Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 13 - Chapter 1230
Zhao Hai shows a faint smile to say! ” Because the team leader is worth me respecting, all people think me to take a drug, the team leader naturally is no exception, the machine High level preparation gives up me, is the team leader anti- had not been agreeing actually that you said his value do't can be worth me respecting? ” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Xiong Li their facial features cannot help but one austere, nodded, several people of look at horse like a dragon backs, on the face also 1 u left the facial expression of respect. Now Xiong Li they already complete regards own brother disciple Zhao Hai, person who is good to Zhao Hai, they also will naturally respect, to the Zhao Hai not good person, that is also their personal enemies. However Dong Fangyu immediately has thought another point, he turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : to say the information that you possibly took a drug, the machine there people do know now? Did Ashley Clan also know? Can they let off you? What manner are they? What manner is Maggie?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Second Brother not to need to be worried that Maggie there will not have the matter, Ashley Clan there is also all right, the Ashley Clan show needs the talented person, they think that is winning over the talented person, that will be good to me, therefore there you do not need to be worried.” Li Kuangren puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : 1 Little Hai, you in that close pass/test? How I felt that what matter you are know probably is the same?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : my naturally anything to know that these information may be Maggie tells me, feel relieved was good, will not have the matter, so long as we win in this time elimination series, that all the sounds of question will vanish.” Li Kuangren they do not have to ask anything, they know Zhao Hai method has plenty, moreover they regarding Zhao Hai are the absolute trusts. In this time, Terry was actually walking from side, on his face is still hanging a temperate smiling face, how such sees is good Young Master, but Xiong Li they see Terry, face actually one sank on yin. present Terry has not seen Xiong Li their face probably, he is still smiling said : Mr. Zhao Hai hello, before mister , the method of showing, lets blush with shame below, initially also wants to vie with each other with mister below, really does not know the immensity of heaven and earth, mister these time closes up, wants also to have obtained, cultivation level enters greatly.” Zhao Hai was also showing a faint smile said : Terry Mister Pu quart to say to Terry, these time closed up really also had some attainments, had the words of time, must with the mister many exchanges.” present Terry smiles said : „saying that says, when eliminates after the game, certainly many exchanges with mister.” Zhao Hai smiles certainly said : „, at our tournament sees.” present Terry also nodded, smiles said : well, at the tournament sees.” Said that turn around walked. Their between dialogs have been polite, cannot listen to a point smell of gunpowder, the don’t know person also thinks that is two old friends in Xu Jiu, that thinks that they momentarily want the kill opposite party the foe. When Terry walks, Xiong Li could not bear snort|hum said : 1 Little Hai, did you do to him politely? If I, I already tidied up him, that will give him good face .”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : he to want with me to play to hide a dagger in a smile, I played to hide a dagger in a smile with him, he also wants to test me actually, he he, but I looked that is the ingredient that showed off are more, no matter how I replied that he thinks I was not good, such isn't it better? has waited till the elimination series time, we will tidy up him to come happily.” Dong Fangyu let out a long breath said : „the present looks like, when elimination series, even if we do not look for him, he can also look our, these days Terry Pu Keyi has won over many people, feared evidently will be these people will cope with us with Terry Pu to come.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : my this machine first offended many people, now I have dropped down, they do not come up seize the opportunity to step on two feet, that does right by they, but I only hope that they do not regret.” Li Kuangren coldly snorted said : they will certainly regret that regrets to arrive in this world.” Sun Fei sneers said : these idiots, we now is a person individual farming, with present Terry one group, the fellow will not look is a insidious villain, with his one group, when referred to being uncertain is given to sell by him, how when the time comes died don’t know dead, these idiots also think one have taken the big advantage, was really the idiot to the family.