has not managed them, with Xiong Li their get together, speech in a low voice, in this time, horse like a dragon was coming out, the situation of horse like a dragon abundant minute of attention Zhao Hai, had heard Zhao Hai went out, his also immediately walked, walks while said loudly: Little Hai, did you go out? What kind of? All right?” Zhao Hai knows certainly that horse like a dragon for all that he makes, leads a group him very to respect to this, his immediately/on horseback has stood, bows to horse like a dragon said : team leader, I am all right, good.”

horse like a dragon arrives at the Zhao Hai side, looked at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : has been all right really? If there is any need to tell me that I returned have a bit of face in machine there.” Zhao Hai knows that horse like a dragon is any meaning, this several days horse like a dragon has been inquiring can restore medicine, prepares for him evidently, now Zhao Hai came out, he naturally must say understand to horse like a dragon, do not let him be busy, therefore Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback to horse like a dragon said : team leader feel relieved, I am all right, you do not need to be worried.” horse like a dragon looks at Zhao Hai likely is not the injured appearance, this nodded said : to be all right well, if the incorrect words, this time elimination series do not participate, do not exempt.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to lead a group your feel relieved, I am all right, this time elimination series I will certainly participate, moreover I ensure our elder brother several can enter the tournament.” The sound that Zhao Hai this saying said is not loud, only then horse like a dragon and their several can hear. horse like a dragon one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes one bright, he looked at Zhao Hai one, Zhao Hai very affirmative nod, in the horse like a dragon eye 1 u left a happy expression, effort has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : well, that looked your, other people you can not need to manage, so long as you can guarantee that front, was to a machine biggest merit.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : team leader to invite feel relieved.” horse like a dragon then nodded, turn around walked. Xiong Li looked at horse like a dragon to walk, he then puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, did you say these to the team leader? Moreover I thought that you do respect to the team leader probably very much?”!.