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : you to manage them dead, they best together do not cope with me with Terry, otherwise, I ensure they will become in my Undead Creature army.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Sun Fei they were more curious, Sun Fei gathers Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, I always listened to you saying that you had Undead Creature army, your how many Undead Creature? 1000? 2000? 10,000?” Xiong Li their also very curious, they also listened to Zhao Hai to raise the matter of good several times about Undead Creature army, but has not actually seen Zhao Hai to use Undead Creature, therefore very curious. The Zhao Hai look at Sun Fei appearance, shows a faint smile said : you when the elimination series saw, I can guarantee that must be much more, many cannot imagine to you who you imagine.” look at Zhao Hai that a Xiong Li several people of face does not believe that Li Kuangren is grasps Zhao Hai shoulder said : 1 youngster, you should better a bit faster tell me, otherwise I want you to be attractive.” Zhao Hai smiles said : do not worry, walks, drinks, these days has not drunk, I harbored evil thoughts.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Li Kuangren this was addicted to alcohol such as the fellow of life, immediately has let loose Zhao Hai, said loudly: Right, drinks, drinks.” Xiong Li their look at Li Kuangren appearance, laughs, but several people are not slow, half step has arrived at stone table there. The people in courtyard are gazing at their this gangs, in the eyes of these people, envies, has the envy, but more is actually one type of takes pleasure in others'misfortunes, in their opinion, Zhao Hai their this is carrying on the final revelry. Three days of quick on the past, the day of elimination series also arrived, Zhao Hai to has not felt anything, this time elimination series, he wins, simply does not have quite anxiously what. He is not anxious, does not represent others not to be anxious, Xiong Li they somewhat are anxious, no matter what, their these time must go facing vicious Insect Race, but also the Cultivation World person, is adding on several other Realms, that person is not affable. The elimination series on the same day, Zhao Hai from in the room walked out, Xiong Li they were waiting for him outside, on the face of everyone is very serious, Zhao Hai looked that their appearances know they in anxious, does Zhao Hai cannot help but show a faint smile said : what? you not to sleep?” Xiong Li sighed said : „unable to fall asleep, real his mother, I and other this day for a long time, this day suddenly came now, I to was don’t know do not know what to do.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to be anxious, actually this time does not need us to begin, feel relieved.” Was saying horse like a dragon walked out, other people from respective in the room walked out, on the face of everyone are also having a tense facial expression. do not blame they so will be anxious, today they must face, but vicious Insect Race also has various Realm Expert, but in various Realm this palace, the organic strength is only worst, every time participates in 100 that the competition almost most sets the base is machine, they have no alternative but to be anxious. horse like a dragon looked at these participant one in courtyard, these are divided into three groups probably, one group takes present Terry Pu as , the population are most, more than 30 people, one group takes Zhu Chenwei as, population probably more than 20, but population minimum one group was Zhao Hai they, their this group was only five people, except for these people, was not having others, other's people died in battle in the fight of two days and Insect Race. horse like a dragon looked at their one eyes, sighed lightly, deep voice said : „.” Said that with these team leaders, turn around walks outward. Their target are Transmission[ broad] field, other Interface people, have not arrived at No. 5 base here, No. 5 base here organic person, other person will only enter to several other bases to elimination series there, every will enter in a different base to eliminating the athletic field, moreover was passes Magic Formation Transmission to pass.

Before Zhao Hai them, had understood, the location of this elimination series, in underground of Fabbio star, underground of Fabbio star, is the world of insect, there has the number endless insect xué, passage that the insect digs extends in all directions, nobody knows that there is the fluent end. But that several Transmission Formation, was Cultivation World hua not the small price has established, for was regular in the insect to underground cave xué cleaned up. Zhao Hai they Transmission[ broad] field time, Zheng Li has been getting the person and others in there, saw that Zhao Hai they came, Zheng Li immediately/on horseback half step walked, he first is to horse like a dragon gave a salute, deep voice said : team leader horse, all prepared. „ horse like a dragon nodded, waved, Zhao Hai they walk toward Transmission Formation on, at this time, Zheng Li turned the head look at Zhao Hai, suddenly to Zhao Hai gave a salute, deep voice said :Zhao Hai, I thank you, no matter you because of any reason, because of you, No. 5 base protect, thank you.” Zhao Hai returned to a ritual hastily, shows a faint smile said : not to need to be polite, we in the base, my make a move, the friend of mine will not be implicated at that time, said it, this is fight between Human Race and insect, has nothing to do with the region.” Zheng Li nodded, his look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said :Zhao Hai, your this friend I handed over, wish your time quite far, was living coming back. Zhao Hai laughs said : taking advantage of your auspicious words, feel relieved, I will certainly be living, certain!” Zheng Li nodded, turns the head to wave to nearby person, that person started Magic Formation, Zhao Hai they vanished in Magic Formation. Zhao Hai they think at present flash of white light, then slight profound corona, then white light in retrogression slowly, but Zhao Hai actually felt that a very dangerous aura heads on, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said loudly: Attention, has the insect!” He was shouting while has supported a big shield of 50 overlay to oneself, kept off in his front, but Xiong Li their immediately has also put out own weapon. As soon as other people listen to Zhao Hai such to shout that does not dare to treat it lightly, beforehand several times Zhao Hai has also reminded them, moreover every time is very accurate, now they have to believe the Zhao Hai words. Really, white light vanishes, machine these people were almost silly, they in very big cavern, this cavern feared that now has several hundred meters high, about ten thousand square meters, have covered entirely dense and numerous cave entrance in cavern all around, naturally fearful is not this cavern, but was in this cavern has now been filled with the insect, was that eight foot insects, innumerable, the dense and numerous eight foot insects, making the person look at one to be able the scalp hemp, the whole body the goose flesh. When machine these person of dumbfounded, these insects called out to throw, saw this situation, not only other people, even if were Zhao Hai felt that dorsal intermittent braving cold air, the insect was really too many. Zhao Hai deep voice said : walks!” Said that Zhao Hai wields, he and Xiong Li their several vanished on Transmission Formation, he used Space to escape.

Other people do not have good luck such, looked that these insects threw, machine person immediately crazy, all people spell toward these insect attacks that took, Magic, Sword Qi, is similar to does not ask for money same, many people put out them to press the bottom finally the unique skill, some Magician even can keep was transferring Magic Staff, in each Magic Formation, hundred overlay Magic Formation, or defense, attack. But these Warrior are also similar, their in hand keeps Sword Qi, some Warrior are also putting out some bombs from their Space, is throwing outward, the person the insect war has launched in this frigid way, but Zhao Hai they at this time, are not having in hole xué of insect to appear in one personal appearance. As soon as they appear the personal appearance, Zhao Hai on let out a long breath, this place was Space found through monitor, Zhao Hai was bringing Xiong Li their Transmission, but thinks that just that scene, Zhao Hai could not bear fearful and apprehensive. Xiong Li their let out a long breath, Sun Fei even has also scratched the head cold sweat, flutters said : day that was too scary, how many insects does there have? 10,000? twenty thousand? fifty thousand? hundred thousand? Day that were too many.” Dong Fangyu also let out a long breath said : how I felt that these insects know probably we in there appears , are they wait for us to be the same in there probably specially?” Zhao Hai nodded said : some of my also this feelings, it seems like these insects are not the fools, conversely, their very intelligent, they possibly already knew there Transmission Formation, therefore waits specially in there, sees the person who comes out from Transmission Formation, immediately can come up attack, mother, has not thought really that the present insect so is intelligent.” Li Kuangren laughs said : „, real his mother has not thought that these insects are really intelligent, 1 Little Hai, you did not say that can cope with these insects with Undead Creature? Now begins?” Xiong Li they also responded, several people of look at Zhao Hai, Dong Fangyu was said : right Little Hai, began, Lou to wants to have a look, some of your many Undead Creature.” Zhao Hai look at several people of appearances, cannot help but laugh said : well, that makes you have a look at my Undead Creature army.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, let out of a batch batch of Undead Creature by him from Space.!.